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CIA-2Gour <> default * 2010:9c9d23cc8208 trytond/ (20 files in 3 dirs): fix typos for documentation (Model chapter)09:00
CIA-2ced roundup * #1161/fix typos for documentation (Model chapter): [resolved] Applied09:00
CIA-2Mathias Behrle <> default * 1401:cca2b11369c9 tryton/tryton/gui/window/ Improve tooltip of update checkbox of restore window09:02
CIA-2ced roundup * #1173/Improve tooltip: [resolved] Applied09:02
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1837:23945db8f52b trytond/
CIA-2Add missing Genshi dependency09:07
CIA-2(transplanted from f77e28e77964b4105dac50c0cdedcd7a58bb6e95)09:07
CIA-2Bertrand Chenal <> default * 1838:84a0eb4133a1 trytond/trytond/model/
CIA-2Removed required option to reflect db09:07
CIA-2(transplanted from 535dbd909b37fe49e37e064ee6254780239dbcb4)09:07
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 482:55c4b1684457 account/
CIA-2Use IN_MAX in get_credit_debit for issue116009:07
CIA-2(transplanted from 7f153d255a539bf0bab33616727d4ed2825947c0)09:07
CIA-2Korbinian Preisler <> default * 357:44f12ffc13e9 account_invoice/
CIA-2use given date for computation of amount with differing currency instead of currenct date09:07
CIA-2(transplanted from 8b325f26eb8b9ed0020933493e0c7862c1fc713b)09:07
CIA-2Korbinian Preisler <> default * 358:a362ca04170c account_invoice/
CIA-2fix change of sequence on period for issue117009:07
CIA-2(transplanted from cb1385d2b4487063f1c3565261e6f900a61d874a)09:08
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 160:b7c59e8d620b company/
CIA-2Add company to search domain for root user because he is skipped by ir.rule09:08
CIA-2(transplanted from ec83757de74a0fbbdd3fedafd2af67f3ca4317c6)09:08
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 20:98b3d8a462f7 product_cost_history/
CIA-2Add missing create/write uid/date in product.product.cost_history09:08
CIA-2(transplanted from e006150a15e0dde7f53711b0d7a887eefd4adf0e)09:08
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1397:9b641e3946bf trytond/
CIA-2Add missing Genshi dependency09:09
CIA-2(transplanted from f77e28e77964b4105dac50c0cdedcd7a58bb6e95)09:09
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 348:b201ec475c22 account/
CIA-2Use IN_MAX in get_credit_debit for issue116009:09
CIA-2(transplanted from 7f153d255a539bf0bab33616727d4ed2825947c0)09:09
CIA-2Korbinian Preisler <> default * 227:ba7c90325268 account_invoice/
CIA-2use given date for computation of amount with differing currency instead of currenct date09:09
CIA-2(transplanted from 8b325f26eb8b9ed0020933493e0c7862c1fc713b)09:09
CIA-2Korbinian Preisler <> default * 228:e241cbe39950 account_invoice/
CIA-2fix change of sequence on period for issue117009:09
CIA-2(transplanted from cb1385d2b4487063f1c3565261e6f900a61d874a)09:09
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 108:0a8fb65d150f company/
CIA-2Add company to search domain for root user because he is skipped by ir.rule09:09
CIA-2(transplanted from ec83757de74a0fbbdd3fedafd2af67f3ca4317c6)09:09
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vengfulsquirrelWere any changes recently made to how the pay invoice wizard works, I tried looking in hg log but didn't see any?09:14
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cedkvengfulsquirrel: no I don't think, except for the context date09:17
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Do you run a dev server with a populated database against trunk?  I can't seem to create a draft sale then confirm it and then pay the invoice.  I am experiencing some really weird behavouir where either I get an error when paying or there is no pay button at all.09:20
cedkvengfulsquirrel: describe your problem09:21
vengfulsquirrelcedk: I think I'm doing something horribly wrong, what happened to the Pay button?
