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CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 699:405dd3ef5b52 trytond/trytond/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Better name for tests00:01
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 131:9af0b2d540e3 account/ Remove _parent_name00:01
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 104:98ae8919edf3 relationship/ Remove _parent_name00:02
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 105:cbb5e3358b8e relationship/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Better name for test00:02
bechamelcedk: rules on the select clause for computing product qty are working, i push or i wait for mptt ?00:09
cedkbechamel: you can push it, I can merge it is quite easy with mercurial00:10
bechamelcedk: as you want00:11
CIA-53tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 156:8a504799e4b3 stock/ Added rules about stock.move object when computing locations quantities00:13
bechamelcedk: there is also a problem with forecst_qty, we plan to compute exact qty in the past with it, but actually, the forecast_qty mecanism also concider assigned and draft moves if the date is in the past00:15
bechamelcedk: so the fix is to consider only done move, but the name "forecast" is not good anymore00:16
bechamelcedk: so i propose to us "at_date" which is a more generic name00:16
cedkbechamel: no, I think it is good now00:18
bechamelcedk: look line 88 in stock/product.py00:19
bechamelcedk: i as i read it, i thing the if condition just above is wrong00:20
bechamelcedk: hum finaly maybe the if is ok00:21
cedkbechamel: for forecast means with all draft and assigned move00:22
cedkbechamel: and we don't care of the date00:22
cedkbechamel: move that must be considered as no more correct must be cancel by the scheduler00:22
bechamelcedk: yes yes, i was misunderstanding the if condition00:22
cedkbechamel: by the way, I just find that tiny seems to close the trunk branch to public00:23
bechamelcedk: i did not see the "not" just before the date test00:23
bechamelcedk: ??00:23
cedkis everybody have the same problem to connect to the tinyerp trunk branch ?00:23
bechamelcedk: how do you know it ?00:23
cedkI can connect to 4.0 and 4.2 branch but not the trunk00:23
bechamelcedk: yes, and the reposotory is alive it's just the password that have been changed :)00:25
cedkone more things that make openerp not really an open source project :-)00:27
cedkI think it will make a new big thread on the forum :-)00:28
bechamelcedk: there is nothing for the moment on the forum00:29
bechamelcedk: when was your last (successful) update00:29
cedkit is perhaps because they switch to bazaard00:30
cedkbechamel: it is there:
cedkbut they don't keep the history :-)00:33
cedkand they change again the name :-) into openobject-{server,client}00:35
bechamelcedk: and in the code it's still ...00:36
cedkbechamel: no, that is the rtl that I have implemented when I come back from maroco00:39
cedkit is really a bazaard :-)00:41
bechamelcedk: yes i know that you implemeted it, now we also know that i it could  useful to somebody  :)00:41
bechamelcedk: yes he chose the right dcvs actualy00:42
cedkbechamel: but it doesn't seem to know howto do it00:42
cedkthere is some openobject, openerp, tinyerp00:42
cedkit is not very clear on who can do what00:42
cedkand in fact community can only work on extra modules00:43
bechamelcedk: and the addons dir is empty00:43
cedkit will be easier to follow devs00:46
bechamelcedk: hardcoded login :
cedkbad things have hard live00:48
cedkI will not trust this script :-)00:49
bechamelcedk: :)00:50
bechamelcedk: where are the addons ? i can't find them00:51
cedkany way it is not the tools that was not working with tinyerp :-)00:53
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CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 508:740515bb7cc3 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/ Fix copy/paste for new empty ending columns10:06
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 509:53bc477a1d07 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/list_gtk/ Textual value for boolean must be boolean10:06
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 510:0cc1b9340b0a tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/ Add save current model when selection changing10:06
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cedkbechamel: dns server is updated10:23
bechamelcedk: i took me some time to understand: it's abut this famous bug which was fixed recently10:39
cedkbechamel: yes10:39
