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CIA-58tryton: matb roundup * #496/Form taxes: item without src for translation: [new] When you miss to insert accounts in a new tax on form taxes, error message is: required_invoice_account00:07
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CIA-58tryton: matb roundup * #497/Form taxes: invalid record saved: [new] When you fill in an invalid new tax on form taxes like described in issue 496, then click away the error message, then press Ctl+l to see th ...00:12
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CIA-58tryton: matb roundup * #497/Form taxes: invalid record saved: [chatting] Correction: the record is not saved But: when changing to list view, the dialog for saving changed record appears, and when choosing t ...00:25
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 318:caddda092f2c stock/ Improve docstring of products_by_location01:14
CIA-58tryton: ced roundup * #497/Form taxes: invalid record saved: [resolved] So behavior is correct.01:21
CIA-58tryton: ced roundup * #496/Form taxes: item without src for translation: [need-eg] How do you succeed to save the tax without adding the accounts? The client must prevent you by indicating "Invalid form".01:24
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CIA-58tryton: udono roundup * #493/AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'getvalue': msg1813 was the clue! Now it works with the following diff. (Anyway the contents of relatorio/templates/ found here: http://paste.p ...06:59
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udonoLordVan, hello08:36
LordVanquestion: is there a description of what module does what in 'real life' i don't find the module names completely obvious (not a person who usually works with that usually though ;))08:37
udonoLordVan, sorry, The documentation things are in progress... what are you looking for?08:43
udonoLordVan, for an overview: The account_ modules are mainly for processes depending on Accounting08:45
udonoLordVan, the analytic_ stuff is for an alternate accounting view, in German called "Kostenrechnung"08:46
udonoLordVan, the company module is for defining your own company08:46
udonoLordVan: country includes all countrys and states of the world ;-)08:47
udonoLordVan, currency defines different currencies and exchangerates for dealing with foreign nations08:48
udonoLordVan, google_maps show parties in a map08:48
udonoLordVan, IR is an internal Information repository, which introduces some generic framework functions. This module is default installed08:49
udonoLordVan, party is for handling all persons and organisations in Tryton08:50
udonoLordVan, product introduces products and services into the system08:50
udonoLordVan, project, project_revenues, timesheets are for project management, but they will not released this soon, because of some missing parts.08:51
udonoLordVan, purchase is needed when your company buy things from other companies, sale if your company sell products to others08:53
udonoLordVan, res is installed default too, like ir. It introduce user and groups to the system.08:55
LordVanok thanks .. i'll prolly put that in some text file ;)08:56
udonoLordVan, stock is needed when you deal with goods, which are stored in a stock (German: Lager). With stock you are able to create a structure for your stock(s)08:56
LordVanone thing .. about creating invoices .. can i create them without creating the products/items (e.g. can i jsut enter my X lines with description, price, number and then create the invoice?)08:56
udonoLordVan, No, when you take a look into the account_invoice module (with Administration > Modules > Modules) you have a tab with dependencies, there is the Product module listed. So when you install account_invoice, the product module will insatalled, too.08:59
udonoLordVan, are you german?08:59
LordVanudono, austrian ;)09:01
udonoLordVan, ok09:02
udonoLordVan, we have a chart of accounts for austria, but it is not ready for now09:02
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udonoLordVan, When my partner Timitos is back, I request him about the status quo09:03
LordVan:) well for now i'm mostly interested if / how order / invoice / deliver note stuff is working and so on09:05
udonoLordVan, for the first it could be good for your installation to choose the minimal account chart.09:05
udonoLordVan, all this stuff depending in accounting... But the minimal chart gives you all you need for the first. Just some accounts for income/Expense, etc...09:06
LordVanok thing is we got a bookkeeping software but i wanna try it out and convince them to start using some erp (tryton looks best so far ;))09:08
LordVandoes it do delivery note tracking?09:08
LordVangerman 'lieferschein09:08
udonoLordVan, I think you find it in Sale or Purchase, depending what you want to use.09:11
LordVanok :)09:12
LordVani'll have a look thanks09:12
CIA-58tryton: udono roundup * #498/Client: Plugins no longer working: [new] Choosing plugins in tryton doesnt show anything.09:12
CIA-58tryton: udono roundup * #499/Client: Plugins no longer working: [new] Choosing plugins in tryton doesnt show anything.09:13