gourACTION is happy seeing that doc-patch is applied09:28
cedkvengfulsquirrel: did you install account_statement ?09:29
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Yeah its installed, is that new?09:31
cedkvengfulsquirrel: no, but when statement is installed, you can no more pay invoice on invoice09:35
cedkvengfulsquirrel: you must use statement09:35
cedkvengfulsquirrel: otherwise, you will have mismatching in the statement journal09:35
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Okay thanks, I have no idea how I accidentally installed that.  Anyways okay I uninstalled that and now I'm able to reproduce my original problem: I'm still using that sql dump you gave me of the demo.09:48
cedkvengfulsquirrel: maybe one more cursor cache issue09:52
vengfulsquirrelThere seem to be 2 workflow items and one does not exist in the database but the other one does.09:53
cedkvengfulsquirrel: I can reproduce the issue09:56
vengfulsquirrelcedk: Want  me to make issue ?09:57
cedkvengfulsquirrel: if you want, it is always better09:58
CIA-2vengfulsquirrel roundup * #1176/Cannot Pay Invoice: [new] An error occurs when trying to pay an invoice, here is the traceback when running the server with --verbose. A screenshot is also attached. ...10:04
vengfulsquirrelcedk: okay, thanks for confirming it,
cedkvengfulsquirrel: it is what I thought a cache issue but not yet find the bug10:19
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CIA-2vengfulsquirrel * r764 /wiki/ Fixed minor typos in HelloWorld.11:02
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CIA-2matb roundup * #1175/Events created in iceowl not displayed: Uploaded server log with some comments.12:30
gouranyone here familiar with both tryton & django?13:43
gouri've to work on the module(s) for our 'small clinic' in tryton and build a web-site with django/feincms. being equally inexperienced with both platforms, i wonder which one to tackle first in order to get some useful result?13:49
paepkegour: i've already done some work in django. don't know feincms.13:51
paepkegour: whats your goal with django? cause of the lack of multi-database support (GSOC 2009) you have to write your own connector or operating on the same database like tryton...13:54
gourpaepke: well, for the beginning we need simple CMS-based presentation site...later i'd like to add shopping-cart for internet services & customers (probably by integrating it with satchmo)...finally i'd like to connect our to-be-written tryton module with the site so that e.g. clients can schedule appointment over the internet and having it appear in tryton's calendar etc.14:15
gourpaepke: does it make sense?14:17
paepkegour: yes. it makes sense. but you have to look how to integrate it. for example: is the webserver running at a hosting provider with what kind of access to the tryton system?14:23
paepkegour: it depends on your security requirements...14:25
gourpaepke: well, tryton should be running at our 'office' machine at our home (where our office is situated) and i'm thinking about fetching calendar & other info by connecting to the web-site running at provider's service, i.e. not to expose our tryton system to the wild net :-)14:26
paepkegour: good point.14:28
gourpaepke: otoh, what is your suggestion what will make me more productive or, at least, what has less steep learning curve: tryton or django? (i'm leaning towards tyton but may be totally ilusioned :-) )14:28
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paepkei started with django. and currently, there is a lot more starting documentation in django. BUT: you have to write the whole logic yourself which is already be integrated in tryton.14:34
paepkegour: well, maybe not for your new module.14:35
gourpaepke: hmm, so you think more time will be required to start with tryton?14:36
paepkegour: i'm afraid yes. but you have to talk to other guys here, too. it was an really easy thing for me to dive into django. cause there are already books and a lot of docs on the net. on the other hand: you have here a very helpful irc and mailinglist14:38
gourpaepke: heh, it's true. there are lot of docs for django (i've 'withdjango' book'), although feincms is apps which has to be learnt to be used. otoh. not so much to read about tryton except doing some reverse-engineering14:40
gourpaepke: in any case, thank you for the input...let's wait a bit more to get more feedback14:41
paepkegour: if you want just publish your calendar from tyton to a web-service, you only have to enable the webdav/caldav stuff in tryton and push it with this interface to the server. you don't need any big logic on the django-side14:42
