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udono that's why I choose Tryton!16:22
bechameludono: on the other side they already advertise automatic migration from the 4.2 :
udonobechamel: The devil is in the details... we will see which modules will be certified...16:33
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bechameludono: You know, this doesn't prove that they have got migration scripts16:34
CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 227:503114b4c3f3 purchase/ ( purchase.xml): Added invoice exception handling16:35
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CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 228:9d27fb0e1069 purchase/ Handle invoice to purchase relation without the extra m2m18:30
CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 229:a74a97e4a4da purchase/purchase.xml: Prevent empty purchase confirmation19:35
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CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 118:6b8fd835f681 sale/sale.xml: Prevent empty sale confirmation19:47
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snowchHi IRC, I've noticed there has been some work going on to get OpenERP running on jython.  Is there any interest in getting tryton running on jython?20:37
cedksnowch: not for now20:38
snowchcedk: that's a shame!20:38
cedksnowch: and personaly, I don't find the usefulness20:39
jal01hallo, ich bräuchte ein wenig input20:39
cedksnowch: why?20:39
jal01hello, i need any input about tryton, sorry for my english :-)20:40
cedkjal01: hi, can you explain?20:41
snowchcedk: jython would bring a whole new level of scalability, performance, and community to tryton20:41
jal01i have installed tryton, but the client have'nt connection to the server, why?20:42
jal01on debian, sorry20:42
cedksnowch: the performance of Tryton is linked to the SQL server and not the python code20:42
snowchjal01: is the client connecting to 8070?20:43
cedkjal01: have you any error message? on the client or server side20:43
cedksnowch: I don't understand the scalability argument20:44
jal01no, no error messages, all is OK.20:44
jal01server is running and client to20:44
cedkjal01: did you create a database?20:44
jal01snowch: i think not. but thats is my problem20:45
cedksnowch: for the community, perhaps but I don't think it will be better to write modules in java than in python20:45
cedkjal01: what did you have on the login popup?20:46
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snowchcedk: applications like terracotta jvm clustering20:47
jal01cedk: any help, script :-)20:48
jal01on login popup (client) = Datenbank: kann nicht zum Server verbinden20:48
jal01Database: cannot connect to server20:48
cedksnowch: first, as I said the bottleneck is the SQL database20:48
cedksnowch: seconde, you can run many instance of the Tryton server for the same database20:49
cedkjal01: client and server are on the same host?20:49
jal01cedk: yes20:49
cedkjal01: and if yes, what is in the server address20:49
snowchcedk: groovy would be very nice for writing modules20:50
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cedksnowch: it looks like Python so why using java vm20:50
jal01cedk: (is a VBox-Installation)20:52
cedkjal01: could try with
snowchcedk: i guess the main thing is it makes us 'java' people feel more comfortable20:53
cedkjal01: or the client and the server are on two vhost20:53
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cedksnowch: for me, learning program language is not a big stuff when you know already some others20:54
jal01is the port correct 8070?20:54
snowchcedk: although after looking through the refactorings, i'm feeling more comfortable with python now.20:54
cedkjal01: yes by default, but look at your trytond.conf file20:55
snowchcedk: openerp almost put be off python!20:55
cedksnowch: and I have some more step to do20:55
cedksnowch: I don't understand, there is server, client and modules in python20:56
snowchcedk: keep up the good work!20:56
cedksnowch: you can keep track of the work on
cedkI will try to update it regulary20:58
cedkand I invite anyone who works on Tryton or modules to add entries also20:58
snowchcedk: ok will check it out. thanks...20:58
jal01cedk: in my opinion are all lines commended (#)20:59
jal01#netport = 807020:59
jal01it's ok?, or i have install problems?20:59
cedkjal01: commented lines are for default value21:00
cedkjal01: and normally you must see a line like this: INFO:web-service:starting netrpc service, port 807021:00
cedkjal01: do you have any firewall?21:04
jal01cedk: no firewall on debian21:05
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 23:9abc39d9e833 country/ Add check on code value before calling upper21:05
cedkjal01: which version of Tryton do you use ?21:07
cedkjal01: and version of Python ?21:07
ikksjal01: Lenny or etch?21:07
jal01cedk: sorry, my battery on my notebook is empty :(21:07
snowchit's about time I learnt how to write a module - is there any documentation?21:07
jal01thanks and good night.21:08
jal01i return tomorrow21:08
jal01i use the last version of tryton.21:08
bechameljal01: you can try "nc -zv 8070"21:08
cedkjal01: 1.0 or mercurial?21:08
cedksnowch: you can start here:
snowchcedk: many thanks!21:09
cedksnowch: it is not complete but it is a good staring point21:09
jal01bechamel: connection refused21:09
bechamelare you sure that the server run on ?21:10
cedkjal01: you talked about vhost, is the client and server on the same vhost?21:10
jal01bechamel,cedk: yes, this is my laptop21:11
cedkjal01: and you have the line that I told you "starting netrpc service, port 8070" ?21:12
jal01no, i can't find this line/message21:12
cedkjal01: could you copy/paste the output of the server21:13
cedkjal01: with nopaste21:13
jal01cedk: sudo su tryton -c "bin/trytond"21:14
cedkjal01: I mean the info message of trytond21:15
jal01i have not this message :(21:16
cedkjal01: you have nothing ?21:17
jal01no message from server, yes nothing21:17
jal01Geben Sie das Passwort des neuen Benutzers ein:21:18
jal01Geben Sie es noch einmal ein:21:18
jal01CREATE USER21:18
jal01jal@debian:~/workspace/tryton-dist$ sudo su tryton -c "bin/trytond"21:18
