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CIA-52tryton: * r152 /wiki/ Updated broken links due to rev 15100:15
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Timitosgadaga: hi08:56
gadagaTimitos: hi08:56
udonohi gadaga, Timitos09:08
gadagaudono: hi09:08
Timitosudono: hi09:09
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CIA-52tryton: rli roundup * #386/server secure: [chatting] no change with changeset 19722c2067a410:31
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CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #386/server secure: Can you put the traceback?10:41
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CIA-52tryton: rli roundup * #386/server secure: Exception happened during processing of request from ('', 54275) Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.5/SocketServ ...10:49
CIA-52tryton: rli roundup * #386/server secure: SimpleXMLRpcServer.doPOST calls shutdown(1), and Connection.shutdown() doesn't take an argument.10:50
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 990:a92cc9e58642 trytond/ (etc/trytond.conf trytond/ trytond/ Handle secure configuration by services11:14
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 991:ad2634ac31b1 trytond/trytond/tools/ Improve docstring of mod10r11:14
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 992:5d3870322a38 trytond/trytond/ Handle SIGUSR1 to restart pool11:14
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 993:894db000c2b1 trytond/trytond/ Add Semaphore on pooler11:14
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 994:cc40fde55793 trytond/trytond/ Fix thread exception when stopping server11:14
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 995:bed8775b9c09 trytond/trytond/ ( Fix request handler with ssl socket for issue38611:14
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #386/server secure: [resolved] Fix with changeset bed8775b9c0911:14
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 996:5e518bf792c8 trytond/trytond/ir/translation.xml: Add missing view for export translation for issue38812:10
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #388/Translation: dialog export translations: [resolved] Fix with changeset 5e518bf792c812:10
CIA-52tryton: rli roundup * #389/code 400, message Bad HTTP/0.9 request type ('\x80t\x01\x03\x01\x00K\x00\x00\x00'): [new] >>> sock_common = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy ('https://localhost:8069/xmlrpc/common') >>> uid, session = sock_common.login(dbname, user, password ...12:11
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #389/code 400, message Bad HTTP/0.9 request type ('\x80t\x01\x03\x01\x00K\x00\x00\x00'): [testing] Is the server start with ssl for xmlrpc?12:17
udonoIf I try to set the domain of a field.Many2Many to a value in a field.Selection list, I get the error: "ValueError: Not supported: trytond.osv.fields/Selection" Question: Is it enough to transfom the field.Selection to a field.One2Many with view widget=Selection"?13:50
Timitoscedk: for what is the journal type situation used?13:51
cedkudono: you talk about many2many of one2many ?13:53
cedkTimitos: I think it is for initial entries13:53
Timitoscedk: so it is not in use in the moment?13:54
cedkTimitos: no, but if you install tryton in a company, you will use it to create the start entries13:55
Timitoscedk: but why is the name of the journal than situation? i don´t understand the naming.13:56
cedkTimitos: it comes from openerp13:56
Timitoscedk: ok, thx. perhaps i find a better name13:57
udonocedk: talking about a domain in a Many2Many which includes a value in a field.Selection. This gives me the above error. Now I ask if it is enough just to use One2many to replace the field.Selection which I can use in the domain of a Many2Many.13:57
cedkudono: you can not use widget selection on one2many13:59
cedkudono: and if you talk about many2one with widget selection, you can not use really use it in domain14:02
cedkudono: it is better to let it with the many2one widget14:02
cedkudono: or use a real selection field14:03
udonocedk: this paste produce the error: ValueError: Not supported: trytond.osv.fields/Selection14:25
cedkudono: you must put the domain between quote14:32
udonocedk: ok14:32
udonocedk: thanks, the error is away, but it doesn't do what I want: Now the search field for category is in any case empty.
gadagaudono: domain='[('party_type', '=', party_type)]')14:43
cedkudono: no, you must have this domain="[('party_type', '=', party_type)]"14:43
gadagaudono: trytond eval your domain14:43
gadagadouble qote, thx cedk i missed that ;)14:44
udonocedk: gadaga, argh, I see.14:44
udonocedk: gadaga: Thanks for your good eyes, I think I need some glasses14:46
udonoeverything works fine14:47
gadagaudono: :) great14:47
gadagacedk: have you look the calendar view in openerp in gtk with python-hippocanvas?14:54
cedkgadaga: a little, we talk about hippocanvas some times ago before tiny starts to implement it14:55
gadagacedk: ok14:57
cedkgadaga: the major issue is that we didn't find any win32 build of hippocanvas15:01
gadagacedk: it's not a good news :( and for osx?15:02
cedkgadaga: I didn't try to find as if there is not yet for win32, I don't think it will have one for osx15:04
gadagacedk: you find another library for replace hippocanvas in all platforms?15:05
cedkgadaga: no15:05
cedkgadaga: I think we must more focus on webcal instead15:06
gadagacedk: I agree15:09
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #390/Translation: field names on tab format of currencies: [new] I think it would be nice also for english speaking users to have more meaningful descriptions than just field names like p_cs_precedes etc.15:11
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 39:bf7f5496d089 gentoo-overlay/dev-python/vatnumber/ (Manifest vatnumber-0.1.ebuild): Version bump15:16
gadagacedk: I like the new button on the gtk trunk client for expand, hide all entries in menu, can you implement it in the futur?15:48
cedkgadaga: you mean in the openerp client ?15:49
gadagacedk: yes15:50
cedkgadaga: it is me who implement it and in fact it is no very good15:51
cedkgadaga: as a tree can be very deep and even with an infinite deep15:51
gadagacedk: ah ok, why did you think that?15:51
cedkgadaga: the simplest way to do the same, it is to loop with: "ctrl+a, right"15:52
gadagacedk: oh sure, it's not a good idea15:52
cedkgadaga: one thing can be usefull, it is to allow to specify in the action, the default deep to open when you open the form16:00
gadagacedk: yes it can be very usefull16:01
cedkgadaga: you can fill a issue for this16:02
gadagacedk: issue 391 :)16:07
CIA-52tryton: gadaga roundup * #391/add in action the default deep: [new] add in an action the default deep to open when we open a form16:07
