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cedkjuanfe: hi17:28
cedkjuanfe: where are you in the dev of the qooxdoo client?17:29
juanfecedk: just beggining17:30
juanfeactually I willl see your json-rpc code, to see how do you connect17:30
cedkjuanfe: will you interested to collaborate to the GWT client?17:30
juanfewell, I will see the code17:31
cedkjuanfe: the goal is to have almost the same code in gtk client then in GWT17:33
cedkjuanfe: this will help to have the same behavior in both client17:33
cedkjuanfe: and will help to maintain it17:33
juanfewell my idea with qooxdoo was the same structure in objects, but I have no many code as you in soe17:35
cedkby the way sao is for
juanfeIs all in java17:38
cedkjuanfe: that is GWT :-)17:38
cedkjuanfe: but it generates javascript17:38
juanfeI don't know nothing of GWT17:40
juanfeI we see the tutorials of GWT17:40
juanfeWho I could build sao as javascript?17:41
cedkant build17:41
juanfeACTION intalling ant17:43
cedkjuanfe: it requires GWT-2.0.017:44
cedkjuanfe: and
juanfeis the beta version, right?17:51
cedkjuanfe: it is no more beta17:52
juanfeadvanced-gwt is differente to GWT-2.0.0, right?17:56
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juanfeACTION downloading GWT-2.0.018:01
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cedkjuanfe: is it working?18:42
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juanfecedk: I was dining :-) I just come back20:01
cedkjuanfe: ok, ask me if you had issue to setup environment20:03
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juanfecedk: when I try to compile using ant build, there ask me by the value of the variable ${gwt.sdk}, whow could I give it, you know?20:55
juanfeI was try as embiroment variable, but doesn't work20:56
cedkjuanfe: I created a with
juanfewith propertyfile option of ant?20:58
cedkin the same directory then the build.xml20:59
cedkjuanfe: replace my path with your local path20:59
cedkjuanfe: once all is compiled, you must set jsondata_path to the sao war directory21:28
juanfecedk: I compiled, and run in iceaweasel file:///home/juanfe/tryton/sao/war/sao.html, and show me the connect windows, but doesn't show nothing in the Database scroll.21:29
cedkjuanfe: you must connect throw the json-rpc of trytond21:41
juanfebut how, its run with tomcat, or what?21:51
cedkjuanfe: no22:00
cedkjuanfe: simple start trytond with json-rpc enable22:00
juanfeACTION reading
cedkjuanfe: I don't use the GWT server side22:00
juanfewhat's in the jsondata_path variable? /var/www/localhost/tryton what is the json-rpc data?22:04
juanfecedK: work :-)22:08
juanfeACTION prefer qooxdoo22:12
juanfecedk: I see that qooxdoo could use GWK, I don't know how!22:13
cedkjuanfe: I think it is only to use the widgets22:36
juanfeI think so!22:37
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cedkjuanfe: let me know if you will work on sao23:28
juanfelet me thing a couple of days, mean wile I see the code23:30

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