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CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 917:bc3a887272e8 trytond/trytond/ Improve get_module_list to return only directory or zip file00:10
CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 918:d4d2dd700dff trytond/trytond/osv/ Update ir_model with object information00:10
CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 187:abaef0cb0dc8 account/ Fix description on tax00:10
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yangooncedk: not understanding "yes for open an other client but he must loggin with an other user"03:04
yangooncedk: currently it is possible to logintwice as same user03:05
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gadagahg pull -u08:52
gadagaoups :p08:52
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gadagacedk: hi, did you look for police and image in header.odt?09:05
cedkgadaga: no09:08
CIA-45tryton: gadaga roundup * #323/NameError: name 'parent' is not defined: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/list_gtk/", line 247, in setter text = self.get_te ...09:33
CIA-45tryton: ced roundup * #323/NameError: name 'parent' is not defined: [chatting] Which view?09:42
CIA-45tryton: gadaga roundup * #323/NameError: name 'parent' is not defined: the error is in account.invoice form view09:44
CIA-45tryton: ced roundup * #323/NameError: name 'parent' is not defined: [resolved] update account_invoice module09:46
CIA-45tryton: gadaga roundup * #323/NameError: name 'parent' is not defined: [chatting] same error with changset f62a16e963d109:51
CIA-45tryton: gadaga roundup * #323/NameError: name 'parent' is not defined: more information : I haven't got error if i don't have an invoice line09:53
CIA-45tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 201:4535817b6421 stock/ Improve comments10:02
cedkbechamel: they grab again
cedkbechamel: the button in list view10:10
cedkbechamel: without copyright10:10
bechamelcedk: and it's also a direct copy/paste ?10:11
cedkbechamel: I start to become really angry10:11
cedkbechamel: yes with my comments10:11
cedkbechamel: I think about posting on the forum, mailing list and so on10:13
bechamelcedk: maybe one can create a web page with a list of all the copyright infringements made by tiny10:16
cedkbechamel: ho, yes that is a good idea10:17
cedkbechamel: I will put it on the wiki10:20
bechamelcedk: ok10:22
CIA-45tryton: gadaga roundup * #324/Exception: ('Error', "Can't connect to (bootstrap)"): [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 336, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/rep ...10:43
CIA-45tryton: gadaga roundup * #324/Exception: ('Error', "Can't connect to (bootstrap)"): [chatting] can you explain me how to?10:44
bechamelcedk: yes10:59
CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 919:ebe9bc89882a trytond/trytond/ir/module/module.xml: Better layout for button on module form view11:00
CIA-45tryton: ced roundup * #323/NameError: name 'parent' is not defined: [resolved] What I see, it is that the error comes when the client try to evaluate the digits attributes for the amount of the line. And in the cod ...11:06
CIA-45tryton: ced roundup * #324/Exception: ('Error', "Can't connect to (bootstrap)"): [resolved] Ask to I think that can happend when you have an already Ooo instance11:08
CIA-45tryton: gadaga roundup * #323/NameError: name 'parent' is not defined: [chatting] resolved with an update=all11:10
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CIA-45tryton: ced roundup * #323/NameError: name 'parent' is not defined: [resolved] So set the status to resolved!11:13
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CIA-45tryton: krier.cedric * r137 /wiki/ Initial import of copyright infringements.11:25
CIA-45tryton: krier.cedric * r138 /wiki/ Add vat validation.11:25
CIA-45tryton: krier.cedric * r139 /wiki/ Add account template.11:25
yangooncedk: ping11:42
yangooncedk: did you read my last comment on opening multiple clients?11:43
CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 920:9c2ff388844b trytond/trytond/ Don't log error message for module 'all'11:43
CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 921:9a9945749691 trytond/trytond/tools/ Fix post_import to delete only record from the module11:43
cedkyangoon: where?11:43
yangooncedk: here on irc11:43
