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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 10:d78199e9e2f3 gentoo-overlay/app-office/trytond/ (Manifest trytond-9999.ebuild): Add graphviz keyword00:23
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yangoon2cedk: I have definitely no icons in tryton on the other machine (after hg pull and update) and connected to the same server instance00:50
cedkyangoon2: what it the content of the table ir_ui_menu?00:51
yangoon2152 rows, which data do you want to know?00:54
cedkyangoon2: icon00:56
yangoon2all prefixed with tryton- , I updated some rows as you indicated00:57
yangoon2on the first machine, icons are al displayed00:57
cedkyangoon2: which version of gtk?00:58
cedkyangoon2: is you version of cairo support svg?01:01
yangoon2since both machines are running debian testing, I don't think it is a version problem. Rather a not installed package?01:06
cedkyangoon2: do you have /usr/lib/pkgconfig/cairo-svg.pc01:06
cedkyangoon2: that the problem I think01:08
cedkyangoon2: do you have /usr/lib/pkgconfig/cairo-png.pc01:08
yangoon2no cairo in there01:09
yangoon2just looking on the other machine01:09
yangoon2I think you are in the right direction, on the other machine they exist01:11
cedkyangoon2: I think you must install libsvg-cairo01:14
yangoon2in debian /usr/lib/pkgconfig/cairo-svg.pc   is in libcairo2-dev01:15
cedkyangoon2: but it is not the missing file, it was just to see if you have svg in cairo01:15
yangoon2libsvg-cairo doesn't exist01:17
cedkyangoon2: but it is not clear in debian what you have in a package01:17
yangoon2libsvg1 is not installed01:18
yangoon2that was not the culprit01:22
yangoon2 python-cairo is installed, guile-cairo is not installed01:27
yangoon2cedk:  do I need the latter?01:28
cedkyangoon2: you need this librsvg01:28
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 11:7fbc73717456 gentoo-overlay/app-office/tryton/ (Manifest tryton-9999.ebuild): Add RDEPEND to gnome-base/librsvg01:31
yangoon2Setting up librsvg2-common (2.22.2-2)01:33
yangoon2and the icons are there!01:33
yangoon2thank you01:33
cedkyangoon2: wiki updated01:34
yangoon2librsvg2-2 was not enough01:35
yangoon2and curiously  librsvg2-common is not a depend on it01:36
cedkyangoon2: for info, the pixbuf loader are there: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/01:36
cedkyangoon2: whet missing?01:36
yangoon2nothing missing01:37
yangoon2just wondering, why  librsvg2-2  doesn't install  librsvg2-common01:38
yangoon2but ok, description at least is clear:01:39
yangoon2This package includes the gdk-pixbuf loader and a GTK+ engine, allowing to load SVG images transparently inside GTK+ applications.01:40
cedkyangoon2: I don't know, I'm not a debian user01:40
yangoon2very often the -common packages are installed with the architecture specific package, but obviously not always01:42
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cedkudono2000: hi08:39
cedkudono2000: did you already start on test suite?08:39
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cedkgadaga: hi09:21
gadagacedk: hi09:22
cedkgadaga: je suis en train de bosser sur un mecanisme de test unitaire09:22
gadagacedk: :) très bonne idée09:22
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 92:9d6fd28be012 relationship/ Remove order on parent for new behavior of order10:33
udono2000cedk: hi10:36
udono2000cedk: testscript: no sorry , to much other things around, maybe timitos started, he ask me on friday for some example scripts...10:38
cedkudono2000: I start to create the kernel10:40
cedkudono2000: I use unittest10:41
udono2000cedk: great,10:41
udono2000cedk: it would be nice if we could have it like startscrips, for the sequence order of depending tests...10:42
cedkudono2000: test script looks like that:
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udono2000cedk: looks very good and usefull. The database is created automatically? The Module dependencies of the tested modules is respected (and testable, too)?11:05
cedkudono2000: database is created in suiteTrytond11:12
cedkudono2000: dependency is made by adding test suite to the testrunner11:12
udono2000cedk: is it possible to say inside your relationship test something like this self.lang = RPCProxy('ir.lang') and lang_de =[('name', '=', 'German')])[0]11:13
