The company "MenschensKinder Teltow" was founded in 2000. It operates eleven municipal day care centers, six parent-child groups and one family center. The company has 1700 children in care and currently 8 administrative employees, 9 managers and together about 200 employees.


Bringing their children to the municipal childcare facilities/kindergartens, parents pay a monthly share. The calculation is regularly adjusted depending on parents income and different regulations (city, county and state). The management software used until early 2017 used precalculated tables for calculation. In 2016 the regulation forced the changed to a formula. Since no formula based calculation were possible with the former software, we looked for various solutions and switched to Tryton.


Why Tryton?

We evaluated different new software solutions. One was the solution based on Tryton by our long term IT-service company. This solution offered everything we wish, was well extensible and it's pricing was very fair.


The proposed solution had to resolve several issues:

  • Registering the family data
  • Calculation of Care cost proportions
  • Allocation to the care facility
  • Monthly collection of funds by direct debit transfers
  • Retrospective corrections of the amount
  • Tax reporting to the tax office
  • A re-submission function
  • Generate analytic statistics
  • Administration of groups and school classes, weekly courses
  • Generating contact lists for the caregiver


The transition to the new solution with Tryton went smoothly. Capturing families has become easier. The workflow is now exactly what we need, and the reports are much easier to create and customize. The employees working with the tool are happy with it!

What are the plans for the next years?

Right now we are integrating the recording of employee (attendance) time and staff planning in Tryton. Next task will be a module for managing diet and menu planning.