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CIA-78gadaga roundup * #1257/can't do a search_read with filed like 'field.rec_name':10:32
CIA-78[new] on purchase i want to read currency.rec_name with the function search_read but i get this error:10:32
CIA-78on", line 420, in search_r ...10:32
Timitosbechamel: hi10:54
bechamelTimitos: Hi10:54
Timitosich have some questions about configuration of stock_supply10:54
Timitosfor the moment stock_supply does no more create purchase requests for products without order point but with outstanding customer deliveries10:55
Timitosbechamel: it has to do with this changeset:
Timitosbechamel: why do you set stock_skip_warehouse = True there?10:57
bechamelTimitos: let me re-read the code10:57
Timitostake your time10:58
bechamelstock_skip_warehouse just means that quantities that are in the input zone and output zone are not taken into account when one check if product must be re-supplied11:06
bechamelso it will prevent the system to re-order if for example there is a negative qty on the output zone (but this shouldn't happen)11:07
Timitosbechamel: yes. i just noticed that my problem is a little bit different as i thought. i will try to explain my case11:08
Timitosbechamel: in the case there are products that are only purchased on demand. if a customer orders such product a sale order is written and confirmed. now stock_supply should create a purchase request for these products. but it does not11:11
Timitosbechamel: it seems that this problem is more related with the function products_by_location() from stock module now.11:12
Timitosbechamel: i think it found the problem.11:13
Timitosit is because the moves from storage to output does not have set a planned date11:14
bechamelthere must be another subtlety, because I made several cycle (sale, purchase request, purchase, supplier shimpment, customer shipment) recently and I didn't found any problem.11:17
bechameldid you check that the cron did run since you created the sale (and the customer shipment)11:18
Timitosbechamel: i tried it with a completely new db and it did not work for me.11:18
Timitosyes. the cron is running. i am debugging it for a while now as i needed to understand more11:19
bechamelTimitos: and there is an order point for your product ?11:23
Timitosbechamel: no11:24
bechamelno sorry, the order point is not needed actualy11:24
Timitosi hope so :-)11:24
bechamelTimitos: i just created a new product and a sale, and now there is a purchase request for it11:26
bechamelTimitos: is there other modules installed ?11:26
Timitosbechamel: no.11:27
Timitosbechamel: thx for the first. i will do some more research.11:30
bechamelTimitos: I don't see what can be wrong, if you don't find the problem, create an issue in the tracker11:31
Timitosyes. i will do11:31
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Timitosbechamel: could you please check if there is also shown a shortage on the product if you use the link "product by location" on product from view?11:43
bechamelTimitos: hmm, maybe the problem is because of the missing date on the internal move11:47
bechamelTimitos: actually the product by location gives me -1 on output for the current date and -1 on storage if i give no date, so this means that if you have configured a supplier on the product the system will not see the shortage11:48
Timitosbechamel: looks like my problem11:49
Timitosbechamel: if i create a sale order with a date in the past and i confirm it, the shortage is also not recognized by products_by_location when it use it from product form view11:55
cedkmonkeytower: please set comment when you change wiki12:04
monkeytowercedk: ok. is there a versioning history? i did not find it..12:05
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bechamelTimitos: I have created a code review for this problem, it seems to solve the issue
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Timitosbechamel: thx. i need to test this as i am not sure if this patch will fix all the things. but i need to leave now. i only can test it later in the evening.14:27
cedkHi, did anybody submit news about 1.4 on other sites?14:30
cedkI did it for, comp.lang.python and I will do on postgres.org14:30
Timitoscedk: i did it from german sites14:38
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CIA-78ced roundup * #1258/Update currency.xml:17:47
CIA-78[new] We should add Num code of currency as define in ISO 421717:47
CIA-78We should update currency.xml to include digits from ...17:47
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gourhow was tryton presentation few days ago?18:05
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ronnyhi, anyone aware of extensions for tryton helping car-dealers and car repair shops?19:09
cedkronny: no, but you should try to explain your needs to see if any generic module could make the job or be a good basis19:11
