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CIA-51tryton: matb roundup * #755/Inventories: moving with keyboard: Attached screenshot shows the search box. It is impossible to navigate by any mean with the keyboard, neither to records nor to buttons.00:56
CIA-51tryton: matb roundup * #756/Stock: calculation of assignable products: Yes, sure, screenshots attached.01:02
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CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #756/Stock: calculation of assignable products: This doesn't say that the products are not assigned somewhere else.01:44
CIA-51tryton: ced roundup * #755/Inventories: moving with keyboard: [resolved] Fix with changeset ede0dd561f0f01:49
CIA-51tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 434:ede0dd561f0f stock/product.xml: Add priority to tree view of stock.location for product stock for issue75501:50
CIA-51tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 435:19568e8d5cb8 stock/: merge01:50
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saxamorning ppl08:20
saxaI would like to understand if this is possible in tryton,08:21
saxaI have a company and my workflow is as follows08:21
saxa1) receive an inquiry from my customer with part numbers and quantities for spare parts08:22
saxa2) I send it to my supplier/suppliers08:22
saxa3) receive the quote from suppliers with replacement part numbers and prices,08:23
saxa4) calculate my comission, add my costs08:23
saxa5) if customer accepts the price08:23
saxaI send the order to my supplier08:24
saxaand from there when goods are ready I prepare the packing list, transport document and invoice08:24
saxais that workflow possible ?08:25
saxathis is a trading company, so I think the most difficult part is to do in steps 2) and 3) which I want to automate08:25
saxasometimes in step 3) I also need to choose the cheapest price for single items, because there can be many producers/suppliers for the same product08:26
saxaI would really like to see this kind of workflow possible in tryton08:26
saxathat would for sure make me adopt it for my full time use in my company08:27
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Timitossaxa: i would recommend to ask this question also an the mailing list.08:46
Timitossaxa: possible is this for sure. but there are many customizations needed i think. especially if the solution should be easy to handle08:47
Timitossaxa: the challenge i see is to handle this workflow with only a view views.08:49
Timitossaxa: which way do you get the quote from the supplier? is this a paper or a digital document which can be parsed?08:50
saxaTimitos: I will ask that on the ML also08:56
saxaI get the original inquiry by fax, or by e-mail08:56
saxabut this is not much important because I need to imput it by hand08:57
saxaas I need to check the correctness of the part numbers and sometimes check the parts they are asking itself08:57
saxathe thing is that when I have checked it and I input it, then I want to automate it08:58
Timitossaxa: so in detail the process looks for me something like this:08:59
Timitosyou get the inquiry from your customer and enter it into tryton08:59
Timitosthen you answers the supplier for a quote. this should be also done with tryton09:00
Timitosthis could be a step in your workflow09:00
Timitosthe you receive the quote from the supplier09:00
Timitosso you can enter the prices for the quotation to the customer09:01
Timitosafter that i think everything is standard to tryton09:01
Timitosthe only thing is to decide where to put the inquiry from the customer first. sale module?09:02
saxaTimitos: correct09:05
saxaI think that when I receive the inquiry from a customer I can prepare a kind of quote for my customer with price 0,00 for all items09:06
saxathis quote basicaly would have my custoers namne and details09:06
saxaall part numbers09:06
saxaall quantities09:06
saxabut no price09:06
saxathen I would need to create an inquiry to my supplier/suppliers09:07
saxaafter that I can manually add the prices into that quote09:07
saxawhich I initially created09:07
saxaI see it that way, but I dont know if its correct09:08
saxaok, I need to go now, l8r I'm back here09:09
saxasee you09:09
Timitossaxa: ping me when you are back09:17
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yangoonsaxa: Timitos. what you discussed this morning seems to me, what is solved in other ERPs by "make purchase order (quotation) from sales quotation"15:54
yangoonthat is, principally, copy the sale to a purchase15:55
yangoonall things you have to check with suppliers is then possible in purchase15:55
