Revelle Group is a consulting company working in developing countries and emerging economies in three key sectors: energy & climate change, environment and sustainable economic & social development. Revelle Group provides tailored outreach & communication activities across all sectors of their work. Revelle's business was originally devoted to public sector consulting for large institutional clients and donors such as the European Commission, EBRD, World Bank, UNECE, ADB but is gradually captivating the private sector as well, specializing in valuation and funding of sustainable energy projects.

First Telecom group of companies was founded in 1996 with headquarters in Athens Greece and has subsidiaries in Serbia and Cyprus. Our extensive channel partner network covers the South East European market. First Telecom is one of the few real ICT companies and thus is almost equally active in Telecommunications as in IT/Software development.



Revelle Group is based in Belgium. Since they are involved in projects with high class public authorities as well as private companies, their network of contributors and associates is quite wide. Moving away from a traditional accounting package towards a more modern ERP solution was a strategically necessary and overdue step if one would consider, that such a system should

  • allow them to keep financial records at one place allowing the project managers to view, edit, manage, track project flow and create ad hoc reports
  • be easy to integrate with the bespoke financial management suite (FIMAS) they were already using
  • be flexible enough to adapt to any set of internationally accepted Accounting Principles
  • be based on as much possible state of the art design and implementation technologies


Opting for Tryton among various candidates was almost a straightforward choice given:

  • its native support for the Belgian Chart of Accounts
  • the out of the box availability of standard reporting such as periodical VAT statements, balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, etc.
  • the strong technological advantages of its architecture (3-tier, Postgres, Python)
  • an excellent communications interface (XML-RPC based) that fully enabled First Telecom's engineering team to seamlessly integrate the FIMAS suite and its project related records into Tryton's full cycle of business transactions
  • a world of unlimited possibilities to develop add-on modules, that enhanced already existing functionality without altering concepts or user experience

As First Telecom's engineering team would stress. We love Tryton for the things it doesn't do since it gives us so much freedom to build around it accommodating customer's wishes within a given disciplinary framework.


Revelle's project reporting activities have become easier, quicker, more reliable and accurate and this initial success story is leading to the future implementation of Analytic accounting which will increase even more managerial visibility and global overview.

And finally we would like to once again express our sincere thanks to the Tryton team for the devotion and the responsiveness they have shown especially in supporting the community in a manner that is demonstrably superior even to paid versions.