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CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #711/Permissions: user with all permissions cannot see Inventory Moves: [need-eg] Is the two users in the same company?00:00
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #711/Permissions: user with all permissions cannot see Inventory Moves: yes00:01
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #711/Permissions: user with all permissions cannot see Inventory Moves: [testing] If you don't have an access error message, this means that it is model rule that prevent you to see the move. And the only rule on move ...00:04
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #711/Permissions: user with all permissions cannot see Inventory Moves: Sorry, no! The second user was in no company at all. Shouldn't this perhaps not be inserted by default when creating a user (at least when there ...00:06
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 117:1c95350c5157 company/ Add default main_company and company on user00:22
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #711/Permissions: user with all permissions cannot see Inventory Moves: [chatting] Done with the changeset 1c95350c515700:22
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cristi_anrelated to reporting in tryton : There is a preint preview possibility that is not editable. (the docs from open office are)09:54
Timitoscristi_an: you can use openoffice.interact to create pdf reports09:56
Timitoscristi_an: if you open an invoice the report is saved and cannot be changed in tryton any more.09:56
cristi_anif will take a look.09:57
cristi_anhow do you guys celebrate new year (trytoning) ?10:02
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CIA-27tryton: Timitos roundup * #712/tax computation should be handled on line amount: [new] in the moment tax computation is done on the values unit_price and quantity. in the moment this is the same like computing taxes on amount. ...11:20
Timitoscrisit_an: not with tryton but with a nice party ;-)11:31
udonoTimitos: Party Module, ha? ;-)11:34
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CIA-27tryton: matb roundup * #713/Report Invoice: description of subtotals is not printed: [new] When printing an invoice report the description of a subtotal line is not printed.11:45
CIA-27tryton: Timitos roundup * #714/sale module: some functions not needed?: [new] i think the functions on_change_quantity and on_change_unit are not needed any more as there is now on_change_with_amount function. they sh ...11:49
cristi_anhaha :)11:56
cristi_anuduno nice answer on forum thx11:58
udonocristi_an: :-)12:01
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cristi_ansorry i meant to write udono12:07
CIA-27tryton: ikks roundup * #715/Website translation to spanish: [new] Attaching file for es website translation12:28
ikkscarlos, you are welcome to review that file, is a short one, but is better to have more eyes on it ;)12:29
carlosikks: I will try to do it, but I guess for a second revision, given that I'm out of time right now and I'm focusing more on the es_ES accounting plan for Tryton12:31
carlosikks: btw, thanks for your translation work :D12:31
ikkscarlos, it's really cool you are working on that.12:31
ikksAnd if you find errors on the translation on any module or the client, do not hesitate to tell, so we can fix it.12:32
carlossure thing12:32
ikkscarlos, do you have a public repo of your es_ES accounting plan?12:40
ikksI would like to make an es_CO accounting plan12:40
carlosikks: I didn't start yet with the code itself12:44
carlosI'm reading documentation12:45
carlosto understand how an accounting plan works (from OpenERP) and then investigating the changes required for Tryton12:45
carlosikks: I will let you know the URL for the repository as soon as I open it12:45
ikksCarlos, take a look at
ikksIf you understand German, it would be a good guide12:46
carlosI don't understand German12:47
carlosbut thank you ;-)12:47
ikksMy start was on
ikksor it's on that place :)12:47
carlosI'm looking at the differences between the fr_BE accounting system in Tryton and the one from OpenERP12:47
carlosok, thanks12:48
ikksthat's it.12:48
ikksWe have an OpenERP loc por es_co, so our task is similar12:48
Timitoscarlos: i created the account_de_skr03_2008 module. perhaps i can assist you12:49
ikksTimitos offered help me before and is really nice, but I haven't took the time to do what is needed. BTW, thanks Timitos :)12:49
carlosTimitos: cool, thank you12:49
carlosI will send you my questions, when I start with the code12:50
carlosTimitos: btw, is there any documentation for Tryton?12:50
carlosI only found documentation for OpenERP and it's just a small wiki page12:50
Timitoscan you send me the link? so i can take a look. the only documentation for tryton is on tryton website in the moment:
Timitosbut there is nothing about account chart12:51
udonocedk: I have a question to <field name="priority">PRIORITY</field>. PRIORITY=16 seems standard. When I set PRIORITY to 1 then it is evaluated before standard. And when I set PRIORITY to 20 then its evaluated after the standard. Is this right?12:51
Timitoscarlos: but it is not very difficult i think.12:52
cedkudono: yes, I think12:53
udonocedk: and the range of the priority, is it integer?12:54
Timitoscarlos: it is different in tryton. i think my module can help you. you should also take a look on the objects account.account.template and account.account.type.template and
Timitoscarlos: you only need to understand the function of the fields of these objects. then you are able to create the xml for importing the data12:56
Timitoscarlos: the bigger challenge i think is to get a good ressource for the account chart information itself.12:58
CIA-27tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 98:c89fb94edd1f sale/sale.odt: Add description in report for subtotal line12:58
