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cedkvengfulsquirrel: oups ok, I understand now your question00:00
cedkvengfulsquirrel: it depends of the taxes, the country law etc.00:00
vengfulsquirrelI'm just creating sales tax, its a percentage of the total and it depends on the location I guess.00:07
vengfulsquirrelI just re-pulled everything after like 3-4 weeks and all my modules are still working which is amazing by the way, good work.00:08
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I think you should create tax rule that add this tax on every products00:13
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cedkvengfulsquirrel: but you must know excatly what is the rule for this taxes00:18
vengfulsquirrelAre tax rules meant to be created from customized templates on a company by company basis ?00:22
cedkvengfulsquirrel: why not00:23
vengfulsquirrelI just meant 'is that what they are for?', I created one but all you can put in is the tax and the name of the company.00:24
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I don't understand00:26
vengfulsquirrelWhat is a Tax Rule for ?  What is the behaviour ?  Is it so I don't have to add the tax to every product on every sale line ?00:30
cedkvengfulsquirrel: it is to modify default taxes depending of the paty00:30
vengfulsquirrelOkay so when I'm creating sale lines the tax will automatically be added to them, yeah that sounds good.00:31
cedkvengfulsquirrel: only if it depends of the party00:33
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juanferhi MarkusB09:16
MarkusBis this english or german channel?09:16
MarkusBenglish, i guess ^^09:17
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juanferI think that is english, but I'm not totally sure09:17
juanfertry #tryton-de09:18
MarkusBdoes'nt matter09:18
MarkusBmaybe someone can help me. I played around with Tryton this weekend and it looks pretty nice for the first look. But i miss some functions09:19
juanferWhell you coul send a mail listing all this functions, and some one could think that could be usefull.09:20
MarkusBfor examle articles with part lists09:20
MarkusBfirst i want to know if these functions are there or not09:21
vengfulsquirrelWhat are the functions ? What do you mean articles with part lists ?09:22
MarkusBan article assembled with other articles09:22
MarkusBfor example: you have the articles Tire, Door, Window, Motor.. and you have the article Car with the part list Motor - 1x, Door - 4x, Tire - 4x and so on09:24
cedkMarkusB: it is production that we have not yet09:24
MarkusBah, ok.09:25
MarkusBthanks good, i'm not blind ;)09:25
MarkusBthe other thing i miss are graduated prices, or scale prices or however this is called09:26
cedkMarkusB: how do you want it works?09:28
MarkusBjust a list09:30
MarkusB1 pcs - 10€09:30
MarkusB10 pcs - 9€09:30
MarkusB25 pcs - 8€09:30
MarkusBand so on09:30
cedkMarkusB: ok, it can be done with a little module (everything is ready for this)09:31
cedkMarkusB: it can be something similar to want we have for purchase price09:31
MarkusBsounds great.09:31
MarkusBmaybe i can find some time to take a closer look how it works. than i try to write my own module.09:32
MarkusBuntil now i'm using Lexware, but i want to switch completly to linux and lexware is the last software that binds me to windows09:33
MarkusBand tryton is the first software, that can replace the lexware software.09:34
vengfulsquirrelcedk: That tax rule you talked about earlier, does that work with party categories at all ?  So that all customers of a certain category have a certain tax applied to them?09:34
cedkvengfulsquirrel: no, it is only linked to party09:35
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Okay thanks, hey also I have some questions about the documentation09:38
vengfulsquirrelcedk: there is mention of DocumentationClient do you mean more generically all the trytond and tryton documentation ?09:39
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I don't know, I have not written this09:42
vengfulsquirrelOkay I'm going to fix it to be how I think it was meant to be written.09:45
MarkusBcedk, is there a good API Documentation to write own Modules?09:52
cedkMarkusB: you can look at
MarkusBmhm, ok. i will take a look. thx. i guess, i can ask here if i have questions09:56
cedkMarkusB: we could try to improve the doc with your questions09:57
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cedkMarkusB: an other way is to look at the code of some simple modules like party, country, currency10:07
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Okay wait I think I'm confused, are there existing guidelines for writing these:  ?10:09
cedkvengfulsquirrel: not yet10:13
vengfulsquirrelOkay well I think that's what this file was meant to be.10:13
vengfulsquirrel*wiki page10:13
cedkvengfulsquirrel: yes, it is udono who wrote it10:15
