La Cave Thrace is a Bulgarian wine importer and distributor in France. These clients are professionals (wine shop, restaurant, wine bar, etc.) and individuals.


The first tests began in April 2014 and the start of production took place in July 2014. However all the requested perimeter (see below) was not active.

We gradually delivered functional supplements between December 2014 and July 2015.



The functional scope is :

  • Sales management (B2B and B2C) for two trade name,
  • purchasing management with full support of Bulgarian language,
  • stock management,
  • invoicing and accounting,
  • and the management of point of sales (for sales at fairs).

In more details

Apart from the traditional management of trading business, trade in spirits produced had a peculiarity: the storage location must be reported and approved by customs and a monthly summary of the inputs and outputs of this stock should be sent to them.

Complementing the article sheet also be adapted for the add specific information for wines:

  • Vintage,
  • blending,
  • food & wine,
  • tasting note,
  • etc.

Then the sale to end customers and businesses necessity development (for this version) of a functional complement to sales management with and without VAT.

Finally, the management of both brands meant we achieved a specific development because we had to manage business documents for these two brands and the specific General Sales Conditions modifiable easily.


The integration went well despite some feature on reports due to the use of OpenOffice templates to generate documents. Indeed the model is applied before the translations of the system is called and therefore headers and footers are not translated in the language of Client Provider. We had to overload the generating of reports for allow the models to be also reflected.

The customer is satisfied, and now that the production environment is stabilized the establishment of an e-Commerce site in conjunction with Tryton is the next project.