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CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1835:fe4c8866551b trytond/trytond/model/ Add missing import logging for issue107300:11
CIA-48ced roundup * #1073/NameError: global name 'logging' is not defined: [resolved] Fixed with changeset fe4c8866551b00:13
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CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1836:c0772944858b trytond/trytond/model/ Backed out changeset 669b79e387c309:23
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1837:6ff8a72b6500 trytond/: merge09:23
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1838:daa1a3c68443 trytond/trytond/model/ Read also non active records when creating brother_ids list in _update_tree09:23
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CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 32:7ee8a8c1c5ba project_revenue/ (9 files):11:19
CIA-48Improved project revenue:11:19
CIA-48- removed product on employee and timesheet line11:19
CIA-48- added cost (and cost history) on employee11:19
CIA-48- added product, list_price, revenue and cost_price on project.work11:19
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 60:13bc2ea96a5a project/ Fix get_parent has several child may share the same parent11:21
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 61:3740cbe83671 project/ Don't raise exception when searching with child_of as it is supported11:21
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 62:ef8773022eb0 project/ Fix for variable instantiation that was made to late11:21
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 63:612a709c9ca5 project/work.xml: Use the right view for the "relate" action11:21
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 64:36ff933c5748 project/work.xml: Provide a work type in the context when opening tasks via the relate button on project11:22
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 65:0454270cc8e6 project/ ( work.xml): Show company field on the generic view of project.work11:22
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 33:525615180db5 project_revenue/ Removed useless method11:26
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 34:ca6c86cdd470 project_revenue/ Fix get_cost_price when there is nothing in cost_prices13:29
CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 35:0a00bddb22c1 project_revenue/ ( Handle currency digits on employee and work13:29
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CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1074/context handling is ambiguous: [new] class Test ... dummy = fields.Function("get_dummies", type="one2many", relation="dummy.dummy", string="Dummies", ...16:12
CIA-48ced roundup * #1074/context handling is ambiguous: [resolved] context on fields are used as the context of action when editing/creating relations. So it is useful only on field with relation. The c ...16:36
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CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1074/context handling is ambiguous: [chatting] Your summary does not make it less ambiguous. The fields parameter is called "context" and not "context_under_certain_circumstances". ...17:02
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CIA-48ced roundup * #1074/context handling is ambiguous: On 04/06/09 17:02 +0200, Brenckmann, Dirk wrote: > > Brenckmann, Dirk <> added the comment: > > Your summary does not make it ...17:36
CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1074/context handling is ambiguous: > > - How can the context for get_ and set_ be modified? > It is the global context only. W00t - in other words: Explicit setting a context to so ...18:26
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CIA-48ced roundup * #1074/context handling is ambiguous: On 04/06/09 18:26 +0200, Brenckmann, Dirk wrote: > > Brenckmann, Dirk <> added the comment: > > > > - How can the context for ...18:47
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CIA-48Bertrand Chenal <> default * 36:ed3a3cea6dfd project_revenue/ ( work.xml):19:52
CIA-48Slight refactoring:19:52
CIA-48- rename cost_price to cost on work19:52
CIA-48- Use numeric type for function fields (cost_price on employee, cost and revenue on work)19:52
CIA-48- Isolate cost_price computation on employee and timesheet19:52
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CIA-48dbrenck roundup * #1074/context handling is ambiguous: > > > > - How can the context for get_ and set_ be modified? > > > It is the global context only. > > Explicit setting a context to some field res ...21:48
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carloscedk_: hi, If you are around, could you take a look to and tell me whether that's what you suggested to me so we add a way to handle taxes substitution in a generic way for the company-group special case we discussed a couple of weeks ago?23:09