gourpaepke: what about the other way, to import calendar from web into tryton?14:45
paepkeput it with webdav/caldav. its a two-way interface14:46
gourahh, good14:46
gourhowever, my beginning of tryton wuld be to take advantage of available tryton modules (according to the requirements i posted to the mailing list) and tweak/extend them to get basic functionality. integration with the web is definitely not for v1.0 :-)14:48
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CIA-2Mathias Behrle <> default * 1402:aa3c80dbadde tryton/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): Update translation for de_DE14:58
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gouryangoon: you were wondering from where does medical collect its data...i've found the following in svn log: "Many thanks to NCBI ( ) and Genecards ("15:39
yangoongour: yes, I saw this already, but those are only small subsets of the data.15:40
gouryangoon: ahh15:41
yangoongour seems you have to buy all of those ICD-10 / ICD-10-PCS stuff
gouryangoon: heh, we'll write something separate from the medical avoiding to constantly port to tryton and get rid of bloat we don't require15:46
yangoongour just downloading from
yangoongour perhaps those are the needed codes15:47
gourbut not for our needs (our clinic is not in the 'system' :-) )15:48
gourfor now i'm trying to start with helloWOrld module :-D15:48
yangoongour I generally would also recommend to port medical one time, and import/update those data15:49
yangoongour but for your use it seems indeed not to be adequate15:49
gouryangoon: that's true15:50
yangoongour you can at least have a look into the models they use, so it is easier for you to not forget something, you could perhaps need later15:50
gourbrw, i'm trying to run trunk from the server, in order to start playing withe helloworld, but tryton is importing some old stuff (aka modules) which are not present in my trunk-install which is empty atm :-/15:51
yangoongour which modules?15:51
gouryangoon: heh, it would be nice to have some openerp <---> tryton mapping, although i'd be even mroe happier that tryton introduce some better-named modules instead of 'ir', 'res' etc.15:52
gouryangoon: see
yangoongour you have a mix of different trytond installations15:54
gouri've tryton-1.2 installed system-wide, but would like to play with the trunk running under $HOME15:54
yangoonas soon as you install system-wide it is in the path15:55
gourany workaround? changing PYTHONPATH while running locally?15:56
yangoongour I recommend to uninstall 1.2, you can run it anyway in the same way as the dev version15:56
gourhmm, but how is one able to have 'production' and 'dev' at the same time?15:57
yangoongour AFAIS you cannot have them installed, but running just out of the sources is possible15:58
gourhmm, ok. let me unistall 1.2 then (i used it to test modules while preparing pkgs for arch)15:59
yangoongour they are in /usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages15:59
gourok, everything is fine now and we can proceed to explore tryton development...humbly, with helloworld16:08
yangoongour found it, this seems to be the code collection:
gouryangoon: heh, you're into codes & data ;)16:08
gouris there some docs what has to be included in
gourTimitos: thanks, now i see it at file:///home/gour/repos/hg/tryton_dev/html/modules.html as well :-)16:15
gourby looking at the docs, i see that soon we'll create new issue for (Views) chapter...16:20
gour..where it says: XML description --> data - Each inherit view must start with this tag. now i wonder how can i know that the view is 'inherit view' ? (the docs are not clear - is it supposed to be 'inherited view' or something else?)16:25
Timitosgour: this is a inherit:
gourTimitos: huh, how to understand the docs which says:16:29
gourdata - Each inherit view must start with this tag.16:30
gourand the view in helloWorld example has 'data' tag?16:30
Timitosgour: you are right. should be improved16:32
paepkefunny. i'm learning stuff just by reading irc :-D16:32
gourACTION thinks that no-doc is better than wrong-doc16:32
gourit would be nice that someone, at least, fully annotate 'helloWorld' example, not just by providing 'cooking-recipe', but by adding some annotations explaining what is going on16:34
gourany docs about possible choices of icons?16:42
Timitosgour: look into the tryton client directory: tryton/share/pixmaps/tryton16:45
