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cedkpanthera: ping13:11
cedkpanthera: it seems there is an issue with the debian package of account_de_skr03_200813:17
cedkpanthera: it doesn't check that the major version is the same than the server13:17
cedkpanthera: which is absolutly necessary (for all modules)13:17
pantheracedk: there's no tryton 1.0.x in debian, only 1.2.x. therefore, all depends on e.g. tryton-server are13:23
pantheraunversioned. we don't do versioned depends if they are not required.13:23
pantheraapart from that; account_de_skr03_2008 is broken anyway, waiting for udono to release new version.13:23
yangoonpanthera: udono is just on the way....13:24
udonopanthera: AFAIK account_de_skr03_2008 is not broken for tryton 1.0.013:28
udonopanthera: but it still not work on trytond > 1.0.013:29
udonopanthera: account_de_skr03_2008 will become account_de_skr03 on trytond >= 1.2.0 and then regulary released and updated on this base. Sorry for the misunderstandings.13:32
pantheraudono: as i said, it's broken in debian, as we have only
pantherathe renaming of the binary package to account-de-skr03 has already happened.13:34
udonopanthera: I don't know what to do? Can you tell me?13:35
pantherarelease a version of account_de_skr03 tha tworks with 1.2.0 :)13:36
yangoonudono: just release account_de_skr03, then the debian package will be updated from those sources13:36
udonopanthera: yangoon: that's an easy task (hopefully)! BTW Releasemanager for account_de_skr03 is Timitos, since he has access to the repository.13:38
pantheraeven for easy tasks, someone's gotta do it :)13:40
Timitospanthera: there was some misunderstanding on my site. i will perpare the release now.13:45
pantheraACTION happy13:45
CIA-48Korbinian Preisler <> default * 22:f21ee0165208 account_de_skr03/ fix MANIFEST for translation13:49
CIA-48Korbinian Preisler <> default * 23:13297843d2fe account_de_skr03/COPYRIGHT: add Mathias Behrle to COPYRIGHT13:49
CIA-48Korbinian Preisler <> default * 24:7f0732991c6f account_de_skr03/ Prepare release 1.2.013:49
CIA-48Korbinian Preisler <> default * 25:914927af095b account_de_skr03/.hgtags: Added tag 1.2.0 for changeset 7f0732991c6f13:49
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 26:5fb4b0445b47 account_de_skr03/ Update version number13:57
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 26:3443f96481a2 account_de_skr03/ Update version number13:57
cedkTimitos: I create the branch 1.2 for account_de_skr0313:58
cedkTimitos: don't forget to register the release on pypi13:58
Timitoscedk: great. many thx13:58
Timitoscedk: yes. we will do that13:58
cedkTimitos: uploaded on downloads.tryton.org13:59
pantherauploaded to debian, thank you guys ;)14:07
udonocedk: panthera: Thank you!14:08
udonoTimitos: good job!14:09
Timitosudono: thx :-)14:09
udonocedk: do you have an estimated date for the release of trytond 1.2.1?14:09
udono... the first bugfix release...14:11
cedkudono: at least one week14:20
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carloscedk: btw, about the policy of not touching database with new minor releases14:21
carloscedk: does it apply to translation updates too?14:21
cedkcarlos: yes, we prevent the need of running --update14:22
carloscedk: with translation updates, you don't need to do the --update, unless you really want to do it14:22
carlosnothing will break if you don't update, but new installation or advanced users may still get improved translations14:23
yangooncarlos: good point!14:23
carlosACTION still thinks that translation handling needs an improvement, and plans to work on an improvement for 1.414:24
carloshowever, I think we could improve the policy for 1.2 right now, without changing anything14:25
udonocedk: panthera: Timitos:
Timitosudono: thx14:27
pantheraudono: i'm using the tarballs, but thanks.14:28
cedkcarlos: false, we must unsure that every body run with the same data14:30
carlosbtw, I found this interesting, we had a commercial meeting last week at Madrid between serveral Spanish companies, to get in touch about what each one offers, and we found a company that already knew about Tryton (They were looking for partners to work with to deploy ERP solutions in Spain). The interesting part is that they are not an IT company, so we are starting being known out of the IT companies :-)14:31
carloscedk: well, I guess that's a valid argument from the  support point of view (we had the same kind of discussion about Ubuntu while I was working at Canonical)14:32
carloscedk: would you accept a propossal to move all translations out of the database to .mo files, just like the client, but keeping the option to override translations using the database directly, just like what we allow right now?14:33
cedkcarlos: the big issue is that gettext is not multi-thread aware14:34
carloscedk: that would allow you to update translations, without having to touch the database, and you will know exactly the data they are using because the translation will match a given release14:34
cedkcarlos: and we use the same engine to translate record values14:35
carloscedk: am I missing anything? it's a read only action, what's the problem with multi-thread?14:35
cedkcarlos: the way the target language is choosen14:35
carlosI see14:36
carlosI will think further on it, if your only problems are technical ones, I will try to find solutions for them while preparing my propossal. Is that ok for you?14:37
cedkcarlos: of course if you fix this, it can be possible but I don't see the useful to use a second database engine for translation as we had already a great database14:37