cedkudono2000: yes11:14
CIA-52tryton: htgoebel roundup * #106/patch; Compare with None always uses 'is': [new] minor code cleanup: replace '== None' by 'is None' and '!= None' by 'is not None'11:14
cedkbut I don't think testing lang must be done there11:14
udono2000cedk: than its great!11:14
udono2000cedk: yes, maybe, but I can test translations in the module too. So we may know how many words are translated and how many missing, we can calculate the percentage of the translated/missing stuff...11:16
essichudono2000: had time to chech openoffice-python again?11:16
udono2000essich: yes, but just one hour...11:16
udono2000essich: iam back in five minutes11:17
essichudono2000: So you have been able to run check-installation?11:17
udono2000essich: the modules via mail not, your latest checkin to origo are untested by me...11:18
udono2000essich: what can I do, next11:18
CIA-52tryton: hartmut@lagan default * 595:73dcdf711503 trytond/trytond/ (5 files in 4 dirs): Compare with None always uses 'is'.11:19
essichessich: the mailes module did not work? :-((11:19
CIA-52tryton: hartmut@lagan default * 149:e6e8be6fc5f8 stock/ Compare with None always uses 'is'.11:19
CIA-52tryton: hartmut@lagan default * 399:07cb9555e7c7 tryton/ (7 files in 5 dirs): Compare with None always uses 'is'.11:19
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #106/patch; Compare with None always uses 'is': [resolved] Apply11:19
essichACTION really like how fast cedk and bechamel respond to issues :-)11:19
essichudono2000: latest origo-checkins did not change in this area11:21
udono2000essich: what to do next?11:25
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essichudono: where are the OOo binaries installed in debian11:27
essichfwiesinger: hi11:28
udono2000FWiesing: hi11:28
udono2000essich: which soffice/usr/bin/soffice11:28
udono2000FWiesing: about translation import: The translations will be integrated into the module, so we have the translation, the code and in future the documentations inside the module packages.11:31
FWiesingudono2000: thanx a lot for the information11:32
udono2000FWiesing: its seems more clean to have the things together.11:33
udono2000essich: is this what you need?11:33
FWiesingudono2000: should I go on now with translation and send the files to you?11:34
udono2000FWiesing: btw. the translations must be encoded in UTF-8. How do you create the translations?11:34
FWiesingudono2000: I think they are in utf-8 as a textfile11:34
udono2000FWiesing: How do you create the translations? In a texteditor or directly in Tryton and export the translated terms?11:36
essichACTION kicks Debian into the trash11:36
FWiesingudono2000: direct in Tryton and with menu-point "export translation" I create the file11:37
udono2000ACTION hugs essich11:37
udono2000FWiesing: after this you dont change anything on the export?11:37
udono2000FWiesing: ...file11:38
FWiesingudono2000: no - nothing11:38
FWiesingudono2000: I can make an export now - only the name for the file is from me11:38
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 596:a4f5ff3af0e2 trytond/.hgignore: Remove hgignore11:38
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 597:8dea3531b24a trytond/trytond/test/ ( Add unittest framework11:38
udono2000FWiesing: than its an encoding problem on my side or an exprotbug in tryton... I will check11:38
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 93:cc2761abd582 relationship/test/ ( Add unittest11:38
udono2000FWiesing: cedk inspire to make an extra issue in the tracker for the translations, for easier maintaining, I will create one and give you the address, where to upload the translations.11:40
FWiesingudono2000: I created a new exportfile - shoud I mail it to you?11:41
udono2000FWiesing: just wait a moment11:42
FWiesingudono2000: OK11:42
essichudono2000: want an new ooo-py egg or just a patched file?11:45
udono2000essich: egg would be easier for me... but patched file semms ok, too11:50
CIA-52tryton: uso roundup * #107/German Translations (Deutsche Übersetzungen): [new] Zu dieser Aufgabe können deutsche Übersetzungen hinzugefügt werden. Dazu ist es nötig, sich ein Konto für diesen /Issuetracker/ anzuleg ...11:51
udono2000FWiesing: you like to try this way?
