New Tryton release 3.8

Objavljeno: 2015-11-02 18:00:00+00:00 release

We are proud to announce the 3.8 release of Tryton.

For the first time the release contains sao, the new web client of Tryton. It is the result of the Indiegogo campaign. It is developed using mainly jQuery and Bootstrap and its design is responsive. It requires a recent HTML5 compatible browser. Its usage doesn't require any modification on the server side, every modules are working out of the box with sao just like they do with the GTK client. A demo is available at using demo/demo as login/password. This brings to 3 the number of supported client for Tryton.

A lot of work has been done to improve the accessibility of the GTK and web clients. For the GTK client, we followed the GNOME Accessibility Developers Guide as much as possible and for the web client, we followed the Web Accessibility Initiative of the W3C. You can follow further progress on this topic on the issue3459.

And of course, this release contains many bug fixes and performance improvements.

As usual, migration from previous series is fully supported.

The following screenshots are based on sao but the same feature exists also on the GTK client.

Here is a comparison of the render of sao versus tryton:

Sao sale Tryton sale

Major changes for the user

  • The client is now able to generate meaningful error messages for all kind of validation. Those error messages use the same syntax as the search filter.

    Error message
  • For a better accessibility the custom background color on widget is replaced by 'bold' label for required fields and 'italic' label for editable fields. In the same spirit, the color of rows has been removed and can be replaced by icons.

    Label bold and italic
  • A new option for fast tabbing has been added to the client. If activated, it skips read-only fields when navigating with the tab key. This was the previous default behaviour which needed to be optional to allow users with disabilities to navigate on read-only field for reading.

  • The export feature now works only on selected records but it can export a tree structure.


  • A new report showing the cash journal amounts over a period is added. This is useful to check closing cashier.

  • The French accounting generates the FEC (Fichier des Écritures Comptables).

  • The wizard that generates payments allows to set a date instead of the default which is today.

  • The default revenue and expense accounts can be configured from accounting configuration.

    Account configuration
  • The date of statements can be corrected after they are posted.


  • The language of the party depends on the company now.

  • An extensible list of identifiers replace the field VAT.

    Party identifiers


The computation of the project tree has been hugely improved by grouping the computation and use of better queries.

  • There is now a progress field on the projects and tasks and of course a total which is the sum of the children.

    Project progress
  • A new method to generate invoice from project has been added which is based on the progress field.

  • It is now possible to link purchase lines to a project which will be added to the cost field.

  • The time sheet works have now a total duration field which compute the duration of the work and its children.

    Hours per work


  • The delivery date on sale line shows the effective date once the goods are delivered.

  • It is now possible to deliver the sale to another party from the one on the invoice. This is the other side of the drop shipment which makes Tryton fully support drop shipments.

    Sale shipment party
  • The drop shipment now uses two distinct moves using an temporary drop location.


  • The delivery date on purchase line shows the effective date once the goods are received.
  • Stock moves can be cancelled from the purchase view without having to create a supplier shipment.


  • It is possible to ask Tryton to recompute the average cost price of a product by replaying all the moves since the beginning.

  • It is possible to configure another picking location different from the storage location for the warehouses.

    Warehouse picking location
  • It is possible to set an internal provisioning per location which is used for internal order point by default for all products.

Landed Cost

Those new modules allow to record landed cost on supplier shipments after their reception. A new document is created to link supplier invoice lines with shipments and to define which method to use for cost allocation. For now, there are two methods available: By Value and By Weight. And thanks to the Update Cost Price wizard, the cost price of the products can recomputed taking into account the landed cost.

Landed cost


A new module allows to define the Tarif Code from the Harmonized System and its duty rate on the products. The duty rate is stored for a country over a period and two computation types are available: a fixed amount or an amount per quantity.

Sale Complaint

This new module is for managing customer complaint about sales or invoices. Actions can be defined to solve the complaints like returning the sale or crediting the invoice. A work flow for approval of the complaint actions is set up using the access rights.

Sale Promotion

It is now possible to apply formula based promotions on sales selected thanks to some criteria. The promotion changes the unit price of the line when the sale goes into quotation (and is restored if it goes back to draft) but only if the promotion is in favor of the customer. The available criteria are: the price list, a period, the quantity and the products.

