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CIA-31ced roundup * #1356/Trytond fails when ldap_connection is installed but not used: [invalid] If dependencies are missing, it is normal to fail.10:47
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CIA-31matb roundup * #1360/Date field loses entry: [new] When entering e.g. Statement Lines in a Statement Journal, the value of the Date field is blanked out when leaving the field.14:14
CIA-31matb roundup * #1361/Demo database needs update: [new] Company work time on demo still shows 4800h/work year.14:23
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CIA-31ced roundup * #1357/ERROR:dispatcher:Exception calling method execute on wizard ir.module.module.config: [chatting] Need more informations.15:49
CIA-31ced roundup * #1359/KeyError: 'open_date':15:52
CIA-31[need-eg] open_date comes from account_invoice_history.15:52
CIA-31Need more informations.15:52
CIA-31ced roundup * #1360/Date field loses entry: [need-eg] Need more informations.15:53
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CIA-31matb roundup * #1359/KeyError: 'open_date': The first traceback comes from fresh new database installed with account_statement + deps + account_de_skr03, account_invoice_history is in the pa ...16:17
CIA-31matb roundup * #1360/Date field loses entry:16:24
CIA-31It is exactly and reproducable as described (only with dev client, 1.4 works). No error in logs.16:24
CIA-31INFO:rpc.request:('model', u'account. ...16:24
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CIA-31ced roundup * #1359/KeyError: 'open_date': Could not reproduce.17:31
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vengfulsquirrelHi, I have this problem where I wrote my own inventory module and I can see the list of inventories and then i double click one and view it and there is a minor lag but then i click switch view to go back to the list of inventories and there is a 5 minute lag.  Where would I look to find out "whats" happening?20:43
vengfulsquirrelokay well I guess when you switch back it goes and fetches all the lines for the inventories?  why does that happen only then?
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