udono2000essich: i just patch in your latest commits on origo? or what to do?11:53
udono2000essich: ok, ic11:53
essichudono: when using eggs, patching is to complicated. Creating a new egg is easy :-)11:55
udono2000essich: openoffice_python is one of your modules?11:58
cedkudono2000: can you assign your-self for the issue10711:58
udono2000cedk: done11:59
essichudono2000: I think so. But I do not really understand your question11:59
udono2000essich: strange... python check-installationCan't import openoffice-python module 'openoffice.interact'.Make sure the Python package 'openoffice-python' is installedfor your Python version 2.511:59
essichudono2000: IC. openoffice-python is the module I just send you. I should change the message :-)12:01
udono2000essich: but what is the problem? easy_install told me: usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/openoffice.interact-0.1_20080611-py2.5.egg is created, extracted, and added12:02
essichudono2000: try check-installation I've jsut send you12:06
udono2000essich: python check-installation.pyCan't import openoffice-python module 'openoffice.interact'.Make sure the Python package 'openoffice-python' is installedfor your Python version 2.5No module named interact12:07
udono2000ll /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/openoffice.interact-0.1_20080611-py2.5.egg/openoffice/interact/insgesamt 16-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 6626 2008-06-11 11:57 1 root root 8160 2008-06-11 11:57 __init__.pyc12:08
udono2000essich: strange, the module is in there, but was not called...12:09
udono2000essich: no rights problem, under sudo the same...12:09
essichudono2000: very strange, esp. since you already had a version isntalled12:11
udono2000essich: yes, on this stage everything worked on sunday, there we had a problem in the open document...12:11
essichudono2000: try grep openoffice /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/easy-install.pth12:12
udono2000yes, got the same idea, :-)12:13
udono2000essich: both are in there12:14
CIA-52tryton: FWiesing roundup * #107/German Translations (Deutsche Übersetzungen): [chatting] Deutsche Übersetzung des Moduls "relationship management - Kontaktverwaltung" german translation of the module "relationshop management"12:15
udono2000essich: I reinstalled them in another sequence, but the same error12:16
FWiesingudono2000: translationfile - uploaded12:17
FWiesingCIA-52: translationfile - uploaded12:17
udono2000FWiesing: Thank you12:17
FWiesingudono2000: only for the module relationship management12:17
FWiesingudono2000: next files till friday or saturday12:19
udono2000FWiesing: yes, great! The translations are kept seperate in Tryton, like you did. There is no need to have a big translation file. Just one module per file.12:19
udono2000FWiesing: sounds superb ;-)12:19
essichudono2000: wired. Let's write a good check-installation module :-)12:20
FWiesingudono2000: you read the chatlog with rmu (from austria)12:20
FWiesingudono2000: I changed some lines on last weekend with him - he is developper12:21
udono2000FWiesing: yes and timitos had some other chats with him on Monday and decided to call him via phone...12:22
FWiesingudono2000: ah - ok, I did'nt know12:22
essichFWiesing, udono2000: I sugguest this naming convetion "de_DE-$module-$date.csv", where $date is %Y%m%d12:22
udono2000FWiesing: I will post the log from monday asap12:22
FWiesingOK - should I rename the file with the new convention?12:23
udono2000essich: I suggest $module_name-YYYYMMMDD.csv ;-)12:24
essichudono2000: No AT/CH varaiations?12:24
FWiesingthe new name of the file is "de_DE-relationship20080611.csv" ?12:24
FWiesingthe new name of the file is "de_DE-relationship-20080611.csv" ?12:25
essichfwiesinger: the later one.12:25
udono2000essich: yes, but later. One general german translations, and the differencec in small translation files. I dont know how to handle in the moment.12:26
udono2000FWiesing: I would suggest: relationship-20080611.csv12:27
essichudono2000: Hmmm, I stick with de_DE prfix just to be prepared ;-) Its free12:27
FWiesingudono2000 - alright12:27
FWiesingudono2000 - one moment - I load it up now12:27
essichudono2000: fwiesinger: at least prefix "de", ...12:28
cedkudono2000: for translation file, I really think that will be easyer that you set up a mercurial repository and provide changeset like describe in
essichudono2000: fwiesinger: since this allows putting them into the distribution or mercurial without renaming.12:28
udono2000FWiesing: essich: cedk: yes12:29
essichcedk: your are propably right :-)12:29
udono2000cedk: do you have experience with hg export /import?12:29
CIA-52tryton: FWiesing roundup * #107/German Translations (Deutsche Übersetzungen): deutsche Übersetzung des Moduls Kontaktverwaltun - relationship management german translation of the module relationship management12:30
essichudono2000: he has :-)12:30
FWiesingudono2000: done12:31
udono2000essich: check_install out:
