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deux_hey jaunfer:03:26
deux_I hear that tryton is a fork of openerp.03:27
deux_I am new to openerp03:27
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cedkTimitos: hi16:07
cedkTimitos: I have got a little issue with taxes and rules16:08
cedkTimitos: it is about the taxes to use for supplier invoice16:09
cedkTimitos: I'm thinking that we could use the suppliers tabs to define taxes to use with this one16:10
cedkTimitos: instead of the default supplier taxes on the product16:10
cedkI think it will simplify the complexity of creating rules for purchase16:10
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Timitoscedk: hi18:53
Timitoscedk: are you sure that this is needed?18:53
cedkTimitos: yes, I think18:58
cedkTimitos: especially since I know that for intra-EU, the supplier can choose in some cases if he uses the taxes from his country or from the country of the delivery18:59
cedkTimitos: for me, it is really the same behavior than with the purchase price19:00
cedkTimitos: and here, in Belgium, the vat that you will put on a invoice line will depend of the use it19:01
cedkso the rate is the same but for the report it is different19:01
cedkSo I think that creating supplier rule that will match all the cases will be very complicate, but storing the tax by supplier and product will reduce a lot19:02
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Timitoscedk: sounds interesting. but do not forget. if the supplier is the user of tryton he also needs to be able to do this on customer side. so i think you would also need this topic on customer side but not only for supplier19:10
Timitosi do not understand for what case the rate (of what?) should be different for line and report19:11
cedkTimitos: no, the rate is the same but the tax code is different19:12
Timitoswhy? can you explain me the case?19:12
cedkTimitos: and I think that for the sale, it is different because the company decides which taxes to use19:13
cedkTimitos: because we must put on different code taxes depending of the use and not only of the product19:13
Timitoscedk: i still do not understand the case19:14
cedkTimitos: It is a general think, for purchase, you don't decide how the vat will be applied, it is the supplier that decides19:16
Timitosbut could you please explain me the case? how and for what reason can the supplier decide? please give me an example. can the supplier decide every time new or can he decide for one year or another timeline?19:18
cedkTimitos: he can be registered in the country or not19:19
cedkTimitos: and it depends also of the amount, he exports to this country19:19
cedkit is all kind of thing that you can not know19:19
Timitoscedk: you mean the delivery threshold?19:20
cedkTimitos: no, the tax19:20
cedkthe vat19:20
Timitoscedk: no. i must know this. this case you explain is a case you can handle with existing tax rules. you only need to create a special rule set for this supplier.19:21
cedkso what I think is that it looks like the purchase price, you can not know before you receive it19:21
Timitosand this supplier must inform you about this19:21
Timitoscedk: but this would be only for one case. for the first purchase from this supplier. after the you will know19:22
cedkTimitos: yes, you know for this product19:23
Timitoscedk: no. you know for this supplier19:23
cedkTimitos: so you can store the information on the product for this supplier19:23
Timitosthe case you explain is always valid for all products of this supplier19:24
Timitoshe cannot opt only for one product19:24
Timitosi think you should not try to create only one rule set for purchase and one for sale but you should create more rulesets depending on the attributes which are valid for the customer/supplier you append this rule set to19:26
cedkso for now, I have 3 taxes group for purchase19:26
cedkbut I will need about 3*3+319:27
cedk3 kind of use19:27
Timitoscedk: this is why i have some more fields on my solution in account_tax_system_de19:27
cedk3 rates19:27
cedkand for one kind there is two subdivisions19:28
Timitoscedk: i already told you that the tax depends on some more things but only on the product. this is why i proposed to extend the solution with custom fields.19:28
Timitosbut i do not think that it would be good to put some information on another place but on the rules19:29
cedkTimitos: but here it is not the problem19:29
cedkTimitos: it is because there is too much possibilities19:29
Timitoscedk: this is tax law. there are many possibilities. but i do not think that the supplier information is the right place for this19:30
Timitosi think it would be better to put a field on party and to add a field on the rules to handle those cases. you can define the tax rules more precise then19:31
Timitosand you have one place where the rules are stored19:32
cedkI will think about a better solution19:33
cedkTimitos: I saw on a account software for Belgium, that they put a second field on invoice line for the use19:38
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Timitoscedk: what was the content of the field?19:38
cedkTimitos: it is the name of the tax code19:39
cedkin fact the main issue, it is that the tax code separation is different for sale and purchase19:40
cedkfor sale it is based on rate and for purchase on usage19:40
cedkbut I will think a little more about it19:40
Timitosi think that we should try to keep the invoice line as clean as possible to keep usability19:41
cedkTimitos: yes, the software I looked was for accountance19:42
Timitoscedk: why do you not want to extend the tax rules with a field for this?19:45
Timitosi only want to understand your intention19:45
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cedkTimitos: I'm thinking about20:18
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cristi_anguys how was 1.2 ....?21:59
cristi_anis stable enough ?22:00
cristi_anthis month i am dead busy ....22:00
cristi_anso i can;t advance with my tryton realted issues22:00
juanfercristi_an: 1.2 its good enouf, if you found any bug please let us know.22:02
cristi_anjuanfer: you activly code on tryton ?22:03
juanfercristi_an: no so active as I like, but what is your problem?22:04
cristi_anwhy would be a problem,no problem at all....i know the guys for some time...and i did not noticed , new one ....that start coding22:05
cristi_anso soon22:05
cristi_ani plan to do that for like 5 month22:05
cristi_anbut...did not had enough do it22:06
cristi_anjust asked...if you code...since you said let "us" know22:06
cristi_anTimitos: language of the exe cleint is in German22:13
cristi_anhow can i swithc that to english22:13
cristi_ansince i want to file a UI bug22:13
cristi_anbut ...german text is not something i understand very good22:14
juanfercristi_an: I just helped to test tryton 1.2, and in spanish translation and I'm in the work of making an account module, cedk is the head.22:14
Timitoscristi_an: in the Menu "Benutzer->Einstellungen->Einstellungen" you can switch from "Deutsch" to english22:14
juanferactually, you could have a db in deutsh and another in english as you like.22:15
cristi_anjuanfer: what can i say  ia ma glad that slowly but sure comunity around tryton22:15
cristi_anso nice to meet you..and don;t be that ...fighty ? ("what is your pronlem ?" like )22:16
juanfersorry, my language is spanish, and some time I translate my spretions to english, I hope you don't feel angry by that. You are wellcome.22:17
cristi_anthank you22:17
cristi_ani though you start coding so fast ..since i joinf thi commuity arounf november...and i still learn things...22:19
cristi_anthat is why i asked you...since i know regular commiters were .cedk ,bechamel ,udono ,Timitos ,carlos + the guys from relatorio...22:19
cristi_ani ji mised like last 2 month since ...i had some contracts to finish..22:20
cristi_anno time even for irc22:21
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