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CIA-70ced roundup * #1092/Patch: code cleanup for all modules [chatting] There is double space in 'trytond < %s.%s'09:25
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CIA-70Timitos roundup * #1088/set invoice date when invoice is opened:19:38
CIA-70i added a new patch set19:38
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vengfulsquirrelDoes anyone know what the issues with the OS X client are ?  I have not tried it but its listed as beta in the downloads.21:05
carlosvengfulsquirrel: as far as I know it's just a beta because it's quite recent and needs testing21:09
vengfulsquirrelcarlos: Okay thanks.21:11
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CIA-70Bertrand Chenal <> default * 18:abb378e215d6 party_vcarddav/doc/index.rst: Added links for vcard and carddav22:58
CIA-70htgoebel roundup * #1092/Patch: code cleanup for all modules
CIA-70What should be the problem with this extra space? It aligns the two lines to improve readability.23:05
CIA-70>>> import pkg_resources23:05
CIA-70>>> pkg_resources.R ...23:05
vengfulsquirrelIs it possible to build the mac tryton client dmg from a linux box ?23:44
CIA-70bch roundup * #1092/Patch: code cleanup for all modules
CIA-70[very long answer because several people are interested to have some explanations]23:46
CIA-70The biggest problem is for maintenance: if the previous line ...23:46
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: i don't know, but I know that ced used macos to create it23:49
vengfulsquirrelhmm yeah I have some version greater than 2.0 but less than trunk that I was trying to demo for someone, I guess I have to merge everything to get the client and server to work together.23:50
bechamelvengfulsquirrel: isn't a .app just an archive ? I would try to 'unzip' it and change the python source files and rezip it23:54
vengfulsquirrelWell its .dmg23:54

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