Two weeks from the TUL 2012

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We are two weeks from the TUL and this is the last few days to register (please do so on the wiki or by email).

As last year there will be around 30 people attending the unconference. Some talks were already proposed like ‘What's new in Tryton 2.6’, ‘What's next for Tryton’, ‘Python 3: Status of the port’ and ‘A Tryton client for Android’, a workshop on Nereid is also planned.

This meeting of Tryton Developers from all around the world (people are coming from as far as India or Argentina) will also be the occasion to talk about non technical subjects like the Tryton Foundation and what should be done to improve the Tryton “marketing”.

So if you are belgian or live near Liège, do not hesitate to drop by the Youth Hostel "Simenon" on the 9th and 10th of November to get your share of python and tryton talks and drink a beer (or two).