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gouri'm trying to fix/update tryton pkgs for archlinux, but tarballs behave strangely...i cannot do tar -xvzf to unpack 'em, but have to do gzip -d && tar -x ?10:19
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gouranother issue, trytond's says that psycopg2 is optional?10:27
cedkgour: it is not an issue10:27
gourcomparing e.g. tarball of trytond-party-1.4.0 & 1.4.1 i see that the old one is unpacking normally why the newer one are not10:28
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gouri.e. newer tarballs are not in a proper shape10:28
cedkgour: they are both working here10:29
gourcedk: here they're not10:30
gourcedk: see
gour-xvzf gives 'tar: This does not look like a tar archive' here10:32
gourcedk: why is psycopg2 not listed as requirement?10:32
cedkgour: redownload it10:35
cedkgour: because it is not required10:35
gourcedk:  it's still the same behaviour (i did not see newer version listed)10:37
bechamelgour: "tar -xvzf trytond_party-1.4.1.tar.gz" works here10:44
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gourhere it does not work and i've to do: gzip -d && tar -xvf...somehow my tar does not like 1.4.1, while 1.4.0 is ok. i posted what's the difference in file's output10:45
gourbechamel: are you on i686 or x86_64?10:46
bechamelgour: 68610:46
gourbechamel: i was thinking you're, 'cause i'm on x86_64 :-)10:47
bechamel"md5sum trytond_party-1.4.1.tar.gz" gives me 265733dae912ef7b2ea0a92ce183c76d fyi10:48
gourbechamel: thanks, i get different one...still curious why unzipping 1st and then untarring works10:49
gourok, it looks that FF corrupts while dl-ing :-/10:51
gourwget did the right job10:51
gourit looks one cannot even dl file via gui and be sure it will work :-(10:51
cedkgour: I guess FF unzip on the fly10:54
bechamelgour, cedk : maybe the origin of the problem is that the server advertise the archives like text files, because one can click on it and see the binary in the browser window10:55
cedkbechamel: it is "application/x-gzip"10:56
gourbechamel: yeah, that's strange. clicking does not offer save dialog but garbles the screen :-)10:56
cedkswitch it to "application/x-tgz"10:57
bechamelcedk: when i capture the http header I see: "Content-type: text/plain"10:59
gourmisconfigured server11:00
gourtgz does the same thing...11:01
cedkgour: and now?11:08
gourcedk: clicking in ff still does not work, but attempt to download via archlinux' build script showed header as application/x-tgz instead of text as before11:21
cedkgour: so this ff issue11:24
bechamelcedk: it's ok now11:27
gouryep, now it's ok...tested with ff & opera11:32
gourhow to understand that tryton-1.4.1 has dep for 'pygtk' commented?11:34
cedkgour: because it doesn't work with pypi11:39
gourcedk: it's still not clear...what pypi has with it?11:40
gouris there not any other way to convey that message=11:41
cedkgour: pygtk doesn't install through pypi11:43
gourcedk: i understand that, but maybe having a comment there would be helpful to explain to reason for 'disabling' it11:44
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gourACTION updated/fixed (all) archlinux pkgs13:00
gouris implementing imap server with twisted better than using e.g dovecot?13:10
cedkgour: how do you connect dovecot with Tryton?13:18
gourcedk: doesn't dovecot expose some api?13:20
cedkgour: don't know it is you who suggest touse it13:22
gourcedk: i+m happy dovecot user only not having any issue with in comparison with other servers (courier, binc..), so just thought about using it instead of implementing one from the scratch13:30
cedkgour: make some research and if you think it can be use instead of twisted come back and explain how and why13:38
gourcedk: ok13:38
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gourcedk: the only thing i've found so far are plugins and something like
cedkgour: this doesn't allow to develop custom backend15:39
gourcedk: yeah. limited scope15:40
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