gadagaping CIA-5216:08
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 205:4618e2fcad1d account/ ( move.xml): Add currency_digits on account moves18:23
Timitoscedk: i have a problem with one of my many2one fields in a module. when i install the module i get the following error: Unable to set column zone of table relationship_country not null ! how can i prevent this? must i add a value in this field to all the existing records in xml?18:25
cedkTimitos: add a default value for this field if it is required18:27
Timitoscedk: yes thats a possibility, but would it work with my idea to put a value in xml for all existing records? perhaps + a default value? because not for every country it is the same default value.18:28
CIA-52tryton: * r153 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.18:32
cedkTimitos: if you have only xml record, you can override the values in an other modules18:32
Timitoscedk: ok. i will try18:33
cedkTimitos: just use the record tag with id = "module_name.xml_id"18:33
cedkTimitos: and add the field tag18:33
Timitoscedk: thx18:34
cedkTimitos: but this will not be enough, because the server will try to add new database field before loading the xml file18:34
cedkTimitos: the best is to have a default value18:34
cedkTimitos: or you must run twice the update process18:35
Timitoscedk: i think i will do both. default value and specific values in the xml.18:35
cedkbut generally, it is not good to add contsraint on field that are added by inheritage18:35
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 206:f11b865c9b22 account/ ( account.xml): Add currency digits for deferral18:45
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 207:7c803c42277d account/ Disable write on deferral18:45
Timitoscedk: i think the problem is that i added the field to object relationship.country18:53
Timitoscedk: if i try to add a value to my field i get the error message: you are not allowed to modify this record18:53
TimitosThis record is part of the base configuration18:54
udonocedk: bechamel: is there an internal function called, when I press the new icon in a One2Many list? like create or write do for saving new or updated objects.19:12
udonoI need to make some adjustments to a field inside the One2Many when adding a new entry...19:15
CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #107/Anmerkungen zu German Translations (Deutsche Übersetzungen): @ced Uploaded patches add/update german translation for all current modules. Please import patches to repos. @al Die hochgeladenen Patches stelle ...19:19
CIA-52tryton: * r154 /wiki/ added vatnumber to optional deps19:40
CIA-52tryton: * r155 /wiki/ added optional dep vatnumber19:40
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 17:8701e4ddc812 analytic_account/ ( de_DE.csv): added translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 114:24206cd167ed account_invoice/de_DE.csv: updated translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 997:f6024b1f1fcc trytond/trytond/ (7 files in 4 dirs): additional/updated translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 51:2d33eea1e66a account_statement/ ( de_DE.csv): added translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #107/Anmerkungen zu German Translations (Deutsche Übersetzungen): [resolved] Applied20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 208:8c1f1ba168f0 account/ ( de_DE.csv): added translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 12:3d266f030eaa analytic_invoice/ ( de_DE.csv): added translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 11:2f4235f0e10c analytic_purchase/ ( de_DE.csv): added translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 19:3d307bfbfb29 currency/de_DE.csv: updated translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 56:494471924c15 company/de_DE.csv: updated translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 5:dbc93e357564 google_maps/ ( de_DE.csv): added translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 75:7e856a3a7747 product/de_DE.csv: updated translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 11:32c158cd9e4b project/de_DE.csv: updated translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 5:bb3aef59e762 project_revenue/ ( de_DE.csv): added translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 89:30b448659d17 purchase/ ( de_DE.csv): added translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 132:c89f4ae73112 relationship/de_DE.csv: updated translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 212:9cdbb15e0263 stock/ ( de_DE.csv): additional translation for de_DE20:19
CIA-52tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 40:9dff787cf511 timesheet/de_DE.csv: updated translation for de_DE20:19
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udonocedk: more concrete I like to copy the name of a party into a newly added address in the field "name". Its like a dynamic inherited default. Is there a possibility in tryton?20:33
cedkudono: with on_change, but the name in address must be used as a second name20:36
cedkudono: because we will use the both name in the invoice per example20:36
udonocedk: ok20:36
udonocedk: I put an onchange on the addresses field in Party?!20:37
cedkudono: wait, I'm not sure that it will work with an on_change20:39
cedkudono: it is more default value, but you will not have the record20:39
cedkudono: perhaps the simplest is to overrider the create function and set the name if it is empty20:40
cedkudono: but I think, it is not good to duplicate information like that20:40
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 20:30f40d6d9ceb currency/ ( currency.xml): Improve format fields naming for issue39020:42
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #390/Translation: field names on tab format of currencies: [resolved] Fix with changeset 30f40d6d9ceb20:42
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 998:748750f40514 trytond/trytond/ Improve stopping threads20:42
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 999:1f0f82be7297 trytond/trytond/ir/ Improve format fields naming20:44
udonocedk, you are right, its duplicated and therefore senseless21:33
udonocedk: are you there?22:11
udonocedk: sorry for much requesting, but there is more to know for me.22:12
udonocedk: is it possible to protect data inserted via XML against deletion?22:13
udonocedk: can I let the user put records into a table and contribute some /system/ records from a modules XML into this table. I like to let the user create, change or delete his custom records in the table. but protect him for changing or deleteing the /system/ records?22:17
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cedkudono: it is the default behavior22:35
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