IRC logs of #tryton for Friday, 2008-12-05 #tryton log beginning Fri Dec 5 00:00:01 CET 2008
X0d_of_N0djust out of curiosity, would the ui allow for tabs to be displayed next to eachother with some reasonable amount of coding? or is the ui just not designed that way?00:30
cedkX0d_of_N0d: I don't understand your question00:32
X0d_of_N0dsay that instead of having to switch between tabs I wanted to display two tabs at once, next to eachother. Would it be possible to make tryton do that, or would the code make that impossible?00:33
X0d_of_N0dlike is the tabbing functionality defined in gtk so that only one tab could be viewed at once?00:34
cedkX0d_of_N0d: the tab is not mandatory, we can display form anywhere00:35
cedkX0d_of_N0d: but the main difficulty is how do you discribe where the form must be display00:35
cedkX0d_of_N0d: for example, the wizards are just form in a popup00:35
X0d_of_N0dwould it be possible to make tabs pop open instead as new windows? for example a user could right click from a menu and choose to open an item in a new window instead of in a tab?00:39
X0d_of_N0dI'm just curious because this is the functionality that our current erp system has and it would be interesting to know if that could be replicated without too much work...00:39
cedkX0d_of_N0d: I think it can be made without too much work00:40
X0d_of_N0dcedk: cool, thanks, that's good to know00:41
X0d_of_N0dthere was mention on the site about changing some things about xmlrpc in 1.2, is there any more info on that anywhere?00:41
cedkX0d_of_N0d: not yet, we just think about a better naming for calling method00:42
X0d_of_N0dby the way, I like the way the tryton site is developing. it looks good.00:43
cedkX0d_of_N0d: for now there is only one url for all objects00:43
X0d_of_N0dyeah, I noticed that in tinyerp00:43
cedkX0d_of_N0d: http://localhost/xmlrpc/object00:43
cedkX0d_of_N0d: so we think about something like that:00:43
cedkwith that you will be able to make introspection for account.invoice00:44
X0d_of_N0dthat would be really nice00:45
X0d_of_N0dso like you could open a tab and find out what object controls it?00:45
cedkX0d_of_N0d: what tab?00:46
X0d_of_N0dfor example if I was looking at invocing info, it would be nice to know that it's account.invoce without having to look through the objects and guess00:48
X0d_of_N0dor are you calking about somethign else?00:49
cedkX0d_of_N0d: I don't understand, because xmlrpc is not for users00:50
X0d_of_N0dI'm importing data from our current accouting system into tinyerp (if I can get my boss to be cool with it, I'm going to try and use tryton instead)00:51
X0d_of_N0dfrom looking at the UI I can get an idea where things might go, but I don't know the name of the object it needs to go into...00:52
X0d_of_N0dsince the client is communicating via xmlrpc I should be able to use the client to figure out how all the fields in the UI match to the objects in tinyerp/tryton00:52
X0d_of_N0dcurrently I have to go to the object information and look for the objects00:53
X0d_of_N0dbut I'm guessing you're not thinking about really setting things up that way?00:54
cedkX0d_of_N0d: our GTK client don't talk xmlrpc because it is too slow00:54
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: you search a way to find the technical name "account.invoice" from the ui name "Invoice" ?00:54
X0d_of_N0dcedk: you're using netrpc?00:55
cedkX0d_of_N0d: yes (I'm the creator of netrpc:-)00:55
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: well, that was just an example but sort of....00:55
X0d_of_N0dACTION looks at cedk...00:56
X0d_of_N0dthat's pretty impressive00:56
cedkI think that we can add some technical information in the view log perhaps?00:57
bechamelcedk: good idea, this could help new devs00:57
X0d_of_N0dcedk: that would make my life MUCH easier00:57
cedkX0d_of_N0d: can you fill an issue in roundup?00:58
X0d_of_N0dcedk: sure00:58
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: if you struggle on other stuffs that are as easy to fix, please tell us :)00:58
X0d_of_N0dthis would be really cool to see... I actually have some other ideas I'll be sure to drop in.00:59
X0d_of_N0dThis might make it easier to get my boss to let me look more at tryton instead of terp00:59
cedkbechamel: I change the copy function to work a list of ids, but I don't know if there is a lot of change00:59
bechamelcedk: lots of change .. in performance ?01:00
cedkX0d_of_N0d: don't hesitate to fill request in roundup, like that everybody see it and can perhaps improve it01:00
X0d_of_N0dhey cedk, is there any place I could learn more about netrpc? there doesn't seem to be a wiki for it.01:02
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: if you want to learn how to use it, check trytond/, it use pysocket (aka netrpc) from the client side01:03
X0d_of_N0dI'm interested in that, but also interested in understanding how the protocal works.01:04
cedkX0d_of_N0d: it is: trytond/tests/test_db.py01:04
X0d_of_N0dby the way, I love that you guys use mercurial. it's really a nice system.01:06
cedkX0d_of_N0d: all is in pysocket.py01:07
cedkX0d_of_N0d: it is not a big things, it use the Pickle of Python01:07
X0d_of_N0djust pickle and dump over the socket?01:08
X0d_of_N0dACTION is reading test_db.py01:08
cedkX0d_of_N0d: yes, with some check to not Unpickle bad stuff01:09
X0d_of_N0dcedk: yeah, I was just thinking that'd be important01:09
X0d_of_N0dcedk: cool01:09
cedkX0d_of_N0d: by the way did you test the demo server ?01:10
X0d_of_N0dI tried tryton for a few min before you guys released v101:10
X0d_of_N0dI already had a bunch of stuff imported into tinyerp, so getting my boss to even let me really test it out was difficult01:11
cedkX0d_of_N0d: It was just for the connection speed01:11
cedkX0d_of_N0d: with the version 1.0.1, you will see that it is possible to work trough the web01:12
X0d_of_N0dI want to take another look at it, and the shortcomings in terps mrp may give me an oprituinty to try it again... terp's mrp is messed up, and we'll probably have to rewrite it so maybe we could just use tryton and write it once01:12
X0d_of_N0dI'm really not much on web interfaces.01:12
X0d_of_N0dIt would make me really happy to see an ncurses interface, but I guess I'm the only one01:13
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: another to use tryton is to use it as lib: look at this example:
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: this mean that you can do client side work but using directly server code01:14
X0d_of_N0dthat's nice01:15
X0d_of_N0dI've done some pycurses, that would be fun to play with...01:15
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: it's much easier than xmlrpc or netrpc01:15
X0d_of_N0dmore important is that this could be used to make importing easier01:16
cedkX0d_of_N0d: I don't talk about a web interface (because we haven't one), it is with the gtk client01:16
cedkbechamel: it is a graphical library for console01:16
bechamelACTION know that ncurse is gui for console since a long time01:17
X0d_of_N0dACTION loves ncurses01:18