gourTimitos: thanks, it would be nice to have it referenced somewhere...btw, does one has to mast xpath in order to develop in tryton?16:46
gourit looks scary like DOM&JS :-/16:46
Timitosgour: no. i don't think. just look for some expressions in existing modules. this should be enough16:47
gourTimitos: huh, thank you for bearing good news ;)16:48
gourcool, we were able to modify icon in the view :-)16:50
gourACTION thinks that HelloWorld should explain the function of instantiating the class via Hello() call16:58
gourhelloworld-docs says: "Each group of lines is preceded with an explaination.", but we do not speak: <!-- Vista para el Arbol del saludo--> :-)17:04
gourlet's try google17:04
jerojasroview for the greeting tree17:05
gourheh, google say: "Tree View for the greeting" :-)17:06
juanferbetter the translate of google17:06
jerojasroand that is quite sad, since I'm a native spanish speaker...17:07
jerojasroACTION hides17:07
gourpls. update the wiki, whoever has the perms to do it17:08
gourACTION wanted to avoid xml-stuff like docbook...and now has to fiddle with xml in tryton...what an irony of the destiny :-)17:10
bechamelit seems that saludo just means hello17:10
gour'rnc' in docs denotes compact syntax for relax ng?17:17
bechamelgour: yes17:27
gourbechamel: thanks...we're advancing slowly through helloworld example trying to get as much as possible out of it17:30
bechamelgour: which part of the helloworld is not clear ?17:33
gourbechamel: well, e.g. i wonder about the docs for stuff like ir.ui.view & ir.action.act_window.view17:37
gourfrom where does it come: name="arch" ?17:39
bechamelgour: arch is just the name of the field containing the view itself17:42
bechameljust try "SELECT arch from ir_ui_view;" on a tryton db17:42
gourbechamel: i see. what's the 'origin' of the name 'arch' to denote what it does?17:46
bechamelgour: I really don't know17:49
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 2011:d2a3f0e562dd trytond/trytond/ Add missing hostname initialisation in PySocket18:08
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1403:29cda9531e63 tryton/tryton/ Add missing hostname initialisation in PySocket for issue114818:08
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 1404:afd21ea691bf tryton/share/locale/de_DE/LC_MESSAGES/ ( tryton.po): merge18:08
CIA-2ced roundup * #1148/Client does not connect to server started afterwards: [resolved] Fix with changeset 29cda9531e6318:08
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 2012:493a6a44b539 trytond/trytond/tools/ Don't change kwargs in Cache18:10
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 2013:da3f562acad5 trytond/trytond/model/ Call update only once per instance on trigger activation18:12
CIA-2C?dric Krier <> default * 2014:1eb3f3f08fd5 trytond/trytond/model/ Don't fill cache in search for delete records for issue117618:14
CIA-2ced roundup * #1176/Cannot Pay Invoice: [resolved] Fix with changeset 1eb3f3f08fd518:14
gourbechamel: so, am i right thinking in this way: considering we have some (two) fields in our model (name, greeting), then one has to write two views for the model (tree and form) in order to provide UI for the model, something like two UI dialogs created in e.g. glade. then we need to create menu item(s), plus some 'callback' functions which connects events with some 'actions' ?18:15
CIA-2ced roundup * #1175/Events created in iceowl not displayed: Are you sure you started the server with -v option?18:19
gourand all of this is done in one single *.xml file...18:21
CIA-2ced roundup * #1154/Neso : user creation is not possible error UTF 8: Can you put the value of the fields of user?18:22
gourACTION is desiring that tryton documents 'core' modules (ir,res,...) better18:26
CIA-2ced roundup * #1154/Neso : user creation is not possible error UTF 8: Did you have the same issue with the Tryton client 1.2 and the demo server?18:27
udonogour: yes, you are right. The callback you talk are defined in the first part of
gourudono: what about 'res_model', 'view_type', 'view', 'act_window' etc. from where one can learn about 'em. what they mean, how/when to use 'em etc.?18:45
gouris naming the ids like 'act_party_form_view1' kind of openrp/tryton idiom?18:46
udonogour: naming is convention18:46
CIA-2xuard roundup * #1154/Neso : user creation is not possible error UTF 8: Cédric Krier a écrit : > Cédric Krier <> added the comment: > > Can you put the value of the fields of us ...18:47
gourudono: same with stuff like 'res_model' & co. ?18:47
