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FWiesinggood morning11:07
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FWiesingcedk: do you need something else for issue 169?11:11
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FWiesingback for 10 minutes12:35
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 693:7fb01567f4e6 trytond/trytond/ir/ Add check of property value for many2one if value still exists for issue16913:04
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 694:839b28e0e60e trytond/trytond/osv/
CIA-53tryton: Add name_get for default value that comes from property to prevent calls from13:04
CIA-53tryton: the client.13:04
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #169/Problem with opening menu "New Pary": [resolved] Fix with changeset 7fb01567f4e6 The error comes that the default value for the property "account_payable"13:06
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CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 498:b04478b8d184 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ ( view_tree/ Improve tree view for not login exception13:45
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 499:778f50714cf5 tryton/tryton/ Add excepthook for gtk main loop13:45
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #172/Database backup fails: [resolved] It is because you don't use the right password. With the changeset 907e4ee45fe4, it improve message error on database operations.14:06
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #171/database only recognized, when owner is database user: [deferred] You can submit a patch to change the list function in trytond/web_service/ But if you add more database, you must be sure the ser ...14:09
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udonoHello, How can I create a complete pot file for client translations? Because tryton/share/locale/tryton.pot seems not complete15:22
cedkudono: it miss string that comes from glade15:23
cedkudono: but we try to remove glade file in the futur15:24
udonocedk: ok, thank you. So I use Babel,... this looks easy...15:39
udonocedk: is there a way to translate the glade things or should I better wait?!15:40
udonoFWiesing: Hello, did you start to translate the client?15:41
cedkudono: I think it will be great to have glade removed for the first release15:46
udonocedk: what is the problem with glade?16:05
cedkudono: it is slow and bad behavior with translation16:44
cedkudono: and it will not work with jyjamas16:44
udonocedk: ah, ok, future investment for the webcli16:44
cedkudono: yes, and if anybody can help us to remove last windows that are in glade, it will be great16:48
udonocedk: its translate the glade xml into python widget calls?!16:49
cedkudono: yes, it is not very difficult work but it just takes time16:50
udonook, give me a starting point, I will see if I find time this days...16:51
cedkudono: A first start can be the win_login window16:52
cedkso it just needs to open the glade file and look how to window is construct16:53
cedkand convert it into gtk call in the tryton/gui/ for the class DBLogin16:53
cedkit is just transform the call: self.win_gl = glade.XML(GLADE, "win_login", gettext.textdomain())16:54
udonocedk: ok, in the I find the gladexml.17:08
udonocedk: Did I re-construct the whole XML in Python inside the __init__ of DBLogin(object)17:09
cedkudono: just the login window with the id win_login17:10
udonocedk: yes, I meant all inside <widget class="GtkDialog" id="win_login">17:11
cedkudono: it is a dialog box some widgets17:11
cedkudono: yes17:11
udonook, this doesn't looks to hard17:11
udonoI give it a try17:12
cedkudono: goof17:12
cedkudono: good17:12
udonocedk: is there an example in tryton how I start the constructor without glade?17:13
udonocedk:  Something you already rewrote...17:14
cedkudono: some but it will not be very usefull for you17:14
cedkudono: for a dialog, you have the send_bugtracker in trytond/common/common.py17:15
udonothe seems completely dependent on glade17:15
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udonocedk: what is the construct @staticmethod for?17:34
udonocedk: ok, found it17:35
FWiesingTimitos: I take a look for the balance sheet19:20
FWiesingT think - it is not much different like in OpenERP19:20
FWiesingso if I has a little bit of time I start with it19:21
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #173/AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute '_properties': [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 339, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...19:24