X0d_of_N0dI wrote a really simple tron game in it01:18
X0d_of_N0dACTION continues to look at pysocket code01:20
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: tryton features looks dull in comparison :)01:20
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: well, you'll notice not all of those are implimented yet... but they'll definitely be in 1.001:21
bechamelan ai is really missing, i'm not able to handle two tron at the same time :)01:22
X0d_of_N0dwhich will have a plugin for duke nukem forever01:22
X0d_of_N0dyeah, I may actually write that at some point....maybe01:23
X0d_of_N0dcedk: you wrote the pysocket thing?01:24
bechamel200 lines of code, quite concise01:24
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: yeah, I wrote it a while ago though, I'm sure I could clean it up a bit...01:25
cedkX0d_of_N0d: yes01:26
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: I'm still *heavily* developing it, but if you like small amounts of code that whole site is hosted on dripy
cedkX0d_of_N0d: funny, it looks like a snake game01:27
X0d_of_N0d(hope you don't mind offensive language)01:27
X0d_of_N0dcedk: It would be really easy to make it into a snakes game01:27
X0d_of_N0dcedk: yeah, that pysocket thing looks nice01:28
X0d_of_N0dI really like how clean tryton is compared to tinyerp01:29
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: I'm not a native english speaker so lot I don't even notice that some words are offensive ;)01:29
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: oh, they are.... they are01:29
X0d_of_N0dit's really something I just share with a couple of friends... actually, aaron is renting it and the domain belongs to a friend of his, I'm just paying for 1/3 of it01:30
cedkX0d_of_N0d: I see that you use diri for the website01:31
X0d_of_N0d's/\(just\) \(share\)/\1 something \2/'01:31
cedkX0d_of_N0d: I also like the suckless tools :-)01:31
X0d_of_N0dcedk: I use the theme from diri, generally the css and html01:32
cedkX0d_of_N0d: I work every day on dwm01:32
X0d_of_N0dcedk: I rewrote diri in python, modified some of the html and css, then added some extra stuff and removed some stuff01:32
X0d_of_N0dI use awesome, as does b00sh, but aaron uses wmii01:33
X0d_of_N0ddwm is pretty cool, I really want to hack with it some time but awesome does most of what I want for now so I really haven't gotten around to it yet01:33
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: awesome too here01:33
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: awesome is a nice wm, really nice01:34
X0d_of_N0dso you guys are both in europe, right?01:35
cedkX0d_of_N0d: yes01:38
X0d_of_N0dcedk: is there any north american presence?01:38
cedkX0d_of_N0d: I don't know01:39
cedkX0d_of_N0d: all I can say is thet the US is the 3th country by visits on tryton.org01:40
bechameli think that i saw somebody from canada this week but i don't remember who01:41
X0d_of_N0dcedk: ok, that's good to know01:43
X0d_of_N0dwhat's is it for converting between tinyerp and tryton, or is it something else?01:45
X0d_of_N0dit is for something else isn't it...01:46
cedkX0d_of_N0d: it is to convert xml file into records in the DB01:46
X0d_of_N0dok, yeah01:46
X0d_of_N0dI thought there was a utility to convert from tinyerp to tryton?01:47
cedkX0d_of_N0d: no, we don't have for many reasons:01:48
cedkX0d_of_N0d: we change some part of the kernel behavior that will not be easy to convert01:48
cedkX0d_of_N0d: we think the modules of openerp needs to be really review01:49
X0d_of_N0dcedk: ahh, ok01:49
cedkX0d_of_N0d: but it must not be too difficult to convert by hand one module01:49
cedkbut we think it is good the think about modelisation before01:50
X0d_of_N0dcedk: I was actually talking about data conversion01:52
cedkX0d_of_N0d: there is somebody that make it for accounting stuff01:52
cedkX0d_of_N0d: he says that it was not too difficult01:53
X0d_of_N0dI've already imported a bunch of data into tinyerp and, though it wouldn't be a big deal to rewrite my import code, it would be a big thing to be able to just dump all that in to tryton....01:53
X0d_of_N0dI'm sure it's not that hard01:53
X0d_of_N0ddo you know if that code is available anywhere?01:54
cedkX0d_of_N0d: his main problem was that same data from tinyerp was wrong and he can not import it in tryton because there was some checks that prevent it01:54
cedkX0d_of_N0d: I don't know, I can ask if you want01:54
X0d_of_N0dyes, please, I'm very interested in that...01:55
cedkX0d_of_N0d: for importation, I suggest to use Trytond as a framework like bechamel says01:55
cedkand write a python script01:55
X0d_of_N0dI've already imported all of our products, units of measure, and a few other things and being able to just dump that into tryton would make my boss really happy01:55
cedkthat read data from the source and create it in Tryton01:56
X0d_of_N0dYeah, I've been pulling stuff out of postgres and using xmlrpc to dump stuff in to tinyerp using python01:56
cedklike that you will have all the powerfull of the models (ORM)01:56
cedkX0d_of_N0d: with models, it will be faster01:57
X0d_of_N0dcan you do that in tinyerp?01:57
cedkX0d_of_N0d: I don't think so, last time I check it was not possible to import openerp like a python module01:58
X0d_of_N0dAllow to install modules from the command line01:58
X0d_of_N0dthat's nice01:58
X0d_of_N0dcedk: that's good to know, It's another good selling point for tryton01:59
cedkX0d_of_N0d: some guys that had experience in writing code in tinyerp, says that when they start writing code in Tryton, they have many difficulty to come back to openerp :-)01:59
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: I'm just curious: which reason make you switch to Tryton ?02:00
X0d_of_N0dcedk: the company was originally looking at using adempiere (java crap), tinyerp was a HUGE improvement... but just looking at your code I can see how much better it is than terp02:00
cedkX0d_of_N0d: by the way, I see that you ask about the 80 limit on #openerp02:00
cedkX0d_of_N0d: we have setup the limit to 2000002:01
X0d_of_N0dyeah, I've been reading your improvements list... I really like it02:02
cedkX0d_of_N0d: and it takes ~3sec to load 12000 on the demo server02:02
X0d_of_N0dyeah, that's pretty cool02:03
cedkX0d_of_N0d: the limits is gtk for now02:03
X0d_of_N0dis 12000 the max, or can it be turned up?02:04
cedkbut I don't think that there is any use of list with more records02:04
X0d_of_N0derr I mean 2000002:04
bechamelcedk: I'm shure that ncurse should handle more records  :)02:04
cedkX0d_of_N0d: it can be increase like in Openerp02:04
cedkbechamel: I'm thinking that when we made the test to setup the limit, there was not all the new improvement02:05
bechamelcedk: yes02:05
cedkbechamel: maybe we must make some new test02:05
bechamelcedk: otoh 20k is already really big02:05
X0d_of_N0dhold on for a sec...02:05
cedkI think it is time to go to bed :-)02:06
bechamelcedk: yes, it think so02:06
X0d_of_N0dwe have 47258 items in our db02:07
X0d_of_N0dcedk: hey, thanks for all the help man02:07
