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cedkudono: I don't understand because on_change and on_change_with are not called with the same event00:08
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udonocedk: so you think both can be used in one fields.Function without problems?00:36
udonocedk: I need the on_change_with to change the value of a field.Function when another field changes. So when the fields.Function changed (from the on_change_with event) it should trigger an on_change where I can provide changes of multiple fields in the {'field_a': "val_a", 'field_b': "val_b",...}00:39
cedkudono: no, values set with on_change and on_change_with never trigger other on_change calls00:43
cedkudono: you must handle this on the server-side, otherwise you can have inifite loop with call to on_change functions00:44
cedkudono: but with my experience having this kind of situation is general because there is an issue in the design00:44
udonocedk: yes, there is an issue with product and product.template model ;-)00:46
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 523:626de8e9b28b stock/
CIA-10tryton: Don't round compute_qty in set_state_packed for internal quantity counter for00:47
CIA-10tryton: issue89900:47
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #899/multiplied quantity on packings: [resolved] Fix with changeset 626de8e9b28b00:48
cedkudono: why?00:48
udonocedk: I try to handle it from outsite but It seem impossible... We are working on a product_variant module. So far it works in general fine. But we needed to bring the product.template and the product.product view to the user. But now we have the problem when the user see the product.product view he can change directly stuff in the product.template. But this is bad, since with variants one template is base for many product variants.00:50
udonoso I started to put the product.template informations on product.product view into readonly fields.Functions the user can not change. Because he should change the template stuff in the template view.00:51
cedkudono: why do you use Function fields?00:53
udonocedk: to make the product.template stuff in product.product view readonly00:53
cedkudono: add simply states attributes to the fields that comes from template00:53
udonocedk: how?00:54
cedkudono: I understand, but I don't see why you need function fields00:54
cedkudono: by changing the fields in __init__00:54
udonocedk: I cannot overwrite the fields, cos its bad design you told me...00:54
udonocedk: ah, inzteresting... is there an example in the wild?00:55
cedkudono: make like in project module00:56
cedkudono: I already show you that?00:56
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 524:1ffac73a0c91 stock/ Fix states of supplier on when there is no value set for issue90100:59
udonocedk: I can't remember. You showed me how to add fields to a Selection from another modules __init__00:59
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #901/IntegrityError: null value in column "supplier" violates not-null constraint: [resolved] Fix with changeset 1ffac73a0c9100:59
cedkudono: it is the same00:59
cedkudono: but I don't find it is bad to allow the user to edit those fields01:01
juanfercedk: I made three times the registry in, and till now I have no mail for confirmation.01:16
udonojuanfer: maybe a spam filter eating your mails?01:41
juanferI will see.01:42
udonojuanfer: If you like you can use my email address and I send you the mail... udono@gmx.net01:43
juanferno udonu you are right, I'm use google apps, and it filter the mail, I finally found it.01:44
udonojuanfer: :-)01:44
juanferThere are a way to graph the workfows?02:01
juanferSomeone know how to generate the tryton.pot, I have problems when I try to do. As user root, running the command: python ./ extract_messages --output-file share/locale/tryton.pot it produce error: invalid command 'extract_messages'02:12
udonojuanfer: yes, go to a view with a workflow, then above menu plugins > print workflow02:13
juanferthx udono02:13
udonojuanfer: you want to translate the client?02:16
juanferActually, help to ikks to do that.02:16
juanferTo spanish02:16
udonojuanfer: great! did you know
udonojuanfer: specially
juanferYes I'm following the instructions, but when I try to produce the file tryton.pot, produce me the error: invalid command02:18
juanferpython ./ extract_messages --output-file share/locale/tryton.pot02:19
udonojuanfer: did you have babel installed?02:30
juanferI installed poedit, babel is for the same?02:32
juanferis kbabel-dev - PO-file editing suite for KDE02:32