essichudono2000: Argl! The egs are build wrong. Please remove openoffice-0.1_20080608-py2.5.egg, but keep interact12:34
essichACTION has to learn how to build eggs correctly12:34
udono2000essich: How can I remove the eggs correctly?12:36
udono2000essich: dont find an option...12:36
udono2000essich: in easy_install12:36
essichudono2000: there is no option :-(12:36
udono2000ok, I remove them from the filesystem and from the easy_install.pth12:37
essichudono2000: you need to delete it manually: remove the file and -- jsut to be clean -- the entry in easy_install.pth12:37
udono2000essich: looks good!12:40
udono2000ACTION gets happy12:41
cedkudono2000: yes, I just do some import from
udono2000cedk: do you think its realy needed that we have to keep your repositorys in complete to maintain just one translationfile for german language?12:43
udono2000cedk: it must be possible to move the translation repositorys with history into your repository?!12:43
cedkudono2000: I really prefer to work with patch that with files12:43
cedkudono2000: you can just work localy and provide the patches12:44
udono2000cedk: yes, me too, Iam not talking about this...12:44
essichACTION gives odono a big hand (großen Applaus) for his help12:44
udono2000cedk: I try some tests for an easy to maintain translation process...12:46
udono2000essich: but tryton has some problems to connect...12:48
udono2000essich: but it may depend on my settings12:51
udono2000essich: tryton starts the oo_server but after this the java framework of the server ran into trouble12:52
essichudono2000: which version of OOo do you have?12:54
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udono2000essich: got it. The user who runs tryton need to have an home directory, now everything works fine12:54
essichudono2000: "Needs a Home directory" means: needs $HOME to be set?12:55
udono2000essich: You're the man! Thaks a lot for help!12:55
udono2000essich: dont know, anyway it must be a systemuser with own home directory.12:56
udono2000essich: I needed to create a home directory for my user 'tryton', than it works12:56
udono2000ACTION hugs essich a lot12:57
essichudono2000: can you give me the complete java error message, for the FAQ13:03
udono2000essich: btw the user is terp ;-)13:05
udono2000essich: trytond is started: sudo su terp -c "bin/trytond -c /etc/trytond.conf"13:07
udono2000cedk: gadaga: bechamel: essich: Anyone using the forest extension for mercurial?13:11
cedkessich: is it possible to make ooo not required for a HOME directory ?13:12
cedkudono2000: yes, but just for fpull, fupdate fpush13:12
essichudono2000: me uses forest13:13
essichcedk: I don't know, it's a OOo problem.13:13
cedkudono2000: but it seams that it doesn't work with proxy13:14
essichcedk: But OOo needs to store configs some where, so you'll ever need some home13:14
udono2000cedk: ok, have no proxy13:14
cedkessich: I suppose this is because it try to create config file, but maybe it is possible to deactivate it13:14
essichcedk: I'm quite sure you can not disable this.13:15
essichcedk: But what's the problem with a HOME for the tryton-user?13:15
udono2000cedk: there is a lot of stuff inside sudo ls -al /home/terp/.openoffice.org2/user13:15
cedkessich: generaly, user that runs service, don't have home dir13:16
cedkarg.., ooo is not a good unix program :-(13:16
essichudono2000: Another change in Debian. My OOO version calls this ~/.ooo-2.0/13:16
essichcedk: not true: named, postgresql, etc.13:16
udono2000cedk: soffice needs a profile I think13:17
essichcedk: OOo is wierd java application13:17
cedkessich: Home dir for service user, there is for somes because they need to store files13:22
udono2000cedk: essich: yes, I just read some theds on this, and everywhere is mentioned, that openoffice needs an homedir for the profile.13:23
cedkudono2000: but is not possible to start it without profile13:24
udono2000cedk: havent found anything about this. The people are lucky enough that they can start soffice headless... :-)13:24
essichcedk: But what is your problem with the Home-Dir?13:25
udono2000cedk: we need to configure a homedir and a user for Openoffice headless, beacuse its possible that someone will start the headless server on systemstartup with another user than tryton... or I  am wrong?13:27
udono2000cedk: I will try this13:27
essichudono2000: trytond-report currently does not support contacting to another users OOo13:31
essichudono2000: openoffice-python hase some preperations for that, nut tryton currently doe not use them.13:31
udono2000essich: that mean, that the headless server shouldnt be start on system level?13:32
essichudono2000: You simply can not use a headless server with tryton currently :-)13:34
udono2000essich: but tryton starts a headless server automaticaly in my configuration13:34
udono2000essich: /bin/sh /usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice -headless -norestore -accept=pipe,name=uno469813626145;urp;13:35
essichudono2000: yes, when the first report is converted to PDF (or sombodyelse changed trytond)13:36