CIA-27tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 239:ab877365d085 account_invoice/invoice.odt: Add description in report for subtotal line12:58
CIA-27tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 240:31dfe2e637cb account_invoice/: merge12:58
CIA-27tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 200:e1642c58fa24 purchase/purchase.odt: Add description in report for subtotal line12:58
CIA-27tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 201:a6c93e048e6f purchase/: merge12:58
CIA-27tryton: ced roundup * #713/Report Invoice: description of subtotals is not printed: [resolved] Fix with changeset ab877365d08512:59
carlosTimitos: It depends on the information Tryton needs. The basic information, which is the account numbers and descriptions is published by the Spanish government on their website13:01
CIA-27tryton: ced roundup * #714/sale module: some functions not needed?: [resolved] No, because on_change_{quantity,unit} recompute only the unit_price.13:02
Timitoscarlos: sounds good.13:03
CIA-27tryton: ced roundup * #712/tax computation should be handled on line amount: [chatting] I think it is the right way to compute taxes based on unit_price otherwise you will have rounding errors.13:04
carlosTimitos: yeah, the main problem I have is that I'm really new to accounting concepts, so I'm still learning about it, given that my previous experience is only as a basic user...13:05
Timitoscarlos: what you need: the account numbers, a balance structure for these accounts, a income statement structure for these accounts, informations about the taxes of your country13:05
carlosI think I have most of that information available and if it's not available in a easy way, I have someone that could assit me13:06
Timitoscarlos: ok. in this case it is a little bit difficult as you must understand the interaction of balance, income statement and accounts and taxes13:06
carloswell, more or less I know about it13:10
carlosI handle my taxes as a company since 4 years ago13:10
carlosbut I'm sure I don't handle all possible details in all kind of companies13:11
udonocedk: For me it seems not to work with priority on view inherit...13:13
CIA-27tryton: Timitos roundup * #712/tax computation should be handled on line amount: i am not sure about that. need to think about. my problem is that i need to change the compute function on tax object for adding the discount fie ...13:14
udonocedk: I created a view inherit for model with <field name="priority">65535</field> but the company module doesn't inherit it the right way. The company module always makes my vie inherited before the companys view...13:15
Timitoscarlos: i think it is enough for starting. but if you want to create a good account chart for your country i think you should work together with a tax advisor of your country or a employee of such a company13:16
carlosTimitos: yeah, that's what I'm going to do once I have the basic part done, she's the one that I said would provide with the missing information13:19
Timitoscarlos: great. so i think you will succeed13:19
carlosI hope that :-)13:21
CIA-27tryton: udono roundup * #716/View inheritance priority field seems to be not evaluated: [new] I created on my module party_type a view inherit for model with <field name="priority">65535</field> but the company module does ...13:23
CIA-27tryton: ced roundup * #712/tax computation should be handled on line amount: For me, a discount is just discount on the unit price.13:26
CIA-27tryton: udono roundup * #716/View inheritance priority field seems to be not evaluated: [chatting] S.a.
CIA-27tryton: ced roundup * #716/View inheritance priority field seems to be not evaluated: The priority is use with "ORDER BY priority" line 2306 of osv/ And the change on view are made first by the top model.13:30
CIA-27tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 230:94b89cd1b105 website/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Add spansih translation13:31
CIA-27tryton: ced roundup * #715/Website translation to spanish: [resolved] Applied13:32
CIA-27tryton: Timitos roundup * #712/tax computation should be handled on line amount: so how would you display it on the invoice or sale order then? because if i do it your way the unit price will be the one reduced by the discount. ...13:37
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cristi_anTimitos: in germany there is this difference bettween a warehouse and a shop in terms of how stock is kept ?14:26
cristi_anTimitos: in ro the value of the stock for a warehouse is total values without vat and on a regular shop total value of the stock is price + vat14:27
Timitoscristi_an: i don´t know. i always work with total values without vat. in what case price + vat is needed? what is the business case behind that?14:30
cristi_ani am talking about stock valation i guess this is the english word14:32
cristi_anassume i have a warehouse and 2 shops14:33
cristi_anretail shops14:33
cristi_anin romania there is law that stock valuation on retail shops are price + vat14:33
cristi_anso whan a price is changed on the retail shop there is some operation needed to be done depending if the price went up or down14:34
cristi_anthings not needed on a warehose where price is kept without vat14:34
cristi_anin fact....the question is simplier : tryton does make difference between warehouse and a retail shop ???14:35
Timitoscristi_an: in the moment tryton does not make difference between warehouse and shop. but i think this can easy done as the value would be computed every time you need it. so you only need to add a function field that computes the value including vat.14:37
cristi_anTimitos: this is not valid in germany or belgium or france ?14:38
cristi_anTimitos: becaus in a retail shoip the price include vat so for you it has to be the same i guess14:39
Timitoswhen do you need this price? is it for sale price. do you mean an invoice with price tax included?14:40