juanferor python-pybabel - tools for internationalizing Python applications?02:33
udonojuanfer this you need, I think02:33
juanferwith one? kbabel-dev or python-pybabel?02:34
udonojuanfer: welcome to underground of translation process in Tryton ;-)02:36
juanferbut I need pybabel, and poedit, right?02:39
udonoyes, poedit is good02:39
udonoand pybabel is needed to generate the translations for the client02:39
juanfercool pybabel work.02:47
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CIA-10tryton: Igor T?mara <> default * 293:a7444c2a12e4 website/locale/es_ES/LC_MESSAGES/tryton.po: Updated website translation to spanish04:48
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cristi_anudono: carlos : i made a purchase, and theoretically the suppplier did not sent me all stuff or added other ,what happens to missing products since on stock will end up less then on invoice09:31
cristi_ani did nto find i program ,something to remind me that there is a difference09:32
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cristi_anbechamel: i made a purchase, and theoretically the suppplier did not sent me all stuff or added other ,what happens to missing products since on stock will end up less then on invoice09:48
cristi_ani did nto find i program ,something to remind me that there is a difference09:48
bechamelcristi_an: you talk about the stable version ?09:50
cristi_andemo on windows09:51
bechamelcristi_an: ok, the stock module on the  stable version does not handle packing cancelation09:52
cristi_ani do not say tht is a bug...09:52
cristi_ani just wonder how it works09:52
bechamelcristi_an: it's a missing feature09:52
cristi_anthe logic behind09:52
bechamelcristi_an: actualy you may cancel the packing, but there are no other handling after that09:53
cristi_anwhat i did is i changed the values from packing simultaing that i recevied less09:54
cristi_anso on stock i had less then on invoice09:54
cristi_anbut weeks i will forget about that :)09:54
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bechamelcristi_an: it depens of the invoice method on the purchase, if it's base on packing the invoice will follow the received quantities09:56
cristi_anso i can't change quantities on pakcings09:57
bechamelcristi_an: if the invoice method on the purchase is "based on order" the invoice will follow the quantities of the purchase and will ignore the packing09:59
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CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1685:e06529d16a26 trytond/trytond/model/fields/ Use _table of models for query construction10:27
CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1686:e8bbaf32041d trytond/trytond/model/fields/ Add missing _table usage10:52
CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 308:a97985899ce3 account_invoice/ Use domain_get on search methods, use _table of models for query construction.10:55
CIA-10tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 273:71f6f925a1c8 purchase/purchase.xml: Added context on relate action opening invoices11:08
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cedkcarlos: hi, do you have any information for
carloscedk: Hi11:17
carlosIs the first time I know about it, however, I found some information related to it, in Spanish11:17
carloscedk: are you interested on it just to fix the vat number validator or do you need anything else?11:18
carlosI could fix the validator myself, if you want11:18
cedkcarlos: yes it is to vat validation11:18
cedkcarlos: if you can11:18
cedkcarlos: I guess that the new number will be validated like the old one, but without any information I can not suppose11:19
cedkcarlos: could you give me the links for info11:19
carlosthat's the official one11:19
cedkcarlos: the project page is
carlosyeah, I have the mercurial branch in my laptop11:20
carloscedk: btw, with the new __history table feature, I guess is ok to just change the VAT number for any company that needs to change it and thus, all invoices until the change date will have the old VAT number and the new ones will get the new VAT number, right?11:28
carloscedk: also, you have more technical information about the change on this post:
cedkcarlos: yes :-)11:30
carloscedk: that's what I expected ;-)11:31
carloscedk: I guess you saw the thread about such feature in OpenERP, right?11:31
cedkcarlos: good this link is very useful11:31
cedkcarlos: no, which thread?11:31
carloscedk: I was reading it at the time you announced the __history feature11:32
carlosso I thought you were aware of it11:32
