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CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 1846:8bd828e03609 trytond/trytond/tests/ ( Add unittest for numeric11:26
essichcedk: I would like to add a new "branch" for rpms to (like tryton-gentoo). How can we manage this?11:29
cedkessich: i can create it and give you access11:31
essichcedk: would be great. Do you need my ssh-key? I suggest name 'tryton-rpm'11:32
cedkessich: you have not yet ssh access?11:33
cedkessich: so send me your ssh key11:34
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essichcedk: it is on the way11:38
cedkessich: is rpm distribution independent?11:40
essichcedk: no, this would be too much effort, since packages are named differenty, thus requirement would not match11:42
cedkessich: so the repo must be named with the distribution and not rpm11:42
essichcedk: based on shakrcz's work I wrote a gernerator-Script, which build .spec files from a tempalte11:43
cedkessich: which username do you want?11:43
essichcedk: AFAIK each distrib maintains their rpm-source-files by it's own. Unshure if *we* need to do this. I Just want to give a starting base.11:45
essichcedk: So maybe there should be branches below 'tryton-rpm'?11:46
cedkessich: it is done, you must access the repo with ssh://
CIA-48C?dric Krier <> default * 0:747ac81597ef tryton-dev/ Add script11:54
essichcedk: if asks me for a passord :-(11:56
cedkessich: are you sure you try with your username?11:57 * r663 /wiki/ Move link to mercurial repo11:58
essichcedk: good hint! :-) work now11:58
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essichcedk: how to I puch my changes to (I never didd this)12:08
CIA-48Hartmut Goebel <> default * 0:c1c88e99c285 tryton-rpm/ (10 files): initial checkin12:13
CIA-48Hartmut Goebel <> default * 1:e84f7c09f9b8 tryton-rpm/.hgignore: added .hgignore12:13
CIA-48Hartmut Goebel <> default * 2:929852c8e78e tryton-rpm/README~: removed stale backupfile12:16
essichcedk: as you can see I found it out :-)12:17
essichbye, have to leave12:17
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CIA-48matb roundup * #1079/i can not directly see in which databae I am working:14:36
CIA-48- The module eliminates the display of the actual tab in the title, which was indeed an improvement.14:36
CIA-48- As long as we cannot uninstall modules w ...14:36
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KovertI have installed postgresql and Tryton from the fedora dist21:01
Koverti have started trytond21:01
Kovertnow when tryton-client wants to cread a database what is the defualt password?21:02
KovertI was not asked to set one for psotgresql21:02
cedkKovert: the default one is in trytond.conf21:21
cedkKovert: admin_passwd = admin21:21
Kovertwill try21:30
Kovertconnected but could not create the database21:33
Kovertmust be missing some stuff21:33
cedkKovert: the user used by the server to connect to the database server must have the right to create database21:40
Kovertso i guess that isnt included in the package21:41
Kovertso let me drum up the interface for postgreslq21:41
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