CIA-58tryton: udono roundup * #499/Client: Plugins no longer working: [resolved] duplicated issue49809:13
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CIA-58tryton: udo.spallek * r293 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.09:42
CIA-58tryton: ced roundup * #493/AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'getvalue': [resolved] You don't use the release 0.4.0 but one from the mercurial repository.09:48
CIA-58tryton: ced roundup * #498/Client: Plugins no longer working: [resolved] Fix with changeset 88d9b6b6a6ff09:51
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CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1174:d21490da15bf trytond/trytond/report/ Fix comment on relatorio version10:15
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1175:4cfae604c0f4 trytond/trytond/ir/module/ Add missing context10:15
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1176:c11e028839e3 trytond/trytond/ir/module/ Remove installable key in __tryton__.py10:15
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1177:e3837a170a6e trytond/trytond/osv/ Fix copy for xxx2many with False value10:15
CIA-58tryton: udono roundup * #493/AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'getvalue': [chatting] I fresh installed my whole system and installed relatorio this way: sudo ACCEPT_KEYWORDS=~x86 emerge relatorio10:19
CIA-58tryton: ced roundup * #493/AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'getvalue': [resolved] And so it install relatorio-9999 which is the mercurial version.10:24
CIA-58tryton: udono roundup * #493/AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'getvalue': [chatting] Ok, the ~86 keyword... but less /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/relatorio-0.4.0-py2.5.egg-info/PKG-INFO gives me Version 0.4.0 too... ...10:25
CIA-58tryton: ced roundup * #493/AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'getvalue': [chatting] Ask to openhex why the mercurial version is the same as the release version.10:29
CIA-58tryton: udono roundup * #493/AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'getvalue': [chatting] Ok, for completeness, i did the following in gentoo: 1. unmerge the wrong version: sudo emerge --unmerge relatorio 2. relatorio is mask ...10:36
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1178:43ef226a36f9 trytond/trytond/report/ Fix for futur version of relatorio that no more return StringIO10:43
cedkudono: why don't you want to use roundup for the translation issue ?11:02
cedkwe can create a keyword de_DE11:03
cedkand we assign issues to yangoon11:04
udonocedk, for me its equal, in the past we discussed to separate the different localisation projects from main. I have no problem to discuss it in roundup. But there we are talking in German language... yangoon ?11:16
udonocedk, anyway its more easy for me to have one entry point for everything.11:17
yangoonhi all11:17
udonohi yangoon11:17
cedkthe goal is to have a unique place for issue with Tryton11:17
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yangoonfor me absolutely no problem, but it is the issue to have a german language exchange place11:18
udonocedk, ok, this is the most easy way. I support your idea.11:18
udonocedk, what about addon modules not from b2ck?11:19
cedkudono: for me this is other stuff11:20
yangooncedk: and translation of other stuff?;)11:21
cedkyangoon: also11:21
udonoyangoon, is double other ;-)11:22
yangoon-1 * -1 = ?11:22
cedkudono: in fact it is not from b2ck but not supported by tryton11:22
cedkbecause we can put modules from others in if it has good quality and it is well design11:23
udonocedk, ok, I understand.11:23
cedkand so once a module reach the main repository, bugs for it can be on roundup11:24
yangoonI don't understand "but not supported by tryton"11:24
cedkand we create a component11:24
cedkyangoon: sorry the not is too much11:25
cedkyangoon: it is but supported by Tryton11:25
yangooncedk: ok11:25
udonocedk, sounds good. So we have only quality approved Modules delivered with tryton11:25
udonocedk, but what about the planing, prototype and testing phase of a new module? Let me explain by example:11:27
udono I like to create a module party_people_organisation.11:27
yangooncedk: exactly my question, too11:27
udono for this I need to create prototypes/testing things  can store on intuxication11:28
udonothis is well and ok.11:28
yangoondo you plan to create some development place (forum, localized maling list|google group) or so?11:28
udonoBut when people find bugs, then they like to use the bugtracking feature of tryton...11:29
yangoonwhat means: do you want to host development of other people at
udonoFor me its more easy, to use the same round up even for alpha modules...11:29
cedkof course make easy from the client to report bug, can generate a lot of false entry in the roundup11:31
cedkbut for me this feature is not for developers nor tester but for end user11:31
cedkwhen you develop a module, you don't report issue on the bug tracker11:32
udonocedk, what about issue1 to issue499?11:33
udonocedk, ;-)11:33
cedkudono: me and bechamel don't fill bug11:33