carloslet me look for it..11:32
carlosit's old, but they resumed it recently, however, nothing seems to be done to fix it11:33
carloscedk: I was going to ask you whether Tryton has a way to handle it, and then you added the feature ;-)11:34
cedkcarlos: yes, this old one I read it when we was thinking about the implementation11:34
LordVandoes tryton handle delivery notes too?11:35
LordVanhi btw11:35
cedkLordVan: what do you mean by "delivery notes"?11:37
LordVanlike those bits of paper u get with a delivery that the person taking the goods signs11:38
LordVanlike a packing list when u get a parcel11:38
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bechamelLordVan: there is already a report "customer packing" on the customer packing (renamed in shipment on the development version)11:44
cedkLordVan: yes we name it "Customer Shipment", but normally it must be "delivery note"11:44
cedkbechamel: it must be name "Delivery Note" as we talk on mailling list11:45
cedkbechamel: and by the way, the report must be updated11:45
LordVanso does it automagically generate it from an order ? (but not necesarily all items on the order for split deliveries,..)11:45
bechamelcedk: yes, but I thing it miss the prices of the goods11:46
bechamelLordVan: yes the report is defined on the packing not on the order11:46
LordVanbechamel, and can it then generate the invoice too (possibly for more than one delivery)11:47
LordVanbtw that brings me to sth else .. does an invoice ahve to have an order associated in the system ?11:48
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yangoonLordVan: no, you can create *standalone* invoices11:49
cedkLordVan: if you choose on sale order to invoice based on delivery, it will create only invoice for goods delivery11:50
yangoonLordVan: and about delivery note:
bechamelLordVan: it depends of the invoice method of the sale order, the invoice may be created according to teh sale order otr according to the pakings/shipments11:50
LordVani gotta have another look at all this again .. was busy with server and network stuff recently11:50
LordVanthanks ..11:51
LordVangotta go sort food out now .. cu later ;)11:51
bechamelcedk: do you agree for the prices on the delivery notes / customer shipment ?11:53
cedkbechamel: not sure11:53
yangoonbechamel: please look again at
yangoonit is not only the prices, but the model has to be clarified11:54
yangoonwhat we have is more a pack list11:54
bechamelyangoon: did you see taht packing is now shipment on the dev version ?11:55
yangoonbechamel: of course11:56
bechamelyangoon: atm the modification is only for displayed strings, but the table names will change after the release11:56
bechamelyangoon: what do you means by "the model as to be clarified" ?11:57
yangoonbechamel: no problem for this11:57
yangoondid you read
bechamelyangoon: i'm reading it11:57
cedkyangoon: the Shipment give you all the goods delivery to the customer11:58
yangooncedk: in one package, yes11:58
bechamelyangoon: my idea is to rename and improve the current "customer shipment" report and to add a new "picking list" report11:58
yangoonAFAIS our current model packing list is per shipment11:59
cedkyangoon: why on package?11:59
cedkyangoon: why one package?11:59
yangoonbut a delivery note is for all packages of a delivery11:59
yangooncedk: sorry, cannot look at the moment, but is rrport packing list by packing|shipment or always for all goods of the order?12:01
bechamelyangoon: by shipment12:01
yangoonbechamel: that is my point12:01
yangoona delivery note can contain several shipments (aka pack lists)12:02
bechamelyangoon: so you talk about a "by order" shipment report ?12:02
yangoonbechamel: exact12:02
bechamelyangoon: so it's another report12:02
yangoonbechamel: if it can be done on the current model it is just another report, yes12:03
bechamelyangoon: for me it's a report on the sale order12:03
cedkyangoon: no, there will be not more than one shipment by delivery12:04
bechamelyangoon: so the current customer shipment should be "pack list"12:05
cedkyangoon: shipment != pack12:05
yangoonbechamel: the examples I have here from practice show a delivery note subdivided by packages12:05
bechamelcedk: but there can be several shipment by sale order12:05
cedkbechamel: but not on the same day, the delivery note is per delivery12:07
yangooncedk: you make a first partial delivery, later the second...12:07
cedkyangoon: yes, but there is two shipments12:07
cristi_anhere soem stat disgrams will be very helpful12:07
cristi_anstate diagrams12:07