bechamelcedk: you know what this bug is about ? it's a bug from the protocol ?10:39
cedkbechamel: it seems to be about query port randomization10:43
bechamelcedk: def random(): return 4 # This number was carefuly chosen to be really random10:44
bechamelcedk: while testing move with multi-company, i discovered that compute on currency try to find rates even if there is no conversion to do (i.e. from_currency and to_currency are the same)10:59
cedkbechamel: it can be a test that at least one rate must exist for the currency11:03
cedkbechamel: but I'm not sure that it is usefull11:04
bechamelcedk: so whe must add rates on xml data11:05
bechamelcedk: but it's not handy11:07
cedkbechamel: no we can not add rate in xml11:07
cedkbechamel: ok, move test after the test that check for the same curreny11:08
bechamelcedk: ok11:10
CIA-53tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 8:787c1d663b67 currency/ Don't try ot find rate when converting amount to the same currency11:25
bechamelcedk: terp svn trunk is working now11:28
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 700:05639f6a76cd trytond/trytond/ir/ ( action.xml): Add search value criteria on act_window11:29
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 511:b15f5c6daa1a tryton/tryton/ (8 files in 4 dirs): Add search_value criteria on act_window11:29
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 512:04c9af13b24f tryton/tryton/gui/window/ ( view_form/screen/ Remove unused show_search option11:29
cedkbechamel: and they commit ?11:35
bechamelcedk: yes11:37
bechamelcedk:  fp | 2008-07-10 08:45:52  "Modifs" :)11:38
cedkbechamel: I don't understand how the _ translation of exception works on tinyerp11:47
bechamelcedk: where do you see it ?11:49
cedkbechamel: commit 876611:49
cedkbechamel: they add a _() on each string of exception11:49
cedkbechamel: and _ is a lambda function lambda source: translate_code(cr, source, context)11:50
cedkso I don't understand how the cr, context variable are set11:50
cedkit seems like they are global11:50
cedkbechamel: svn again down :-)11:55
bechamelcedk: for the _ function i dont understand either11:56
cedkbechamel: perhaps it doesn't work :-)12:15
cedkbechamel: because to test it you must have an exception12:15
bechamelcedk: i try to test it12:15
cedkon openerp, they put the close method on the account type instead of the account12:20
cedkwhat do you think about that ?12:20
bechamelcedk: "global name cr is not defined"12:20
cedkbechamel: :-) just by reading the code12:21
bechamelcedk: it's crazy, this code doesnt provide any imporvement, only bugs !12:21
yangoon if I start the client with LANG=de_DE LC_ALL=de_DE.UTF8 ./tryton, it reports immediately: WARNING:translate:Unable to set locale en_US.UTF812:22
yangoonit is working as expected, but what is the meaning of the message?12:23
cedkyangoon: I think you have in ~/.tryton lang = en_US12:23
bechamelyangoon: i have the same warning12:24
yangooncedk: no, I have de_DE12:24
cedkyangoon: and the user on trytond ?12:24
cedkin fact the client store the lang of the last user that have logged12:25
cedkand at the start, it try to set this lang12:26
cedkand when you logging, it change for the lang of the user of tryton12:26
cedkso if you siwtch from users that have once en_US and de_DE and that you don't have en_US in your system, you will have this warning12:27
cedkbut I can change the warning into info12:28
cedklike that it will be display only with verbose option12:29
bechamelcedk: with fr_BE in the config file it's ok12:31
yangooncedk: back from phone12:36
yangooncedk: in trytond no lang param12:36
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cedkyangoon: if there is no lang, it is en_US by default12:37
cedkbechamel: it is because your system doesn't have en_US locales12:37
cedkbechamel: look into /etc/locale.gen12:38
yangooncedk: yes, but I never started with en_US12:38
bechamelen_US is the default value i guess12:38
yangooncedk:  must be a default somewhere12:38
cedkyangoon: when you log into the trytond server, it set to the client to set up in en_US locle12:38
bechamelcedk: maybe the serve should be able to find his default locale (it's a better default than en_us)12:40
cedkbechamel: it don't think so because all the software will be in the english (labels, fields, etc...)12:41
yangooncedk: shouldN't default locale not be C?12:44
cedkyangoon: it is the fallback12:46
yangooncedk: if you change it to INFO: default locale ... not found, it should be clear12:54
CIA-53tryton: ced roundup * #143/add VAT number validation: [in-progress] I find this website that allow to check vat