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: you too, thanks02:07
cedkgood night02:07
bechamelcedk: bye02:07
X0d_of_N0dnight... I think I'm going home too02:08
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: ok bye02:08
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cedkis somebody know where to send emails from mailing list to gmane?11:05
sharkczcedk: I created a new mailing for Fedora and the gmane admins contacted me that they subscribed gmane to the new list and that the list will apear on gmane under some path11:13
cedksharkcz: ok, but the mailling must send email somewhere to be archiving11:14
cedkand there is no information on gmane11:14
sharkczcedk: "the gmane archive" is a regular subscriber (like me) to the mailing list11:15
cedksharkcz: ok, but what is the email address11:15
sharkczcedk: I have "" there, where "glrfs" is their shortcut for the list11:16
sharkczit was initiated from the gmane side11:17
cedksharkcz: where do you get this email?11:17
cedksharkcz: ok, gmane subscribe alone11:18
sharkczcedk: yes11:19
cedksharkcz: it is really not clear on the website11:20
sharkczcedk: I didn't even know that they are so active :-)11:21
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sharkczcedk: just FYI - I have registered ""11:34
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CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1327:30266d5f5653 trytond/ (CHANGELOG trytond/osv/ Allow to use a list of id for copy method13:54
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 326:6da323e980c7 account/ Fix copy on account to copy childs and call _rebuild_tree after13:54
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 327:b119c42830c1 account/ Allow to use a list of id for copy method13:54
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 216:49765e463507 account_invoice/ Allow to use a list of id for copy method13:54
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 33:cd24d1c8e086 analytic_invoice/ Allow to use a list of id for copy method13:54
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 33:6a34798071db analytic_purchase/ Allow to use a list of id for copy method13:54
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 22:ea84cab9006f analytic_sale/ Allow to use a list of id for copy method13:54
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 211:c3f4e611eb71 party/ Allow to use a list of id for copy method13:55
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 117:371c2bea469f product/ Allow to use a list of id for copy method13:55
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 393:440701c66e28 stock/TODO: Add todo for period13:55
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 394:09e49f7ff908 stock/ Fix complete_lines to set only stockable products13:55
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 395:c5810c694487 stock/ ( Allow to use a list of id for copy method13:55
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 312:d610058ee033 account/ Fix copy on account to copy childs and call _rebuild_tree after13:59
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 381:f3b4a28e6e8b stock/ Fix complete_lines to set only stockable products13:59
CIA-54tryton: Timitos roundup * #642/use of fileds for entering percentage shoud be standardized: [new] when creating taxes the percentage needs to be entered as 19.00000 for 19%. when creating a payment term percentage needs to be entered as 0 ...14:20
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CIA-54tryton: Timitos roundup * #643/AttributeError: Couldn't find tag (xpath: /form/notebook/page[@string="General"]) in parent view!: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 282, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...16:28
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udonocedk: on defining Taxes in Tryton I can adjust the the Sign of Base and Tax Amounts. Did the sign has any influence on the move? Or is it just for sum up the right amount for the Tax Codes?17:13
udonocedk: so when I like to have an amount substracted from the other amounts of a tax code I just use -1 as sign?!17:14
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 328:3ee48abcead6 account/ Add cached sort_taxes method to improve speed of compute taxes17:14
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 34:48a5eb494c68 analytic_purchase/
CIA-54tryton: Call first check_root with all ids and if there is an error search for the17:15
CIA-54tryton: wrong line17:15
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 174:a5a0782514f0 purchase/ Allow to use a list of id for copy method17:15
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 175:14a415d656e8 purchase/: merge17:15
udonocedk: but when I use -1 as sign, I get strange moves and a strange journal...17:15
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 78:fc235a2a70e2 sale/ Allow to use a list of id for copy method17:16
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 79:7710a0f189ee sale/: merge17:16
cristi_an_does any of you have the open erp manual psf ? is worth buying that or can someone borrow to me ?17:18
cristi_an_ /s/psf/pdf17:19
cristi_an_i ask since maybe some common modules are described there17:19
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cristi_an_does any of you have the open erp manual psf ? is worth buying that or can someone borrow to me ?17:23
cristi_an_  /s/psf/pdf17:23
cristi_an_ i ask since maybe some common modules are described there17:23
carloscristi_an_: I have it, but I cannot redistribute it17:24
cedkudono: sign doesn't affect the moves17:24
carloscristi_an_: however, if you have basic knowledge of openerp, triton or any other ERP you don't really need it17:25
carlosit's too basic and generic17:25
cristi_an_i see17:27
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cristi_an_anyway in ui is very intouitive on tryton17:27
cedkcristi_an_: do you talk about the book ?17:30
CIA-54tryton: Timitos roundup * #643/AttributeError: Couldn't find tag (xpath: /form/notebook/page[@string="General"]) in parent view!: [chatting] error seems to be related with the modules project and project_revenue17:44
CIA-54tryton: udono roundup * #644/Taxes with Tax Code Sign negative for Credit Notes did produce wrong moves.: [new] On defining Taxes in Tryton I can adjust the the Sign of Base and Tax Amounts. The sign did not have any influence on the move. It is just f ...17:55
cristi_an_cedk: i am talking about the application17:55
cedkcristi_an_: for the pdf?17:56
cristi_an_i said that from what i see is enough intuitive17:56
cristi_an_pdf...i just asked aboput the pdf17:56
cristi_an_if is worth to buy ?17:56
carloscristi_an_: if you have basic knowledge about ERP and triton/openerp, no I don't think so17:57
cedkcristi_an_: the book "a modern approach to integrated business"17:57
carlosimages in French, text in English, several pages with overlapped text, 2 months to get an answer from tiny about the book images and still waiting for the overlapped text problem...17:57