yangooncedk: or you have some goods of a delivery spread over more than one package12:08
cedkyangoon: and?12:09
yangooncedk: you need a document for each package and you need a delivery note, that states in which package are which goods12:10
cedkyangoon: so we don't have a package model12:10
yangooncedk: I would think, that shipment is near to a package model12:11
cedkyangoon: why?12:12
yangoonbut that we don't have the model delivery note containing several shipments12:12
yangooncedk: becuse it is oriented to the number of goods to be delivered, not to the total of goods in an order12:13
cedkyangoon: don't understand12:13
bechamelyangoon: the links between model are : sale - sale line - move - shipment: so the current modelisation allow to create a report giving a list of what have been already shipped and what has to be shipped12:17
cristi_anbechamel: this is something related to waht i asked this mornign right ?12:17
cedkyangoon: and order create a shipment with all the goods and you modify the shipment when assign to reflect the qunatity available12:17
bechamelcristi_an: yes except that you were talking about purchases12:18
cristi_anthe ideea is the same...12:18
cedkbechamel: but I don't see why you want to have such report12:18
carloscedk: I have the diff for vatnumber ready12:19
cedkbechamel: it is not a delivery note, because delivery note is what is send on a specific date to the customer12:19
bechamelcedk: it's yangoon who talked about this, i just says that it's possible12:19
carloscedk: How do you prefer it? mail, roundup, hg repository?12:19
cedkbechamel: but it is not delivery note12:19
cedkcarlos: you can post it on vatnumber bugtracker12:19
bechamelcedk: it's an extended delivery note :)12:19
carloscedk: ok12:19
yangooncedk: bechamel the problem is, that there is no overall consense and use for these documents12:20
yangoonbut surely in a real enterprise you need this:12:20
yangoona pick list for the worker to fetch the stuff12:21
yangoona pack list for each package sent out12:21
yangoona delivery note for a bunch of packages12:21
yangoondelivery notes are sometimes used to be signed at once by the customer, if comes fetching the products directly in your store12:22
yangoonand delivery note has legal status, because it marks the change of ownership of goods12:23
cedkyangoon: yes and we have all of this except the pack list because we don't have pack model and it is not really mandatory12:24
cedkyangoon: and pick list is on the screen12:24
yangooncedk: where do we have a delivery note?12:24
bechamelyangoon: to be sure: a pack(ing) is a box wrapping several goods and one shipment is made of several pack(ing) ?12:25
cedkyangoon: it is the report with the wrong name "Customer Shipment"12:25
yangoonbechamel: normally yes12:25
yangoonbechamel: but shipment in tryton so far means an assembly of products12:25
cristi_anshippment is dependant on the entity that transport that...(consider it linked to the transporter)12:26
cedkyangoon: we made some thing simple but extentable12:28
cedkyangoon: adding a many2one to a pack model on shipment will be quite easy to do12:28
yangoonsorry always phone in between12:30
yangooncedk: then indeed current model is nearer to delivery (note)12:31
cristi_anyangoon: what if you pack some goods but phisically you put like other goods there by mistake ==> phisical stock != stock on this things are correct later ?  (inventory) ?12:32
yangooncristi_an: yes12:32
yangooncristi_an: this has nothing to do with the model, but with correction of errors ot the staff12:33
yangooncristi_an: so if you send out some wong stuff you can make a credit note or whatever to correct it12:33
cristi_anyangoon: and that is linked with accounting moduel to adjust the value of the stock12:34
yangooncristi_an: AFAIS yes12:34
yangooncristi_an: iy of course you take the correct steps12:34
cristi_anyangoon: i noticed that sales with minus do not genereate invoices...12:35
cristi_anyangoon: you do not have such things ?12:35
cristi_anfor returns ?12:35
yangoonsales with minus? -> are credit notes12:36
yangooncristi_an: did you see return shipments in invent. management?12:36
cristi_anno...i just try to discover all functionalities12:37
cristi_anin paralel with tranlations12:37
cristi_anand ...coding...:)12:37
cristi_anin my freee time12:37
cristi_ani was thinking to wirte a manual12:38
carloscristi_an: that would be wonderful12:39
cristi_ani ask cedk help for this ... he agrees.12:40
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #143/add VAT number validation: I added check_vies function to vatnumber that uses the SOAP service of EU. I just need know to add a button on party form to call it.12:42