CIA-2xuard roundup * #1154/Neso : user creation is not possible error UTF 8: Cédric Krier a écrit : > Cédric Krier <> added the comment: > > Did you have the same issue with the Tryt ...18:48
udonogour: If you want fully understand 'res_model', 'view_type', 'view', 'act_window' etc. You need to study the trytond code. But its hard to start with this. There is some documentation,but we are missing a description of the whole picture in detail. Iam sure sooner or later we will have a document about this, but it is not easy to describe, because you need to explain the trytond services and their effect to the client views.18:56
udonoSo maybe a better way is to monkey type what you see in other modules and paste us your tracebacks on error. After this phase Iam sure you will earn some more safety. When you have seen some of the concepts and be able to redo them for your goals, it is more easy to understand the background informations. BTW I take Tryton like a big textadventure with doors and traps, wizards and elfs :-)18:56
gourheh, when i start monkeytyping and copying&pasting and learn something, will i ever be ready to write docs or will just consult new tryton devs to just do monkeytyping :-D18:58
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udonogour: we will see ;-)19:01
gourudono: by the lack of docs i can conclude everybody is doing the same ,)19:02
udonogour: but Iam sure you will provide docs like everyone of the developer do. But you must understand, that it is a massive time consuming thing to describe the whole picture...19:03
gourudono: i'm sure it is, but it brings new devs and then the whole project will flourish...take python-project as example19:04
gourthe problem is that 'core' is not documented...modules, at least, have some docs19:04
CIA-2matb roundup * #1175/Events created in iceowl not displayed:19:09
CIA-2Yes, command line was:19:09
CIA-2/usr/local/tryton/trytond/bin/trytond --config /usr/local/tryton/trytond/etc/trytond.conf.own -v 2>&1 | tee /tmp/tr.log19:09
udonogour: You are right, but you are wrong, too. In my eyes tryton is completely documented. The source is free, project organisation is transparent and all questions are answered. And without documentation you will not read RTFM ;-)19:11
gourok, i've found out that 'res_model' is defined as  res_model = fields.Char('Model') in ActionActWindow class which means that having, at least, some basic doc-strings in the core module would save one some time19:11
gourudono: ^^^19:11
gour"Action act window" is the only documentation for the class19:12
gourudono: do you consider it is good-enough docs?19:12
gouri know one can spend time reading the code, but there are people just wanting to use the platform, finally it's RAD framework, which, imho, needs more/better docs19:13
gourit looks i'll have to go back to openerp...19:14
udonogour: your decision19:15
gourudono: is it difficult to have, at least, this kind of info -
yangoongour: you are completely right, but as udono says: it is work to be done. and developers always have to decide whether to do the work on further dev or on docs. both is needed and everybody is invited.19:28
yangoongour: and if you are reading openerp docs you will easily detect the parallels in many parts of tryton19:30
gouryangoon: i understand the catch-22...and try, according to my capacity, to fix the docs, but i cannot, as noob, to WRITE it. it's programmer's good practice the document the code, and the core is undocumented19:31
gouryangoon: it's also the question whether tryton wants to stay as niche ;)19:32
udonogour: so what can I do?19:36
gourudono: document the code & write the docs :-)19:36
udonogour: which part?19:36
udonogour: mean which part is most needed?19:42
gourudono: core modules and write some intro-tutorial explaining how the system works, so one can jump into it19:43
udonogour: what is core modules?19:43
gouri'm kind of a person (and not the only one) who likes to have, at least, some understanding how the thing is working before using it19:44
gourudono: ir, res, workflow & report...there are some empty chapters in docs as well (wizards, reports & workflow). having some docs (like in openerp) about actions would be great too19:46
gourACTION --> dinner. bbs19:46
gourudono: take a look at &
udonogour: I have already started some docs about visual representation of data in Tryton. It is far from complete but maybe a starting point. The docs are quite old, but I try to bring them in form. But Tryton-project is short before release, so don't expect a prodigy. In pre-release phase my first collab preference is testing. So it can take a bit time... but maybe it will be to late for you.20:15