cedkyangoon: I answer: yes for open an other client but he must loggin with an other user11:44
yangooncedk: I didn't understand "yes for open an other client but he must loggin with an other user"11:44
cedkyangoon: because user context is stored on the database11:45
cedkyangoon: so using the same user, you will have the same context11:45
yangooncedk: I answered "currently it is possible to login twice as same user"11:45
yangooncedk: ah ok, now better understanding11:45
cedkyangoon: don't receive your answer11:46
cedkyangoon: before we have block the login more than once11:46
cedkyangoon: but it seems to be annoying somes11:46
yangooncedk: yes, we discussed the subject some time ago11:47
cedkyangoon: I also think about the possibility to set the tab in readonly when you change the user preference11:47
yangooncedk: and if he (re)-switches again?11:47
yangooncedk: sounds problematic11:48
cedkyangoon: we can compare the context, if it is the same the tab is enable otherwise disable11:48
yangooncedk: sounds good!:)11:49
yangooncedk: anyway there should be better display of actual context in status bar11:51
cedkyangoon: but context can be very big11:51
yangooncedk: just changed company in one client, second client (as same user) is not updated, but looking at preferences indeed shows same company as client 211:52
yangooncedk: displaying just the properties of User/Preferences in status bar would be great11:53
yangooncedk: without group permissions11:53
cedkyangoon: but they can be extended by modules so it is difficult to know the real size11:54
yangooncedk: most important nevertheless: to update it as soon as a form is entered11:54
cedkyangoon: for the two users case, that is why for me we must avoid different logging by user11:55
bechamellogging > login11:55
yangooncedk: the solution with comparing contexts and disabling tabs finally sounds best for me11:58
cedkyangoon: yes but we can not download every time the user preferences to check if there is not an other user that change it11:59
yangooncedk: seems to handle all the problems: multiple login, multiple company11:59
yangooncedk: just another thought12:00
yangooncedk: what about the request channel12:00
yangooncould it be possible to send via this channel informations to other clients12:00
yangooncedk: just to change from a pull scenario to a push scenario in case a client changed preferences12:01
cedkyangoon: it is a little bit random as solution12:02
yangooncedk: but perhaps could be interesting also for other things12:04
cedkone solution can be if a user change the preferences, all his session become "timeouted"12:05
cedkso like that he need to loggin again and fetch the new context12:05
yangooncedk: that is the radical solution, like closing tabs12:07
yangooncedk: but would also solve solve multiple login12:07
cedkyangoon: no, because timeout needs just to re-enter the password12:07
cedkyangoon: which is normal if the user have change the password :-)12:07
cedkI think about the timeout solution for multi-login and tab readonly for different context in the client12:08
yangooncedk: great!12:08
cedkbechamel: ping12:09
bechamelcedk: yes it sounds good12:10
yangooncedk: with timeout solution for multi-login you won't need tab handling, because there won't be any "outdated" tab in any client12:12
cedkyangoon: no, because timeout doesn't mean that you lost all your tabs12:14
yangooncedk: we will lose possibilty to work in different companies as same user at the same time12:14
cedkyangoon: but the context will be reload on the client and the tab will become readonly if context changed12:14
cedkyangoon: it is not a lost but it is a need12:14
yangooncedk:  ah ok, then this is really the way to go12:14
yangooncedk: you change "timeout" message to "session data invalid" and the user will understand (hopefully)12:16
cedkyangoon: but he must know because it is himself that change the preferences12:17
CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 922:cad89491d119 trytond/trytond/ (ir/ osv/ webdav/ workflow/ Remove _log_access on ORM12:18
CIA-45tryton: * r140 /wiki/ Added google_maps to copyright infringements12:19
yangooncedk: of course he should, but just in case he works on 2 machines, goes from one to another, he perhpas doesn't have in mind he did change preferences12:19
cedkyangoon: but if he works like that it is normal to have timeout12:20
yangooncedk: but it is not a timeout12:20