yangooncedk: bechamel finally it looks indeed, that current model shipment is nearest to the entity delivery (thought as orientated like a combination of products handed over to the customer or transporter, like cristi_an says:) and that the fragmentation into packages is another model.12:43
carloscedk: btw, would be possible to include a link to the issue from the CIA bot?12:44
cedkcarlos: I don't know12:44
carlosok, I will try to find it12:45
cedkcarlos: on the CIA page the link is there:
carlosok, thanks12:47
cedkcarlos: so we send the right information to CIA12:49
carlosthe problem is how it shows it on IRC12:50
cedkcarlos: the code is there:
carlosI don't find any obvious way to change it. I will add it to my TODO list...13:11
carlosto check it deeply13:11
CIA-10tryton: carlos roundup * #143/add VAT number validation: Instead of a button, shouldn't it be done on invoice or sales order generation? As far as I know, the company vat number should be valid in that ...13:19
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #143/add VAT number validation: You can not be restrictive there because you must be able to make invoice, sales etc. even if your Internet connection failed, the EU service is d ...13:23
CIA-10tryton: matb roundup * #143/add VAT number validation: @carlos: ack Problem: you always have to be online for that, so it should be optional.13:24
CIA-10tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 252:7c90d7100f10 party/ (CHANGELOG party.xml): Add CheckVIES wizard (VAT Information Exchange System) for issue14314:25
CIA-10tryton: ced roundup * #143/add VAT number validation: [resolved] Fix with changeset 7c90d7100f10. For a warning on sale, invoice, etc. Please open a new issue.14:26
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juanferping udono14:34
juanferI have problems with the compilation of my file .po I'm trying with: pybabel compile tryton.po14:35
juanferand appearme pybabel: error: you must specify either the input file or the base directory14:35
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udonocedk: Hi, thanks a lot for the inspirations last night with the mighty __init__16:03
udonocedk: All you said works very nice, but I cannot distinguish the readonly attribute for different models... I created a small mockup
udonocedk: Upper part ist the base Module, lower part the extenstion16:04
udonocedk: In the extension module in __init__ I can successful set the type-field to readonly. Bud I didn't find a way to have it readonly only in views for product.product AND to have it readwrite in views of model product.template.16:07
udonocedk: Any idea if it will be possible?16:07
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CIA-81tryton: * r474 /wiki/ Add Liberation fonts16:17
cedkudono: first, you must not change product.template in the __init__ of product.product16:21
cedkudono: you must do this in the __init__ of product.template16:22
cedkudono: instead of using readonly attributes, I will use states16:22
udonocedk: state ... hmm16:22
cedkudono: and test on a field that is only on product.product16:23
cedkudono: with locals()16:23
cedkudono: like in account.tax16:23
udonocedk: yes, I think I understand. This looks very interesting... thanks a lot!16:33
cedkudono: I think to be very userfriendly, you should add on product.product a Function field that return the number of product that use the same template16:36
cedkudono: like that you could put in readonly only those who has the value > 116:36
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juanfercedk: the client doesn't make the change of the menu whe I select other language, ikks told me that it is an error in Linux, but no in Windows, it is error of GTK, or of Tryton?17:01
cedkjuanfer: which version do you use?17:02
juanferversion of what?17:03
cedkjuanfer: yes17:04
juanferTryton 1.1.017:04
juanferIt come from the repository.17:04
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cedkjuanfer: which changeset?17:05
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cedkjuanfer: and if you refresh the view17:09
cedkjuanfer: CTRL+R17:11
juanferdoesn't work17:11
cedkjuanfer: do you have the translation loaded for the selected language?17:11
juanferNo, how I do that, with the menu plugin->exec plugin->17:13
juanferTranslate view?17:13
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cedkjuanfer: which language do you want?17:17
