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cedkvengfulsquirrel: it must work00:13
cedkvengfulsquirrel: but becarefull that normally the value for a many2one must be (id, name)00:15
cedkvengfulsquirrel: where name comes from the call name_get00:15
cedkvengfulsquirrel: oups, I see the issue:00:15
cedkres[] = line.inventory.location00:15
cedkmust be at least:00:15
cedkres[] = line.inventory.location.id00:15
cedkand better:00:16
cedkres[] = (, location_name)00:16
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Oh man yeah that might explain a lot, so either id or (id, name)00:17
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Thanks I'll try that out00:17
vengfulsquirrelcedk: If I pass a value for a function field inside values to some_pool_obj.create/write(...) will it know to call the set_ function ?00:18
cedkvengfulsquirrel: look at the function get_uom line 264 of inventory.py00:18
cedkvengfulsquirrel: don't understand00:18
cedkvengfulsquirrel: for the code, perhaps a starting point will be to copy/paste diff here and we look together00:19
vengfulsquirrelFor example I've created a function field location, if I go something like write(..., {'location': 45}, ...) will it know to pass location to set_location ?00:19
cedkvengfulsquirrel: but not today, I will go to sleep soon00:19
vengfulsquirrelYeah you work pretty late and pretty early, maybe this weekend I'll post of some paste links in there of the stock stuff.00:20
cedkvengfulsquirrel: yes, if you define the set_location00:20
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Okay thanks a lot00:20
cedkvengfulsquirrel: ok, or you can use the mailling list if nobody is there00:21
cedkvengfulsquirrel: by the way, perhaps it is better to not update the repositories because I'm doing the big changes of the kernel structure00:22
vengfulsquirrelYou mean stock ?  I can just keep patching it after pulling forever if necessary unless you are actually changing stock itself extensively.00:24
cedkvengfulsquirrel: not the stock module, but the trytond stuffs00:24
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CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #761/Stock: Partially assigned packing does not appear under Assigned Packings: [resolved] Yes, you are right. But my error reveals, that it is currently impossible to delete a record on a o2m with the keyboard. (appended to ...15:32
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #461/Menu access keys and/or keyboard shortcuts for all client functions: +++ One2Many +++ Missing key for deletion of records in o2m fields15:32
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CIA-10tryton: Timitos roundup * #765/TypeError: Argument must be string or unicode.: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/trytond/", line 282, in run res = method(*msg[2:]) File "/trytond/web_service/obj ...17:11
CIA-10tryton: Timitos roundup * #766/Exception: ('Argument must be string or unicode.', 'Traceback (most recent call last):\n File "/trytond/", line 282, i...: [new] Traceback (most recent call last): File "/tryton/gui/", line 1337, in _sig_child_call res = wid.handlers[button_name]() File ...17:11
CIA-10tryton: Timitos roundup * #766/Exception: ('Argument must be string or unicode.', 'Traceback (most recent call last):\n File "/trytond/", line 282, i...: [chatting] this happened in an complete new db when i tried to open customer invoices view. this issue is linked to issue 76517:13
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cristi_ansame as question as on open erp18:34
cristi_anthere is the following real scenario : the accountatn go to the bank and gets the firm bank account extras18:34
cristi_anthen arrive at firm and start entering payed invoices18:34
cristi_anis there a way to do this faster the go on each invoice ,pay etc.18:34
cristi_anbecause a supplier may pay like 40 invoices once18:34
cristi_anand to put that sum and reconcile (pay) automatically those in the amount of that sum18:34
udonocristi_an: hi, do you know the account_statement module?18:41
cristi_anudono: unfotunatelly no18:46
cristi_ani know a mix between open erp docs and tryton18:47
cristi_anif tryton had open erp would be fantastic18:47
cristi_anhowever is that a module that resolve my problem ?18:47
udonocristi_an: no module of tryton will solve problems out-of-the box. The modules are all very general and needed to be custoised that they fit to the needs. Same like open ERP...18:49
cristi_ani understand but this is quite  pay faster invoices...not one by one...since that works for little firms that have like 5 invoices /day18:50
cristi_anmodule even general is better to be desinged for hig volumes of data18:50
carloscristi_an: as far as I know that module in OpenERP is used by the Spanish team to import an standard file in the Spanish banks with all bank movements18:50
cristi_anthe best way to do a good product is to put youself in the place of the user :)18:51
cristi_anand if you have like > 100 invoices to pay each day18:51
cristi_an+ other things to do18:51
cristi_anthis is quite common i say....18:51
carloscristi_an: well, if tryton has the account_statement module, I'm sure is just a matter of write support for your bank's statement format, something that is impossible to do for all countries/banks from day 0...18:52
udonocristi_an: The account_statement module is for coding Bank-account statements into the system, with begin and End balance of the Banksheet. So I think it doesn't help this much for mass payments.18:52
carlosACTION is confused18:53
carloscristi_an: aren't you talking about reconcile bank movements?18:53
cristi_ancarlos that is why i reapeat Trtton needs DOCS !!! :)18:53
carloscristi_an: indeed, I'm "fighting" against taxes definition ;-)18:54
cristi_ancarlos: i talked about paying invoices ... (reoncile with invoices ? )18:54
carloscristi_an: and I'm preparing documentation for all that knowledge I'm getting so it's easier for new people18:54
cristi_anpfff that is ...a very good news...18:55
cristi_anif all would do like you ...!!!18:55
carloscristi_an: paying invoices == 'set the invoices as paid in Tryton'?18:55
carloscristi_an: well, I hope others do the same for other parts of the system18:56
carlosI'm not good on writing documentation18:56
