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sharooncedk: i finally managed the py2exe10:05
sharooncedk: what is the file that becomes the redistributable?10:05
sharooncedk: what is the package i got to release?10:05
cedksharoon: it must generate a tryton-1.5.0-setup.exe10:18
sharooncedk: it is not generating :(10:18
sharooncedk: i am trying to generate one from the trunk, i managed to install all the windows binaries10:19
sharooncedk: can you try with your trunk version if its happening/10:19
cedksharoon: did you run python py2exe ?10:19
sharooncedk: using python2.5 yes10:19
cedksharoon: it works10:22
sharooncedk: thats interesting, but my py2exe completes but there is a message:The following modules appear to be missing10:23
sharoon['email.Generator', 'email.Iterators', 'email.Utils', 'gdk', 'gtkspell', 'igemac10:23
sharoonintegration', 'json', 'ltihooks', 'resource', 'simplejson', 'ssl', 'win32api', '10:23
sharoonwin32con', 'win32pipe']10:23
cedksharoon: did you have NSIS?10:27
cedksharoon: did tryton work with python?10:27
sharooncedk: tryton works10:29
sharooncedk: now i get the problem10:32
sharooncedk: how do i specify VERSION?10:32
cedksharoon: don't understand10:34
sharooncedk: Missing VERSION! Specify it with '/DVERSION=<VERSION>'"10:34
cedksharoon: use py2exe10:34
cedksharoon: it does all10:34
sharooncedk: i ran py2exe again10:36
sharooncedk: it creates dist & build10:36
sharooncedk: dist has a tryton.exe10:36
sharooncedk: it doesnt run though10:37
sharooncedk: any ideas?10:40
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sharooncedk: the issue is NSIS is not there in the os.environ path10:54
sharooncedk: grr!!!! finally made the installer and it installs but the tryton client doesnt open10:59
sharoonHi guys, now i need to build a Real CRM: and a support ticket system11:09
sharoonanybody willing to be part of design?11:09
yangoonsharoon: hi11:12
sharoonyangoon: hi11:12
yangoonstates the way you did seem ok to me11:13
sharoonyangoon: cheers !! :-)11:13
sharoonyangoon: did u use the module?11:14
yangoonits a design question to use more generic ones, but its not decisive11:14
yangoonsharoon: no time to test it yet, no11:14
sharoonyangoon: ok11:14
yangoonone little issue nevertheless about the model11:15
sharoonyangoon: please11:15
sharoonyangoon: anything major?11:15
yangoonIf ever possible I would use one model name for a model, not a mixture11:16
yangoonthere are very reare cases, where objects are really related like projects/tasks and you can change one into the other11:16
yangoonbut leads/opportunities for me is different11:17
yangoonI understand sales opportunities as a subset of generic leads11:17
yangoonthe model for me is clearly (sale) opportunity11:17
yangoonlead being a state used inside the model11:18
yangoonif it is necessary to use mixed names for a modle, this can be a sign of poor modelling11:19
sharoonyangoon: :-)11:19
sharoonyangoon: i fixed it according to your comment11:19
yangoonsharoon: ah, I will have to look first:)11:19
yangoontalking without looking is sometimes a sign of being not up-to-date;)11:20
sharoonyangoon: no problem. That was updated based on your comment anyway.... so any comments abt the ticket system?11:22
yangoonsharoon: I am interested anyway, but lack of time11:22
sharoonyangoon: I will propose a blueprint and then we can discuss11:23
yangoonyou get more input if you make first a rather detailed blueprint11:23
sharoonyangoon: same here!11:23
yangoonyes, great11:23
sharoonudono: thanks11:54
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sharooncedk: bechamel: yangoon: udono:
cedksharoon: add your pages on
sharooncedk: done12:44
cedksharoon: also for opportunity12:44
sharooncedk: opportunity looks old?12:45
sharooncedk: since its implemented shall it be a tutorial?12:45
sharooncedk: any thoughts?12:45
cedksharoon: doc should go into the module12:45
sharooncedk: ok12:46
sharooncedk: bechamel: any thoughts about the blueprint??12:51
cedksharoon: not yet readed12:52
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bechamelsharoon: about the support blueprint :  the fields described under "queue" define a team not a queue (if i understand correctly)15:37
sharoonbechamel: yes, its a team, but called a queue because normally companies organise them as queues.15:37
sharoonbechamel: in future when its linked to an email it becomes a real queue15:38
sharoonbechamel: thoughts?15:38
bechamelsharoon: are you sure ? for me queue evoke a list of tickets more than peoples responsible to handle them15:39
sharoonbechamel: i referred to two support systems and both had this name15:39
sharoonbechamel: can you help with a better name?15:39
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bechamelsharoon: not better than team atm, but let me read the rest maybe it will be more clear for me15:41
sharoonbechamel: sure15:41
bechamelsharoon: I don't understand what is the follow up, when is it used ?15:47
sharoonbechamel: for each ticket, you follow up right eg: all the comments are followups15:48
bechamelsharoon: ok15:49
bechamelsharoon: how will be used the escalated boolean if there is two level of escalation (or at least 3 queue)?15:51
sharoonbechamel: escalation can be done only by button. when somebody clicks escalate, it automatically shifts to an upper level queue and the escalate is flagged true15:52
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sharoonbechamel: cedk: i am getting an err Calling method fields_view_get on model support.ticket.history.lines is not allowed!16:32
sharoonwhat can be the reason?16:33
cedksharoon: is it a ModelView16:36
sharooncedk: thanks it did not inherit modelview16:36
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sharooncedk: i got an error in the calendar object20:08
sharooncedk: looks like its not able to serialise datetime object20:08
cedksharoon: don't know20:10
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cedksharoon: fill a bug report20:19
sharooncedk: ok20:19
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cedksharoon: did not type the right email:
sharooncan you reset it for me?20:32
cedksharoon: don't know20:34
sharooncedk: ok20:34
sharoonregistering again20:34
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udonoACTION penlabs, openalbs ... twice changing the company name in a day sounds like turbo business. But openalbs realy sounds interesting
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sharooncedk: udono: yangoon:
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