Sale Stock Quantity

This new module checks at the quotation of the sale if there are enough quantity of products in the warehouse. It also checks that the new sale will not hurt older sale that will be shipped later.

Major changes for the developer

  • The progress bar widget works with float between 0 and 1 to ease usage as percentage.
  • The rich text widget uses now a subset of HTML to allow its implementation in sao.
  • The Many2One has a new option target_search which define the kind of query to use for dereferenced search. The options are subquery and the new join (which is the default). The join method generate a faster query in most cases.
  • The SQL constraints use a similar syntax to python-sql. This gives more flexibility to implement backend for other databases.
  • Trying to create/write/delete on a Model based on a table_query raises an exception instead of a silent error.
  • The table name of a ModelSQL can be overridden with a configuration file. This allows to work around database limitations on the length of table names.
  • The new StateReport has been added to wizards, to simplify the code of wizards that run a report.
  • The style on reports has been removed, experience show that this feature was not used.
  • The PostgreSQL backend manages now schema. This allows different instances of Tryton sharing the same database.
  • The generic foreign key to create/write user on all ModelSQL has been replaced by a rule that prevent to delete users. This greatly improves scalability in some circumstances.
  • The Property field supports now float and integer values.
  • A subdirectory locale/override is supported for modules that override translations of other modules.


  • The charts of account are no longer translatable. Instead we provide translated charts via a template using XSLT.
  • The invoice doesn't set a unit price on the line. For this feature the purchase or sale module must be used.
  • Some fields of the invoice like the note and the origin are editable after posting the invoice.


  • Conversion between units no longer results in silent failures but an explicit error is risen.
  • The volume property has been added to the products.


  • The tree structure of the project and the time sheet have been separated, each object has its own one.
  • The price list uses the same decimal precision as the product.
  • The cost price of the employee is stored on the time sheet line for the date of the line. This allows to sum the costs of time sheet faster


  • The state of the purchase request is now searchable.
  • The purchase requests are generated even if the rounded quantity is zero to allow the user to still decide to purchase more.


  • Many unnecessary restrictions on the edition of move fields have been removed.
  • The expected quantity of the inventory lines is always computed even if they are added manually.
  • It is possible to create staging and draft moves using view locations. Those locations will have to be changed to really do the move.
  • The inventory uses the grouping feature to create the moves. This allows to easily support the lot (or any other extra field).

New Tryton release 3.6

Objavljeno: 2015-04-22 18:00:00+00:00 release

We are proud to announce the 3.6 release of Tryton.

The release shows the official support of PyPy which is an alternative implementation of Python which focuses on speed and efficiency.

As usual, migration from previous series is fully supported with the obvious exception of the ldap_connection module which was removed.

Major changes for the user

  • A new color scheme for the graphs has replaced the single brightness variance. Now the color scheme also changes the hue for each color by the golden angle (which ensure a color will not be picked twice).

    Graph color scheme
  • The dictionary widget receive completion on key searching like the other widgets.

  • The date/time widgets have been completely rewritten to be more flexible on the format to enter. But they are also more practicable when used with mouse only thanks to the real pop-up for the calendar and the drop down for the time.

    Date widget DateTime widget
  • Columns of list view that have always the same value are hidden automatically because they don't provide information. For example, the list of posted invoices will not show the state column because by definition they are all posted.


  • It is now possible to add a description to the cancel move from the wizard.

  • A new option to only show the balance appears in the General Ledger.

  • Tax can now be configured to modify the base price for the next taxes in the list.

  • It is now possible to define templates for common moves. When running a template, the user will be asked to encode some data like an amount or a party, then an account move will be generated with those inputs.

    Move Template
  • A printable report exists now for the depreciation of assets.

  • The account charts for France and Belgium has been updated. And the Belgium one is now translated in dutch.

  • A test wizard is available now to see the result generated by the payment term. As the payment terms are quite flexible because they support to apply many deltas (instead of only one), it is not always easy to forecast the behaviour.

    Payment Term Test
  • The SEPA coverage is now extended to the pain.001.003.03 and 008.003.02 flavors which are used in Germany. And it is also possible to re-generate a SEPA message in case of wrong configuration on the first generation.

  • The statements create moves grouped by default by number, date and party. So when one statement line is split for invoice reconciliation, only one move will be created now and the origin of this move will be the group of the statement lines.

  • Tax rules can now depend on the origin and the destination country thanks to the new module account_tax_rule_country.