CIA-53tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 513:3c5d97197826 tryton/tryton/ Change warning into info12:58
cedkHi, everybody with bechamel, we think about changing the many2many on account into a many2one14:05
cedkwe don't see the usefullness of this model14:05
cedkand having a many2one will improve the performence of the balance compute in the chart account14:06
cedkis there anybody not agree with this ?14:06
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Timitoscedk: i just read your thoughts on account. i need to think about. just a few minutes15:10
cedkTimitos: no problems, I'm not yet working on it15:11
cedkI know that people needs times to think15:11
cedkI'm thinking about a good way to handle translation of exception message15:12
cedka way that works, not the way of openerp :-)15:12
Timitosi read your comments from today morning :-)15:12
Timitoscedk: in germany we have to views to look an the earnings: like "profit and loss statement" and a "management analysis" so i need to set more than one view account to a normal account. so i think we need many2many on account15:23
Timitoscedk: but perhaps there is another solution needed to create such reports although the tree view could be a good solution.15:28
cedkTimitos: I think it must be don't with an other way15:35
cedkTimitos: because many2many allow to have wrong chart accounts with some accounts that appears many times in the chart15:35
cedkTimitos: I think it must be done  an other way15:35
Timitoscedk: but i also think that account types are not a good solution to create a balance sheet or a profit and loss statement. there is something completely different needed.15:36
cedkTimitos: why ?15:36
Timitosaccount types have a special function for jounals an so on as i know.15:37
Timitosso account types have two different functions. so i think there can be some problems.15:37
Timitosnot yet, but potential in future15:37
cedkTimitos: what we can do is to move the code of account.type to the account15:39
Timitoscedk: i need to take a deeper look as i donĀ“t know where account types are used exactly. or could you explain the usage in a short way?15:41
cedkTimitos: ok, can you come back to me when you know better15:42
cedkTimitos: because I think we need to fix that soon15:42
Timitoscedk: if you can move the code from account_types to account. why do we need account-types anyway?15:43
cedkTimitos: for the balance sheet and the income statement15:47
Timitoscedk: so it is only used for these views?15:47
Timitoscedk: so i think the name account types is perhaps not a very good naming15:50
cedkTimitos: it describes where the account is the charts15:51
Timitoscedk: perhaps the account types can be used for all reports. then many2many is not needed in account. you are right. i think that tinyerp used the account types in another way as tryton.15:51
cedkTimitos: there is juts the code that says payable, revenue etc ..15:52
cedkTimitos: it is use to compute the payable of a party etc ...15:53
cedkTimitos: but whenI put the code on the type, it was because I thought that accounts with the same type will have the same code15:54
cedkTimitos: and perhaps that type is not a good name, if you have an other one...15:54
Timitoscedk: we have in german a good word for that, but i have problems to find a good word in english :-)15:55
cedkTimitos: do you think that account with the same type can have a different code ?15:56
Timitoscedk: i am not sure about that but perhaps this case could be. so i think it would be better to put the code on account.15:57
Timitoscedk: if you put the code to account we can be more flexible in using account types for other things i think15:58
Timitosperhaps "allocation table" is a term that matches what i mean. it allocates accounts to different views.15:59
cedkTimitos: ok, I will put code on account16:01
Timitoscedk: good decision16:02
yangoonTimitos: just stumbling in: the word you are searching for could be "nature"?17:00
Timitosyangoon: ich kanns momentan nur in deutsch artikulieren :-). das ganze nennt sich zuordnungstabelle. die konten werden den auswertungen "zugeordnet". ich hab keine ahnung, wie ich das anders benennen soll.17:03
Timitosyangoon: i also thought about something like account.view or but all my ideas are not quite that what we need.17:03
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udonohi all21:34
FWiesingudono: hi :-)21:43
udonoFWiesing: hi21:43
FWiesing,,, one more restless soul before a keyboard21:44
udonoyes, you too?21:46
udonobechamel: are you there22:09
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