juanferMy language is spanish, and I have database, one in english and one in spanish, and if I come back to english it keep the menu in spanish17:18
cedkjuanfer: ok, can you submit an issue17:19
juanferissue of what? in the program?17:21
cedkjuanfer: and you talk about the menubar ?17:21
cedkjuanfer: on roundup, bugs.tryton.org17:21
juanferAh, ok17:21
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carlosikks_: hi, around?17:25
ikks_carlos, yep17:28
CIA-81tryton: juanfer roundup * #902/Problem in the menu bar at swicth from language: [new] When close the database that is in english, and File->Connect, and select an database that is in other language it, keep the menu bar in eng ...17:28
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CIA-81tryton: C?dric Krier <> default * 1241:dfa07b6407d4 tryton/tryton/gui/ Update menubar labels for new language at login for issue90217:31
CIA-81tryton: ced roundup * #902/Problem in the menu bar at swicth from language: [resolved] Fix with changeset dfa07b6407d417:31
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carloshow is handled in Tryton the fact that some companies have an official name but they use a different commercial name ?18:38
carloswell, I think it's not handled in any way, that's why I ask ;-) just in case I'm missing something18:39
bechamelcarlos: you are right: it's not handled :)18:40
carlosbechamel: thanks for confirm it ;-)18:40
cedkcarlos: I don't understand how you want to handle?18:41
carloscedk: in TinyERP, the spanish guys added a new field to store such information18:41
carlosI just checked and saw that it's a customisation18:41
cedkcarlos: when do you use it?18:41
carlosfor instance, we have a customer that it's company name is: 'Brinmar hosteleros, S.L.' but they commercial name is 'Cava Siglos'18:42
carloscedk: so for us is easier to find them by their commercial name18:42
ikkscedk, is usual to have here at my contry too.18:42
carlosbecause is the one used all over the place, except for invoices18:42
ikksthat sort of things.18:42
ikksOn taxes they are presented with one name, and people knows the trademark with another...18:43
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cedkthat is uggly to have it with different name all over the system18:45
bechamelcarlos: so it's just a field that is a reminder/shortcut and it's not used in reports ?18:46
carlosbechamel: right18:46
carlosbut is useful if you are able to use it as a way to search a party18:47
bechamelcarlos: so it would be easy to do with a custom module18:47
carlosok, it's a quite simple functionality so it's ok for me to do it that way18:47
carlosunless ikks has a more important use case for it...18:47
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CIA-81tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 525:f1fd92730a2e stock/ (delivery_note.odt packing.xml packing_out.odt): Rename "Customer packing" report into "Delivery Note"19:03
CIA-81tryton: Bertrand Chenal <> default * 526:8ac8d2184521 stock/ ( packing.xml picking_list.odt): Added Picking List report19:03
bechamelhi everyone, i plan to create reports for supplier shipment which will be the counterparts of the Delivery Note and the Picking List (ie a report for good reception and a report for putting just received goods in the right place in the warehouse), is there any standard/usual name for those reports ?19:08
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ikksbechamel, I think it's just the same case in Spain and in Colombia. Thanks :)19:13
cedkbechamel: no needs of report like "Delivery Note"19:14
cedkand for me, it can be named "Picking List" even for reception19:15
bechamelcedk: ok, so just "put those product there" report19:15
cedkit is simply a picking in the other way19:16
vengfulsquirrelDoes a picking list exist now ?19:17
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: yes since 14min :)19:18
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vengfulsquirrelbechamel: Awesome19:27
vengfulsquirrelIs it possible to give the incoming picking list a different name ?19:36
cedkvengfulsquirrel: which one?19:37
vengfulsquirrelWell he said he made a picking list for fulfulling orders.  That name is fine.  But for receiving shipments from suppliers you might want to call the list of where to put things something else.  Maybe Restocking List ?19:42
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I don't know, for me picking list is good19:48
vengfulsquirrelIs the name change hard?19:48
cedkvengfulsquirrel: no, but we must choose one now19:49
vengfulsquirrelWell I guess its weird because you aren't picking anything19:50
