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petrusis anybody using the 1.4 branch on Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic)?01:16
petrusI can't get it working because of the egenix-mx-base dependency01:17
sharoonpetrus: i do01:26
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petrushow did you get around installing egenix-mx-base?01:39
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sharooncedk: the mail in google groups which came now... i really thought from the subject you guys were organisinag a party11:30
cedksharoon: :-)11:31
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petrusif I "python setup install" in trytond/ (dev branch) it installs modules/XXX/ .py files but not the related .xml etc. data files18:26
petruswhat is there a proper way of using the in the module's directory to install the given module into the right place?18:27
petrussay, "just copy over"  is not an option18:28
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cedkpetrus: it should18:38
cedkpetrus: which module do you try to install ?18:41
petruscedk: "what should" ??? the "copy over"? so what is the point to have files for each module then? -- am I missing something?18:42
petruscedk: any module18:43
cedkpetrus: should copy the xml files if they are defined in package_data18:43
cedkpetrus: could put the output of one try18:43
petruscedk: which, trytond/ does not as I said before18:45
petruscedk: and I could not figure out how to use a modules/XXX/ to put the stuff into the already installed trytond18:45
petruscedk: that is what I am asking about18:46
cedkpetrus: please copy/paste the shell history when you try to install18:46
petruscedk: the history is in what I said before, but here it is is again: cd src/trytond; python setup install; cd src trytond/modules/XXX; python setup install18:55
cedkpetrus: and the output of the command?18:55
petruscedk: and this does not install the module into the right place, treats it as a toplevel package18:55
petruscedk: additionally, it starts pulling the dependency modules from the internet, however all of them already here18:57
petruscedk: and yes the second module install do see the the already installed trytond core since it is running in the same virtualenv18:58
petruscedk: not that this really makes any difference18:58
petruscedk: the output as any normal install, a million lines, what the point to copy it here. both install proceed but while the first produces what one expect19:01
petruscedk: the second produces not desired results: pull from internet and goes to pyenv/trytond/lib/python2.6/site-packages/trytond_XXXX instead of19:02
petruscedk: ls19:04
cedkpetrus: it must not be a problem19:04
petruscedk: pyenv/trytond/lib/python2.6/site-packages/trytond-1.5.0-py2.6.egg/trytond/modules19:04
cedkpetrus: trytond can handle modules installed with pkg_resources19:04
petruscedk: I have not tried to run this way yet, but will19:05
petruscedk: so why then they got "half installed" during the firs step?19:06
petruscedk: also, how can avoid the repated pulling from the net?19:07
cedkpetrus: I don't understand the "half installed"19:08
cedkpetrus: what is pulling from the net?19:08
petruscedk: half installed: please read my very first sentence in this thread19:09
cedkpetrus: copy/paste the output of the install19:09
petruscedk: you can't be serious with asking me to copy here the several thousands lines here, I believe I have given all important information already19:16
petruscedk: the end of the second phase when I kill it since it starts pulling form the net is here:19:16
petruscedk: creating /home/peter/pyenv/trytond/lib/python2.6/site-packages/trytond_account-1.5.0-py2.6.egg19:17
petrusExtracting trytond_account-1.5.0-py2.6.egg to /home/peter/pyenv/trytond/lib/python2.6/site-packages19:17
petrustrytond-account 1.5.0 is already the active version in easy-install.pth19:18
petrusInstalled /home/peter/pyenv/trytond/lib/python2.6/site-packages/trytond_account-1.5.0-py2.6.egg19:18
petrusProcessing dependencies for trytond-account==1.5.019:18
petrusSearching for trytond-currency19:18
petruscedk: so the question is again, if trytond can, as you said, deal with "top-installed" modules, why the core install installs the modules partially (without data files) at all?19:21
cedkpetrus: copy/paste =
cedkpetrus: for data I don't know and I can not know if you don't give all the informations19:28
petruscedk: it would be simpler (and probably useful) if you ran a " install" in dev-branch/.../trytond/ and see what is happening -- I have not changed anything in the repo tree.19:36
petruscedk: I have the feeling that you don't really understand what I am talking about -- probably my fault19:36
petruscedk: for any case, thanks for your help -- I am running out of time here, and sitting at the end of  a very bad network connection19:36
cedkpetrus: I run it and all is ok19:41
cedkpetrus: but I don't see any advantage to install developpement version19:42
petruscedk: all is ok? all modules installed in the right place with data? it is not what happening when I run in it in the repo19:43
cedkpetrus: trytond install correctly with data19:44
petruscedk: sure, but what is in the modules/ dir, take a look19:44
petruscedk: and what you see there is what I call "half installed" modules19:45
cedkpetrus: modules are on separate directory but it works19:47
cedkpetrus: it is eggs installation but trytond can find modules with pkg_resources19:48
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petruscedk: you did not answer my question: what do you see in trytond/modules/XXX? the modules kind of installed twice in two places , look into your eggs or install unzipped so you can see19:51
cedkwhich trytond/modules ?19:53
cedkthe one in trytond-1.5.0-py2.6.egg is empty19:53
cedkthe one in trytond_google_translate-1.5.0-py2.6.egg is filled by the google_translate module19:53
paepke_homecedk, petrus: is it a common tryton-practise to install the modules python wide in the site packages? i always used the trytond/modules folder in a seperate install dir.19:57