vengfulsquirrelOkay it was a good idea10:17
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CIA-48vengfulsquirrel * r614 /wiki/ Fixed up guidelines for documenting modules.10:57
CIA-48vengfulsquirrel * r615 /wiki/ Made note to not duplicate the module's file.10:57
CIA-48vengfulsquirrel * r616 /wiki/ Removed need for version from the template since it will make it annoying to maintain.10:57
MarkusBcedk, ok, i will take a look. i hope, the simple modules are simple enough for me ;)11:39
cedkMarkusB: we try to make clear code11:40
MarkusBcedk, the code is one thing, the general structure is something different11:41
MarkusBor to understand WHAT you programmed is more difficult than understand HOW you programmed it11:42
cedkMarkusB: for me the best way is to dive into the code11:42
cedkMarkusB: but for the module you talked, you don't need to understand too much of the framework11:43
MarkusBcedk,  there is a special module i want. i have a place for packing my parcels and i want a programm that tells me what's the next order i have to pack and that tells me step by step what i have to put into the package11:46
MarkusBwith barcode scanner support11:47
cedkMarkusB: a kind of wizard that run over shipments?11:48
MarkusBsomething like this11:50
MarkusBcedk, there are lots of things i need for my business that most software does not support. for example prepayment or COD.11:54
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cedkMarkusB: what is COD?13:05
MarkusBcedk, cash on delivery13:06
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cedkMarkusB: so with reduction?13:09
cedkMarkusB: the price is lower if pay in cash13:12
cedkMarkusB: or simply the invoice is generated at delivery?13:12
MarkusBno. same price. but the customer has to pay to the postman if he receives the package13:13
MarkusBand the parcel service transfers the money to my bank account13:13
cedkMarkusB: so what do you expect in Tryton?13:14
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MarkusBi think COD ist not the problem. and maybe prepayment can be handled with proforma invoices13:16
MarkusBlet me play a while with tryton to find out what i need13:17
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CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 161:dfd7853cadab company/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE13:54
CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 283:6cbf5fdbd4f7 party/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE13:54
CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 15:3c01235bd6cc party_vcarddav/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE13:54
CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 59:47bb752b7003 project/de_DE.csv: Update translation for de_DE13:54
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CIA-48Mathias Behrle <> default * 1324:f2244fe4d64f tryton/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): Update translation for de_DE14:10
MarkusBcedk, i have a question to the trytond.conf: the tryton server try to connect the postgresql server with the name of the linux user. do i have to add the user to the trytond.conf?14:11
cedkMarkusB: yes14:13
MarkusBwhat's the default port?14:14
cedkMarkusB: by default it uses socket I think14:18
CIA-48matb roundup * #1072/client: typo: [new] patch attached14:27
MarkusBcedk, i have a problem to create a new database und currently i have no idea what's wrong14:45
MarkusBthe client tells me, that the tryton server password seems to be wrong14:47
cedkMarkusB: Are you sure you put the right password?14:48
cedkMarkusB: it is admin_passwd in trytond.conf14:48
MarkusBok, that was a stupid mistake14:52
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MarkusBwouldnt it be better to use seperate fields for street and house number?15:47
cedkMarkusB: why? do you need to have report on number?15:49
MarkusBi need it for Hermes, if i want to print shipping lables15:50
MarkusBthey have seperate fields for street and number15:50
MarkusBi can use the same field for street and number, but the length is limited15:51
cedkMarkusB: I find it is complicate the software for no advantage as there is different way to display addresses by country15:52
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MarkusByes, but in my case it would be an advantage, because i want to export the delivery address to an CSV File which i can import at the Hermes Page. Than i can print the shipping lables. If Street and House Number are in the same Field i have to change it manualy after the import15:56
MarkusBit would be also nice if the first and last name are in seperate fields15:58
MarkusBbecause many of my customers are private customers, not business customers15:59
cedkMarkusB: and what about three part names like some asian people15:59
cedkMarkusB: do you need to search by firstname?16:00