carloscedk: well, technically, current system is a nightmare14:37
cedkcarlos: but there is still the issue about records translation14:37
carlosas a translator, we need to repeat a lot of translations over and over again14:38
cedkcarlos: why?14:38
carloswe don't have a way to handle plural forms, and current translation tools are too basic, compared with how rich is the .po editors 'market'14:38
cedkcarlos: that is because we need translation to be modular so you must translate the name string for different model14:38
carloscedk: sure, but I talk about the same module14:39
carlosI translated the 'Invoice' word a lot of times14:39
carlosfor the same module14:39
carlosI'm not talking about merge all inside the same translation domain, that's not a good solution, but inside the same module14:40
cedkcarlos: in recent change, if you translate once and run update it will translate others14:40
carloshaving the same term translated several times is a lost of time for new translators14:40
carloscedk: I guess you talk about fuzzy feature, right?14:40
cedkcarlos: no, if there is a untranslated string that is the same that a one translated, it writes the translation on it14:41
carlosthat's a good addition, however, it's not enough (as I said earlier, I'm sure I'm biased given my previous experience with other translation systems so I'm trying to get the best of both systems to improve Tryton)14:41
carloscedk: oh, really, I didn't know that14:42
carlosthat's a good addition14:42
cedkcarlos: of course it can be improved but I'm not sure that we can fix all with gettext14:42
carloscedk: I'm not talking about just migrated to gettext14:43
carlosbut to use it + other good additions we already have14:43
cedkcarlos: from what I see with the OpenERP script that collect string to generate po file, they had a lot of issue and it seems that some string are still not translated14:43
carloslike the translation override option, multilanguage support, etc14:43
carloscedk: well, they are not really using gettext14:44
carlosfrom what I saw14:44
cedkcarlos: no but po file14:44
carlosthey added support to the .po file format14:44
carlosjust like the .csv file14:44
carlosthat's a hack14:44
carlosand it's not what I'm trying to achieve14:44
cedkcarlos: I agree that adding multi-language will be good14:45
carlosanyway, I still need to madurate my proposal and do some testing14:45
cedkcarlos: but it is not an easy job14:45
carlosI know14:45
cedkcarlos: I think about a tool that merge es.csv with es_ES.csv file to generate temporaly what we had now14:46
carlosto emulate the gettext search 'protocol'?14:47
cedkbecause I think it will be to overload to have a search for es_ES and after es in the database14:47
carlosoh, so it's to avoid such search14:47
cedkcarlos: yes, but with pre-computed result14:47
carlosyeah, that will be a performance problem using a database14:48
cedkcarlos: but there is still after the issue about generating the files14:48
carlosyeah, that's hard to be done automatically14:49
cedkI don't know14:49
cedkas I don't see good solution, I prefer to stay to what we have14:49
carlossure, if we don't find something better, it makes no sense to do any change14:50
carlosI think we would end with a better solution, but I need to define better it and do some testing to take care of the points you talked about, as soon as I get something I will let you know14:51
CIA-48udono roundup * #1062/Client Menu > Options > 'Menubar' is wrong label need to be 'Toolbar': [new] Client Menu > Options > 'Menubar' is wrong label need to be 'Toolbar' Fix attached.15:35
CIA-48udono roundup * #1062/Client Menu > Options > 'Menubar' is wrong label need to be 'Toolbar': [chatting] New patch to completely replace the name space of 'menubar' with 'toolbar'15:45
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1825:a95a09b5db66 trytond/trytond/ir/ui/ (graph.rnc graph.rng): Add float_time attribute in fields of graph view17:00
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1311:552f5c9bb5f7 tryton/tryton/gui/window/view_form/view/graph_gtk/ ( Handle float_time attribute on graph view17:00
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 71:c2efd5f83f66 timesheet/ (INSTALL line.xml work.xml): Add dependency to company_work_time and use float_time attributes17:01
CIA-48udono roundup * #1062/Client Menu > Options > 'Menubar' is wrong label need to be 'Toolbar': Sorry, found some more namespace problems. But with tryton_menubar.patch4 I think all is ok.17:08
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CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 4:072fd3c12788 company_work_time/ ( de_DE.csv): Add translation for de_DE20:13
CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 131:872b1ac3851a account_statement/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE20:22
CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 570:cf360482696e stock/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE20:23
CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 1826:249ece05c8a9 trytond/trytond/ (ir/de_DE.csv res/de_DE.csv): Update translation for de_DE20:24
CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 1827:6df560dfa555 trytond/: merge20:24
CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 72:38321f4fcde1 timesheet/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE20:25
CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 73:7e519a15f95d timesheet/: merge20:25
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