Newsletter February 2018

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The is the second monthly news for Tryton. The developers have not been idle during the month of January.

A steaming lake with a sunset behind

XML Style

The XML style guideline has been updated to remove the constraint of 80 columns. It appeared that this rule did not produce good readable file. Instead we accept to have the opening tag on a single line or one attribute per line.


A new back-end trytond-gis has been added to support geographic types. It works with PostGIS for now but contribution is welcome to add others like SpatiaLite. The tryton ORM support the fields: GEOMETRY, POINT, LINESTRING, POLYGON, MULTIPOINT, MULTILINESTRING, MULTIPOLYGON and GEOMETRYCOLLECTION; and the operators = and !=. Of course it is possible to write SQL queries that use other geometric operators thanks to the extensibility of python-sql.

Modify Header Wizard

On document like sale, purchase or invoice, there are often constraint that prevent to modify the header once a line has been filled. For example, on the sale it is not allowed to change the currency when there are lines. This is because the unit price computed on the lines depend on the currency selected. But in some cases, the user may really want to change those header fields because he wants to correct a mistake. Now it is possible to edit the header fields thanks to the Modify Header Wizard which takes care of recompute the lines according to the changes.

Sale with modify wizard running

Post Clearing Moves

A cron task has been added that will post automatically the clearing moves after a delay. The delay is configured on the payment journal.

Stripe Payment

If the customer disputes the payment, a dispute status will be update on the Tryton payment. When the dispute is closed, the payment is updated according if the company win or lose. Some missing charge events has been added. In particular, the refund event which may update the payment amount when it is partial.

New Version Notification

The desktop client has a new option to check if new version for the same series has been published. It takes care of the build for Windows and MacOS.

Register Mixin

A new mechanism has been introduced by issue4735 which allows to extend with the same Mixin all the existing pool objects that are subclasses of a target. A usage example is to extend the Report.convert method of all existing reports to add support for another engine.

Docker Image with libreoffice

Tryton is able to convert the Open Document generated files by the report engine into any format supported by LibreOffice. The default Docker image does not have the requirements for such conversion because it almost triple the size of the image. But now with issue7054, we will publish also images with the suffix -office which contains all the requirements.

Add mnemonic to label of fields

The desktop client had already mnemonic for all button. But with issue2312, they are also added to all field labels. This allow to jumb quickly to any visible field by pressing ALT + <the underlined key>.

Tryton form with mnemonic

Keyword for button

The current form buttons are automatically added to the toolbar under the action menu for fast access. Now with issue7067, the developer can define under which toolbar menu the button will be put. The available options are action, relate or print.

MySQL backend removed

We have decided to remove the MySQL backend from the core of Tryton. The back-end was not tested on our continuous integration server and so it has many failures like not supporting Python3. The current code has been move to its own repository. This module will not be part of the release process until some volunteer make it green on the test server.

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • issue7035: The MacOS X build since the switch to brew contained optimized code for the build machine. Now the build uses non-optimized options.
  • issue6946: The TimeDelta field uses now also the context of the Group of records to format its values. This also applies to the sum on list view.
  • issue7063: It enforces the consistency for the currency between the display digits and the rounding factor.
  • issue7058: The name attribute of the tag image can now be a field. In this case, it will display the icon from the value of the field.
  • issue6400: The currency module receives the tooltips as defined in this task.