jal01jal@debian:~/workspace/tryton-dist$ cd ~/workspace/tryton-dist/tryton21:18
jal01jal@debian:~/workspace/tryton-dist/tryton$ ./bin/tryton21:18
cedkjal01: so the server is not started21:19
jal01should i repeat this command?21:20
jal01sudo su tryton -c "bin/trytond"21:20
cedkjal01: yes21:20
cedkjal01: could you make it in two steps21:20
cedkjal01: one: sudo su tryton21:21
cedkjal01: and after: ./bin/trytond21:21
jal01cedk: thanks, isee now, ihave probs with the direcories:21:23
jal01jal@debian:~$ sudo su tryton21:23
jal01jal@debian:~$ ./bin/trytond21:23
jal01bash: ./bin/trytond: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden21:23
jal01i must working :-)21:23
cedkfor jal01 if he reads irclogs, you are not in the right directory21:25
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Hey when I'm initializing my locations in tryton it starts off fine but then starts to get incredibly slow.  Is it because of the left/right stuff?  Do you have any idea why this would be ?21:29
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cedkvengfulsquirrel: could you give the structure of you location and which operation is slow?21:36
cedkvengfulsquirrel: or even, a dump of teh database21:38
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vengfulsquirrelmy irc just tanked i don't if that happened to anyone else22:03
vengfulsquirrelcedk: There are 1000ish entries that look like this:  They are 4 node deep tree that looks like this: where the storage location is the root.22:05
vengfulsquirrelIt takes about 12 seconds to save a new location at depth 4 in the client.  Maybe I'm just impatient but it seems irregular.22:06
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cedkvengfulsquirrel: is it only for the creation?23:09
vengfulsquirrelSorry did you get the image and data snippet I sent ? IRC keeps dropping me.23:11
cedkvengfulsquirrel: yes, I've got it23:11
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Well yeah I only notice for creation right now.23:11
cedkvengfulsquirrel: if it is only when creating or writing location, it is the left-right stuff23:12
cedkvengfulsquirrel: and I think it is normal, because it pre-compute the tree to speed up after search on it23:12
cedkvengfulsquirrel: by the way which version do you use?23:13
vengfulsquirrelSomething I pulled in the last week.23:13
cedkvengfulsquirrel: the branch 1.0 or 1.123:14
vengfulsquirrelI used this .23:14
cedkvengfulsquirrel: yes but you can specify the branch23:15
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I find perhaps the issue23:16
vengfulsquirrelYeah hmm I have no idea what I specified originally.  How can I find that now ?23:16
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: cat trytond/.hg/hgrc23:17
vengfulsquirreldefault =
cedkvengfulsquirrel: ok it is the 1.1 (dev)23:17
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: so its the trunk (akar 1.1)23:17
vengfulsquirrelYeah I probably should know that. :)23:18
vengfulsquirrelAlso I get this error at lot: HINT:  Increase the configuration parameter "max_stack_depth".23:19
vengfulsquirrelWith regards to having many products.23:19
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I know it is an other issue that I must fix23:19
cedkvengfulsquirrel: it is in _update_tree, we use a list of id in clause but it can be too big so we must split it23:22
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 486:cb0f884e2a98 stock/ Add indexes on left, right of location23:23
cedkvengfulsquirrel: with this changeset, you must see a speed improvement for the creation of location23:23
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 487:71973f9ae27c stock/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE23:26
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 488:807f70c407e7 stock/: merge23:26
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 119:b1167f4fdda8 sale/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE23:26
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 120:1c8365c93ee4 sale/: merge23:26
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Okay there is a problem with large product sets and the product.delete method as well.  maybe I should open a ticket for that23:27
cedkthose queries, I don't know how to do when there is too much child_ids23:27
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 230:15fb56d7054f purchase/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE23:27
CIA-10tryton: Mathias Behrle <> default * 231:49935272c665 purchase/: merge23:27
cedkvengfulsquirrel: yes could you enter an issue with the traceback23:28
cedkvengfulsquirrel: it is when you delete a big set of product?23:29
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Yeah but its not he big set of products its the big set of singleton templates that causes the problem.23:29
vengfulsquirrelI think.23:30
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vengfulsquirrelI fixed it but its not high quality code I will show you in the ticket.23:30
cedkvengfulsquirrel: ok23:30
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I guess it is in modules/product/ line 12623:30
vengfulsquirrelcedk: With respect to the production module, if I am making commits like crazy and alterations as we go back and forth on how the model should look do you think I should just start another repository once we figure out the initial layout ?  Because the log might be a mess.23:33
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #771/Fix _update_tree for big set of ids: [new] If child_ids is bigger than IN_MAX, call _rebuild_tree Add loop on left_ids and right_ids23:35
cedkvengfulsquirrel: yes surely23:36
cedkvengfulsquirrel: but we will see on time23:36
CIA-10tryton: vengfulsquirrel roundup * #772/Large product set problem: delete method: [new] The delete method on the Product model cannot handle large product sets where each product has a 1 to 1 relationship with a template.23:37
CIA-10tryton: vengfulsquirrel roundup * #772/Large product set problem: delete method: [chatting] This is kind of a sloppy patch. Can you tell me if you think it will work? If so then I will clean it up and try to use IN max. diff ...23:51

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