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Tryton for the carnival of Lucerne


Once a year, in wintertime, Lucerne becomes a crazy city. 30'000 people try to scare away the cold foggy winter, making place for spring to come and for the warm sun to shine. The people are dressed up as grisly monsters or degenerated mountain beasts, but sometimes also as lovely freaks or stunning masks.

The LFK is one of the organizers of the carnival. They manage two big processions and the parade of Fritschi and Fritschine, a historic couple and mascot of the carnival.


During the week of the carnival, more than 150 volunteers sell carnival-badges to the carnival visitors. They come to a central desk, check out a certain amount of badges and go and try to sell them to the people on the street. At the end, they can bring back the badges they couldn't sell and pay the sold ones.

The LFK was looking for an easy and efficient solution to check-in and check-out of the badges. The people of the central desk need to have a perfect overview of the sold badges and the ones circulating with the salesman on the street. For each salesman, the central desk makes an final invoice with the sold badges, the returned badges and the one or more payments of the volunteers.


Tryton is a perfect framework for producing custom built business solutions. The great thing is that the framework contains well engineered modules for address management, sales, invoicing and accounting. The whole business logic needed for the carnival project is available.

The next advantage is the API, which is secure and well structured. External Web-services can easily connect to Tryton and read and write data from and to the database.

Because the people of the central desk only works 6 days of the year with the software, they don't have the time to learn how to use a complex business software. Therefore, we built a webapp with a really simple user interface. It is exactly tailored to the needs of the carnival team. The Tryton back-end handles the complex business processes but the users don't have to bother about it.


The Lucerne Carnival Committee is very happy with the Tryton system and is already looking forward to the next carnival.