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udono2000essich: in my case tryton is starting the headless server, I do nothing13:56
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #63/Some additions to the bugposting function on error view: traceback patch6: Exception: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/src/hg/tryton-dist/tryton/tryton/common/", line 336, in send ...14:04
essichudono2000: The server is started then the first report is converted to PDF14:04
udono2000essich:there is no difference when I start /usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice.bin -headless -norestore under another username, tryton starts the server anothertime with its own user. So the server can run, but tryton dont use it when the username differs. If I start the soffice headless server with the same username tryton is started, than tryton doesnt open another instance of it, else just use the already started server.14:08
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #108/ImportError: No module named pydot: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 349, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/rep ...14:13
essichudono2000: yes is expected.14:13
-!- essich( has left #tryton14:14
udono2000essich: so everything works very fine14:14
essichudono2000 :-)14:15
essichudono2000: fine14:15
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #108/ImportError: No module named pydot: [resolved] issue created for testing bugtracker posting function via socks server14:16
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essichudono2000: if somebody want's to connect to an already running server, we just need to add some configuration items to tryton. The udnerlying modeles should be cabable to handle this14:16
udono2000essich: no, no need, its already working if you start the server without -accept14:17
essichcedk: products: what is the meaning of "stockable" and "consumable"?14:18
essichcedk: stockable can be produced for stock (prior to orders)14:18
essichcedk: consumable?14:18
-!- Timitos(n=Timitos@ has joined #tryton14:23
cedkessich: we don't have yet production14:25
cedkessich: consumable means that the system will not check if there is product in stock location14:26
udono2000essich: FWiesing Timitos: consumable=Durchlaufender Posten?14:31
udono2000stockable: lagerbarer Posten14:32
FWiesingudono2000: Lagerartikel OK?14:32
Timitoscomsumable ist kein durchlaufender posten14:32
FWiesingudono2000: service = Dienstleistung?14:33
TimitosFWiesing: stockable = Lagerartikel, würd ich auch sagen14:33
FWiesingudono2000: consumable = ist das etwas was im Betrieb verbraucht wird wie z. B. Toner?14:33
essichcedk: so a "consumable" product can be sold without any item on stock?14:33
essichtimitos, odono2000: "Lagerartikel" ist nicht aussagekräftig, dann mehres bedeuten14:34
cedkessich: can be packing without verification of the stock14:34
udono2000FWiesing: consumable: not only, it could be for small companys somthing that they buy and resell directly, if they dont want to use stock14:35
essichcedk: Hmm, difficult to translate14:35
FWiesingOK - you can sell this product without registration on a stock14:36
FWiesingyou can build an orderline without stock14:36
TimitosAlso ich glaube wirklich, dass die Art der Lagerhaltung wesentlich ist. stockable = Artikel mit Lagerhaltung, consumable = Artikel ohne Lagerhaltung, service = Dienstleistung14:36
udono2000FWiesing: but this may be Verbrauchsmaterialien, too like you mentioned. Its both.14:36
udono2000Timitos: good idea14:37
essichtimitos: sounds good14:37
essichudono2000: Verbrauchsmaterialien will not be sold again :-)14:38
TimitosVerbrauchsmaterialien ist mehr eine category. passt nicht für die Übersetzung, die wir brauchen.14:38
FWiesingTimitos: is the cost price - the price you buy a product at the supplier or is it the price including all cost - I call this "Selbstkostenpreis"14:38
udono2000maybe. "Dienstleistung/Service" (22 Characters) because Service is a widly used term in Germany, too. And we have some space for more characters, because "Artikel ohne Lagerhaltung" is a long term 26 characters.14:40
TimitosFWiesing: i don´t know exactly how cost price is used in tryton. it could be both14:40
FWiesingudono2000: Artikel o Lager ? <-- OK?14:41
Timitosudono2000: we could use the terms "mit Lagerhaltung" and "ohne Lagerhaltung" and it is quite near to the terms in english14:41
essichfwiesinger: *grusel*14:41
FWiesing= 15 charakters14:41
essichcharakter-count is misleading for proportional fonts14:41
Timitosudono: i would use only "Dienstleistung". i think this is enough14:43
FWiesingI think so too14:43
essichtimitos: +114:43
FWiesingstockable = Lagerware ?14:43
TimitosFWiesing: no, it is "mit Lagerhaltung"14:44
FWiesingOK - that's better14:44
essichfwiesinger: -2 for "Lagerware"14:44
TimitosFWiesing: das andere führt in die Irre. Wer weiß, vielleicht gibt es Fälle wo für Lagerware tätsächlich mal die Lagerhaltung in der Software ausgeschaltet werden soll.14:45