MarkusBno. but in some cases it would be nice to have only the last name, like in a Letter. For example "Dear Mr. &lastname,"16:02
MarkusBand Hermes also has seperate Fields for first and last name.16:02
cedkMarkusB: what is Hermes?16:02
MarkusBParcel Service like UPS16:03
cedkMarkusB: and how do you do with company?16:03
MarkusBA Title (like Mr. Mrs. Dr. ... ) would be also nice16:04
MarkusBHermes uses the same field for Last Name and Company16:04
cedkMarkusB: you can look at
cedkMarkusB: so you can do the same with others16:05
MarkusBHermes has 8 Basic Fields: Company Name/Last Name, First Name, Street, Number, Additional Address, ZIP, City and one for Country16:08
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cedkMarkusB: but the main question is: is those fields are mandatory16:48
cedkMarkusB: if you can put complete name in Last Name and Street + number in Street16:48
cedkMarkusB: and leave others empty16:48
MarkusByes, but i have limited numbers of characters per field16:49
MarkusBsometimes the street without the number is longer then the field. also names16:50
MarkusBin germany we have sometimes two last names16:50
cedkMarkusB: but you can perhaps split the street from Tryton over the both field16:50
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MarkusBi will try to use it like it is now. but do you know what i really miss?16:53
cedkMarkusB: don't understand16:55
MarkusBfor example: if i have a supplyer and this supplyer has a salesman, technical support and so on16:55
MarkusBeach contact has a phone, fax, mail...16:55
MarkusBand a type!16:55
cedkMarkusB: it is a crm module16:56
cedkMarkusB: for us, we must make links between parties17:02
MarkusByes, but each party can have different addresses and each address can have different contacts17:04
cedkMarkusB: an address is different from a contact17:05
MarkusBmaybe my understanding of a contact differs from yours. With Contact I mean a person or a department (sales, finance, support...). I have supplyers with more than one plant in germany. depending on the part i want to order i have to send the order to the sales departement of the plant.17:11
MarkusBor i have customers with different delivery addresses (and persons), but with one invoice address17:12
MarkusBso it would be usefull if i could select the delivery address and a person or departement, who should receive the package17:14
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cedkMarkusB: delivery address already works17:18
cedkMarkusB: I don't see why you need to have a person17:18
cedkMarkusB: you can have as many addresses as you want for a party17:19
cedkMarkusB: and on purchase, sale you can select any of those addresses as delivery17:19
MarkusBbecause i had some customers they called me, because there was no name on the package and they dont know who should receive it17:19
cedkMarkusB: and there is the name field on address where you can specify some more information17:20
cedkMarkusB: but it is not a contact17:20
MarkusBi know17:21
cedkMarkusB: because it doesn't represent a person17:21
cedkMarkusB: but it can be used as an additional information for the address17:21
MarkusByes, but it's not perfect17:22
cedkMarkusB: it depends on how deep you want to modelise the company's structure of your customers17:27
cedkMarkusB: by default we have basic function and can be extended with other modules17:29
MarkusBmhm, maybe i found a bug?17:32
MarkusBah, ok17:32
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MarkusBi tried to change the payment type of a party. but when i click on the icon the edit dialog opens, not the select dialog.17:34
MarkusBa little bit confusing17:34
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cedkMarkusB: there is two buttons: one for search and one for edit18:21
MarkusBi understand... at the second look. first time i was confused.18:22
MarkusBcedk, maybe you can answer that question: is it possible to add my customer number from the supplier?18:24
cedkMarkusB: I don't understand18:24
MarkusBi have a customer number from my supplier. if i want to order something and i want to send a fax it is easyer for the supplier18:26
MarkusBif my customer number is on the fay18:26
MarkusBor if i call the supplier they always ask me for the number18:28
cedkMarkusB: ok, nothing like this for now18:30
cedkMarkusB: but it doesn't look difficult to add a list on Company to store this kind of information18:30
MarkusBit's not only the storage. its also the report generation18:31
MarkusBi will continue testing tryton. where is the best place to leave wishes? ;)18:32
cedkMarkusB: there is a common header on reports, so it can add the number when the supplier is in the context18:33
cedkMarkusB: roundup18:33
MarkusBah, great18:34
MarkusBok, shopping. bbl18:37
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