udonocedk, but me is tester and contributor ;-)11:33
udonocedk, I need to fill bugs...11:34
cedkand for a developement platform, I think it is not our jobs to provide this11:34
cedkthere is a lot of good free webservice that offers all the needs11:34
udonocedk, yangoon For development platform I think so, too. One like to develop with sourceforge, the other with origo, etc. One like mercurial, the other like subversion.... It's better to let the users decide...11:35
cedkand soon intuxication will provide a wiki, bug etc...11:36
udonocedk, How we do find out which modules are supported by tryton?11:37
cedkudono: hg.tryton.og/modules11:37
udonocedk, :-)11:37
udonocedk, I mean, is the communities need participated in this decision?11:39
cedkudono: I don't know, you want to have a kind of vote11:39
udonocedk, as uncomplicated as possible...11:40
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cedkI think the best is people suggest module, we discuss on chan, mailing list, etc...11:40
cedkand after that a decision is taken depending of the comments11:41
udonocedk, ok11:42
cedkI think it is no need to create big structure11:43
cedkand the communication make things easier11:43
yangoonFor development platform: Since the aim is to be as similar as possible to main platform, another platform should at least offer mercurial and bug tracker. If intuxication will do, this would be a place. But I don't know of any other place provding this.11:43
cedkif we explain clearly why a module is not taken, the answer will be better accepted11:44
cedkyangoon: you are not mandatory to use mercurial11:45
yangooncedk: yes, but sincerely, do you want to mix SCM while you are developping on one project?11:46
bechamelyangoon: also provide mercurial hosting11:47
yangoonit is simply better for the overall appearence of a project, when you join forces under "one roof"11:47
cedkyangoon: but we can not force people to use for their own developement11:48
yangoonbechamel: bitbucket seems to be rather slow11:49
cedkof course if they want that the module will become a Tryton module, we will put the module under mercurial11:49
yangoonbechamel: I read about it, but there was some other issue, the advantage would be to have ssh access11:49
yangooncedk: it is not forcing other people, but proposing them11:50
cedkyangoon: it is what is done yet11:51
yangooncedk: udono and me and others;) are simply searching for the dev environment you already have11:52
yangooncedk: and if it cannot be, then the solution with origo is not so bad11:53
udonoyangoon, I dont understand what you mean exactly?11:53
udonocedk, yangoon anyway, I think we need something like a community manifesto. Its a paper about making clear the topics of project organisation, roles, responsibilities and participation. I already started a paper about this topics. Short after release I will try to put a proposition in the wiki.12:13
yangoonudono: great12:13
yangoonudono: just chatting on #intuxication, they plan to have wiki and bug tracker within a month12:14
cedkudono: we have
yangoonudono: and for the future they plan to have website, blog, etc.12:15
udonoyangoon, sounds great!12:17
cedkwe just need to create a procedure to submit modules12:22
yangooncould be simply something like a RFC on the bugtracker or mailing list12:24
cedkyangoon: yes like the "Howto Contribute"12:25
cedkby the way, submit a module is a contribution12:25
yangooncedk: exactly, could just be a paragraph within that12:26
cedkwith a comment on the fact that the module can be refuse if it doesn't fit the quality12:26
yangooncedk: if you want your contribution to be included into upstream...12:26
yangoonof course12:27
udonosounds great!12:28
udonocedk, ProjectOrganisation is very complete and a good starting point!12:28
yangoonsubmitting over roundup will be better to have the comments of b2ck bundled with the contribution and to provide a place for commenst12:28
cedkyangoon: the issue will be the main place for comments12:32
udonoquestion: Are ced and bechamel ?12:33
udono... here you find the complete description of BDFL
bechameludono: two dictators is one too much :)12:39
udonobechamel, ok, you fail ;-)12:39
udonobechamel, so cedk is BDFL?12:39
udonoI need this information to write a text about role and participation12:41
bechameludono: kind of, imho but i don't think it should be put on the text12:42
udonobechamel, We are a sole B2B project... and if we want to have other companies trustfully with us, we should name all the rules, when we have rules at all.12:45
udonobechamel, IMHO12:46
bechameludono: yes but bdfl sounds like banana republic or kind of carnival folklore, not very compatible with b2b communication12:48
udonobechamel, :-)12:48
bechameludono: the ProjectOrganization page already state who is leader of what12:49
cedkudono: in the wiki, it is Leader12:49
bechameludono: sorry but i have to leave, back in 1h12:50
cedkyangoon: I just push a changeset to allow to translate module descriptions12:51
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cedkyou can find a example in
udonobechamel, bdfl sounds like python, linux and quality...