  • The CFONB custom (non-standard) format of SEPA is added by the new module account_payment_sepa_cfonb.

  • A new type deposit of account is added by the new module account_deposit. It allows to invoice deposit and recall later this amount on the next invoice.


  • The price list can now be defined as tax included. Tryton will then compute the price without taxes based on the taxes applied.


  • A new state won was added to the sale opportunity. It goes to this state automatically when at least one of its sale is confirmed and all others are also confirmed or canceled.
  • The amount of the opportunity is updated accordantly to the amount of the linked sales. This will give more accurate reports.
  • The computation of the shipment cost is now computed only at the quotation. This lower the load on the client when the order is pretty large as the cost will be computed only once instead of each times a line is added.
  • The new module sale_extra allow to add extra line on sale based on criteria. The extra can be either a free product or an extra service cost etc.


  • There is now a relate from the product to its order points.
  • The creation of purchase request warns also on late production like it does for late incoming shipment.
  • The Shelf Live/Expiration Dates are now supported with the new module stock_lot_sled. When a lot is expired, it is no more used to compute the forecast quantity of the stock.


This new area is managed by a set of new commission modules. The commissions are created for the agent defined on a sale or invoice using a commission plan. It is also possible to define principals on the products to which commissions must be repaid.

Major changes for the developer

  • It is now allowed to have many times the same field in list/tree view.
  • There is no more a datetime widget for list/tree, two columns with one widget date and one widget time should be used instead.
  • A new field TimeDelta appears in this release to represent a duration. It replace the float_time widget which had some rounding issue. This new field is already used in the timesheet and project modules.
  • The One2Many widget can be configured to use a Cartesian product with the selections of many values for Many2One or Reference fields.
  • A method restore_history_before is added to ModelSQL which behaves like the existing restore_history but restore the records just before the datetime.
  • The on_change methods have been migrated to a behaviour more consistent with the Active Record Pattern used in Tryton. Instead of returning a dictionary with the values to change, now the instance is directly changed. This allow to chain easily the on_change methods or reuse them in other methods reducing the duplication.
  • The method save on ModelStorage is now a dualmethod which means that it can be called as usual as an instance method but also as a class method with a list of records. Saving many records at once this way improves the performance as the method will minimize the number of queries to the database and will validate the result by bunch.
  • The Dict field received a translated method to create descriptors which translate the values or the keys like the same method on Selection field.
  • It is now allowed to use the dotted notation in the order clause of a search. The ORM will automatically generate the needed joins.
  • The API of the Report class has been reworked to improve the customization of the engine. The formatting methods are now more strict to prevent silent failure.
  • The safe_eval (which was not sure to be safe) has been completely removed. In the places where the evaluated code was any way safe, the standard eval is used. For evaluated code from outside, a JSON notation is now used. Some utilities have been developed to ease the creation of JSON from XMl or in the views.
  • A new kind of button has been added which works on non-saved record. They are quite similar to on_change but they are triggered by a click on a button instead of a change of field.


  • A new method reverse_compute has been added to Tax which allow to compute the base amount from the taxed amount.
  • The sign of the second currency amount is enforced to be the same as debit - credit.
  • The analytic account management has been reworked to use a really One2Many instead of the pseudo-field. This simplification was possible thanks to the recent new features like the usage of Reference field on One2Many.


  • The vat number is now stored in its compact format.


  • The number of decimal for internal price calculations is now a configuration parameter price_decimal. This parameter is used everywhere to ensure consistency between all modules.


  • Their lines support both mixed invoice type (Invoice vs Credit Note) per line when computing the invoiced quantity.


  • A new state staging is added to the move. Such state doesn't impact at all the computation of the stock level. It is used for supply on sale, to create moves in advance.
  • Inactive products are still computed for the stock level.
  • The computation of assigned move has been improved to take only in consideration outgoing move assigned not the incoming. This result in a less optimistic for the stock level and thus prevent to assign a move with an incoming one that is just assigned but not yet done.
  • Forecasts are now automatically deactivated when their period is in the past.

New Tryton release 3.4

Objavljeno: 2014-10-20 18:00:00+00:00 release

We are proud to announce the 3.4 release of Tryton.

In addition to the usual improvements of existing features for users and developers, this release has seen a lot of work done on the accounting part.