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yangoonif you order/receive the parts from the suppliers, you can adapt the sales quotation/order in respect of your calculation and according for the client (for what you mention by your commission and costs...)15:59
yangoonso those things can all be done on client side16:00
yangoonand perhaps/probably on pricelists16:00
cedkyangoon: I think that it is better if you see the first sale step as a project16:00
cedkand then after purchase order (or packing receive), you create (automaticly?) the real sale16:01
cedkI say project but it can be an other model16:02
yangooncedk: in Germany this is often called "lead" (very german word;)16:02
yangooncedk: but I don't think, this is needed really in this case16:03
yangoonbecause what I call leads is the slight possibilty to get in contact for a deal16:03
cedkyangoon: It looks like what saxa describes16:04
yangoonwhat saxa described are real sales quotations in my eyes16:04
cedkyangoon: I don't think so because he don't know the price before asking to his suppliers16:04
cedkso for me it is wrong to create a sale order for that16:05
yangooncedk: AFAIS he is selling spare parts16:05
yangoonit depends on how his customers get in contact with him16:06
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CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1474:63ff084b0901 trytond/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Add active field on ir.action to allow better override of reports for issue65716:09
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #657/Additional fields of inherited report also created for parent module: [resolved] Fix with changeset 63ff084b0901 Now there is an active field on ir.action, so when you want to override a report, just create a new ir. ...16:10
yangooncedk: thx, great (for 657)16:10
cedkyangoon: yes perhaps, but I think it can be generic to see the sale quotation like a mini-project16:11
yangooncedk: yes, that's exactly what I wanted to say16:11
cedkyangoon: I think it is great new feature, it allows to make some funny stuff :-)16:11
yangoonsale quotation/order, from what I understood from projects so far, can be part of the project, but it can be much more16:12
cedkTimitos: ping16:13
Timitoscedk: yangoon: i am still a little bit busy here.16:16
cedkTimitos: it was just to ask you where is udono? There is an issue from him, but I don't have any answer from him16:22
Timitoscedk: udono will be back on monday16:23
cedkTimitos: ok, thx16:24
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CIA-52tryton: matb roundup * #756/Stock: calculation of assignable products: There are in this database currently only unassigned or done packings (no assigned and no ready for shipping) (customer_packings.png). All invento ...17:50
yangooncedk: just looking at the patch for 657, there is a typo:17:56
yangooncedk: report_ids =, user, [], context=ctxt)17:56
yangooncedk: in trytond/ir/translation.py17:57
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cedkyangoon: fixed18:26
CIA-52tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1475:1816b82f430d trytond/trytond/ir/ Fix typo18:26
CIA-52tryton: ced roundup * #756/Stock: calculation of assignable products: This is not enough. To check, I need all the moves and the records of UOM.18:28
cedkhey guys, did you see this commit from OpenERP:
cedkI think this is a GPL infringement18:41
cedkbecause it link GPL code with BSD18:41
cedkwhat do you think?18:42
yangooncedk: probably not, see
yangooncedk: but it depends what "modified BSD license" means exactly...18:50
cedkyangoon: I know that there was a issue when linux dev grab some BSD code18:53
cedkyangoon: so it seems to be right18:59
yangooncedk: I think, one has to look very close to the license, it will be a very tedious question19:01
cedkyangoon: the license of pyPDF is the BSD (3-clause form)19:04
yangooncedk: in my eyes it is possible as long as it is under GPL then19:04
yangoonbut I am  really not a lawyer19:04
yangooncedk: but you are right in that they don't cite Copyright19:06
yangooncedk: at least I don't see this19:06
yangooncedk: Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer...19:07
yangooncedk: so I think they are probably allowed to use it in GPL code, but since they don't cite the copyright, it is an infringement here19:08
cedkyangoon: and is the wiki page up to date with the GPL-3 ?19:09
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cedkyangoon: where do you think they must put the copyright?19:13
yangooncedk: I think it is the Modified BSD License from
yangooncedk: and thus it would be compatible19:13
yangooncedk: just as in every GPL project19:14
yangooncedk: in obe file they point to or in each file at the beginning19:15
yangoonhave to leave, see you19:15
