Version: 8





Install - Demo


You can directly install Tryton using pip command-line tool:

$ pip install trytond
$ pip install tryton
$ pip install trytond_module_name

Replace module_name with the name of the module to install

This downloads and installs the latest versions of Tryton packages.

If you have an older Tryton release installed and would like to upgrade, add the "-U" option to the above commands.

You can find more modules on Python Package Index.


To try out the latest Tryton server, you can connect with the latest Tryton client to:

With the user/password:

  • English: demo/demo
  • Español: demo_es/demo
  • Français: demo_fr/demo
  • РУССКИЙ: demo_ru/demo
  • Deutsch: demo_de/demo
  • Administrator: admin/admin


Development Source Code

You can browse the source code repository or get a copy using Mercurial with following commands:

$ hg clone
$ hg clone

The modules must be put in the trytond/modules directory:

$ hg clone

We suggest using the hgnested extension

You can download the list of modules