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monkeytowermy trytond crashes on first ssl connect. (unencrypted connections work fine). here is startup log:  and here what happens when client comes in:
monkeytoweronly thing i did was creating certificate like described on web-page and modifyed config section to read as this:
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paepkemonkeytower: i made the ssl-stuff just like you and it worked for me19:59
paepkemonkeytower: maybe its something depending on the certificate. maybe the "common name"20:00
paepkemonkeytower: what version are you using?20:02
monkeytowerpaepke: 1.4.120:05
monkeytowerpaepke: CN i used the DNS name of the server, "".20:05
paepkemonkeytower: ok, i've tested it with 1.5. give me some minutes20:06
monkeytowerpaepke: i have no client for 1.5, and can't compile one on OS-X SnowLeopard because of 64Bit issues..20:08
paepkemonkeytower: i'll test it on a fresh 1.420:09
monkeytowerpaepke: ok20:09
monkeytowerpaepke: and i will download windows client, to check if it is my client from Mac OS.20:10
paepkemonkeytower: if i understand you right: the client kills the server?20:11
monkeytowerpaepke: yes, the server dies on first client connection.20:11
monkeytoweri got a new error message now:  Fatal Python error: ceval: tstate mix-up20:13
monkeytowerthat is when the client connects, and the server dies.20:13
paepkemonkeytower:  at my setup it works like a secured charme20:14
paepkeeven with 1.4.120:14
paepkeis youre client 1.4.1 too?20:16
monkeytowerpaepke: i downloaded the 1.4 client from website, same result w/ my server. Server is running on FreeBSD.20:16
monkeytowerpaepke: no, client is 1.4.0 (windows)20:16
monkeytowerpaepke: from where would i get an 1.4.1 windows or mac OS client?20:17
monkeytowerpaepke: my download source is
paepketry the following on the server (i hope its not an production machine?): in trytond directory: "hg update -r 1.4.0"20:19
paepkemonkeytower: i'm not sure what download-version is on the page.20:20
monkeytowerpaepke: that would downgrade the server to 1.4.0?20:20
paepkemonkeytower: yep.20:20
paepkemonkeytower: just to test. that will not be a solution20:21
monkeytowerpaepke: i used the untill now. should i use that instead of hg update?20:23
paepkehg is the versioning control system. you can go back to 1.4.1 with "hg update -r 1.4.1"20:24
paepkemonkeytower: that update command is only working with your local files.20:25
monkeytowerpaepke: i am in ~/workspace/tryton/1.4/trytond20:25
monkeytowerusing 'hg update -r 1.4.0' results in20:26
monkeytowerpaepke: *** failed to import extension forest from ./hgforest/ [Errno 2] No such file or directory20:26
monkeytowerpaepke: 0 files updated, 0 files merged, 0 files removed, 0 files unresolved20:26
monkeytowerpaepke: the only . directory is .hg20:27
paepkemonkeytower: than youre on 1.4.0 on your directory.20:27
paepkein the .hg directory lies the complete history of trytond. you could downgrade to 1.0.0, too20:28
monkeytowerpaepke: but that is not in ~/workspace/tryton/1.4/  but in /workspace/tryton/1.4/trytond  and /workspace/tryton/1.4/tryton20:29
monkeytowerpaepke: i checked out my 1.4 and also the dev version as described here:
paepkemonkeytower: ok. i misunderstood. i haven't used the in the past.20:33
monkeytowerpaepke: i think the problem is somewhere here: /root/workspace/tryton/1.4/trytond/trytond/modules/ UserWarning: Module trytond was already imported from /root/workspace/tryton/1.4/trytond/trytond/__init__.pyc, but /usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/trytond-1.4.1-py2.6.egg is being added to sys.path20:35
paepkemonkeytower: what gives you "hg log | grep tag". do you see there on top a 1.4.1 (tag: tip is only the latest version without a version number)20:35
monkeytowerpaepke: and Fatal Python error: ceval: tstate mix-up20:35
monkeytowerpaepke: yes, i see tag:         tip20:36
monkeytowersummary:     Added tag 1.4.1 for changeset a2589d0064b220:36
paepkemonkeytower: and what happens when you update to 1.4.1?20:37
monkeytowerpaepke: i guess my server is 1.4.1, just my clients (Windows/OSX) are not.20:37
paepkemonkeytower: 5 files changed between 1.4.0 and 1.4.1. but i don't know if that fix your bug20:39
monkeytowerpaepke: maybe i start the server and you connect with 1.4.1 client and we see if it crashes?20:39
paepkemonkeytower: after googling your problem there are some others with the same bug caused by different libraries.20:39
paepkemonkeytower: and not using tryton ;-)20:40
paepkemonkeytower: i'm afraid i have to leave now... good luck20:41
monkeytowerpaepke: thanks for tips!20:41
monkeytowerpaepke: i think it is more a python than a tryton problem.20:41
paepkemonkeytower: i agree20:42
monkeytowerpaepke: bye for now20:42
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