yangooncedk: session data are invalid12:20
yangooncedk: In User/Preferences under timezone there is a disabled field Add/Remove, that seems to have no purpose13:10
cedkyangoon: it is information for the user13:11
yangooncedk: but it is nothing in there13:12
cedkyangoon: it is the add/remove for the group13:13
yangooncedk: ok, and why is it disabled for admin?13:14
cedkyangoon: ok I will try to put a separator above13:14
cedkyangoon: because admin is an exception and group must be modified in administration menu13:14
yangooncedk: or put text label "Group" just besides the selection field13:15
yangooncedk: I still don't understand the purpose of the selection field: whatever user I am using it is always disabled13:19
cedkyangoon: it is for information, because normal user will not have acces to admin menu13:20
yangooncedk: and if group management is done in Administration (where it should be), then it makes no sense to put it there13:20
cedkyangoon: it is for information13:20
yangooncedk: you cannot display groups without the selection field?13:21
cedkyangoon: no13:22
yangooncedk: it is a bit ugly, since at the top there is "Edit User Preferences..." and all other fields are editable13:26
CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 923:af52e79df675 trytond/trytond/ (ir/ui/ osv/
CIA-45tryton: Fix ConcurrencyException to be time independant13:27
CIA-45tryton: Add new keyword field '_timestamp'13:27
CIA-45tryton: Check concurrency based on _timestamp of each ids13:27
CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 740:123a3d8cfdd3 tryton/tryton/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fix client to use _timestamp instead of read_delta13:27
CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 924:781813c18101 trytond/trytond/res/ Set field many2many with colspan="2" for preference view13:30
cedkyangoon: with this changeset 781813c18101, the view will be better13:31
yangooncedk: ok, I cannot update as fast as you work...;)13:31
gadagaanyone try to have invoice in pdf and label for party in odt for exeample? I can't have pdf and odt on the same time, pdf works and odt don't open Ooo14:05
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yangoonanyone can have a look to
yangoonI wanted to make session timeout configurable, and SESSION_TIMEOUT in the debugger indeed has value of session_timeout in Configuration file14:24
yangoonbut it doesn't work in the client14:25
yangoonthe client doesn't timeout any more14:25
cedkyangoon: this is because the client generate a request every 5 min14:29
yangooncedk: but if hardcoded it takes each value correctly14:30
yangooncedk: value of SESSION_TIMEOUT14:30
cedkyangoon: don't understand14:33
yangoonif I set SESSION_TIMEOUT to whatever value in, the value is respected and timeout works as expected14:34
yangoonbut if I set SESSION_TIMEOUT = CONFIG['session_timeout'], it doesn't work anymore14:35
yangooncedk: and the debugger returns correct value for SESSION_TIMEOUT14:36
yangooncedk: what means: SESSION_TIMEOUT is indeed set to value of CONFIG['session_timeout']14:38
cedkyangoon: SESSION_TIMEOUT must be integer and I thing that you give a string14:50
yangooncedk: that's it14:54
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CIA-45tryton: matb roundup * #325/Make session timeout configurable: [new] changegroup file attached15:32
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yangooncedk: I don't know, if 325 has correct state and is correctly assigned for a contribution??15:36
yangooncedk: ping15:41
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bechamelyangoon: the best is to leave the issue unassigned, because whe (me and ced) received  a mail everyday whith the lst of unasigned issues15:45
yangoonbechamel: ok, and state?15:45
CIA-45tryton: udono roundup * #322/Uninstall Modules: 1. May it possible to uninstall just the constraint, but leave the column. Like ALTER TABLE module_table DROP CONSTRAINT module_attribute; ALTER ...15:47
bechamelyangoon: testin is ok15:55
yangoonbecamel: wiki says: Assign the issue to your user with a comment that you are working on it and you will provide a fix.15:56
yangoonbechamel: so it is not clear atm15:57
cedkyangoon: make like the wiki says16:09
CIA-45tryton: udono roundup * #317/changing company doesn't affect current session: [chatting] Maybe just allow to change the company if only the Menutab is open. If there are other Tabs open, force an alert, that all open Tabs fi ...16:12