Timitoscristi_an: afk (late lunch) back alter14:40
cristi_anon a retail shop there is no invoce14:40
cristi_anme you later..14:40
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cristi_ancedk: is there a possibilit that tryton to be able to work offline ? (in casese that for like 4,5 h the net is down) ...i mean only regular stuff like doing invoiced etc14:44
cristi_an /s/invoiced/invoices14:44
CIA-8tryton: matb roundup * #717/Defaults for salable and puchasable on products created from invoices: [new] I think according to issue 671 it is also preferable to have set the defaults for salable and puchasable on products when created from invoi ...14:50
Timitoscristi_an: tryton cannot yet handle prices with tax included if you mean that. but i think you can simulate this as for accounting you always need net values without tax. so you only need this for the customer perspective i think. or perhaps we talk from something different14:56
cristi_anTimitos: well i will write this on forum.14:58
cristi_anTimitos: meanwhile i am courious about some general things14:59
cristi_anTimitos: does tryton support retail locations14:59
cristi_ani need this scenario : a 2 warehose and like 5,6 retail shops15:00
Timitoscristi_an: i would say not yet. tryton is very basic in the moment. there are still some important features missing. but this is normal as the solution is young15:00
cristi_annow on reatil shops there are no invoice15:00
cristi_anor you have such things on kaufland:) ?15:00
Timitoscrisit_an: you always can have a bill or something like that in a retail shop.15:01
cristi_anrxaclty the i woudl like to use one tryton's module as a pos15:02
udonocristi_an: bill is the same as invoice. You can create a txt invoice for line printer with 80 chars per line...15:02
Timitoscristi_an: for pos you need a solution for fast encoding or for barcode reading. all these things are not yet available in tryton.15:03
cristi_anudono: no is not at leat in romania : bill has no customer on it , it has the price + vat ,it is paid with cash15:03
cristi_anor credic card15:04
Timitoscristi_an: ok. so now i understand. you make a difference for bill and invoice. bill = price with vat included and invoice = price without tax?15:04
cristi_anTimitos: basically yes15:05
Timitoscristi_an: basically?15:05
cristi_anbecause there are other differences i mentioned earlier15:06
cristi_ando you get your name on the bill when you do shopping15:06
cristi_anor can you pay ofter 30 days ?15:06
Timitoscristi_an: no. thats clear for me. but this is not a problem. the problem is only price+vat on bill. but i think this can also be handled with a specfic module for that.15:07
udonocristi_an: payment_term and name on bills are just variables. You can create a 'Standard Client' party for this.15:08
cristi_anmaybe creating a bill module can solve this problem15:09
cristi_annext to invoice15:10
udonocristi_an: as a simple solution you can calculate the tax included price on the invoice.odt15:13
udonocristi_an: since you have the linwise taxes and the net amount15:13
Timitoscristi_an: if you look on tryton you should keed in mind that in tryton some things are done different compared to other erp solutions. we do not want to copy existing solutions. i recommend to be a little more patient in the beginning. perhaps you will understand some things later if you are deeper in the processes of tryton.15:16
cristi_anTimitos: i have is not about that :) at all i am learning it it my spare time and hopefully i can contribute to it as well15:22
cristi_anwe do not need to copy existing solutions...but we need to provide needed functionality15:23
cristi_anand i will do it for romania....15:24
cristi_ani wonder if we are indeed different as you (in terms of accounting and stuff) or you did not needed the things i mentioned15:24
Timitoscristi_an: prices with tax included are not my priority in the moment. but pos will be important for us later. so we are not different. perhaps only by priority15:25
cristi_anTimitos: i was thinking IN TERms of accounting. wonder how a company from germany differs from a company from romania15:27
cristi_anthere are differences between germany ,france and blegium or even italy or switerland ?15:28
Timitoscristi_an: i don´t know. but we will see. accounting has some differences between all countries but common things are equal i think. so i think we should be able to create a base solution that should work for many countries. perhaps not for all.15:29
cristi_ani keep this in mid.15:31
cristi_anlast question...i already putted....15:31
cristi_an is there a possibilit that tryton to be able to work offline ? (in casese that for like 4,5 h the net is down) ...i mean only regular stuff like doing invoiced etc15:33
cristi_anwoudl  you find this practical to have ?15:33
Timitoscristi_an: no tryton does not have this function.15:34
ikkscristi_an that's syncing dbs, quite not easy...15:34
cristi_anikks: not at all...15:35
cristi_anyou may provide basic functionality15:35
cristi_anlike creating invoices or bills in order not to stop15:35
cristi_anactivity if the main activiti is sale15:35
ikksyep, that's a killer feature to have15:35
cristi_anoyu can save those as xml or serailized in a way...and the send them to15:36
cristi_anserver side15:36
cristi_anwhen everythign is oki15:36
cristi_anso no local db is nedeed...15:37
cristi_anjust an offline work mode15:37
cristi_anI wish you to all Happy New Year and to have a very productive and healthy year coming !15:38
cristi_ancu next year :)15:38
Timitoscu cristi_an: happy new year to you too15:39
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yangooncedk: still here?18:56
CIA-8tryton: matb roundup * #718/Names for models: [new] Now that we have translated models, there are some model names like: account.account.open_chart_account.init account.account.open_income_st ...19:22
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