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  • Customer: Lackierzentrum Reichenbach
  • Supplier: Grasbauer
  • Branch of Company: Surface Coating for automotive, aerospace, construction and mechanical engineering
  • Certifications: ISO 9001 (quality management) since 2002, ISO EN 9100 (aerospace qm) since 2014
  • Location / Year of foundation: Germany, Saxony, Reichenbach, 1999
  • Number of Employees: 41 Employees, 8 Users in office, 28 Users in Production, all uses Timetracking (Web)
  • Contact: Sara Grasnick

I use Tryton, because I have the firm conviction that every company has to find its own individual success - and that modern software has to be adapted individually to the processes of the company. For this I found with Tryton the ideal system.


The project started in 2010, when we found a new customer who wanted us to coat 0.8 million turbocharger housings per year for the Volkswagen group. The requirements of a serial production for the automotive industry were a new level of quality and process security, which we had to respond.

Before Tryton we wrote invoices with MS Word and a calculator. The warehouse was managed with Lexware Warehouse.

Volkswagen had the requirement, that all articles are defined properly and the main processes in the production are monitored. All products needed to be tracked. All this we had to document and prove to our customers. After eight months of development and plant engineering, we were ready for customer auditing and the production start of the series.

In 2013 we got Airbus as a new customer and had to meet requirements of ISO EN 9100 – the aerospace standard of quality management. Besides the traceability of products and services, we now had to integrate a industrial configuration management including documentation for FAI (First Article Inspection) and a revision management. Another important point was the EDI connection to the SAP of our customer EFW / Airbus, in order to exchange orders, delivery notes and invoices.

After a further five months of the Tryton development we were certified by Airbus and then by the TÜV according to ISO 9100. Without Tryton this certification would not have been possible.


Why Tryton? How did you choose your software solution provider GRASBAUER?

Actually first I chose my solution provider GRASBAUER and they convinced me to use Tryton. For me it was important, that the usage is easily for our employees and the system is stable in a long term. For this the Tryton foundation and the international community give me this security I need.

Which functions or modules are particularly important to your company?

The entire quality management system is decisive for us because with this we can stand out clearly from our competitors. The QMS includes product configurations, tests and First Article Inspection documents as well as the monitoring of the measuring equipment.

Very important additionally are the customer EDIs, the various connections to other systems, such as Schwacke (calculation tool for car coating) and material mixing systems.

The controlling and planning tools for production, such as time recording, material consumption calculation and production and capacity planning, are of increasing importance.

How satisfied are you with Tryton? Would you recommend Tryton?

We are very happy with Tryton, particularly as we are able to individualize our software, so it fits to our processes and not the other way around - and this at fair costs. Not only once I had visitors working in big companies with SAP who envied us for Tryton, because it is so much easier to handle.

What are your plans with Tryton in the next years?

We want consistently develop Tryton into the following areas: capacity and production planning, time recording and cost allocation, connection to suppliers and customers via EDI, connection to our website with an online shop for private customer services and material sales

In the long term, we are planning to monitor our plant technology (for example with PLC control) with Tryton and to integrate robotic technologies.