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saxaTimitos , yangoon , cedk ok thx for the comments21:12
saxawhat I want is as follows21:12
saxafor my company if I have the price list of the products I answer immediately to my customer21:12
saxathis can be easily done as its just as issue a normal quote21:13
saxabut what I want is that if I dont have a product registered, or the price list for the products, then that I can create an single list of items21:13
saxawhich is then copied and distributed to various suppliers of same parts21:14
saxaI'm saying that this would be good to be made as an prequotation because this list would have just the part numbers , descriptions and quantities21:15
saxaits a kind of RFQ which is already tagged for a ceartain customer21:15
saxathis just because i connect all the inquiries to my suppliers with one single customer21:16
saxain my work happens that a customer is asking me for some engine parts produced by company A and some undercarriage parts produced by company B,C and D21:17
saxaso when I create that pre-quotation, by selecting categories, the machine should be able to split it also and send the part of products produced by company A to company A and the other part of products been inquired to companies B,C and D21:18
saxaof course people is answering in many different formats, so I dont want to parse the whole world :)21:19
saxaI can put that info in manually21:19
saxabut then if I receive an confirmation from my customer I need to have that info handy21:19
saxaas I need to create the whole bunch of documents out of it21:20
saxafrom the suppliers quote I need to be able to take out just some items or confirm the full quote21:20
saxathe program moust keep track then of what was shipped to me and delivered to the customer and what has been not21:21
saxathis is another thing I'm not sure if tryton does21:21
saxamaybe now its more clear21:22
saxaanyway I'm here if somebody wants to ask something21:22
saxaI will try to describe the first part of this thing in a mail to the mailing list.21:22
saxamaybe its better than here ?21:23
bechamelsaxa: I think you will have more answers with the mailing list :)21:25
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bechamelsaxa: if you want the system to create a list by supplier (with only products available on a supplier) then those products must exist in the system, and what should be done with the lists, send an email ?21:29
saxabechamel: yes, the inquiries should be sent by e-mail to the suppliers21:39
saxaafter receiving back the answers from the suppliers I can enter the prices and then create an quote for the customer21:40
bechamelsaxa: so a wizard on the sale order that read the products, and send email should do the trick.21:42
bechamelsaxa: the only missing step should be to auto update prices on products forms21:42
saxabechamel: a wizard is ok also21:45
cedksaxa: I think like bechamel, a status on product that says it must be priced by suppliers, a wizard to send requests for prices to suppliers and a dev to update sale order line price when you set the real price on the product21:46
cedksaxa: and the purchase creation will be created by the scheduler from stock_supply21:47
bechamelsaxa: yes but i don't see how this wizard will be aware for which supplier the price should be updated21:47
cedkbechamel: just add a list of potential supplier on the product21:48
saxacedk: the purchase supply can should be also created if there is no parts in stock21:49
bechamelcedk: there is already a list of supplier on the product21:49
saxacedk: maybe using a wirtual stock21:49
saxawhen I was trying to use tiny, what was missing was a step how to connect this first step, creating a quote to my customer from the suppliers RFQ21:50
saxaor creating a pre-sale-quote and then create the inquiry to the supplier21:51
saxafrom it21:51
saxathe connection between sales and purchases workflows has been missing something21:52
bechamelit's difficult to handle a link between the sale and the purchase, sometimes product are availables in stock, sometimes they must be produced. sometimes there is nothing in stock but the time between the creation of the sale order end the requested date is important etc ..21:56
saxabechamel: I know21:57
cedksaxa: I don't think you must create a purchase order to ask price to suppliers21:58
saxathe only thing really important for my work is to see how to create this sale order from the suppliers qotations21:58
cedksaxa: I think it is an other document21:58
saxacedk: I create a RFQ21:59
saxarequest for quotation21:59
saxawhich is ok21:59
cedksaxa: if you want but it is not a purchase in Tryton, it is a new model21:59
cedksaxa: because as you said previously, you only ask for price22:00