CIA-54tryton: udono roundup * #644/Taxes with Tax Code Sign negative for Credit Notes did produce wrong moves.: [chatting] Journal Entry 1: Invoice (no negative sign on Tax for credit notes) Ok Journal Entry 2: Credit Note (no negative sign on Tax for credit ...17:58
carlos(I sent it in two different requests, given that I found it a month or so after we got the book)17:58
cristi_an_i see17:59
udonocarlos: so is it worth to buy?18:00
carlosudono: as I said, if you have a general idea about ERP handling and tiny/openerp or triton, I don't think so. If you are a newcomer, it's better than nothing18:01
carlosthe latter was our case18:01
udonocarlos: ok, so I have no need18:01
carlosfor instance, what I miss most is customisation of the ERP, and it doesn't cover most important things, like report customisation18:03
carlosthey just introduce you their OpenOffice report tool which you need to buy18:03
udonocarlos: and did you try it? (the module)18:04
carlosudono: I don't have access to it, it cost 400€18:04
carlosand I'm still thinking about OpenERP or triton18:05
udonocarlos: I have got it from a customer of mine to test, but it never work for me.18:05
carloswell, and I more or less learn to do the customisation myself18:05
carlosusing the old files and RML18:05
carlosudono: so I guess I was lucky enough that I didn't pay for it ;-)18:06
carlosanyway, triton's report engine + all modules in OpenERP would be awesome18:07
udonocarlos: yes, you can be lucky. But you pay with stress and limitations on RML...18:07
udonocarlos: :-)18:07
carlosudono: well, that report engine is just an editor, so you keep the limitations18:07
carlosat least that's what I get from their site18:07
udonocarlos: I don't like to have one of the tiny modules...18:08
carlosudono: I'm talking about functionality18:08
udonocarlos: me too18:08
cedkcarlos: I think the main problem is the fact that you must transform the report in many language: sxw -> rml -> pdf18:08
carlosudono: well, my point is that OpenERP has more functionality than Triton18:08
cedkand each transformations, you lost some functionnality18:09
carlosudono: and I'm sure that will be fixed soon18:09
carlosbut that's the current status18:09
carloscedk: indeed18:09
udonocarlos: sorry, I don't think so. I think Triton will never have this much functionality than Open ERP. I hope Tryton will have less functionality but in a very good quality. I don't need RAD. I don't need a separate client for every widgetset. What I need is high quality basic functionality.18:14
carlosudono: functionality == ERP modules not infrastructure functionality18:15
carlosMRP, accounting, stock handling, project handling, human resources, vertical modules, etc...18:16
udonocarlos: yes, I understood that. Agree to all modules you named, but all of them in a very general design. Like as primitive as possible, but not more. All special things should be implementated individual, but not overload the project IMHO. I think it is impossible to maintain a good quality of over 200 Modules...18:19
cristi_an_when it comes to reporting: i repeat do not know python but in java there is Jasper reports18:20
cristi_an_in python sthere si no such a open source reporting tool18:20
cristi_an_200 modules done by how many people ?18:21
carlosbtw, sorry for the mistake, when I say triton I mean Tryton (In spanish is triton, so Is being hard to me to write it in English ;-)18:22
carloscristi_an_: many people and many modules are not mantained at all18:23
cedkcristi_an_: it is not the number of person that is important but the difficulty is to maintain the all compatible18:23
cedkso you need a small set of person that know well every parts of the system18:23
carloscristi_an_: that's the one used by Tryton18:25
cedkcarlos: is not Jasper talking xmlrpc?18:26
carloscedk: well, my point is not having them comming by default with Tryton. OpenERP ones are not inside the default distribution18:26
carloscedk: it has relatorio as its dependency, I don't see anything about Jasper18:27
carloscedk: recently, I saw Jasper being discussed in openerp's forum, but I don't really know whether they are really thinking on moving to it now18:28
carlosI just started with Tryton, so don't take my comments as 100% correct, I just talk about what I read in the documentation and the things I start learning from the source code18:29
cedkcarlos: yes, we use relatorio for reporting, but what I try to say is that you can plug others reporting software if it can talk xmlrpc18:30
udonocristi_an_: jasper report may be a very good tool for designing and generating reports. But openOffice is a complete office package. With Tryton relatorio and OpenOffice you can generate a presentation for the shareholder meetings of a company with business data. With parsing a calc template you can generate every analytic report you like with tryton...18:30
carloscedk: Oh, I got your point. I don't know a word about Jasper, other than it's a Java based reporting system18:30
udonocristi_an_: ... just some dreaming ideas...18:30
carloscedk: btw, hi, I didn't realise you were Cédric Krier18:31
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1328:f168aad30599 trytond/trytond/ir/ui/ Use id to update of strings from view18:32
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 329:56055ca7521a account/party.xml: Remove unnecessary underscore in page18:32
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 217:693ad361847f account_invoice/invoice.xml: Remove unnecessary underscore in page18:32
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 110:a9c75e0fef57 company/company.xml: Remove unnecessary underscore in page18:32
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 212:ee6d864a8abb party/party.xml: Remove unnecessary underscore in page18:32
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 396:a38c86ae70d1 stock/location.xml: Remove unnecessary underscore in page18:33
CIA-54tryton: udono roundup * #644/Taxes with Tax Code Sign negative for Credit Notes did produce wrong moves.: I guess it is a problem in the credit note wizard, since the invoice moves are all ok.18:33
carlosudono: btw, OpenERP only ships with 58 modules and most of them are just small additions to other basic modules (like hr_timesheet, hr_timesheet_invoice, hr_timesheet_project and hr_timesheet_sheet)18:33
carlosudono: I don't think that's too much IMHO18:33
CIA-54tryton: ced roundup * #643/AttributeError: Couldn't find tag (xpath: /form/notebook/page[@string="General"]) in parent view!: [resolved] It must be fixed now. I remove the unnecessary underscore on page because the client add it automatically.18:34
udonocarlos: It is a very lot to maintain I wish for tiny they will lift the weights...18:37
carlosudono: I'm curious, from this list: what do you think that should be removed?18:45
udonobechamel: cedk: essich sent me an interesting link for translating open office documents...18:47
cedkcarlos: for me, multi_company must be handle at the base18:48
udonocarlos: don't understand what you mean? These are open_erp modules?18:49