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gourudono: don't worry for me. i'll stay with tryton20:17
gourudono: when i said 'im going back to openerp', i meant to say "openerp's docs" 'cause (previously) i was advised here not to use it, but focus just on tryton's docs, which is greatly missing20:19
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gourACTION is reading openerp's docs about views to get some clue20:19
vengfulsquirrelgour: openerp docs again?20:25
gourvengfulsquirrel: heh, i simply cannot do just 'monkeytyping', need to get some broader picture.20:27
vengfulsquirrelWhat does monkeytyping mean?20:27
gourvengfulsquirrel: (blindly) copying stuff from the available code without understanding what they mean, something which many web-devs did/do with JS scripts;)20:29
vengfulsquirrelgour: Ha haven't you ever heard the phrase "Learning by doing" ?20:31
gourby inspecting the ActionActWindow class i see 'board' as one of the view_types, does it resemble openerp's graph type?20:31
gourvengfulsquirrel: well, 'learning by doing' brings one skills only, in order to design something new one needs understanding which arrives after presenting one with enough info and then discusing/reflecting etc. about it :-)20:32
udonogour: board is open erps board type...20:41
udonogour: isn't it documented?20:42
gourudono: openerp speaks about graph type only, afaics20:42
gourwrong, there is docs about dash(board)20:44
gouranyone can explain where/how is defined the parent="menu_hello_world" in helloWorld example?20:48
vengfulsquirrelgour: It is saying add a new menu item under the menu item we created in Step 1.20:51
gourvengfulsquirrel: hmm, but in step 1 the id defined was id="menu_hello" not menu_hello_world ?20:53
vengfulsquirrelgour: Yeah it looks like a mistake, maybe I could have introduced it when I updated the text.20:54
gourvengfulsquirrel: good. my example worked 'cause the dl-ed code was ok ;)20:57
vengfulsquirrelgour: thanks, updated it20:58
CIA-2vengfulsquirrel * r765 /wiki/ Fix menuitem id in example xml.20:59
gouralthough the docs in tryton are missing, i've good feeling that tryton is better designed than openerp, despite of the same origin21:01
yangoongour so you see where the work was done...;)21:02
gouryangoon: i admire the work done in tryton and the project is very nicely organized...still i've to ramble a bit about the docs so it can proceed towards perfection ;)21:03
yangoongour understood :-)21:04
gouryangoon: you'd keep it for yourself and me wants to bring it to more people21:04
yangoongour one by one, first things first :D21:06
gour"utility is the principle" - if openerp docs can help me understood bit about tryton, so i can start writing code & docs, is there any objection?21:07
gourACTION is reading 'actions' chapter21:07
yangoongour: no objection21:08
vengfulsquirreludono: Does uploading a new patch to codereview cause reviewers to get updates?21:09
vengfulsquirrelOr only when I comment?21:09
yangoonvengfulsquirrel: I think email for registered reviewers is sent automatically21:10
yangoonvengfulsquirrel: and you can join ore reviewers with switch -r21:11
gourvengfulsquirrel: if you use --send-mail with script21:17
vengfulsquirrelgour: Yeah looks like you're right, that is annoying.21:19
vengfulsquirrelI guess maybe its better that way though, since you might not always want to.21:20
CIA-2vengfulsquirrel roundup * #1117/Report Documentation: Updated report doc with some of ced's suggestions. Some of them I've just postponed though so this patch doesn't become out of control.21:21
vengfulsquirrelI'll just keep making loud noises in the bug tracker.21:21
gour'Inherit view' section needs more love as well...21:24
vengfulsquirrelgour: What is missing?21:26
gourvengfulsquirrel: describe what is happening in the Example21:28
gourbtw, openerp's doc is missing as well21:30
gourACTION thinks that fully annotated helloWorld example with some side explanation how the system works and with hyperlinks to the documented parameters used in XML files, with some screenshot of the example, would provide excellent & good-enough docs for jumping into more serious development21:51
gourACTION --> out (to pick wife from the evening-shift in emergency..bbl)21:51
gourACTION --> offline21:52
gourg'night folks21:52
udonogour: see you21:52
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CIA-2ced roundup * #1154/Neso : user creation is not possible error UTF 8: You can read:
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