Of course, migration from previous series is fully supported with the obvious exception of the ldap_connection module which was removed.

Major changes in graphical user interface

  • The search of relation record has been re-worked to take advantage of the auto-completion. The search box of the pop-up window is filled with the text entered in the widget.

  • The search/open button of the Many2One widget is now inside the entry box and the create button is removed in favor of auto-completion actions or pop-up button. This change allow to harmonize the size of all widgets inside a form.

    many2one button inside
  • A new image widget is available on list/tree view.

    widget image tree
  • The client can now perform a pre-validation before executing a button action. The validation is based on a domain and so the offending fields can be highlighted and focused instead of having an error message pop-up.

  • The selection label are now available in addition of the internal value for the export data (CSV) functionality.

  • The export data window is now predefined with the fields of the current view. This gives a fast way to export what you see.

  • The predefined export can now be replaced directly with a new selection of fields. This eases the process of creating such predefined exportation.

  • It is now possible to re-order the list of the exported fields using drag and drop.

  • The range operator of the search box is now including on both endpoints. It appears to be less astonishing behavior for users even if the previous behavior including-excluding had some practical advantages.

  • The client loads now plug-ins defined in the user local directory (~/.config/tryton/x.y/plugins).

Major changes on the server side

  • A new Mixin MatchMixin is introduced. It allows to implement a common pattern in Tryton to find records that match certain values.
  • Another UnionMixin is also introduced. It allows to define a ModelSQL which is the UNION of some ModelSQL's.
  • Actually, Tryton doesn't update a record defined in a XML file if this one has been modified outside the XML. Now, it is possible to find those records and force the update to get the record synchronised with the XML.
  • A Python descriptor has been added to the Selection field. It allows to define an attribute on a Model which will contains the selection label of the record. It is planned to update all the reports to use such descriptor instead of hard-coded values.
  • A new configuration file format is introduced for the server. It is easily extendable to be used by modules. For example, the ldap_authentication module starts using it in replacement of the removed ldap_connection.
  • It is now possible to give a logging configuration files to setup the server logging. This file uses the Python logging configuration format.
  • The context defined on relation fields are now used to instantiate the target.
  • The SQL clause for a domain on a field can be now customized using a domain_<field> method. This method allows in some cases a more efficient SQL query. The method is designed to support joins.
  • The access rights has been reworked to be active only on RPC calls. With this design, Tryton follows the principle of checking input on the border of the application. So it is no more required to switch to the root user when calling methods requiring some specific access rights as far as it is not from an RPC call.



  • A new wizard to help reconcile all accounts has been added. It loops over each account and party and makes a proposal of lines to reconcile if it could find one. This really speeds up the reconciliation task.

    reoncilie wizard
  • There is also another new wizard to ease the creation of cancellation moves. The wizard also reconciles automatically the line with the cancelled sibling.

  • A new option Party Required on account has been added. This option makes the party required for move lines of this account and forbids it for others.

Account Invoice

  • It is now possible to configure which tax rounding to use. There are two ways implemented: per document and per line. The default stays per document.

Account Payment

  • It is now possible to change a succeeded payment to failed.

Account Payment SEPA

  • The scheme Business to Business is supported for direct debit.
  • The mandate receives now a default unique identification using a configured sequence.
  • The module supports now the bank to customer debit/credit notification message (CAMT.054).
  • A report to print a standard form for mandate has been added.

Account Statement

  • It is now possible to order the statement lines and to give them a number. With those features, it is easier to reproduce the same layout of a bank statement.
  • A report for statement has been added. For example, it can be used when using the statement for check deposit.
  • A validation method can be defined on the statement journal. The available methods are: Balance, Amount and Number of Lines. This helps to uses the statement for different purposes like bank statement or check deposit.

Account Stock Continental/Anglo-Saxon

  • The method is now defined on the fiscal year instead of being globally activated on module installation.


  • It is now possible to store zip code per country. A script is provided to load zip codes from GeoNames.

LDAP Authentication

  • The module ldap_connection has been replaced by an entry in the configuration file of trytond.


  • The new zip code from the module country is used to auto-complete zip and city field on address.


  • The Confirmed state has been split into Confirmed and Processing, just like the Sale workflow.

Sale Supply Drop Shipment

  • The management of exception on drop shipment is propagated from the sale to the purchase.

