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cedkpaepke: I think I have fixed the patch for 2.509:46
paepkecedk, ok i'll test it09:50
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paepkecedk, the new patch works now. great.11:28
paepkecedk, comparing the patch against standard system it is not faster in installing the country-module (xml-import) should there be any difference?11:29
cedkpaepke: no because importing xml data are done by the sax pareser11:32
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cedkpaepke: where it can have difference is on generating xml view11:36
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paepkecedk: ic. thx12:08
paepkecedk is it planned to change that, too?12:10
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yangooncedk: when saving a utf-8 encoded file with the binary field, it is stored as b64 encoded value. decoding this value doesn't give me back valid utf-8 data. any idea how to proceed?16:58
cedkyangoon: no16:59
cedkyangoon: tell me more17:04
yangooncedk: well, iam saving an import file containing utf chars with the binary field17:05
yangooni fetch it from the model and do base64.b64decode(data)17:06
cedkyangoon: how?17:06
cedkyangoon: you must use decodestring17:09
yangooncedk: same problem with decodestring17:09
cedkyangoon:  I don't understand17:15
bechamelyangoon: maybe:  data = unicode(data).decode('utf-8')17:17
yangoonbechamel: tried already this, result is: UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xdc in position 291: ordinal not in range(128)17:22
yangooncedk: I tried already with decodestring, but it returns broken utf-8 values as well17:25
cedkyangoon: how do you set the data?17:30
yangooncedk: I send you a test file, that I am saving via a biinary field17:31
yangooncedk: it is an encoding issue between OS: the original import file is saved on a windows client17:36
yangooncedk: as soon as I save the same file again on linux it works17:37
cedkyangoon: I still don't know what you are doing?17:38
cedkyangoon: what does it mean "saving via a biinary field" ?17:39
yangooncedk: I have a fields.Binary on a model, and I am saving a file with the slection dialog of this field17:40
yangooncedk: may be the file is windows-1252 encoded, I will have to check17:42
yangooncedk: bechamel indeed, file is windows-1252, so thx and sorry for the noise17:51
bechamelyangoon: np17:51
paepkecedk, its great to see that there's something going on with ssl-checking! i'll test it as soon i come back from a short holiday! Thanks!17:58
cedkpaepke: for me it is the only missing part17:59
paepkecedk, for me additionally: not falling back to non-ssl18:00
cedkpaepke: it is already in the patch18:01
paepkecedk, yes i saw that. thats really great.18:01
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paepkecedk, thats a great step forward.18:01
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