Some fields have gained more from the ERP revolution than others. Law firms have generally been slow to benefit, due to their unpredictable workflows from project-to-project. But, given the right match between a specialized, boutique firm, and outstanding, bespoke software, it can be possible for the law to enter the 21st Century.


Advocate Consulting Legal Group, PLLC, is a US law and tax firm that limits it practice to servicing the general aviation industry. Tryton has allowed it to make the jump from relying on multiple, ad-hoc systems (e.g., Excel spreadsheets) and manual procedures, to an integrated, specialized software suite that handles both data collection from customers and internal task tracking to ensure that work is performed in a timely and accurate manner.



Advocate's implementation includes a Nereid-based, web-facing client portal, which helps Advocate's customers meet regulatory record keeping requirements, as well as seamlessly providing Advocate access to the information needed to prepare these customer's compliance computations. The installation's other major component is a task-management system based upon Tryton's standard Project module.

Tryton's extensibility has been the key to meeting this company's idiosyncratic needs. Whatever the requirement, it is never a matter of, "Tryton can't do that." If it doesn't exist, just write it. At every stage where a standard module's pre-made solution has not fit the company's needs, a modification path has been available.


Advocate adopted Tryton in late 2012, and the software improves with each passing year. Tryton's Open Source nature puts the company in the driver's seat. No lock-in to a proprietary framework.

Advocate is a 30-employee firm based in Florida, and routinely services over a thousand clients. Tryton has helped make its work more accurate, reliable and robust.