New modules

  • The Account Payment Clearing module allows to generate clearing account move when a payment has succeeded between the receivable/payable account to a clearing account. The clearing account will be reconciled later by the statement.


Proteus is a library to access Tryton like a client.

  • It is now possible to run reports. It is useful for testing them.
  • A new duplicate method is added which is similar to the copy menu entry of the client.

Security Release for issue4155

Objavljeno: 2014-09-30 10:00:00+00:00 release security


A vulnerability in trytond has been found by duesenfranz, that might allow a malicious user to execute arbitrary commands on the server via the safe_eval function (see issue4155).


Any authenticated user can run arbitrary commands on the server with the permissions of the trytond user.


There is no workaround.


All users should upgrade trytond to the latest version of the used series.


Any security concerns should be reported on the bug-tracker at with the type security.

Nova Tryton izdaja 3.2

Objavljeno: 2014-04-21 20:00:00+00:00 release

Z veseljem vam sporočamo, da je izšla nova izdaja Trytona.

Ta izdaja v glavnem utrjuje več novih funkcionalnosti, dodanih v zadnjih dveh letih. Med drugim se ta izdaja z opustitvijo podpore za Python 2.6 pripravlja na bodočo selitev na Python 3 platformo. Kot ponavadi je v tej izdaji mnogo popravkov, izboljšav in novih modulov (glej spodaj).

Selitev s prejšnjih verzij je, seveda, v celoti podprta.

Večje spremembe v grafičnem uporabniškem vmesniku

  • Odjemalec uporablja krajevni časovni pas za prikaz datuma in časa.

  • Poleg ažuriranja obstoječih postavk je na urejevalnem seznamu izboljšano kopiranje/lepljenje za dodajanje novih postavk.

  • Gumbi na obrazcu so na voljo tudi meniju za ukrepe. Na ta način je mogoč hiter dostop preko tipkovnice in tudi omogoča proženje gumba za izbrane zapise.

    gumb v meniju za ukrepe
  • Gumbi in čarovniki lahko sedaj prožijo ukrepe na odjemalčevi strani. To pomeni, da se obnaša tako, kot da bi uporabnik kliknil na enega od gumbov na orodni vrstici.

  • Odjemalec sedaj uporablja zalogo povezav, ki omogoča pospešitev odjemalca pri zahtevah, katere lahko paralelizira.

  • Za hitrejše pripenjanje prilog lahko sedaj gumb za priloge sprejme povleci-in-spusti operacijo datoteke.

  • Dodan je nov gradnik multi-selection, ki kot zaledje uporablja polje Many2Many.

  • Odjemalec omogoča brskanje različic zapisa, če je le ta historiziran. Deluje tudi na celotnem naboru zapisov in v tem primeru odjemalec prikaže rezultat iskanja, kot da bi bilo iskanje izvedeno na datumu različice.


Večje spremembe na strežniški strani

  • Strežnik interno teče vedno v UTC časovnem pasu.
  • Metoda ModelStorage.write prejme podobne izboljšave kot metoda ModelStorage.create v inačici 2.8. To pomeni, da lahko spremeni različne vrednosti večim zapisom v enem klicu in tako izboljša zmogljivost z vrednotenjem vseh zapisov naenkrat in to samo spremenjena in odvisna polja. Poleg tega so bili z istim vmesnikom posodobljeni ukrepi pri veznim poljih.
  • Vpeljan je nov dekorator fields.depends, ki nadomešča opuščene atribute on_change, on_change_with, selection_change_with in autocomplete. Ta dekorator velja za klicane metode in rezultat je seštevek vseh metod s tem dekoratorjem na vseh modulih, kar prinaša modularnosti veliko več prožnosti.
  • Če je knjižnica bcrypt na voljo, jo Tryton uporablja za zgoščevanje gesel.
  • Vsi tipi polj imajo lahko sedaj domeno za omejevanje svojih vrednosti. Na odjemalčevi strani je večina domen podprtih pri prevrednotenju in inverziji.
  • Vrnjena vrednost on_change polja tipa One2Many sedaj uporablja indeks pri ključni besedi add. To omogoča določanje pozicije novega zapisa v seznamu, namesto da je vedno na koncu seznama.
  • Nova metoda ModelSQL.restore_history omogoča povrnitev vrednosti zapisa, ki so bile ob določenem datumu.