cedkpaepke_home: I do it for production environment otherwise for dev I never do19:58
cedkpaepke_home: but we made Tryton working with both way19:58
petruspaepke: I use a virualenv just for tryton(d)19:58
cedkpetrus: maybe there is an issue with virtualenv20:00
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cedkpetrus: that is why I ask you about the all log installation20:02
petruscedk: when I run trytond/ it does "half install" the modules into the trytond-1.5.0-py2.6.egg tree20:03
cedkpetrus: I don't understand20:03
petruscedk: I see that -- and now I understand why!20:06
petruscedk: your repo structure is not the same then mine: created by the suggested copy script20:07
cedkpetrus: with teh script you don't need to install20:08
petruscedk: but I want to20:08
cedkpetrus: do you have module inside trytond/modules or do you have symlink ?20:08
cedkpetrus: why?20:09
petruscedk:  your trytond/modules in your rep is empty, mine is in place20:09
cedkpetrus: so if you want to install use clean repositories20:09
petruscedk: there is a line setup.y: packages=find_packages(exclude=['*.modules.*', 'modules.*', 'modules']),20:09
petruscedk: but this line does not prevent "half installing" the modules20:10
cedkpetrus: but it should exclude modules with this line20:12
petruscedk: it should but i does not; I have just rerun a new install from scratch after trytond/ modules/XXX/ contains all the .py files of the modules but not the data20:17
vengfulsquirrelpetrus: Sorry the conversation is kind of confusing, you ran dev pull script and then tried to run for trytond?  Or you tried to install directly with easy install ?20:18
cedkpetrus: maybe a buggy version of setuptools?20:19
petruscedk: I have never ever mentioned easy_install,20:19
petrusI run python install20:19
vengfulsquirrelHa I did, I mentioned it sorry.20:19
cedkpetrus: I never too20:20
petrusvengfulsquirrel: I did not see it20:20
petruscedk: info: setuptools-0.6c11, virtualenv-1.4.520:21
petruscedk: that is what I am using , the most recent ones20:21
cedkpetrus: so we must find why it doesn't exclude the directories20:22
petruscedk: yes, could be a bug in setuptools20:23
cedkpetrus: but for now if you remove directories from trytond/modules in the installation folder, it should work20:24
petruscedk: the structure created by dev pull script is not necessarily the best for installs like what I am doing (for good reasons)20:26
petruscedk: removing trytond/modules is an option, right20:26
petruscedk: when I started this thread I hoped --???? parameter trick which would put each modules one by one into trytond/modules/XXX20:27
petruscedk: I played a bit around but could not find it,20:28
petruscedk: maybe possible20:28
cedkpetrus: which script do you use?20:29
petruscedk: another matter, other day I was suggesting an .hgignore in each repo  -- I did not get a reply, any comment?; my suggestion may make more sense now seeing what I am trying to do20:30
petrusthe python one20:31
petruscedk: by the way these install problems are the same for any branch not just the dev one20:32
cedkpetrus: we had one year ago this discussion and we decided to not include .hgignore because everybody will want to have his special configuration for his editor etc.20:32
cedkpetrus: you can define for you a global .hgignore for *.pyc files20:32
cedkpetrus: the python one was a copy of the shell one, but it seems it doesn't make symlink like the shell one20:34
cedkpetrus: maybe to work also on windows20:35
petruscedk: I see, but isn't it in the other way around? what I suggested is true for all repos in tryton and editor/user specific ones could go to global20:35
petruscedk: anyway not so important20:36
petruscedk: back to install  -- how can I prevent modules/XXX/ pulling dependencies from the net instead of finding them locally?20:38
petruscedk: do I need to traverse the dependency tree properly?20:39
petruscedk: that's a pain in the a*20:39
cedkpetrus: this is why there is package manager and distribution devs that do the work20:40
cedkpetrus: and in some distribution python package are installed without entries for setuptools20:40
cedkpetrus: so setuptools think they are not installed20:40
petruscedk: I know that. however I do all my deployment (dev or prod) in virtualenv to insulate myself from distro anomalies. which of Ubuntu (my paltform) is producing more and more recently.20:43
cedkpetrus: so what is downloaded that you don't want?20:44
petruscedk: if I have the full dev repo tree locally already then I don't want module/XXX/ to pull anything from the net during install.20:48
udonopetrus: hi20:49
petruscedk: it would be better just to fail, so can remdey the situation by traversing the dependency tree by trial and error20:50
udonopetrus: Maybe there is a way with setuptools to tell, that it should only use local files in a folder?20:50
petrusudono: maybe, I don't know -- I don't really like setuptools and the associated automagics20:53
cedkpetrus: so don't use it20:53
udonopetrus: so just do not use it...20:53
cedkwe create file for packagers20:54
petruscedk: so I should write my own for each component, that is what you suggesting?20:54
cedkpetrus: no20:55
udonopetrus: no, there is just no need of setup tools. you can run tryton directly20:55
petruscedk: just by runnig the automagic kicks in20:55
udonopetrus: run bin/tryton20:55
udonopetrus: for the client20:55
udonoand bin/trytond for the server.20:56
udonopetrus: before you change into the appropriate path's20:56
petrusudono: for some good reasons I need/want to install20:56
udonopetrus: which?20:56
petruslong story, maybe another time -- I've got to go now -- cheers20:57
cedkudono: this should help petrus21:00
udonocedk: yes, possible. I thought of petrus is mixing trunk with releases... but he don't give the required informations to check this and I do not understand the 'good reasons' for using setuptools and distutils when want to mix different versions of the same software...21:14
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