carlosdon't pay attention to the tax.xml changes23:10
vengfulsquirrelcarlos: What is origin tax ?  Like sales tax at the point of sale?  Or like the customer's origin ?23:33
carlosvengfulsquirrel: that's for tax substitution23:33
carlosit's the tax assigned to a product23:34
carlosin the tax definition, you use it to define this tax B is only useful to substitute this origin_tax A23:34
carlosso it's complementary to tax group23:35
carlosto solve a corner case we have in Spain (and I guess in some other countries too, but seems like Germany and Belgium don't have it)23:35
vengfulsquirrelWhy would you substitute one tax for another ?23:35
carlosdo you know how the tax substitution code works in Tryton?23:36
vengfulsquirrelHa no I have no idea I've been reading the code for 3 days on and off23:37
vengfulsquirrelI don't think it solves my cases23:37
carlosfor instance, if you have a product with 16% of VAT, and you sell it to a party outside your country but in the EU, you don't charge such VAT (if they are registered in the VIES  system23:37
carlosso the tax changes depending on the party23:37
vengfulsquirrelDo you charge their country's VAT?23:38
carlosno, usually you don't charge VAT23:38
carlosbut you need to register it as 0% of VAT23:38
carloswell, that last part is not always true23:38
vengfulsquirrelOh so no taxes and then they are responsible for paying it on their end?23:38
vengfulsquirrelThis is similar actually to one of my problems23:38
carloswhat's your problem?23:39
vengfulsquirrelFor sales tax, if I sell within my state there is a tax based on my region's sales tax if I sell out of state there is no sales tax or at least that's what I'm trying to do23:41
vengfulsquirrelThere is no VAT at all23:41
vengfulsquirrelSo actually besides VAT being involved that identical to your problem.23:42
vengfulsquirrelAdditionally depending on where the sale is made I need a different tax as well, but that is more of a point of sale thing.23:42
vengfulsquirrelSo 2 locations have a different tax.23:42
vengfulsquirrelAnd I guess the third thing is that some parties do not pay taxes, such as resellers and the government.23:43
vengfulsquirrelI don't understand the notion of patterns in the tax system or how tax groups are used.23:43
carlosfor the location problem, there is nothing yet done23:44
carlosbut it's already a known problem23:44
vengfulsquirrelYeah I was going to try and setup sub companies for each location and then expliclity set a sales tax when creating a sale that is pulled from a default sales tax set on the sub companies.23:45
carlospeople from virtual things were already doing some prototypes to handle that case, but I'm not sure what's the status of it23:45
carlosfor the other, current system is enough for you23:46
carlosvengfulsquirrel: did you take a look to the german or belgium chart of accounts?23:46
carlosvengfulsquirrel: there you have some examples of groups usage23:46
vengfulsquirrelNo I have not, where do I obtain those?23:46
vengfulsquirrelAre they in the source?23:46
vengfulsquirrelxml files?23:47
carlosvengfulsquirrel: basically, you create a group for taxes attached  to services and another for the ones attached to goods23:48
carlosand then, you create  a tax rule for out of your state sells23:48
carlosand another tax rule for resellers and government23:49
carlosand by default, you use for all your products the taxes for your state23:49
carlosthen, a party from your state will not have a tax rule assigned23:50
carlosa party from outside your state will have the tax rule for out state sells23:50
carlosand a reseller or government will use the tax rule for tax free rules23:50
carlosthat's a really basic explanation, but I hope it's enough to get the idea23:51
vengfulsquirrelYeah no that sounds right, I thought there was another level with the patterns, a party can only have one rule at any given time though right?  I guess the location problem directly conflicts with that which is why I settled on this explicit sales tax solution.23:54
carlosa party could have only a tax rule at any given time, however one when it sells and another one when it buys23:55
carlosalso, a tax rule has a set of tax rule lines23:55
carlosso you could substitute more than one tax, if that's your question, they only need to be in a different group23:56
carlosalso, just take care that if you add more than one tax rule line with the same group, only the first one is evaluated, the others are ignored (this is for future expansion of the tax system)23:57
vengfulsquirrelinteresting, but besides that all the substitutions are applied if the rule is used.23:58
carlosright, if there is no tax rule assigned, there is no substitution applied23:59

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