  • Za izdelavo odpisov je dodana je nova vrsta dnevnika odpis (write-off).
  • Davki imajo sedaj neobvezen začetni in končni datum, kar omogoča kasnejše popravke.


  • Francoski kontni načrt je posodobljen z novimi davčnimi stopnjami, vpeljanimi v letu 2014.


  • Modul sedaj preprečuje uporabo že plačanih računov v pripravljenih izpiskih.
  • Za dodajanje nove razdelitvene postavke pod originalom modul uporablja nov indeks pri on_change.


  • Knjiženje prenosa zaloge je pospešeno.


  • IBAN računi so sedaj vrednoteni in formatirani.


  • Družbi je dodano novo polje za časovni pas, da se pridobi pravilen datum za današnji dan.
  • Zaposlenec se isto jemlje iz konteksta, podobno kot družba. To omogoča uporabo večih odjemalcev z istim uporabnikom, a z različnimi zaposlenci.


  • Sedaj je možno določiti dejanski datum proizvodnje, kar omogoča vnašanje preteklih proizvodenj.


  • Vpeljano je opozorilo, ko se poskuša prejeti prenos zaloge dobavitelja brez porekla. Ponavadi je poreklo nabavni nalog.
  • Nabavni modul poskuša vzpostaviti povezavo med prenosom zaloge in postavkami prejetih računov.


  • Enako opozorilo kot pri nabavnem modulu obstaja tudi za prenos zaloge kupca brez porekla.
  • Prodajni modul poskuša vzpostaviti povezavo med prenosom zaloge in postavkami izdanih računov.


  • Vrnjena pošiljka dobavitelja ima lahko sedaj delno dodeljena.
  • Izračun količin zaloge je predelan, da omogoča enostavno nastavitev po meri in boljše iskanje.
  • Sedaj je možno določiti dejanski datum za vse pošiljke, kar omogoča vnašanje preteklih pošiljk.


  • Dodana je nova veza med serijo in prenosom zaloge.

Novi moduli

  • Modul party_relationship definira različne vrste razmerij med partnerji.
  • Modul account_payment omogoča izdelavo združenih plačil pri knjiženju postavk obveznosti in terjatev.
  • Modul account_payment_sepa omogoča izdelavo datotek za SEPA plačila.
  • Modul stock_package omogoča shranjevanje informacij o pakiranju pri vrnjenih pošiljkah kupcev in dobaviteljev.
  • Modul sale_shipment_grouping dodaja možnost, kako združiti promet zaloge iz prodaje.
  • Modul account_credit_limit vodi kreditni limit partnerjev.
  • Modul sale_credit_limit dodaja potrjeno prodajo k znesku kreditnega limita partnerja.

Security Release for issue3446

Objavljeno: 2013-11-04 10:00:00+00:00 release security


A vulnerability in tryton has been found, that might allow a malicious server to send a crafted extention as answer to a report request leading the client to write the report on any file of the client host with the right of the user running the client (see issue3446).


Any file can be created on the client host with the access permissions of the user running the client.


Users should connect only to trusted servers.


All users should upgrade to the latest version of the used series.


Any security concerns should be reported on the bug-tracker at with the type security.

Nova Tryton izdaja 3.0

Objavljeno: 2013-10-21 18:00:00+00:00 release

Z veseljem vam sporočamo izdajo 3.0 Trytona .

Ta izdaja prinaša nov koledarski pogled pri uporabniškem vmesniku in razkriva izid velike preureditve kode, ki se je začela pred 2 leti s projektom python-sql. Kot ponavadi so tu mnogi popravki napak, izboljšave in novi moduli (glej spodaj).

Migracija iz prejšnjih serije je v celoti podprta, seveda.

Večje spremembe v uporabniškem vmesniku

  • Na voljo je koledarski pogled, ki omogoča prikaz zapisov na koledarju s pomočjo datumskim polj za začetek in/ali konec. Podpira operacijo povleci-spusti za dogodke in popravljanje z dvoklikom. Pogled je optimiziran tako, da poizvede samo zapise prikazanih dogodkov.

    production calendar
  • URL shema, vpeljana v verziji 2.0, je sedaj dostopna v statusni vrstici pod vsemi zavihki. Ta URL omogoča odpiranje istega zavihka na kateremkoli drugem odjemalcu.

