FEMEBA is the Medical Mutual Society of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's one of the largest medical groups in the country. It works with all the doctors associated at the supply service delivery, among others. They use an e-commerce platform to deliver service to their associates.



FEMEBA reached gcoop - Free Software co-op at first to develop their e-commerce system and a management platform for tracking sales, collections and suppliers. The needs to cover were:

Tryton integration with the web system for the online sales management and invoicing, plus another integration with the central systems through the associates list importation with their custom data fields. Starting from this, the system validates associates data and their purchasing possibilities.

  • Associates management (party).
  • Integration between product stock in the management system and online sales.
  • Invoicing.
  • Sales.
  • Purchases.
  • Reporting. Picking list report customization.
  • Flask Tryton (for REST service set up).


The project had two stages. It started at the end of year 2015 with web development on Drupal. Then, it went into a second stage building Tryton management system, customizing reports and entities to adjust these to FEMEBA's needs. A REST service was developed using flask_tryton for the integration with the e-commerce web platform. The integration between these two systems involved the products being loaded at the web system, and then imported into Tryton system. When a purchase is made on the web, it calls a REST service and a sale is automatically created in the management system. After that, the operator must process the sale and using the sale_credit_limit module she should check if the associate has enough available credit to complete the service purchase.