cedkudono: but we already have translation of odt18:50
udonocedk: just a note from essich...18:50
carlosudono: yes, that's the list of modules that come with openerp by default18:50
carloscedk: sure, however, I'm more talking about functionality to be removed as udono was suggesting18:51
udonocarlos: ah, now I understand what you mean. Which modules we can be removed is your question.18:51
carlosmerging submodules into other modules is a different issue18:51
carlosudono: right, sorry if I'm not being clear enough18:51
cedkudono: by the the current translation is intergrated with others18:52
udonocarlos: none. Tiny can not remove modules if they are there. They must carry all the old models from version to version... it is their privat hell.18:53
carlosudono: I understand that the list of modules on their website is insane to maintain, but I don't think the default set of modules are too much to be maintained or overkilling it18:53
carlosudono: you are cheating here ;-)18:53
carlosudono: let me change the question, which functionality/modules from that list you think Tryton should not implement?18:54
carlosIf Tryton get all that functionality, the move from OpenERP to it would be just a matter of the support you would get from b2ck or other companies supporting Triton or from Tiny for OpenERP18:56
udonocarlos: not easy to answer...18:58
carlosbtw, I'm not saying that without all that functionality such migration is not possible, just talking from the point of view of a company that is planning to offer the ERP to other customers18:58
carlosudono: I guess18:58
udonocarlos: lets say, I don't need a module account_payment, which is not working absolutely shure.18:59
carlosudono: well, I start assuming that the functionality works ;-)19:00
carlosif it doesn't work, I agree with you :-D19:01
udonocarlos: Tryton will grow and many functions of the modules you mentioned you will see in Tryton. Of course with another naming and more general in design.19:01
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1086:45539d1374d0 tryton/ (CHANGELOG tryton/gui/window/ Allow to duplicate many records at once19:01
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1087:c74c775cba1a tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Remove unused method and refactorize19:01
carlosudono: I know19:01
carlosthat's why I didn't reject the idea of using Tryton19:01
bechamelcarlos: my point of view is that all functionalities are usefull to somebody but modules should be structured in a way that the bases module provide only a minimal abastraction (a first layer which is common to everybody) and peripheral modules provide more advanced features, this way of working result is cleaner installations and it's easier for other people to add custom stuff19:03
udonocarlos: for me as working as a consultant it is just the wish to have reliability in the software I recommend to my customers. Functionality is missing in every software everytime, so this can't be a criteria for choosing an ERP. But I find the functions which are advertised need to work as reliable as possible. So I often need to cool down my many-crazy-ideas-what-ever-can-be-handled and see the real: Its hard work to do right in just19:10
-!- ikks(n=igor@ has joined #tryton19:10
carlosudono: sure, but it depends on which functionality is missing. For some companies, human resources are a must19:11
carlosudono: or for example, for my company, the project handling functionality19:11
carlosto control the project expenses, hours, etc.19:12
carloscedk: btw, do you have any plan related to the i18n infrastructure of Tryton ?19:12
carloswill it be keep as it was with tinyerp or a switch to native gettext is possible?19:13
carlosudono: btw, I agree that wiki integration inside the ERP is not a needed feature (I just remembered that new feature in OpenERP 5.0)19:15
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1088:ec3a7e37903a tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_tree/ Add missing import and use str for strptime19:16
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1089:afced8799abd tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Improve datetime display in log view and add model19:16
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1052:4ae3a310761b tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_tree/ Add missing import and use str for strptime19:16
CIA-54tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1090:f003175a91af tryton/CHANGELOG: Add missing changelog for model in log19:17
udonocarlos: tryton translations are working generally much better then in tinyERP afaik. We have just some minor issues AFAIK, yangoon, ikks is this right ?19:17
cedkcarlos: we use gettext for the GTK client19:18
cedkcarlos: otherwize, we have our own framework19:18
cedkcarlos: we can not use gettext on the server because gettext is not thread safe19:18
carloscedk, udono: isn't it using the same ideas as the ones behind tinyerp?19:19
carlos.csv files to translate and then dump it into the database19:19
carlosabout the GTK client, not using gettext would be really a bad idea ;-)19:19
udonocarlos: we use module wide translation and documentation.19:19
udonocarlos: GTK client uses gettext19:20
carlosso it's not per database?19:20
cedkcarlos: and by the way we have for now 12162 translations, I'm not sure that a gettext db can be as much performent then postgresql19:20
udonocarlos: which language you speak native?19:20
cedkcarlos: we use the client interface for translation, we add some features like a fuzzy flag19:21
cedkcarlos: so when you change a little bit the source, the framework detect it and flag the translation as fuzzy19:21
cedkcarlos: there is a wiki page:
carlosudono: Spanish19:22
udonocarlos: did you try the spanish translation of tryton?19:22
carlosudono, cedk: I was one of the developers of Launchpad Translations and also the coordinator for GNOME into Spanish so I know a lot about l10n and i18n19:22
carlosudono: not yet19:22
carlosudono: I didn't even installed it yet19:23
carlosbut I hope this weekend I will have some time to play with it19:23
carloscedk: so the client application is the translation application too?19:24
carlosjust like the Translate entry in the Administration menu for OpenERP? (I hope that it's better than that one... please...)19:24
udonocarlos: try this
udonocarlos: its over the internet, but you will see its nice quick.19:25
carlosI saw it, yes, but I need to install the Linux client first19:26
carlosbtw, I thought you were using the tinyerp native client19:26
carloswell, a modification of it19:26
cedkcarlos: with a lot of improvement :-)19:30
carlosis there a way to execute the client without installing it under Linux?19:31
cedkcarlos: you can try with a local easy_install19:32
cristi_an_cedk: i am interested in runing that on ,y ubuntu as well19:32
cristi_an_what i should do ?19:32
cristi_an_i just downloaded the srcs19:32
carloscedk: -d, that's it!19:33
cedkbut you need to have pygtk installed19:33