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udonocedk, bechamel  I just need to know, what are your roles in decision and participation?12:54
cedkikks: hi12:54
ikkshi cedk12:54
cedkikks: as I said earlier, I push a changeset to allow to translate descriptions of module12:54
cedkikks: in the file12:54
cedkikks: see
cedkudono: I think we can have a kind of veto12:55
cedkGreat! I succeed to configure hgwebdir to have accent on my name :-)12:56
ikkscedk, cool idea :) the module description translations. And my surname will also appear witha accents then :)12:57
cedkthere is still an issue with the categories12:58
ikksAnd maybe the name?12:58
cedkdo you find categories usefull?12:58
ikksbooh, forget it.12:58
ikksI just saw12:58
cedkikks: name in is the shortdesc in the database12:59
ikksIt would be better to have on own language the category too12:59
cedkikks: the problem is that there is not a single place where a category is created13:00
ikksWell, for now, I guess it's not so important. Due the amount of things to be written for 1.013:00
yangooncedk: of course you can do a veto, describes it very well IMHO (also the problem of veto)13:01
ikksI guess I'll be reviewing the translations on the weekend.  Would it be ok?13:02
yangooncedk: of what categories are you speaking?13:02
cedkyangoon: module's categories13:02
cedkikks: good idea, I'm working on a issue and I think I will create two new error message13:04
ikksThe 4 main modules would have also description?13:09
cedkikks: I don't know13:09
CIA-58tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 319:899df52a777d stock/ Improved name_{search,get} on move13:15
CIA-58tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 320:7c31347573bf stock/: merge13:15
yangooncedk: category: if we have them, they should be translated as well. If we need them: I don't know. If they could serve for example to sort modules in a download section, or to tag some version as "Accounting_de_DE" for modules only useful for Germany, I would keep them.13:21
cedkyangoon: yes but the way it is handle for now, is not very clean13:31
CIA-58tryton: matb roundup * #497/Form taxes: invalid record saved: [chatting] Depends of the perspective: From the point of view of the developper it is correct. From the point of view of the user it is not logic ...13:33
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1180:f806e5fb890f trytond/trytond/osv/ Prevent exception when formating error message13:36
CIA-58tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1181:0f8730efcc64 trytond/trytond/ (ir/translation.xml osv/ Add validation error messages for issue49613:36
CIA-58tryton: ced roundup * #496/Form taxes: item without src for translation: Error message fixed with changeset 0f8730efcc64 But I'm still curious on how to do you had this error message.13:37
yangooncedk: I think there should be some descrition on the basic modules, it is shown in client, and doesn't make good impression, if such important modules lack description13:45
cedkyangoon: ok, but I don't know what to put as description13:48
CIA-58tryton: matb roundup * #496/Form taxes: item without src for translation: Just tested once again, only with b2ck modules: Create new tax, no group, no type, save --> error "Invalid form" comes after quitting dialog.13:53
CIA-58tryton: matb roundup * #496/Form taxes: item without src for translation: screenshot attached13:55
yangooncedk: yes!, I made issue 500, do I get a coffee machine now?;)14:14
yangooncedk: modules descriptions: I will place some proposal in bugtracker, if you didn't work on it already. Did you?14:20
cedkyangoon: no14:21
cedkyangoon: so fill one issue per module, it will be simplier to discuss14:21
yangooncedk: ok14:22
cedkyangoon: and you can like it to Issue46514:23
yangooncedk: how should I link? There is only Replace, and they are not replacements of 465.14:26
cedkyangoon: so dont14:28
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yangooncedk: resp. issue 505: any chance to have the translation together with other translation in normal interface?15:01
