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akapakais there a script that clones all the hg projects needed for a base installation? I have not found advice..09:53
akapakathanks for the link. so google code is more than just labs :-)09:55
bechamelakapaka: yes, it's labs + wiki09:58
cedkakapaka: be careful that this method is only if you plan to develop for Tryton10:42
cedkakapaka: otherwise use distribution package is there is one or easy_install10:42
akapakacedk: thanks, but like to look at the code. As Java developer I'm curious if tryton would run on jython 2.5.1. has anyone tried?10:45
cedkakapaka: as it is in Python, installation from distribution or easy_install will allow you to see the code10:47
cedkakapaka: I tried for Jython, the main issue is that lxml doesn't work on it10:47
cedkakapaka: I started a work to remove lxml
cedkakapaka: I have also a patch for postgresql connection with Jython10:49
cedkakapaka: it works almost10:49
cedkakapaka: but relatorio must be also port to Jython and his usage of lxml is difficult to port to standard xml libs10:49
cedkakapaka: so I think the best to have jython support, is to write a wrapper for lxml10:50
cedkakapaka: if you want I can send you the patch for jython postgresql10:50
akapakacedk: I'd like to get the patch for jython. what was the reason you were exploring jython?10:52
cedkby the way, I did not find any speed improvement with jython except slower start time10:52
cedkakapaka: I was looking for speed improvement10:52
cedkakapaka: and also challenge :-)10:52
paepkecedk, have you looked at pypy? what are youre impressions?10:53
cedkakapaka: but tryton works well with Unladen Swallow 2009Q410:53
cedkpaepke: never tried pypi10:53
akapakacedk: that is good news. there seems to be some drive behind this project.10:54
cedkpaepke: which Python version are there compatible?10:54
cedkakapaka: to be honest, I don't think Tryton needs python code interpretation improvement10:55
cedkit is more to find some bottleneck10:56
cedklike this
akapakacedk: is the bottleneck is about building sums?11:01
cedkakapaka: for this issue, yes11:01
cedkakapaka: because it requires to read some more tables11:01
cedkakapaka: but it only shows a little delay less then 1sec11:02
akapakacedk: you probably now about SIFT (NAV). This is only in the german version of wikipedia:
paepkecedk i'm not sure with pypy. it currently in development. don't know whats the current state wich python versions are supported. but looks like an intresting project.11:07
cedkakapaka: yes a little11:11
cedkpaepke: I think unlanded is better because it keeps compatibility with c extentions11:12
paepkecedk never heard of that. i'm just browsing the site. looks very interesting11:13
paepkecedk, do you already have a speed comparism?11:14
cedkpaepke: no11:14
cedkpaepke: I did not see any visible speed improvement when running under Jython nor Unlanded11:15
cedkI think the bottleneck is the SQL queries11:16
cedkso we should find where is the slow queries, where is the unneeded queries etc.11:16
akapakait sounds like a dbadm job11:17
cedkakapaka: for sure11:19
cedkakapaka: but don't misunderstand, Tryton works well with current version11:19
akapakacedk: I have not seen speed problems yet.11:20
cedkakapaka: good :-)11:23
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