vengfulsquirrelI guess when I think picking list I think like going to locations and picking out the products.  When restocking you have the products and you are just taking them to the location.19:51
cedkvengfulsquirrel: is it restocking list the right term?19:52
vengfulsquirrelNo I just made that up I'm not familiar with a term for that list.19:57
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: at least it makes sense19:59
vengfulsquirrelWill there be way to modify either of those before the report is printed?20:04
vengfulsquirrelActually nevermind that doesn't make sense if the moves already exist.20:05
vengfulsquirrelcedk: On a different note, the admin password in the configuration file is different than the admin password given to trytond --init=all -ddbname on the first run right ?20:23
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: yes, the password in configuration is for db creation, the other is for admin auth inside the created db20:25
vengfulsquirreldb_user, db_password is for database stuff right ?  so admin_passwd is that for using the create database tools in the client ?20:27
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: yes20:28
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cristi_ani study all modules nowdays...20:59
cristi_anand i have a question about taxes on party20:59
cristi_anhow is this ?21:00
cristi_ansince .a party ...may be a vat tax payer or not... and usualy vat is something appliect to products21:00
carloscristi_an: some taxes depend on the party too21:02
cristi_anlike what ?21:03
carlosand other depend on the party and the product21:03
carlosfor instance, in Spain, freelance people should add a negative tax if the party is a company or other freelance, but they don't add it if it's a regular person21:04
cristi_annegative tax ? interestin21:05
carlosso the party geting that negative tax pay that freelance less money, because they give that amount to the government directly21:05
carloscristi_an: I'm not sure whether that's the correct term in English21:05
cristi_ani did not know that...21:05
carlosis a way to be sure that you will pay them if you are a freelance ;-)21:06
cristi_anbut what is interesting is that you may have different taxes as customer and as a supllier...21:06
carlosfrom that I understand that you could sell goods to someone using one tax, but you will pay a different tax to that same party if they sell you something21:06
cristi_anit is flexible...,despinte not used at least here...21:07
cristi_ando you know by change what is ...Code ..on taxes...?21:08
cristi_ancedk: for thsi new version...1.2 is not possible to create some defautl data for demo21:10
cristi_anto exeplify ..some cases21:10
cristi_anlike different types of taxes...21:10
carlostax code?21:10
cristi_anall kinds of situations...exceptions...21:10
cristi_ancarlos: on taxes if you define a new one..there is a tab called code.21:11
carloscristi_an: it's used to store the amount used to calculate the tax and also to store the amount of taxes paid21:11
carloscristi_an: it's useful to know how much taxes you paid or you should paid at the end of the tax cycle21:12
carlosand it may help you to generate the reports automatically so the customer only needs to send it to the tax agency21:12
carloswithout having to look for all that information themselves21:12
cristi_anif i had an example maybe i woud undestood better...21:13
cristi_ancarlos: there you suply some base codes....21:13
carloscristi_an: my chart of accounts define the codes21:14
carlosso every time I issue an invoice21:14
carlosthe invoice base amount and the invoice vat amount is stored in a tax.code21:15
carloswell, different tax.code entries21:15
carlosdepending on the information I want to store21:15
cristi_ani see21:15
carlosand then, for instance, I could get at the end of the month how much VAT did I get from customers21:16
cristi_anbut that you may find without code since the vat account is used...21:16
carlosand also how much VAT did I paid to suppliers21:16
cristi_anso from accounting module you may find ..exaclty what is the tax neede to be declared21:16
carlosthe vat account is a different thing21:16
cristi_anyou have vat account for purchase and vat account for sales no ?21:17
carlosand also, tax.code allows you to split it between different vat values (0%, 4%, 7%, 16%, etc...)21:17
cristi_anthe diff if positive you pay as taxes21:17
cristi_anthat is the differnce then ....21:17
carlosalso you need to split how much vat is for intra EU selling/buying21:18