cedksaxa: and it is later when your customer agree to the price that you create a purchase order22:00
cedksaxa: so this last purchase order will be created by the stock_supply depending of the stock level22:01
bechamelcedk: saxa: a rfq could do the trick: it will containt a list of (product, supplier, qty) and will provide: creation of purchase, update of prices and creation of sale order (and keep the relation between the sale and the purchases)22:01
cedkbechamel: I don't think you must create a purchase from there22:02
cedkbechamel: and you don't create sale order from this22:02
cedkfor me you create sale order and new product if needed and once per day, a wizard create RFQ for all new products22:03
cedklike that you ask only once per day to the supplier22:04
cedkthe RFQ has no link to the sales22:04
bechamelwhen i say rfq i talk about a new model22:05
bechamelwhich will link sale and purchases22:05
cedkyes, but you must let the scheduler creating the purchase orders22:05
cedkfor me a rfq will be only a question to supplier to know his price for the products22:06
cedkit can be a real model or just a report on product that need to be priced22:07
bechamelthis is the problem for company that work "on demand" they just relay orders from customers to suppliers, it's a big overhead to handle an inventory just for that22:07
bechamellike some bookshop for example :)22:08
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cristi_ancedk: is possible on gtk client to control the behaviour of an editalbe table22:09
cedkbechamel: just run the scheduler more often22:11
cristi_anlike when i enter something in a cell then to programatically edit else22:11
cedkcristi_an: there is the on_change functionality22:11
cedkACTION go to lunch22:11
bechamelcedk: the problem is not to create the purchases, the problem is to know what to do when products comes from the supplier22:12
vengfulsquirrelWorkflows are triggered via the gtk client right?  For example will changing a sale from quotation to confirmed by calling write(...,{'state': 'confirmed'},...) trigger the creation of an invoice and a packing ?23:02
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: no, the client send a signal to the server, then workflow is processed wrt to this signal23:04
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: you can see which signal trigger which transition if you print the workflow23:05
vengfulsquirrelYeah so I have to run the workflow manually from a programming perspective.23:05
vengfulsquirrelPrint the workflow?23:05
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: plugin > execute plugin > print workflow on the sale form23:06
saxabechamel: cedk: I had asked once Geoff Gardiner if somebody knows him, to create a wizard doing this thing in tiny23:06
saxabut of course the cost was too high fo rmy point of view23:07
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: instead of calling write(...)  you will have to call something like wkf_trigger(...)23:07
saxaso if you want I can send to the mailing list the ideas and the conversations we had at the time23:07
vengfulsquirrelbechamel: Okay yeah that sounds easier than calling all the functions manually by reading the xml source.  Is the long term plan to have all that open and fully documented?23:08
bechamelsaxa: yes this may interest other somebody else23:09
saxatomorrow I will find out this stuff again and will post it23:09
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: yes i will try to provide more docs in the next months (at least before the nex trelease)23:10
bechamelsaxa: ok23:10
saxaACTION goes to sleep, good night23:10
bechamelsaxa: bye23:10
vengfulsquirrelbechamel: Do you mean trg_trigger ?23:13
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: let me check23:13
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: trigger force the workflow to evaluate the condition on the transitions of the current activity23:15
vengfulsquirrelbechamel: I'm trying to import a sale from an external system and then run it's state from DRAFT to QUOTATION to CONFIRMED.  Is that what I would use trigger for ?23:16
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: you need trg_validate, look in sale/ line 83623:17
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: this code force the workflow of the packing to do the draft->waiting transition23:18
vengfulsquirrelhmm ha that seemed to make it very angry23:30
CIA-52tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 161:da102a316a84 stock_supply/ Use new stock_skip_warehouse on products_by_location23:31
vengfulsquirrelOh wait I'm an idiot, nevermind.23:31

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