cedkbecause pygtk doesn't work with easy_install19:33
bechamelcristi_an_: ./path_to_tryton_client/tryton/bin/tryton19:36
carloscedk: I have the tinyerp client installed and use python for other projects, so it shouldn't be a problem19:36
carlosbechamel: much more simple than easy_install :-D19:36
cristi_an_i see19:36
cristi_an_just install easy_install19:37
bechamelcarlos: if you already have source yes19:39
cristi_an_what easy_install does ?19:39
carloscedk: btw, about your question for gettext handling 12162 messages, I know there are programs using 6000 strings. And for tryton usage, I would use a gettext catalog per module so it wouldn't be so big19:40
cristi_an_bechamel: i downloader the archiove with src19:40
bechamelcristi_an_: easy_install resolve dependdancies for you, like apt or yum19:40
cristi_an_do i have to unpack19:41
bechamelcristi_an_: if you have got the source just try to run them to see if it work19:41
bechamelcristi_an_: oh yes, first unpack19:41
cristi_an_i did that :)19:42
cristi_an_i started19:42
cristi_an_on server params...19:42
carlosHmm, 'Party', isn't that a bit ambiguous in English?19:42
cristi_an_nice in linux as well as in win19:45
cristi_an_maybe even nicer19:45
carloscedk: btw, indeed, the speed is much better than OpenERP 4.219:46
carlosmy server has the same network latency than yours and each screen takes a bit more time to load19:46
carlosthat's a good thing19:46
udonocarlos: "party" is a term from Len Silverstons Datamodel Resource book. native speaker.19:47
carlosudono: Well for non native speakers like me has been a surprise. I know what it means in that context, but was a surprise anyway ;-)19:48
carlos'Party management' looks like something else :-)19:48
udonoACTION let's party - party time19:49
carlosbut I understand that Company is not a valid term either, given that there may be individuals19:49
cristi_an_what is ir module /19:50
udonocristi_an_: ir and res provides functionality in the Administration menu19:53
cristi_an_udono: and i may create a clean install only with these 2 modules19:54
cristi_an_udono: these are liek the core modules for the client ?19:54
udonocristi_an_: yes, and the server19:55
carloscedk: hmm, so you keep using the tinyerp translation tool :-(19:56
carlosthat's so hard to use...19:56
cristi_an_udono: what is that site with copy paste19:56
cristi_an_not that one...i want to paste some small piece of code...19:57
carlosoh, ignore me then ;-)19:57
cristi_an_you can add that into channel header or so :)19:57
carloscedk: I have another question about possible infrastructure changes. Is there any plan to change Tryton to use an standard python ORM like SQLAlchemy or Storm ?19:58
udonocarlos: see at plugins > trynslate view when you are on a view...19:58
cristi_an_udono: my daily cup of pyton :)19:59
carlosudono: I don't have any plugin available, I guess because I'm using a non installed client20:00
cristi_an_udono: what the first if means...cause the last line i understood ,it starts the client20:00
cristi_an_udono: DIR: ?20:00
udonocristi_an_: use the print statement to get an output.20:01
carlosudono: I will play with that plugin this weekend, thanks for the information20:01
udonocristi_an_: just try print DIR before and after the if...20:02
cristi_an_yes i did it :)20:02
cristi_an_it would be nice if i know how to used python docs20:02
bechamelcarlos: we talked about alchemy some time ago, but it's not an easy task20:02
cristi_an_like javadocs20:02
carlosbechamel: I know it's not easy, but given the rewrite you are doing, I think is a good change to have, so you need to maintain even less code20:03
cristi_an_carlos: BUT tryton what ORM uses ? some custom made or some open source know in pytom world (in java we have hibernate,jpa etc)20:04
udonocarlos: the plugins should be there...20:04
carlosI guess at the time tinyerp started sqlalchemy or sqlobject were not good candidates but today, things are different :-)20:04
bechamelcarlos: i agree, otoh the orm in tryton is also aware of some higher level stuff like rules20:04
carlosudono: what's the plugin filename ?20:06
carlosbechamel: could you give me an example of such 'rules' ?20:06
bechamelcarlos: the orm is not only an orm and in way it's not an orm because it doesnt instanciate one objetct per record when reading data, instead object are more a kind of accessor to the table20:07
carlosis that supposed to be good or better than a proper ORM?20:08
carlosor just different?20:08
bechamelcarlos: i was talking about ir.rule, those rules allow to resctrict access on some records20:09
bechamelcarlos: for exemple
bechamelcarlos: the check is made on the lowest level just when the result is fetched out of the db20:10
carlosbechamel: I see20:11
bechamelcarlos: i think it's just different, as you say this code made when orm where very new so it wasn't influenced by concept that are more main stream today20:12
udonocarlos: the plugin is in  tryton/tryton/plugins/translation20:13
carlosudono: there is no such file in the downloaded tar.gz20:14
carlosfor 1.0.120:14
bechamelcarlos: but maybe I'm pessimist and that the migration to alchemy is not that hard20:14
udonobechamel: cedk are the client plugins delivered extra?20:14
bechameludono: i don't think20:15
carlosbechamel: well, that functionality is not present in SQLAlchemy or Storm, at least from what I know about them20:15
carlosbechamel: so I guess we would need to move the rules to a higher layer20:16
carlosso I'm not sure how easy would it be20:16
cristi_an_guys : maybe i am out of discussion :)  but i saw in my experience projects that failed only becasue they want to use latest trends like hibernate (at that time it was at the begging)20:17
cristi_an_arre those orm tools so evolved in python world ?20:18
udonocarlos, did you have this file:
carlosudono: there is no plugins directory in my tree20:18
carlosudono: just a file20:18
carloscristi_an_: sqlalchemy has been around for a while already20:19
cristi_an_then i did not say anything20:19
carloscristi_an_: and many projects use it20:19
carloscristi_an_: and a good example of Storm usage, you have launchpad.net20:19
bechamelcristi_an_: is not the first time we talk about alchemy, and nothing was made  yet in this direction :)20:19
cristi_an_and if it ease the work20:19
carlosthat web application uses it20:19
carloscristi_an_: well, it's easy to leave what tryton has right now20:20
udonocarlos: may you file a bug for this?20:20
carlosI was just asking whether would make sense to move to an external ORM20:20
carlosudono: sure20:20
cristi_an_carlos: maybe is not woth doing that for now20:20
carloscristi_an_: I guess20:21
bechamelcarlos: i think it makes sense but i think also that other stuff are more important today20:21
cristi_an_carlos: but current architecture used some custom ORM20:21
carlosbechamel: true20:21
cristi_an_carlos: in such cases you have to think what priorities order to eveolve20:21
carloscristi_an_: yeah, I was just checking for code reuse ;-)20:21
carlosand reduce maintainment overload20:22
