This is the story of a company focused on high technology medical tests that did not have advanced tools to track and monitor its own business progress. NaN-tic deployed a modular platform for management and a business intelligence solution based on Tryton that matched all customer needs.


Institut Mèdic per la Imatge (IMI) was founded in 1999 by a group of private companies in the health sector with the aim of offering to its customers (hospitals, insurance companies and patients) all types of MRI scans, nuclear medicine and bone densitometry using latest medical technology. Since its foundation, IMI was growing in customers and sales and invested in more and better diagnostic machines. The only thing barely hadn’t grown was management and business analysis tools.



Through its history, IMI had been incorporating different technological platforms to match the specific needs that were appearing: medical software, accounting software, billing modules separately… Each one did the job, but without putting it together. The tools were independent, the information came through different points and get any overview to facilitate decisions was just impossible. NaN-tic intervention focused on an initial requirements analysis that allowed the company to reflect and discuss with IMI’s staff internal processes and seek optimal solutions integrated together. Next NaN-tic designed a solution that guaranteed a perfect synchronization between ERP and existing medical data software; integration of billing, accounting, automation of pricing; deploying business intelligence tools; as well as flexibility and capacity to grow over time.


NaN-tic has developed a modular implementation based on Tryton that works on both Windows and MacOS environment (that the costumer required) with a high degree of customization not offered by anyone else in the market. The project is adapted to IMI’s idiosyncrasy and matches the whole company’s needs about billing, accounting and business analysis. In addition, maintenance and support service provided by NaN-tic not only ensure support related to regular operations but also guarantees management software in continuous evolution and fully updated with all the adaptations included.

And of course as in most of the projects NaN-tic develops, IMI’s order allowed Tryton to grow in features that will surely be useful to further companies. In this case we added the journal to be used for invoices (both customer and supplier) on the party form, allowing the user to define which invoice sequence to use for each party.