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cedkOrban: I have fixed the manifests in overlay15:44
Orbancedk, also postgresql's createuser doesn't have a --quiet option in the emerge --configure trytond17:21
cedkOrban: which version ?17:25
Orbanoh postgres 8.4.117:28
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cedkOrban: seems to be removed17:56
cedkOrban: it is present in 8.1.1117:57
cedkOrban: could you give me the output of "createuser --help"17:57
cedkOrban: it was removed betwee 8.2 and 8.317:59
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CIA-78C?dric Krier <> default * 296:a68c54703e1b gentoo-overlay/app-office/trytond/ (12 files): Remove quiet option of createuser for version >= 8.318:05
cedkOrban: fixed18:05
Orbanthanks cedk18:08
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CIA-78carlos roundup * #1220/Missing menu entry to add a new Category for a Product:19:08
CIA-78[new] The Product module lacks a menu entry to add a new Category for a product.19:08
CIA-78You can workaround it opening the list of categories and then, ...19:08
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Orbanok, so i have trytond installed in gentoo and the client just created a database, now the client doesn't show the database as available and there were no errors on creating it20:57
yangoonOrban: and the client returned succes after having created the database?21:01
Orbanlet me try again though21:03
Orbanit does the creating the database progress bar -- then it just goes back to the connect dialog21:08
yangoonOrban: and you cannot login with user admin and the password, you entered for him?21:09
Orbannope, it says No database found, you must create one21:10
yangoonOrban: did you enter the correct connection details?21:10
Orbanyes, in trytond.conf i specified hostname (localhost) and port, user, password21:11
yangoonOrban: I m speaking from the connect dialog in the client21:11
Orbanbecause it connects and shows entries in the trytond.log file21:12
yangoonOrban: strange, could you please paste somewhere the log?21:15
Orbanyes just a moment, i am retrying it while tailing the postmaster.log21:16
yangoonyou should see the database anyway in postgres...21:16
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Orbanyes the database exists in postgres21:23
Orbanhow does the server find existing databases?21:23
yangoonthe database owner of the postgres database has to be the user you specified in trytond.conf21:26
Orbanyes that is the case21:27
yangoonOrban: you have the trytond admin, you have the postgres user, and you have the admin of|in each database21:27
Orbani'm digging into to see how it queries for the database list21:27
Orbanthe trytond user is the owner of the database, and it created it21:28
yangoondon't confuse the user running the server with the user accessing poastgres21:29
yangoonOrban: do you have the correct client version for the server?21:29
Orbani'm not21:29
Orbanyes, i'm running 1.2.2 server21:30
Orbanand 1.2.2 client windows21:30
Orbanand the server is linux/gentoo21:30
yangoonthen it cannot be localhost in the client21:30
Orbanno on the client its <hostname>:807021:30
Orbanthe connection settings i thought you were referring to was trytond.conf21:30
yangoonOrban: could you please paste the log of trytond after a connection attempt?21:32
Orbanis there a way to increase log verbosity, its only showing one line per connection attempt ([Sun Oct 11 14:29:29 2009] INFO:database:connect to "")21:34
yangoonOrban: run the server with -v21:34
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yangoonOrban: ând log with database creation?21:42
Orbanok, one moment21:43
Orbanso its creating the pool, but its not putting it in the list of known databases21:49
yangoonOrban: you are running postgres 8.4?21:52
yangoonOrban: are you familiar with patches?21:55
Orbanits been a while but yes21:55
Orbanis there an issue with tryton and postgres 8.421:56
yangoonOrban: we don't know so far, but could be perhaps21:57
cedkOrban: the code that retrieve database is in trytond/backend/postgresql/ line 14921:59
yangoonOrban: this patch omits database check, if you want to try it22:01
yangoonmake first a backup of trytond/backend/postgresql/database.py22:02
yangoonOrban: but cedk is right, it is probably not the check failing, but the listing22:08
yangoonOrban: so better to try the select statement from the commandline, if it is working22:08
Orbanok i added some debugging statements into, and its executing the query on line 164 after if db_name:, then if i run the query in psql it returns the database, but the cursor.fetchall() doesn't return anything...22:09
Orbanthe select statement is working22:09
Orbanon commandline, but not in python22:09
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Orbanyangoon, yea its definetly giving me different results on the sql in tryton vs. psql...22:20
cedkOrban: are you sure you run the query with the same sql user?22:26
Orbanboth running as trytond22:26
cedkOrban: and you connect to template1?22:28
cedkOrban: that is really strange22:35
Orbanecho "select datname from pg_database where datdba = (select usesysid from pg_user where usename='trytond') and datname not in ('template0','template1','postgres') order by datname;" | psql -U trytond template122:35
cedkOrban: which version of psycopg?22:36
Orbanlet me try to replicate the query in python22:37
Orbanin i just manually added it to the res list and it works fine22:50
cedkOrban: it is really strange22:53
Orbani agree22:54
cedkOrban: could you try with psycopg 2.0.7 ?23:42
Orbancedk, not really i've got a few other apps that depend on psycopg23:49
cedkOrban: it is a python module so it will not need any re-compile23:51
Orbanno, but i need 2.0.12 due to fixes, though i can't remember which ones23:58

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