  • Zahtevki so umaknjeni. Namesto tega se priporoča uporaba elektronskih sporočil z URLji.

  • Izbrani zapisi v seznamskem pogledu so shranjeni za preklop med sejami.

Večje spremembe na strežniški strani

  • Strežnik sedaj uporablja python-sql za izdelavo SQL poizvedb. Ta sprememba prinaša večjo združljivost z vsemi različnimi trenutno podprtimi podatkovnimi bazami (kakor tudi z bodočimi).
  • Metoda za iskanje sedaj lahko vrača celotno domeno (namesto omejene samo na AND stavek).
  • Za večjo modularnost je nekdanji atribut order_field nadomestila metoda order_<field name>
  • Zaledni del podatkovne baze se lahko dinamično nalaga, kar posledično pomeni, da ga je mogoče definirati z zunanjim trytond paketom.
  • Zmogljivost shrambe za MPTT se je povečala z odstranitvijo privzetega razvrščanja in s tem zmanjšanja števila poizvedb.
  • Na značko 'data' je možno dodati atribut grouped, kar omogoča izdelavo vseh zapisov istega modela naenkrat. To skrajšuje čas nameščanja modulov z velikimi količinami podatkov.
  • Oknu za ukrep je možno določiti privzeto razvrščanje.


  • Več modulov je bilo prilagojeno novemu dizajnu za povezovanje izdelanih dokumentov z njihovim izvorom. Namesto kopiranja šifre izvora v sklic se sedaj uporablja sklicno polje in ponavadi je to polje na postavkah. To prinaša večji pregled nad vezami med dokumenti in brez izgube informacij, ki se lahko pojavi pri združevanju dokumentov.


  • Nov čarovnik olajšuje knjiženje izenačevanja neodložljivih kontov ob zaključku poslovnega leta.
  • Vsi konti iz kontnega načrta morajo vedno biti za isto podjetje. Ta omejitev drastično izboljšuje hitrost izračuna debeta/kredita.
  • Knjižba z eno samo postavko z vrednostjo 0 se samodejno uskladi, če je knjižena na konto za usklajevanje. S to možnostjo so računi z zneskom nič samodejno označeni kot plačani.
  • Možnost centraliziranega protikonta pri dnevniku je umaknjena.


  • Ko je račun knjižen, se za prikaz zneska uporablja knjižba namesto preračunavanja iz postavk. To nekoliko izboljšuje hitrost, posebej pri računih z veliko postavk.


  • Sedaj je mogoče neposredno nastaviti račun na postavki izpiska, ki bo samodejno zapolnil informacijo o stranki in kontu.


  • Sedaj je mogoče dobiti količino zaloge s poljubnim združevanjem, npr. izračun zaloge po šarži namesto po izdelku.
  • Šifra popisa je predelana, da omogoča enostavno prirejanje prometa in tudi omejitve po enoličnosti pri popisnih postavkah.
  • Predpomnilnik obdobja se lahko prilagodi, da pomni drugačno vrsto uskupinjenih količin.


  • Polji Količina in Predvidena količina sta bili dodani k šarži.
  • Mogoča je izdelava popisov s šaržo.
  • Predpomnilnik obdobja hrani tudi količine po šarži.


  • Nov čarovnik samodejno izdeluje notranje odpremnice.
  • V primeru, da pri izdelavi nabavnih zahtevkov vhodni promet od dobavitelja zamuja, bo čarovnik opozoril in tako lahko uporabnik po potrebi prestavi datume vhodnega prometa v prihodnost, drugače bo ta vhodni promet prezrt.

Novi moduli

  • Modul bank določa koncept banke in bančnega računa.
  • Modul account_dunning omogoča vodenje izterjav s sledenjem postopka različnih stopenj.
  • Modul account_dunning_letter dodaja izdelavo opominov pri obdelavi izterjav.
  • Modul sale_invoice_grouping dodajo možnost, kako združiti postavke računa, narejenih iz prodajnih nalogov.

Last maintenance releases for series 1.8

Objavljeno: 2013-05-16 12:00:00+00:00 release
Two weeks ago, the series 1.8 received its very last bugfix releases. Two-and-a-half year after the first release, we are going to close the maintenance for this series. Additionally series 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6 got several bugfix releases that were already provided in the 2.8 series. As usual, no database update is required for these releases.