carlosif someone else maintains your orm, is more time to do something else ;-)20:22
carlosthat's why I asked20:22
bechamelthe other advantage of the current, is that it's handy to tailor it to our needs20:23
cristi_an_carlos: since you know java i assume that what they have is like plain jdbc and it is desired somethign like hibernate or JPA ?20:23
bechamels/of the current/of the current orm/20:23
cristi_an_too all: current orm is custom made by you guys ?20:24
bechamelcristi_an_: the orm is more than jdbc20:24
carloscristi_an_: I don't know so much Java. But I think that current orm is better than jdbc.20:24
cristi_an_object relational mapping ?20:24
cristi_an_like in java20:24
bechamelcristi_an_: the aquivalent of jdbc in tryton  is psycopg20:24
cristi_an_and orm ?20:25
cristi_an_is not a framwork that does object realtional mappings ?20:25
bechamelcristi_an_: yes20:25
cristi_an_and you do not have to write plain sql20:25
cristi_an_etc etc20:25
cristi_an_so like in java20:26
bechamelcristi_an_: orm stuff is in trytond/osv/orm.py20:26
carloscristi_an_: let's say the tryton one is half way jdbc and a proper orm20:26
cristi_an_bechamel: so tryton orm is not one of the best ,carlos say ?20:26
carloscristi_an_: it's not bad20:26
carlosit's just a custom one for tryton/tinyerp20:27
cristi_an_but there are better20:27
carlosbetter generic ones20:27
cristi_an_i got it now !!!20:27
cristi_an_==> less code20:27
cristi_an_less maintanace20:27
cristi_an_i assume like in any other not that easy to swithc the db implementations20:27
cristi_an_only if you designe the aplication in such manner with intrefaces20:28
cristi_an_you know DB layer to be an interface and you can just change that with a factory20:28
bechamelcristi_an_: most of  the code in modules is db-agnostic, so the main problem is the kernel itself and mainly orm.py20:29
cristi_an_bechamel: what do you mean by db -agnostic ?20:29
cristi_an_my lack of english terms :)20:30
cristi_an_bechamel: i guess independedt of the db mplementation used20:30
bechamelcristi_an_: the problem has is said is that the orm in tryton do more stuff than other orm (all the stuff that are handy to put there)20:30
bechamelcristi_an_: by agnostic i mean that there is no sql query, all data access is madde through the api20:31
cristi_an_bechamel: that is how is suposed to be20:31
-!- oversize( has joined #tryton20:32
cristi_an_if the orm does it;s job and there are things more important then that...20:33
bechamelcristi_an_: yes of course, but is not always true, for exemple there are some sql query in the stock module (they are very complex and at the same times they need to be very optimised)20:33
cristi_an_you know what i learn in 10 years of java20:33
cristi_an_that over engineering a program will lead to very very complex scenarios...20:34
cristi_an_i had very very cases when i had to swich from a db to other as an example20:34
cristi_an_very rare20:35
bechameli hope we will never had to leave postgres20:35
cristi_an_so bechamel i agree with you20:35
cristi_an_if you need performance ,optimizations) keep it in your hands20:36
cristi_an_the code that does that...20:36
cristi_an_otherwise you need to do tweak after tweak :)20:37
cristi_an_and workarounds20:37
cristi_an_on frameworks i do not like because you have to do workarounds instead of the framework to be the one who meed your needs...20:38
cristi_an_ /s/meed/meet20:39
bechamelotho if you don't like frameworks, you don't like Tryton :D20:40
cristi_an_well on i hope that tryton will meet my needs and viceversa20:41
CIA-54tryton: carlos roundup * #645/The Linux client source code doesn't include the plugins directory: [new] When you download the latest Linux client from you don't get any plugin with it.20:41
cristi_an_bechamel: i do not like framworks that restrict you too much20:42
cristi_an_bechamel: in tryton is possible to run with an embbeded database ?20:43
cristi_an_only postgres ?20:43
bechamelcristi_an_: only  postgresql20:43
carlosbechamel: I hope you never move away from postgres, unless it die or changes its direction in a bad way20:43
bechamelcristi_an_: but it should be easier to provide sqlite support than using another orm20:44
cristi_an_sound good since i am interested is such a thing20:44
cristi_an_mainly for the accounting module20:44
cristi_an_i do not know how is the custom in you countries but here is a niche among accountans20:45
cristi_an_many of them use fox20:45
cristi_an_and fox pro is in it's last days20:45
udonocarlos: did you mention on the bug, how you installed tryton? via easy_install?20:45
bechamelcarlos: yes postgesql was a very good choice, as the time teach us (i met a lot of people telling me "wht ? it doesnt use mysql ??", but know mush recently :) )20:46
cristi_an_bechamel: so a accounting module that works with an sqllite is possible ?20:46
bechamelcristi_an_: yes i think so20:47
bechamelcristi_an_: and by the way all the other modules20:47
carlosudono: I didn't install it, I just download it from the URL20:47
carlosand there is no plugins directory20:48
udonocarlos: ah, ok20:48
cristi_an_bechamel: an application with all modules that  is desired20:48
cristi_an_bechamel: it would be fantastic to have such a thing...20:48
bechamelcristi_an_: i see sqlite as a easy tool for a developer, for a real installation (even a small one) postgres is ok. sqlite doesnt handle concurrency (or in a limited way) so it will be a problem as soon as there is two or tree user on the same db20:50
X0d_of_N0dbechamel, cedk: either of you ever use claws-mail?20:51
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: I use claws-mail20:52
cristi_an_bechamel: i was taking about some special case here ,a niche on the market ,old fox pro users (mainly accountants) they work at home ,so it is 1 man 1 application20:52
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: I really like the way claws lets you define hot-keys20:52
cristi_an_may firms20:52
cristi_an_bechamel: many firms20:53
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: you can also choose your shortcut in the gtk client20:53
cristi_an_bechamel: but maybe i do not understood one thing.20:54
carlosbtw, another thing that would be interesting is that you start sharing sucess cases of Tryton deployments so new customers would see it as a real tool instead of a toy project20:54
bechamelcristi_an_: for this case of use sqlite make sense (especialy on windows)20:54
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: in exactly the same's really cool20:54
carlosmissing modules can be developed, but we need to show to new customers that Tryton is really being used on production20:55
bechamelcarlos: we (b2ck) will try to provide success stories from our customer, but is often difficult to collect them from other companies (and most of the time we don't even who use it)20:56
carlosbechamel: I know there would be more people using it than published in the website, but when possible, it's something to promote20:58
