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petruswhere can I find neso's hg repo?06:49
petrusfound it06:53
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petrusis there a way to figure out dependencies between modules = preferred order of installation?14:53
petrusI am having problems with installing form the cloned full forest14:53
cedkpetrus: the dependencies are set in the setup.py14:55
cedkpetrus: you can use easy_install if you want14:55
cedkpetrus: but it is not required to have packages installed to run Tryton14:56
petruscedk, that is what I thought but it is not the case; sometimes it starts installing stuff not in the dependencies15:00
petruscedk, also I have everything from the repos, but when I start installing by "python setup install" it start pulling from the net 1.4 modules15:01
petruscedk, figuring our the dependencies by reading all the files in advance (plus some) rather cumbersome for a newcomer knowing nothing about the system15:02
petruscedk, is it possible the arrange the repos for the install in a way such that during the install is recognized that, in fact, everything is already there locally?15:04
petruscedk, I should add all external dependencies are already satisfied15:08
petruscedk, so I am talking about only the internal dependency graph15:09
cedkpetrus: no15:21
cedkpetrus: the problem is that you mix different way of installing the software15:22
cedkpetrus: if you use the mercurial sources, you must not install it just put it in the right place15:22
cedkpetrus: otherwise, install it using easy_install or the package manager of your OS15:22
petruscedk, what is the "right place"? when you clone all repos, it is not in the right place (modules for example)15:25
petruscedk, I just want to try a few thing before deciding on Tryton15:26
cedkpetrus: ok, but you want to work with which version ?15:26
petruscedk, by the way easy_installing 1.4 breaks down with egenix-mx-base compilation, whatever I do15:27
cedkpetrus: the dev one from mercurial or the releases?15:27
petruscedk, so yes, dev one  - see my comment about 1.415:27
cedkpetrus: so follow
cedkpetrus: and after
cedkpetrus: so you don't need to run the if you want to keep Tryton local15:32
cedkpetrus: but you must install all the dependencies15:33
cedkpetrus: like psycopg2, lxml, relatorio etc.15:33
petruscedk, assuming I follow the "Server and Modules Installation", how can I put the dev neso inot the picture15:34
cedkpetrus: you can fetch neso and inside the neso directory put tryton and trytond15:35
petruscedk, all external dependencies are already satisfied, as I said before15:35
cedkpetrus: or make symbolic links15:35
petruscedk, re neso: oops, I have done that before, thanks15:36
petruscedk, symlinks did not work perfectly for me, it started complaining about trytond.config15:36
cedkpetrus: symlinks must be absolute not relative15:37
petruscedk, OK maybe that was the problem, I wiped out this attempt15:38
petruscedk, so I can't check now15:39
petruscedk, would the absolute symlink trick work for the modules inside trytond/ ?15:43
cedkpetrus: yes15:44
cedkmaybe it can replace hgforest16:18
petruscedk,  yes I looked at that and wanted to mention yesterday16:21
petruscedk, since it is going to be the official part of Hg, it'd better to bet on this16:22
cedkpetrus: yes but I'm not sure it is good for our needs16:24
cedkpetrus: needs to test16:24
petruscedk,  no it is not good enough right now, see
petruscedk, however we should keep an eye on it16:26
petruscedk, meanwhile I got neso with all the modules "installed" (by the "copy inside" method you suggested)16:32
cedkpetrus: so it is working?16:33
petruscedk, I am on ubuntu 9.10 (karmic) -- it turned out applying the wiki's general and Debian dependencies not straightforward, some items missing, others out of date on karmic16:35
cedkpetrus: I'm not a fan of this part of the wiki16:36
petruscedk, I'll summarize when I am trough -- maybe in the wiki under Ubuntu?16:36
cedkpetrus: for me, the source code with and INSTALL must be enough16:37
cedkpetrus: and by the way, Tryton has packages for Debian, Ubuntu etc.16:37
petruscedk, well I (and many) don't like easy_install grabbing around16:38
petrusfor karmic Tryton is out of date 1.2 I guess16:38
cedkpetrus: i find it works pretty well but of course I don't use it to install stuff under /usr/lib/python*16:38
cedkpetrus: packages in distribution will always have a delay16:39
cedkpetrus: because they privilege the stability16:40
cedkpetrus: and it is not a problem 1.2 was well working16:40
petruscedk, re working?: I have just fired neso up and in the modules tab (almost) all modules show up with "not installed" state -- ?16:41
petruscedk, I like to bee on the bleeding edge -- my use case would be rather special16:41
cedkpetrus: normal, they are not installed for the database point of view16:42
petruscedk, so what should I do, apart from RTFM -- currently I need only the accounting stuff16:42
petruscedk, it is just quick demo for a client -- later I dig in, promis16:43
cedkpetrus: double click on module you want to install, click on install button and run the wizard "proceed installation"16:44
petruscedk, thanks it worked16:51
cedkpetrus: good16:52
petruscedk, now I need to create about 100 companies16:52
cedkACTION updating servers16:52
cedkpetrus: not companies but parties16:52
cedkpetrus: companies are only company managed by the software16:53
petruscedk, we should be dealing with many companies, how can I do that?16:54
cedkpetrus: you can perhaps use the csv import function16:54
cedkpetrus: create parties for those companies16:55
cedkpetrus: parties is for "Tiers" in french16:55
petruscedk, my use case is not a single company in need for an ERP16:56
petruscedk, rather we are a public accountant caring for many companies/organizations16:57
cedkpetrus: and you want to manage 100 companies on one instance of Tryton?16:57
petruscedk, yes but just the accounting for trial balance purpuse16:58
cedkpetrus: put all in one instance if you need to share resources between them16:58
cedkpetrus: otherwise I will suggest to create one database per company16:59
petruscedk, so the "parties" would not cover this case?  -- they don't really share resources17:01
petruscedk, however our processing on them are more or less would be the same or very similar17:02
cedkpetrus: so one database per company seems a good choice17:15
petruscedk, OK I go with that line then17:20
petruscedk, thanks for your help, I've got go now - bye17:21
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yangooncedk: there seems to be an issue with roundup: neither forwarding to #tryton-commit nor forwarding to nosy list:
cedkyangoon: server update20:00
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