udono2000FWiesing: no, I like it explicite, Timitos first (long) Idea I find better... but how is "Type" translated?14:45
essichudono2000: Typ/Art14:45
udono2000Than we have Typ: mit Lagerhaltung or Typ: Artikel mit Lagerhaltung, I find the last one more explicite...14:46
FWiesingTyp - you have to define a property for the product - a selection of the properties you find in the combo-box.14:46
FWiesingI could change it in "Art"14:47
FWiesingI could change it into "Art"14:47
udono2000FWiesing: dont understand what you want/mean?14:48
FWiesingudono2000: I translated Type with Typ and now I changed it into "Art"14:49
FWiesingI have to leave for more than 1 hour - come back later14:50
TimitosFWiesing: I would prefer "Typ". I sounds better in this case14:50
udono2000FWiesing: I like typ more, because Art is going in the Direction Artikelart: grün, rot, ...14:50
essichACTION would prefer Hurz ;-)14:51
FWiesingOK - I use "Typ" for the translation14:51
FWiesingessich: this is in ther version only created for you :-) - a very special edition14:52
FWiesingcome back later - cu14:52
CIA-52tryton: FWiesing roundup * #107/German Translations (Deutsche Übersetzungen): deutsche Übersetzung des Moduls Produkt - product german translation of the module product15:08
FWiesingtimitos: udono2000: essich: the translationfile for the module "product" ist uploades!15:09
FWiesingtimitos: udono2000: essich: the translationfile for the module "product" ist uploaded!15:09
FWiesingtimitos: udono2000: essich: the translationfile for the module "product" is uploaded!15:09
TimitosFWiesing: Wiss ma scho. Siehe CIA-5215:10
FWiesingcu - come back later15:10
FWiesingOK - :-))15:10
-!- bechamel( has joined #tryton15:14
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #63/Some additions to the bugposting function on error view: bugposting function works via socks proxy (s. issue 108) via http proxy s. traceback in comment 365 The proxy logs: TCP_DENIED/501 1514 POST http ...15:29
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #63/Some additions to the bugposting function on error view: It is xmlrpc connection not http. So 501 means "Not Implemented" so I think that the proxy doesn't support xmlrpc request.15:56
CIA-52tryton: FWiesing roundup * #107/German Translations (Deutsche Übersetzungen): deutsche Übersetzung des Modules Produkt - "product" german translation of the module product17:37
CIA-52tryton: FWiesing roundup * #107/German Translations (Deutsche Übersetzungen): deutsche Übersetzung des Modules währung (Currency) german translation of the module currency17:38
essichcedk: If I set "secure=true", does it affect alle services (netrpx, xmlrpc, http, webdav)?17:41
cedkessich: yes17:42
essichcedk: but http and webdav stay on port 80? So the admin was to change the port manually?17:45
cedkessich: yes, you must config the port and by default it is 808017:47
cedkudono2000: is the translation post on the roundup good ?18:08
udono2000cedk: I have not checked, yet.18:18
-!- udono2000( has joined #tryton18:19
essichcedk: How can I dit the wikie? It seams that I'm only allowed to add commetns18:21
cedkessich: I can add you to the project18:21
udono2000essich you have an gmail account?18:21
cedkessich: what is your gmail account ?18:22
cedkessich: you have been added18:25
cedkessich: we use the wiki for generic information18:26
cedkessich: not for documentation of modules18:26
essichcedk: okay, merci18:29
essichcedk: can I see in the client whetehr the connection is secured?18:36
cedkessich: at the bottom right, there is an icon18:37
essichcedk: IC like in a browser :-)18:39
essichcedk: what is pydor used for?18:39
FWiesingudono2000: I translate the UOM's and the categories - I made a exportdump direct from the pgadminIII in plain text18:42
FWiesingI sent the files by e-mail to you and Timitos18:43
udono2000FWiesing: ok, thanks18:43
FWiesingudono2000: if you are able to import the 2 databases you need not to translate the uom's18:44
FWiesingudono2000: let me know - please18:44
udono2000FWiesing: ok, i take a look later, not today, but it should be possible in any case.18:44
FWiesingessich: if you want the databasefiles for translated uom too, I need to know your e-mail18:46
FWiesingudono2000: or should I upload them on the same place as the translation files?18:47
cedkessich: it is pydot, it is to display workflow graph18:48
-!- bechamel`( has joined #tryton18:48
cedkessich: but it is optionnal, if you don't run the report graph18:48
udono2000FWiesing: this is the best place in the moment, so everyone can access to it. We will improve the tanguage contributions in future, that it will be easier for us to track changes and for ced to import our translations.18:49
FWiesingudono2000: OK - thanx18:50
cedkudono2000: is it correct to use "Dütsch" for the deutsch language name ?18:51
udono2000cedk: no, use "Deutsch"18:51
cedkudono2000: I will add it to tryton language18:51