bechamelcarlos: for your customers you can talk about another openerp flavor/derivative (which it is in some extend)20:59
carlosI can tell you that not being able to justify an active use base and a list of companies supporting it (tryton already publish it) is something that prevents us to "sell" it to new customers21:00
carlosyeah, we are taking that path21:00
carlosa based OpenERP solution21:00
carlosAnother question (today is the Carlos' questions day :-P)21:17
carlosis there any data migration script from OpenERP to Tryton?21:18
CIA-54tryton: X0d_of_N0d roundup * #646/TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'window': [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/form_gtk/", line 267, in on_completion_match vie ...21:31
X0d_of_N0dbug reports actually do something....21:33
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: and normally if you try to submit two times there is a check to avoid duplicates21:39
CIA-54tryton: X0d_of_N0d roundup * #646/TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument 'window': [chatting] The error occurred while inputting my country under company setup. After I started to type I got a completion menu (nice actually), I s ...21:40
X0d_of_N0dhey, that's pretty impressive21:41
X0d_of_N0ddoes roundup do that, or is it in tryton?21:41
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: mainly tryton, roundup provide the api21:41
TimitosX0d_of_N0d: look here
X0d_of_N0djust out of curiosity, how many active developers are there on tryton right now?21:41
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: I think it's udono who works on this feature21:42
X0d_of_N0dthis is a really well organized project21:42
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: there is also a list on the gtk client in help > about > credits21:43
udonobechamel: thanks for credits, but actually I just gave cedric the idea and 5 lines of code. The rest was done by him21:43
Timitosbechamel: i think X0d_of_N0d wanted to know how many active developers work on tryton core and tryton modules21:44
bechameludono: don't underestimate good ideas, they  are important stepstones21:44
X0d_of_N0dACTION nods at Timitos 21:45
bechamelmost of the code comes from me and ced but we hope that this will change :)21:46
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: you can see who made what on each COPYRIGHT file on each repo21:47
TimitosX0d_of_N0d: we not only have developers here but some consultants. i think this is really important as we can discuss some special business cases21:47
bechamelTimitos: yes this is important :)21:48
Timitosbechamel: i hope that we will be able to provide some modules in the next time if you and ced are interested in.21:48
bechamelTimitos: yes is saw that you created network_* modules on intuxication21:49
Timitosbechamel: my first tries. the are outdated. it was my way to learn about the tryton framework21:49
bechamelTimitos: ok21:50
Timitosbechamel: if i find some time i will update them21:50
cristi_an_Timitos: on private or here : just installed pydev :)21:50
cristi_an_Timitos: so some initial guidance i need21:51
Timitosbechamel: how are your plans about project?21:51
bechamelTimitos: I just saw that the last change is 5 mont ago21:51
udonobechamel: momentary we are hard checking accounting and implementing taxes and charts of accounts or germany21:51
Timitoscristi_an_: sorry. i will have to leave in about 10 minutes. but go on private with this. i will try to help you21:52
bechameludono: great, accounting is difficult bu important21:52
bechamelTimitos: you talk about the project module ?21:52
Timitosbechamel: yes21:52
bechamelTimitos: i talk with a marketing guy last week and he tells me that project should be more mixed with crm (he see customer meetings like projects), which is not a bad idea21:54
bechamelTimitos: maybe one should start a discussion on the mailing list to collect all the point of view about what project should cover (and what it shoudn't)21:55
Timitosbechamel: yes. this sounds good and needs to be discussed intensively21:55
Timitosbechamel: we have a client who is interested in the project stuff so we will perhaps start early for a concept21:56
Timitosbechamel: this is why i ask. because we need to coordinate our work21:56
bechamelTimitos: to hesitate to talk about it, here or on the ml21:57
Timitosbechamel: ok. i will talk about if i have summed up the needs of our client21:58
bechamelTimitos: it will be a good starting point21:58
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: you guys all use light themes?22:02
X0d_of_N0dlight gtk themes I mean22:02
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: I use the default theme in debian22:03
X0d_of_N0dI use xfce-dusk22:04
X0d_of_N0dI really like dark themes, but I notice that tinyerp and tryton really don't work well with them22:04
X0d_of_N0dand your guy's site is kind of broken with them22:04
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: the website ?22:05
X0d_of_N0dcorrection, the bug track22:05
X0d_of_N0dwhen an input field is selected the background turns really light22:06
X0d_of_N0dunfortunately I'm using a white font, so this means I can't see what I'm typing22:06
bechamelX0d_of_N0d:  I will test22:07
X0d_of_N0din tryton and tinyerp when I use a dark font most things work, but in the list view it's very difficult to see because of the dark background....but that might just be a crappy gtk theme22:07
X0d_of_N0dcool... I'll test out a few more themes and see if the tryton thing gets better22:07
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: at least it's better than firefox, it crashes every time i change the theme22:09
X0d_of_N0dreally? damn22:10
-!- cristi_an(n=cristi@ has joined #tryton22:16
X0d_of_N0dbechamel: yeah, I got a theme called playbill red and it's a bit better22:17
X0d_of_N0dit looks like the font color is staticly set to black unless highlighted or something in the list view22:19
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: yes, ithink it's because the color can be changed from the xml view22:20
X0d_of_N0dis it not possible to set the color to the system color unless otherwise specified in xml?22:21
bechamelX0d_of_N0d: maybe i don't know very well gtk22:22
udonoX0d_of_N0d: are you there?23:11
udonoX0d_of_N0d: see  tryton/common/ the last parts of the file, there you may change colors23:11
udonobechamel: are you there?23:12
bechameludono: yes23:14
udonobechamel: about project in combination with crm, the datamodel of silverston describes exactly this23:14
bechameludono: the difficulty is to provide also a solution for people who want project only or crm only23:16
udonobechamel: see page 75 in the pdf23:17
udonobechamel: no problem with the data model, you can just make two modules project and relationships and a glue module relationships_project23:18
bechameludono: yes maybe23:19
udonobechamel: do you have the book?23:19
bechameludono: I'm searching for it :), but i don't think so23:19
-!- juanfer(n=juanfer@ has joined #tryton23:35

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