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carloshow are we supposed to create new projects?19:31
dbacedk: fyi, the new modules (dashboard, calendar-classification, party-siret) are uploaded to debian (and stuck in NEW as usual)19:38
dbayangoon: highlight for you; but you already saw it in the other channel i guess.19:39
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cedkcarlos: I don't understand your question20:32
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yangoondba: yes, saw it, great!21:44
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carloscedk, hi, I was missing some permissions to create new projects in Tryton, so the menu was hidden22:25
carloscedk, so the problem is solved now, except for
plaescarlos: you were person who experimented with babel/gettext?22:30
carlosplaes, yes, I am22:31
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plaesdo you still have any plans with it?22:34
plaesI see that the bug is marked as 'deterred'22:34
carloswell, there are some issues with the Tryton objectives that invalidates my initial assumptions22:35
carlosso I need to rethink about it, I would like to get a .po file, even if Tryton doesn't use it at run time22:35
carlosbut I didn't have time yet to think about it22:35
plaesdoes this mean that translations stay in database?22:36
carlosat the moment, that's how the design for Tryton expects it22:37
plaesheh, that's currently only thing I really hate :P22:37
carlosthe 'problem' is that is not a side effect, but something intentional22:38
carlosbut I'm open to any solution/suggestion22:39
carloswhile I'm not able to provide it for the lack of time ;-)22:39
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