cedkudono2000: I need to have in the dautsch languague18:52
udono2000its called: "Deutsch" ;-)18:52
udono2000cedk: yes, we translate all the nationnames into german, too.18:54
cedkudono2000: ok, wikipedia says Dütsch18:54
udono2000schow me the link, please18:54
udono2000ah,it could be swiss dütsch18:54
cedkudono2000: oups, sorry I select the wrong language18:55
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 598:552315daf650 trytond/trytond/ (ir/lang.xml web_service/ Add Deutsch language18:56
cedkudono2000: by the way, be carefull to not translate too young module because they can change a lot18:56
cedkudono2000: so I propose that you ask for before starting18:56
CIA-52tryton: FWiesing roundup * #107/German Translations (Deutsche Übersetzungen): database-dump for translated units of measure into german. The database-dump is created as plain text with the pgadminIII from the postgresql-data ...18:57
CIA-52tryton: FWiesing roundup * #107/German Translations (Deutsche Übersetzungen): database-dump for translated units of measure categories into german. The database-dump is created as plain text with the pgadminIII from the post ...18:58
cedkessich: I don't like to say to people to use easy_install19:01
cedkessich: because for many distribution, it is not the right way19:02
FWiesingudono2000: it's called Schwyzer Dütsch :-)19:02
bechamel`cedk: i always found odd to add a langage in the system only when a translation is available. e.g. what can i do if i want to add a party which speak spanish or italian ? shouldn't we add all the possible langage in the db and add a  boolean on language object to tell if a translation is available ?19:21
essichcedk: but for many systems, the packages are not available19:23
cedkbechamel`: we can add in language.xml but not in list_lang19:28
cedkbechamel`: but ir.language is editable by the user19:29
cedkessich: perhaps but I find that pointing the website of the package is enough because on the website there is installation instruction19:29
-!- yangoon( has joined #tryton19:30
essichcedk: But we many people to get up and running with tryton as easy as possible to attract more users19:31
essichcedk: so just give them as much help as possible.19:31
bechamel`essich: is easy_install working on Windows ?19:32
essichcedk: as soon as we have a good base, you can change this name the packages for each distribution19:32
essichbechamel: as far as i know, yes19:32
essichbechamel`: it's jsut an extension for distutils19:33
cedkessich: for me, I don't feel that it is helping people to tell her to use easy_install19:38
cedkas a package maintener, I find this practice very bad19:38
udono2000cedk: bechamel essich: on one side its hard to maintain serveral setups for serveral distributions, on the other side easy_install brings the installation from the scratch a lot of ease. So we provide the distributions we can manage and the others may use easy_install. For me its a question of different documentations...19:45
bechamel`udono2000: also, it's not a problem to do: wget url; tar -xf archive ; cd folder; sudo ./ install.19:49
essichbechamel`: but why, if easy_install add more service, like installing dependences, etc.19:52
bechamel`udono2000: yes i forgot dependencies :)19:52
cedkessich: because it breaks distribution19:52
bechamel`cedk: even is the egg is packaged carefully ?19:53
cedkfor me, we provide clean like that we make the works of packager easier19:53
cedkbut we can not support different package for several distributions19:54
cedkbechamel`: it will install dependency that can comes will the distribution etc ...19:54
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 2:7553060eec2d account_statement/ ( Removed unused imports19:55
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 3:a1e14e9f8230 account_statement/ Added search on journal19:55
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 4:354adc268492 account_statement/ fix: Start balance is readonly only in draft state19:55
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 5:b821000472f8 account_statement/ removed redundant fields.19:55
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 6:7c69f450968b account_statement/ Guidelines19:55
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 7:a1cd3544db97 account_statement/ Fix for former fields deletion.19:55
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 8:07b626cd82ce account_statement/ Fix: Delete statement lines when statement is deleted.19:55
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 9:a5519274ed6e account_statement/ ( statement.xml):19:55
CIA-52tryton: Added new state, new menuitems:19:55
CIA-52tryton: * added cancel state and associated mechanisms (update journal19:55
CIA-52tryton: balance and other draft statements).19:55
CIA-52tryton: * Statements are on their own sub-menu.19:56
udono2000essich: I play a little bit around with the outputtypes, and try to bind an open-office calc document to the report engine, but there are some errors...20:16