carlosthe tax accounts give you the total21:18
carloswith tax.code you can split that information21:18
cristi_anbut you ahve to report ...that infomation split21:18
cristi_anthis is the same here...21:18
carlosalso, the vat account doesn't store the base amount used to get that vat, and you also need that information for reports21:19
carlosright, so tax.code stores all that information21:19
cristi_anyes i need base as well21:19
carlosso you can generate such reports21:19
cristi_ani go it....21:19
cristi_anwho teach you this ?21:19
cristi_anin tryton ?21:19
carloswithout having to parse/read all moves21:19
carloscristi_an: I got it from the German chart of accounts and my own knowledge21:20
cristi_ancarlos: how can i import you char of account into tryton21:21
carloscristi_an: clone my repository with mercurial and put it inside the trytond/modules directory21:21
carloscristi_an: restart tryton and you will get it in the list of modules available21:21
carlosthen is just a matter of select it for installation and that's it21:22
carloscristi_an: however, all text is in Spanish, so I'm not sure how useful will be it for you21:22
carloscristi_an: also, I think you should trust more the German one, I'm still testing mine with my company before considering it as ready to be used/trusted21:23
ctp_hi folks. would you recommend the recent developer version for daily work? how stable is the dev code?21:24
carlosctp_: I don't think you should use it on production21:24
cristi_ancarlos: ok i will take the german one...21:24
carlosctp_: I didn't have any issue yet with it, but it's still in development21:25
cristi_ando you know where is the german one ?21:25
ctp_carlos: ok. do you know the main diffs between the stable and the dev version. which features are included in the dev branch?21:26
-!- cristi_an(i=5978d3ce@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #tryton21:52
carlosctp_: many features, however we are near a new release (next month if nothing delays it)22:02
ctp_carlos: thx for the link ;-)22:04
carlosctp_: anyway, many changes are internal ones that provide a better infrastructure for customisations22:05
ctp_carlos: i gave adempiere a try for some weeks but it's a really, really hard piece of code with enormous complexity. i think tryton is more usable for my purposes. adempiere uses jasperreports for _all_. jasper sucks ;-)22:08
carlosctp_: be careful, cristi_an may hate you for that comment ;-)22:09
cristi_anctp_: it does not suck at all22:11
cristi_anit does all things .. you even imagine...22:11
cristi_anhowever...adempiere is huge and old base..despite..nice idea22:12
cristi_anyou know that the creator of compiere is the grandfather of open erp and tryton as well22:12
ctp_cristi_an: i've some experiences in jasperreports (bi stuff) but it's absolutely hard to handle every report with it.22:12
ctp_cristi_an, you mean jörg janke?22:13
cristi_anFabien ...was inspired by that ....from what i know..22:13
cristi_anctp_: YES22:13
ctp_cristi_an: adempiere is great. definitely. but the complexity is too heavy for many smc's.22:14
cristi_antoo complex...22:15
ctp_cristi_an: i am writing some howtos for clear installation. this one i've written for the brand new adempiere 3.5.3a: and this one is dedicated to tryton (writing on ;-)):
ctp_i like to help newbies in complex environments ;-)22:17
cristi_annice thing...:)22:18
cristi_ani will try to write a manual for tryton22:19
cristi_anbut i try to understand ti first :)22:19
cristi_anctp_: tryton has already this...on his wiki but you did it veru nicely ...and in one place22:19
ctp_cristi_an, when the doc is ready, the content can be copied to project's docs22:20
cristi_an is your site ?22:22
ctp_cristi_an: yepp, same with, etc ;-) www.* is in progress ;-)22:22
cristi_anyou are a ubuntu guru :)22:23
cristi_anpitty is in german :)22:24
ctp_cristi_an: no, i am freebsd guru. debian is the 2nd choice ;-)22:24
cristi_anfor me ... all unix linux are the same :)22:26
ctp_cristi_an: i think, i'll translate the most requested articles into english next weeks ;-)22:26
cristi_ani saw you did soem ruby introductions22:27
cristi_anplz do that...:)22:27
cristi_andid you programmed in ruby ?22:27
ctp_online translations are awesome ;-)22:28
ctp_cristi_an: yepp, i love RoR. decided to choose RoR instead of Django for many projects now22:29
ctp_cristi_an: where're you from?22:29
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cristi_anctp_: i contacted you on private...22:35
cristi_anfor ROR ...:)22:35
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