CIA-45tryton: ced roundup * #325/Make session timeout configurable: [in-progress] I can not add the changeset: the exception "NotLogged" is a key word that is used in the client Please provide a changeset without t ...16:15
CIA-45tryton: * r141 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.16:27
CIA-45tryton: krier.cedric * r142 /wiki/
CIA-45tryton: udono roundup * #316/TypeError: format_lang() got an unexpected keyword argument 'language': [resolved] Ouch, my fault, sorry. Everything works fine. I have installed my own template, and forgotten the date field to change to the new forma ...16:27
CIA-45tryton: ced roundup * #322/Uninstall Modules: 1. It is not easy to know if a constraint can be drop because it can be used by others modules. 2. It is not a problem of table columns because re ...16:31
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CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 925:3bdf08400495 trytond/trytond/report/
CIA-45tryton: Fix style in report as we can not replace file in zipfile.17:10
CIA-45tryton: So we create a new zipfile by adding file one by one17:10
cedkgadaga: this fix the image in the company header for report17:10
cedkgadaga: but for the font, I find why it doesn't work but I don't know how to fix17:11
cedkas it is perhaps an Ooo bug17:11
cedkif the font defined in styles.xml is not also used in content.xml, Ooo doesn't use it17:12
cedkif anybody have an idea about this issue with Ooo?17:14
gadagacedk: my image doesn't appear :(17:25
cedkgadaga: is the image in the file ?17:26
gadagacedk: yes17:29
gadagacedk: the original image is a png17:30
gadagacedk: i can send you my header17:31
cedkgadaga: ok17:31
gadagacedk: email done17:32
gadagacedk: you received my header?17:37
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CIA-45tryton: udono roundup * #312/Please change default for Quit Message to Yes: [chatting] Fixed with the attached Changeset. Additional I moved the win_sur frome glade to pygtk. Please check and push into repository.18:03
cedkudono: I don't know if it is good to change default for Quit18:07
udonocedk: Why?18:07
cedkudono: because it will become a kind of habit18:08
udonocedk: If there are unsaved tabs, Tryton will not quit, before you safe or cancel...18:08
cedkudono: so if you think like that the popup is not needed18:09
udonocedk: And if someone want to close tryton, the dialog ask back, but normaly you want quit, so make ok default. I thing its save enough with default ok.18:10
cedkudono: and by the way, it is better to not put other stuf in issue18:11
cedkudono: if we decide to just take the pygtk stuff with you changeset, it is not possible18:11
udonocedk: :-) Just a line of code to be changed...18:12
CIA-45tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 82:8fd813bf7a62 purchase/ ( purchase.xml):18:48
CIA-45tryton: Add delivery_time on product_supplier18:48
CIA-45tryton: Add compute_supply_date on product_supplier18:48
CIA-45tryton: Set the purchase date to the date of the Confirmation18:48
CIA-45tryton: Set the planned date on the moves18:48
CIA-45tryton: uspallek@Lisa.dsl default * 741:44872017177e tryton/ (share/tryton/ tryton/common/ Changed the Tryton close behavoir for issue312 and convert win_sur to pygtk.19:02
CIA-45tryton: ced roundup * #312/Please change default for Quit Message to Yes: [resolved] Apply with the changeset 44872017177e and no other changeset from the bundle.19:03
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CIA-45tryton: matb roundup * #325/Make session timeout configurable: [testing] changeset session_2.hg without change of keyword22:34
CIA-45tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 926:0bd979b64918 trytond/ (etc/trytond.conf trytond/ trytond/ Make session timeout configurable22:45
CIA-45tryton: ced roundup * #325/Make session timeout configurable: [resolved] Applied22:46
CIA-45tryton: ced roundup * #325/Make session timeout configurable: [chatting] Next time, re-assign the issue to nobody when you put the patch. And for small change prefer export instead of bundle, it is easier for ...22:47
CIA-45tryton: matb roundup * #325/Make session timeout configurable: [resolved] will do so. Thanks for applying the patch22:54

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