Some small niche industries don't have specific business software solutions. They will either settle with using spreadsheets and word editors and possibly even pen and paper solutions or use an existing software that is generic for their industry, but does not meet all the requirements and fit their processes to fit the software



Lava Lab was engaged by Sinclair Containers to provide a software solution for their business that included a web client so as to avoid having to manage computer installations and also enable mobile phone access for the owner who is a roaming user. It was also identified that the business would benefit from a website to allow clients to purchase or rent a container directly from the one system.

Straight out of the box the Tryton framework provided solutions to some basic shortfalls of the current desktop based software solution and allowed the business owner to improve and extend the software solution really easily.


The implementation scope included the managing of specific business activities of selling and renting containers as well as management of customer details such as typical Customer Relationship Manager ( CRM ) software. The solution for selling and renting containers was based off the flexible and extensible Tryton accounting modules as well as some extra functionalities that included a scheduled task to invoice customers and charge their credit cards using an online payment gateway.

The solution also provided the business with an e-commerce solution based on the Nereid module that is connected directly to the business system.


The result is a completely specific solution for the business that also allows the business owner to be in touch with the business directly from his mobile phone.