CIA-53tryton: Timitos roundup * #173/AttributeError: 'bool' object has no attribute '_properties': [resolved] was a problem in one of my own modules. fixed.20:16
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CIA-53tryton: matb roundup * #172/Database backup fails: [chatting] Whatever password I am using, it doesn't work: admin password: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/mathiasb/tryton/tryton ...21:39
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #172/Database backup fails: [resolved] pg_dump doesn't allow to set password for the user to dump a database. So you must use an other user authentication for the database.21:44
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yangoon3cedk: I don't understand your answer to #17222:14
yangoon3if password doesn't work, why should I give it in the backup dialog22:14
cedkyangoon3: we use pg_dump for the backup and it doesn't work with password22:36
cedkyangoon3: it is not the super admin password that is in trytond.conf22:36
cedkyangoon3: but the password for postgresql22:37
yangoon3cedk: but I gave the password for the tryton user in postgres and he is currently superuser22:38
cedkyangoon3: yes but pg_dump doesn't work with password22:38
yangoon3so the function is useless in tryton?22:39
cedkyangoon3: if you set a password for the db user22:39
cedkyangoon3: but there other authenticate method in postgresql22:40
yangoon3trust? I wouldn't ever use this with any sensible data ...22:42
cedkyangoon3: see pg_hba.conf22:44
cedkyangoon3: unix auth seams to me as safe than password22:45
cedkyangoon3: maybe more22:45
yangoon3cedk: unix auth == PAM?22:53
cedkyangoon3: look at pg_hba.conf22:53
yangoon3cedk: I wouldn't have spoken to you if I had not looked there22:54
cedkyangoon3: the server look at the user name that connect to the db22:55
cedkyangoon3: and use this username for the connection22:55
yangoon3cedk: I think, this is a little bit too enigmatique for me this evening23:00
cedkyangoon3: your unix user is the same than in postgresql23:01
yangoon3cedk: I don't want to use PAM, because I don't have all postgres users as system users23:01
cedkyangoon3: it is not pam23:01
yangoon3cedk: neither I want to use ident23:01
cedkyangoon3: add this line in pg_hba.conf: local   all         all                               trust23:02
cedkyangoon3: and use the same user in unix than in postgresql23:02
cedkyangoon3: and you don't need to set a password23:02
yangoon3cedk: and why does tryton want one, if this is the preferred method23:03
cedkyangoon3: it is just that pg_dump and pg_restore doesn't work with pasword otherwise all is working23:04
cedkand for me pg_dump and pg_restore are just a little functionality23:04
cedkthat is not strictly necessary23:04
cedkand I think for a real installation, you will set admin_password to null to prevent any modification of the DB from a remote client23:05
yangoon3cedk: agreed, but it is not logical for me to make a password dialog, that has no purpose23:05
cedkyangoon3: this password is not the password for the DB, but the password that allow to modfiy the DB23:06
yangoon3cedk: finally I would remove those database stuff from the menu23:06
yangoon3cedk: it is not task of the application to care for backups23:06
cedkyangoon3: why remove things that works, and that can be disable easily from the configuration file23:08
yangoon3cedk: for me it doesn't work, there is no reliable error handling, it works only with very special configuration23:10
cedkyangoon3: did you update the client ?23:10
yangoon3ok, not the last changes with error messages23:11
cedkyangoon3: it is the default configuration in many OS23:11
yangoon3cedk: hmm, trust as default?23:15
yangoon3cedk: debian has ident and sameuser for local and localhost23:15
yangoon3cedk: and that is IMHO reasonable23:16
cedkyangoon3: yes so if you create a user with the same name, it works23:16
yangoon3works only with ident23:16
yangoon3cedk: and I would never permit access to databases only on user name base23:18
cedkit is not insecure23:18
yangoon3cedk: when it works for you; are you speaking of the same or different machines for database/tryton server?23:19
cedkyangoon3: yes23:20
yangoon3cedk: yes or yes?23:20
yangoon3cedk: won't you bother further with the problem, will first look deeper into it, but I surely don't accept the security in the form of nfs auth for my databases23:24
cedkdon't understand23:24

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