ronnycedk: well, im trying to find a good replacement for my fathers current software, the main issue i see is propper integration with information systems about car parts, and relating customer tasks to cars the customer owns19:13
cedkronny: Tryton could be a good tools for information systems but you will need to develop modules19:16
cedkronny: but it could be not too difficult if the workflow is pretty simple19:16
ronnycedk: well, the information systems my father uses are separate tools and communication with them is some nasty win32 thing19:17
gourronny: hiya ronny. after aa_ now you're here as well :-)19:19
ronnygour: for different reasons tho19:20
gourronny: :-) will 0.6 be soon?19:21
ronnygour: of course, just a soon as ever19:21
ronnygour: i kinda need to get anyvc 0.3 out19:21
gourACTION put together new desktop machine (finally) and now can dedicate to new/old tasks...tryton is one of 'em19:21
cedkronny: I think the best will be to write an email with all your requirements to the mailing list19:22
ronnycedk: i suppose thats the best since there is no prebuild solution19:23
gourcedk: how was the presentation?19:23
ronnycedk: btw, is there any nice integrated backup tool in tryton?19:23
ronnysomething to do normal/incremental backups as painless as possible19:24
gourronny: pgadmin319:25
ronnygour: i dont count that as nice backup tool19:25
ronnygour: for my father i need something i can run in a 'dont have to care' mode19:26
ronnylike popping up 'hey, you didnt do a backup today, should i make one" and then just giving him a progress bar19:27
gourronny: i mean, it's question of plain postgres backup19:27
gourronny: i.e. you can probably put some script together easily19:28
ronnysay, why is this scary instanciation of model classes everywhere right after the declaration?19:30
Timitosronny: there is a backup function on the client. but it does not remember you to do the backup.19:33
ronnyhmm, that sounds fine, not remembering the user is fixable19:34
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udonoronny: hi, best way is imho a server site cron job with rotating backups19:38
ronnyudono: practically i will have a single pc that will still have to run windows (until i can fix that)19:40
ronnymeh, tryton need sqlalchemy and some metaclasses as well19:42
udonoronny: no, tryton has an own ORM19:43
ronnyudono: yes, and that looks pretty low-level19:45
gourronny: what has brought you to tryton instead of e.g. openerp?19:46
ronnyali said it was a bit better19:46
ronnyalso openerp's website looks like a marketer was on mental masturbation mode19:47
gourACTION --> dinner. bbs19:49
ronnyand trython's website is pretty much ok19:49
ronnyyes, im subjective there :P19:49
monkeytowergour: re presentation a few days ago: i went from Essen/Ruhrgebiet/Germany to Liege/Belgium just for Tryton. And i was not disappointed!19:51
ronnybtw, how many germans are in herre :P19:52
udonoronny: a lot :P19:52
udonoronny: diff #tryton #tryton.de19:53
CIA-78Timitos roundup * #1259/problems with forecast quantity computation and purchase requests:19:53
CIA-78[new] the patch on does not solve the issues completely:19:53
CIA-78i added a new patch that solves the most importan ...19:53
CIA-78C?dric Krier <> default * 359:ea7965443e39 website/locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/tryton.po: Fix typo thanks to Emmanuel Escarabajal19:54
gourmonkeytower: glad to hear it20:00
CIA-78Timitos roundup * #1260/when opening product from product categories the fields quantity and forecast quantity does not work.: [new] when opening products by categories there are the fields quantity and forecast quantity in the list. but the functions for these fields do n ...20:01
CIA-78Timitos roundup * #1261/products_by_location() does not work when products_ids == None: [new] when i open products by locations from the locations tree view with the date of today the product_ids variable is set to None. This causes t ...20:04
monkeytowerACTION has supper.20:04
CIA-78C?dric Krier <> default * 178:1a5ce1d8513e product/product.xml: Add missing views to act_product_by_category for issue126020:09
CIA-78ced roundup * #1260/when opening product from product categories the fields quantity and forecast quantity does not work.: [resolved] Fix with changeset 1a5ce1d8513e20:09
CIA-78ced roundup * #1261/products_by_location() does not work when products_ids == None: [need-eg] Could not reproduce20:13
CIA-78ced roundup * #1257/can't do a search_read with filed like 'field.rec_name': [need-eg] Need example20:14
gourany slides from the presentation available?20:23
gourhmm, gives 40320:26
cedkgour: no slide because there was no presentation20:34
cedkgour: and is up20:34
gourcedk: i still get 40321:03
monkeytowergour: i get the site as expected.21:05
gournow i got it21:05
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CIA-78C?dric Krier <> default * 2:b335bc120b3a website/ Add 1.4 branch23:39

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