New Tryton release 2.8

Objavljeno: 2013-04-22 18:00:00+00:00 release

We are happy to announce the 2.8 release of Tryton.

This release brings many changes for the graphical user interface in order to improve the workflow of the users like bookmarks, auto-completion, global search and a review of all error messages to provide more information. As usual there are many bug-fixes, module improvements and new modules (see below).

Of course, migration from previous series is fully supported.

Major changes in graphical user interface

  • Add domains on Action Window: This feature allows to set above any list view tabs which filter the records. All modules have been updated to take advantage of it and thus it reduced the number of menu entries.
Action Window domain
  • Bookmarks for search: Users can now bookmark their own searches and recall them anytime.
  • Auto-completion on Many2One, Many2Many and One2Many: When typing in those fields, the client will try to auto-complete them to allow a fast encoding. The completion also proposes two more actions to create a new record and to enter a complex search.
  • Replace shortcuts by menu favorites: A new design for favorites aka shortcuts has been implemented for a better user experience.
Menu Favorites
  • Add global search: A quick entry box has been added on top of the menu. It allows to search over all the business documents and the menu entries for fast access. When a search result is selected, the client will open its form view or will trigger the action for menu entries. The kind of documents to search is configurable.
Global Search

Major changes on the server side

  • The create method takes now a list of values thus unifying the API. This also improves the creation performance by validating in a bunch the created records.
  • (Field, Operator, Operand) are replaced by Domain on Rule in addition to unify such definition, it speeds up the computation and eases caching.
  • A new kind of field Dict is introduced. This field allows to store a dictionary for which the definitions of the keys are stored in the database. This feature is used in the new module product_attribute (see below).
  • It was decided to remove _inherits because it doesn't fulfill its mission. It was replaced case by case by Function fields, by a Mixin class or simply by an explicit Many2One.
  • The selection values of Selection and Reference fields can now be dynamic thanks to the selection_change_with attribute.



  • The Move Sequence on Period is optional. So if it is empty the fiscal year's one will be used.
  • Tax Rule and Tax Group have sale, purchase or other kind attribute which allow to define where they can be used.


  • Invoice Sequences on Period are also optional.
  • When cancelling an Invoice, the existing move will be deleted if possible or cancelled with an opposite move.
  • On validate Supplier Invoice, the draft Move is created. This allows in case of two step validation to get reports already up to date.
  • Supplier Invoice and Credit Note can no longer be refunded automatically because they must be checked with the supplier one.


  • To ease user to select the actions for the dashboard, they are filtered based on the usage dashboard.


  • The new url widget on list view is used for contact mechanisms.
Contact Mechanisms


  • It is now possible to let the delivery time empty for a product supplier. This means that we don't know when the supplier will deliver.


  • With the new workflow design, it was no more a bottleneck to add it on stock move.
  • All shipment Many2One on Move have been merged into one single shipment Reference.


  • The method find_best_supplier doesn't optimize anymore on the delivery delay and so it fully respects the priority order to select a supplier.


  • It is now possible to define a period on which a work can be used to fill a timesheet.

New modules

  • account_asset adds depreciation of fixed assets.
  • sale_supply adds a supply on sale option on product to generate purchase request from sale lines regardless of the stock levels.
  • sale_supply_drop_shipment adds a drop shipment option on product supplier if supply on sale is checked to generate a drop shipment.
  • project_invoice adds some invoice methods (Manual, On Effort, On Timesheet) on project.
  • product_attribute adds flexible attributes on product.
Product Attribute

Other changes in graphical user interface

  • It is possible to use a range for Date/Time fields in filter box.
  • Multi-selection for Selection field is allowed in filter box.
  • View list can now disply url's.
  • The Plugins menu is moved into the toolbar Actions.

Other changes on server side

  • The default language is stored in the database which prevents unexpected behaviors in case the configuration of the server is changed.
  • The unique constraint on model and field access has been removed to allow many modules create their own accesses that overlap.
  • The _constraints list is deprecated and is replaced by the validate method on ModelStorage to allow better error messages.
  • Now it is possible to search on the target of a Reference field.

Maintenance Releases for the supported series 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6

Objavljeno: 2012-12-24 12:00:00+00:00 release
The series 1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.6 got several bug fix releases. No database update is required for these bugfix releases.