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syp_hello I am browsing the documentation (1.4) right now, it is rather terse on protocols :-)16:09
syp_so what is the difference between net-rpc and xml-rpc?16:09
syp_I could not find anything on"net-rpc" (literally) by googling16:10
syp_I am new to tryton and considering it fro deployment16:10
Timitossyp_: net-rpc is only available in python. it is faster than xml-rpc.16:17
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syp_OK, thanks, I should have read the code.16:20
syp_anyway, so "net-rpc" is tryton's own16:22
syp_the name is a bit confusing, considering xml-rpc.net16:23
Timitossyp_: i am not sure if net-rpc is in tyton only. i do not think so. you should ask cedk on another day about this16:24
Timitoshe is not here today16:24
yangoonsyp_: does the job16:25
syp_yangoon:  thanks, I am reading it16:27
syp_any comments on xml-rpc vs net-rpc? security, robustness, development considerations (history)16:28
syp_forgot efficiency16:29
Timitossyp_: it depends on you needs16:29
syp_sure, it always does -- any general comments?16:30
Timitosuse net-rpc when it is possible16:32
udonosyp_: hi, on xmlrpc you need to parse all values, since it doen't know a general type, e.g. Decimal('10.0) is transported as 10.0 on XMLRPC and as Decimal('10.0) on netrpc.16:38
udonosyp_: another possibility is:
syp_my interest in tryton and similar systems is not the standard one i.e. providing ERP for a  business16:40
syp_my focus is mainly accounting and not for one business but for many organizations16:41
syp_any comments on tryton suitability for this kind of use? -- I know I am lazy, should read the doc16:42
syp_udono:  thanks for your comments, I can see clearle the diff know16:42
Timitossyp_: you need to do a review of the accounting module of tryton if it fits your needs. especially the legal needs of your country16:43
udonosyp_: Tryton is prepared for multi company. But there are many ways to handle this. So nothing but some separation is included yet. Mainly in accounting, the companies are separated. But e.g. on party they are not, for now.16:45
syp_udono:  that sounds good enough for a start, we would not do the entire accounting for these organizations16:49
syp_rather just review, trial balance, tax16:49
syp_I realize that we would need to write/modify some modules for our special needs (for example tax)16:51
Timitossyp_: for sure16:52
syp_the attraction of tryton is the very nice modularization and open source dev model16:52
Timitosyes. i think it can be a good plattform for your development16:53
syp_finally, some comments on openerp vs tryton please. I did my googling and research, I sensed some tension between the two camps ... at the moment I prefer tryton dev model structure but openerp is so much bigger in every aspect. maybe too big to my taste16:58
Timitossyp_: the short version. if you rely on marketing you should use openerp otherwise you should use tryton ;-)17:03
udonosyp_: I choose Tryton, because I prefer reliability before featuresrichness.17:03
udonoACTION 'featuresrichness' is this a real word?17:04
syp_udono:  featuresrichness --> feature-richness and here you go with your new word17:14
syp_anyway, thank you all for your comments, I'll be around - bye for now17:15
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