Version: 1


  • Customer: Skoda Autohaus Zeidler
  • Supplier: Grasbauer
  • Branch of Company: Car dealership and workshop for SKODA
  • Certifications: SKODA workshop contract since 1992, ISO 9001 (quality management) since 2002, SKODA API Certification since 2015
  • Location / Year of foundation: Germany, Saxony, Mylau, 1991
  • Number of Employees: 37 Employees, 12 Users in office, 10 Users in Production, all uses Timetracking (Web)
  • Contact: Sara Grasnick

We use Tryton because we want to be independent of the great vendors of dealer management systems, which are not willing to offer a good service for smaller companies.


In 2013 the licensing criteria of the Skoda Group changed for workshops. This meant that we were no longer allowed to use the previously used ECAROS software for our second workshop. ECAROS could not offer us a software to purchase, but only an online rental version, which we for technical reasons not could and not wanted to use. We were above all not ready to outsource all our data permanently to a provider and to have no access to it after the contract was terminated. So we were looking for an alternative solution which we found in Tryton.


Why Tryton? How did you choose your software solution provider GRASBAUER?

Our software provider, GRASBAUER, has been managing our website since 2003 and has developed a second-hand car management system including a webshop. As we needed a new software, we first asked GRASBAUER, who then inspired us for using Tryton.

Which functions or modules are particularly important to your company?

Particularly important for an car workshop is the entire capacity planning of the workshop employees, the time recording, the material consumption calculation as well as the controlling and accounting tools.

Also the connections to systems of part suppliers and calculation tools like Schwacke (calculation for car repairs) are decisive for our business. In order to obtain the certification of our manufacturer SKODA, all manufacturer interfaces must be present, up-to-date and of course work flawlessly.

How satisfied are you with Tryton? Would you recommend Tryton?

We are very satisfied with Tryton, because our processes in the software are depicted in such a way that they correspond to reality. This makes it easy for our employees to use the software as a real help for their management and controlling

What are your plans with Tryton in the next years?

At the moment, there is no need for further development, since the software in its current status works well. On the other hand, there are new requirements from the manufacturer Skoda almost every six months. These regards particularly connections to information systems of the Volkswagen Group.