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yangooncedk: bechamel: As I already pointed out, it is IMO a little bit tedious work to make Debian conform packages. Should I ask the current maintainer of tinyerp packages Daniel Baumann, if could also take over maintainership for tryton? He is rather experienced in packaging and has profound knowledge of Debian policy, so if he would do it, it would be great and tryton could perhaps be very soon included in Debian repositories.15:11
bechamelyangoon: good idea15:16
cedkyangoon: good, and as I said we make the install be conform with python module15:20
yangoonbechamel: cedk: I will ask D.B.15:22
cedkyangoon: tell him that he can ask any question on irc and fill bug in roundup15:22
yangooncedk: ok15:23
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cedkI just update all description of modules18:00
cedkso you can review it and translate it18:00
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yangooncedk: ping, just a question to descriptions: you often say in description Define or Add. AFAIS you are meaning the module, and then it should be Defines, Adds20:40
yangooncedk: correct?20:40
CIA-60tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 959:d3fb499ca445 tryton/tryton/action/ Prevent failure in _exec_action if action is not a dict20:41
CIA-60tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 960:b41c15ff6e93 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/graph_gtk/ Add missing import gettext and fix menu icon for issue50620:41
cedkyangoon: don't what is the best20:41
cedkyangoon: it can be seen as: "It will define ..."20:43
CIA-60tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 322:a252e98a8a83 stock/: merge20:43
yangooncedk: then it should be 3. person singular, which is defines20:44
cedkyangoon: except if it is the futur20:45
yangooncedk: otherwise there can be misunderstanding as a description in the form of a prompt|invitation to the user20:46
cedkyangoon: I don't think so20:47
cedkthere is a title: "Description"20:47
cedkthis form seem to be a general way to discribe features:
yangooncedk: yes, I know, but "Define, Add" has challenging character20:49
yangoonok, mom, will look there20:49
yangooncedk: yes, that's exactly what I mean, the acclamation of the user, what he can do or is able to do20:50
yangooncedk: then it is correct, but the french translation is wrong: Définit des tiers, des adresses, etc.20:52
cedkyangoon: yes I will correct the french translation20:55
yangooncedk: sometimes there are single, sometimes double quotes in __tryton.py__ . Shall I replace all double with single quotes for better appearence in the same changeset?21:06
yangooncedk: same changeset that will be translation...21:07
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CIA-60tryton: udono roundup * #507/Request History: Field subject and field reference_count missing.: [new] To better work with request history of send request form, it would be good to have the field subject and the number of references in the lis ...21:41
CIA-60tryton: udono roundup * #509/Opening a model in list view from the menu, show status: record 1 /n - Editing Record m...: [new] but the list item is not marked as selected.21:56
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cedkyangoon: there is no difference between single or double quote22:18
yangooncedk: doesn't matter, only for look and feel...22:19
cedkyangoon: if you feel better :-)22:19
yangooncedk: a lot, you can't imagine;)22:20
cedkyangoon: so if you change, personnaly I prefer single quote22:20
yangoonme/  too22:21
CIA-60tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 165:e9d86a512738 account_invoice/: merge22:49
CIA-60tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 164:a0db040acbca account_invoice/fr_FR.csv: Fix translation22:49
ikksACTION 's keyboard also needs one finger to type ' instead of "22:52
yangooncedk: bechamel: where is report Analytic account balance from analytic account?23:10
cedkyangoon: it is the account chart23:11
yangooncedk: ok, thx23:11
CIA-60tryton: * r294 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.23:58
CIA-60tryton: * r295 /wiki/ Edited wiki page through web user interface.23:58

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