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CIA-40C?dric Krier <> default * 1449:e57439781124 tryton/ (3 files in 2 dirs):10:34
CIA-40Use same keyboard shortcut for xxx2many than for other fields10:34
CIA-40- Remove hardcoded CTRL+N shortcut on one2many10:34
CIA-40- Add F2, F3 and Delete on many2many10:34
CIA-40- Make F2 working only when focus is on list10:34
CIA-40- Remove on many2many keep the cursor position10:34
CIA-40C?dric Krier <> default * 1450:e5a257b8f864 tryton/ (CHANGELOG tryton/gui/window/ Add AccelGroup on search windows10:34
CIA-40ced roundup * #1296/Keyboard shortcut for delete on o2m: [resolved] Fix with changeset e5743978112410:35
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CIA-40C?dric Krier <> default * 2107:d90b5081640f trytond/trytond/ir/ Add check on module and field name to be python identifiers12:36
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xDiehi all12:57
xDiei need web client to tryton12:57
xDiethe web client openobject work?12:57
cedkxDie: not out of the box12:58
cedkxDie: It must be not too difficult to adapt it12:58
xDiecedk, so12:58
xDie%50 of erp need web client12:59
cedkxDie: don't understand13:00
cedkxDie: you mean 50% of customer of ERP need a web client?13:00
cedkxDie: I don't think 50% is correct :-)13:02
cedkxDie: what is your need for a web client?13:02
xDiecedk, yes13:02
cedkxDie: Tryton's GTK client works well on internet and faster than OpenObject web client13:08
xDiecedk, howto work on web gtk client?13:09
cedkxDie: I don't understand13:10
xDiecedk, sorry my english is bad13:10
xDiei need tryton client run on webserver13:10
cedkxDie: why?13:11
xDiehowto work gtk client on internet?13:11
cedkxDie: put the server on internet and run GTK client on your local host and type the ip address of the server in the login popup13:13
xDiei need run in web server13:14
cedkxDie: you can try the demo server
cedkxDie: no not a web server, Tryton's server13:14
cedkxDie: but I'm not sure what you call "web server"13:14
xDiesome like this13:16
xDieto work with tryton13:16
cedkxDie: so, as I already said there is no web client but it must be possible to adapt openobject web client to work with tryton13:20
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xDiethanks cedk13:20
cedkxDie: but you did not yet say why you need this?13:20
cedkxDie: you can have roadwarriors with the GTK client13:23
cedkxDie: and there is a version of the GTK client for windows that doesn't need installation13:24
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cedkxDie: so you can put it on a USB stick13:24
gourxDie: i.e. web client is not required...just use desktop client13:27
xDiegour, a web client is requerid  to customers14:52
gourxDie: well, it could be...i can only say that desktop client is very thin and i plan to make it ready for moblin OS meant to be run on thin need for web client whatsover14:53
xDiegour, tnx14:59
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CIA-40ced roundup * #1318/Add cache on CellRenderer of GTK client: [new] It could be good to test if it improve speed of tree view like it is explain in ...19:01
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