cristi_ancarlos: you had prev ezxp with open erp as well ?18:56
cristi_anall of you guys from here had prev expericnes with open erp .....18:56
carloscristi_an: I'm using OpenERP for my company while I finish preparing Tryton18:57
cristi_anthat is why i foid so siffcult to understand are very much familiar with...18:57
cristi_anso you not quite a newbie at all!!!18:57
cristi_ani am the only one around here :))18:57
carloswell, I'm newbie from the development point of view18:57
cristi_anbut not as a user18:58
cristi_anyou master open erp :)18:58
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carlosI just got the chart of accounts done for OpenERP, but seems like it's not 100% correct, and thus, I need to move to Tryton as soon as possible with my fixed chart of accounts to close 2008 ;-)18:58
carlosACTION doesn't want to learn two different chart of accounts systems (OpenERP and Tryton)18:59
cristi_anthey are so different ?18:59
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carlosThe definition XML is a bit different, and the way the OpenERP Spanish people do their chart of accounts is completely different from the way I was teach to create the Tryton one19:01
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carlosAnyone that could help me with Tryton's taxes handling?19:08
carlosI think I'm getting more or less the idea behind it, but what I don't understand is the utility of credit_note_* (credit_note_base_code, credit_note_tax_code, credit_note_account, etc...)19:09
cristi_ancedk: plz do us a big favour....and not only for us19:10
cristi_ancedk: write the docs for modules19:10
cristi_ancedk: i will buy it :)19:11
cristi_ancedk: 100 % even in advance19:11
cedkcarlos: I have not time today, please send an email on the google groups, I will answer19:11
carloscedk: ok, thanks19:11
cristi_ancedk: no time for that soon ?19:12
cedkcristi_an: I don't know19:13
cristi_ancedk: it is also a marketing step. @see open erp with new docs (don;t get me wrong if i gave them as samples in this case)19:14
cristi_ancedk: one oof the reasons you split is that you wanted simpler ,stalbe and beter documented modules19:15
cristi_anfrom wht i know...19:15
cedkcristi_an: when we make something we want to make it good19:15
cristi_anamong other things..19:15
udonocarlos: base_code tax_code is for generating tax reports. See the german account_de_SKR03 module on intuxication.19:15
cristi_ancedk: nothing is perfect from the begginign ,19:16
cristi_animprovements may be done in time19:16
cristi_anhowever it up to you ...the ball is in your court19:16
cristi_anyou will never have a perfect solutions for everything...19:17
cedkcristi_an: no, but we don't want rewrite things every year :-)19:17
cristi_ani see your point...19:17
cristi_ancedk: but nodule and code changes in i am affraid you will have...19:18
carlosudono: I'm using the account_de_SKR03 as the base for my Spanish taxes, but I need to understand it a bit more19:18
cristi_ansince laws are changing,since there are always better ways to do things,new techologies appear...19:18
cedkcristi_an: I hope we will do only improvement and bug fix19:18
cristi_ancedk: so no docs in plan ?19:19
carlosudono: my main question is more about credit_note_* I think I know the ones for invoice_*19:19
carlosudono: what I don't understand is the difference between credit_note_* and invoice_* and when is used it instead of invoice_*19:21
udonocredit_note_base_code is the place in your taxreport where the reverse booking of the invoice (creditnote) is collected. It can be the same than invoice, but must not.19:23
udonoit is just for more flexibility in taxreports.19:24
cristi_ancedk: bbl ???19:24
carloscristi_an: be back later (I think)19:24
carlosudono: hmm, I'm trying to understand your answer, just give me some time... :-P19:26
udonocarlos: I don't think that the tryton accounting part differs from standard spain accounting principles, because all accounting principles are the same world-wide. It is just a bit more complex on the edges. But therefore it fits to german, belgium, frensch,...and hopefully spain.19:27
udonocarlos: of course: tryton is not complete in accounting.19:28
carlosudono: yeah, what you told me makes sense, I'm just trying to map it with the way we handle it in Spain, but I don't have that in my mind, so I'm just checking an invoice movement19:28
udonocarlos: I used the official german taxreport (a verry complicated paper with 40 fields) and realized this in tryton over the taxcodes.19:30
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carlosudono: the problem I'm having is that I'm still not able to see the difference between invoice_* and credit_note_*...19:38
carlosudono: is there any example in the German chart of accounts which use different values ?19:38
carlosfrom what I see the only difference is the sign, but they use the same codes19:39
udonocarlos: on the sign are some Bugs19:44
udonocarlos: Not directly bugs, but inconsequences19:44
udonogermany has no need for different credit_note_*19:45
carlosso maybe that's why I don't see its utility in Spain either...19:46
udonocarlos: srry, I used it in 'Steuerfreier i.g. Erw. m. USt-Id Nr.' it is a VAT free EU buy with UST-ID nr.19:47
udonocarlos: but its very tricky and I have my experts Timitos and Yabgoon for the details...19:49
yangoonhi udono19:50
udonocarlos: but sorry, I have to leave. See you Tomorrow.19:50
udonoHi yangoon19:50
udonoyangoon: sorry didn't call you, just corrected my typo :-) Yabgoon = yangoon. See you19:51
carlosudono: so you used it to note that such sell was tax free (due to the EU vat number), but in your report you should note it as if it had 19% of VAT ?19:52
yangoonudono: yes, I saw, cu:)19:52
carlosudono: ok, cheer19:52
carlosI will send an email to the mailing list anyway19:52
carlosudono: however  I think I'm understanding it a bit better now :-D19:52
carlosudono: thanks for your help19:53
carlosACTION -> out19:56
carlossee you later!!19:56
cristi_anudono: sorry to say this but thigs have to be simple , if they tend to be too complicated is something wrong. (Keep everything clear, obvious and as self-documenting as possible)19:58
cristi_ani fimplementing a chart of account si difficult what about the rest...19:58
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