essichcedk: installing modules beside the distributions package management always beaks distributions. Just as bechamel` wget ...20:18
essichudono2000: use the source luke! only odt -> pdf is supported yet.20:19
essichudono2000: does tryton create ods yet?20:19
cedkessich: that why I write a portage-overlay for tryton :-)20:19
essichcedk: prtage is gentto, I not even know how it works.20:20
essichcedk: you ae not required to use easy_install :)20:20
cedkessich: so it is like if I say that a create .deb on the fly for tryton20:21
cedkessich: wich distrib are you using?20:21
essichACTION dislikes debian -- even more since monday20:23
essichcedk: mandriva20:23
cedkessich: and which package are missing ?20:23
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 10:03fc00101d6d account_statement/ ( Guidelines20:24
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 57:38c899f9680a product/ Guidelines20:24
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 150:a75b49b7db6b stock/ ( Guidelines20:24
essichcedk: I don't know, I do not care.20:24
udono2000essich: no, not now. I created a new outputtype for ods, but it cant unpack the zip file of any reason. But I examined the zipfile its just the same than ods from inside, content.xml is there20:24
essichcedk: I'm used to use easy_setup and copy my modules/pakces from host to host, since I'm working on three machines inparalletl20:25
essichcedk: I'll change the wiki: "For those using easy_install". Okay?20:31
cedkessich: ok20:32
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #63/Some additions to the bugposting function on error view: Correct me, if I am wrong, but IMHO the connection should be tunneled via https protocol. And the proxy in this case just supports DIRECT CONNECT, ...20:39
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #63/Some additions to the bugposting function on error view: I don't know. On every example on the net, it is a POST request that is send to the proxy.20:57
-!- yangoon2( has joined #tryton20:58
yangoon2cedk: I will just search a bit more, but in my understanding no method should ever be seen by the proxy, it just transports data between two (encrypted) endpoints21:01
yangoon2cedk: Is it correct, that the https request to roundup oes to port 443?21:03
cedkyangoon2: yes21:04
CIA-52tryton: htgoebel roundup * #109/HINT: Kein Operator stimmt mit dem angegebenen Namen und den Argumenttypen ?berein. Sie m?ssen m?glicherweise ausdr?ckliche Typumwandlungen hinzuf?gen.: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 337, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...21:20
essichcedk: fresh database, enter invovice, get "NULL-value in column »report_output_format« violates Not-Null-Constraint". Shoukld I file an issue21:33
CIA-52tryton: Timitos roundup * #110/account_statement - dependency double: [new] In the dependency for company is coded twice. Should be fixed.21:50
FWiesingcu - by22:04
-!- FWiesing(n=FWiesing@ has left #tryton22:04
-!- cedk(n=ced@gentoo/developer/cedk) has joined #tryton22:06
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 11:33cbddd08df9 account_statement/ Remove duplicate dependency for issue11022:13
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 12:3d8d2327e65d account_statement/: merge22:13
essichcedk: help, how do I un-commit a hg-changeset?22:14
CIA-52tryton: admin roundup * #110/account_statement - dependency double: [resolved] Fix with changeset 33cbddd08df922:14
cedkessich: hg rollback22:15
essichcedk: thanks, this saved me :-)22:17
cedkessich: you can work on clone repository, if it is on the same parttion it will not take more place22:20
-!- udono2000( has left #tryton22:36
CIA-52tryton: Timitos roundup * #104/IntegrityError: NULL-Wert in Spalte ?name? verletzt Not-Null-Constraint: I think the reason for this error are these two lines in if vals['entity'] == 'organization': res['name'] = vals['organization ...22:39
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #109/HINT: Kein Operator stimmt mit dem angegebenen Namen und den Argumenttypen ?berein. Sie m?ssen m?glicherweise ausdr?ckliche Typumwandlungen hinzuf?gen.: [chatting] Can you give some information about what you are doing?22:45
essichACTION is leaving. Good night23:14
CIA-52tryton: Timitos roundup * #51/cannot enter move_line in treeview of account_move_line completely: [chatting] The functions of the fields 'journal' and 'period' don´t work. If I create a new move.line these fields are not filled automaticly. Bu ...23:27
CIA-52tryton: Timitos roundup * #111/module project: field project_type should have default_value: [new] As there is in the moment only one value for this field the value 'project' should be the default_value too. Or is this module not complete ...23:40
CIA-52tryton: Timitos roundup * #112/IndexError: string index out of range: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 349, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...23:57

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