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plantian /msg nickserv help release00:50
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gourany archlinux uses which uses tryton here?07:56
gouri'd like to disown tryton packages, so if anyone wants to adopt it...08:06
plantianJust no time to maintain them ?  I don't use archlinux.08:07
gourwell, i won't use tryton and therefore no time to maintain08:09
gourok. i disowned them...feel free to adopt it08:25
plantianOkay, sorry tryton didn't work out.08:25
gourwell, it's not documented according to my taste and i simply didn't grok that xml files etc...will use gnucash for my invoicing/accounting a learn a bit guile to customize reports08:27
plantianYeah the documentation is still kind of sparse but its made a lot of progress in the last year.  I understand though.08:30
gouri even tried to help with the docs, but not being openerp user from before, i needed some more docs in order to tweak tryton for my reqs.08:31
gourotoh, not being full-time dev, not even python programmer, it would require too much time to spend on it08:31
gourhowever, i understand that for python-devs and former openerp devs it is piece of cake08:32
plantianha it is no piece of cake08:34
gourheh, then you can understand my position ;)08:38
plantianWell hopefully the docs keep getting better though.  Its just a matter of time.08:38
gouranyway, tryton devs were kind to me, project is nicely organized and led...but not many open-source projects...that's why i'm looking for alternatives Context (tex markup) is another good example of nice project without proper docs...08:39
plantianYeah there are ton of guides on tex though.  I think its also just a complicated solution to a complicated problem.08:40
gouratm, i plan to learn jquery and i can choose from several books to buy - i'm book guy and accustomed to learn from books instead of wasting hours in internet and putting pieces together from several tutorials08:42
gourin any case, i need to start with our small 'company' asap, so no time to fiddle with tryton08:42
gourguile does not look bad and i won't need a lot...for other stuff i'll write my app in haskell08:43
plantianGuile the extension language?08:45
plantianYou will have to use scheme.08:47
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gourplantian: yes, guile as dialect of cheme09:10
gourok. i've to go out, orphaned my tryton* pkgs, that's it...09:14
gourgood luck to tryton project09:16
plantianOkay thanks, I will pass it on.09:16
plantian*about the packages09:16
gourplantian: thanks. i've posted on AUR list as well09:19
gourok. i'm leaving..bye09:19
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Mayank_OLi am facing problem in calling a wizard on a button.10:07
Mayank_OLCan somebody help me?10:07
sharoonMayank_OL: ?10:11
plantianYeah can you be more specific.10:16
Mayank_OLi have created a model having two fields. i have defined view for it.10:23
Mayank_OLNow, i want to open this view from a different model on a button.10:23
yangoonMayank_OL: you can have a look at where menu entries are defined10:34
yangoonMayank_OL: if you search for calls like you find at the bottom of the party view, look in hte appropriate modules i.e. account_invoice, sale, purchase10:35
Mayank_OLi have created a wizard . Am able to call that wizard on menuitem10:38
Mayank_OLBut i want to call it from a button placed in view of some other model10:38
sharoonMayank_OL: <button name="%(xml_id_of_wizard)d" string="Name of Button" type="action"/>10:41
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Mayank_OLit worked.10:45
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Mayank_OLi have created a wizard and called it on a button in the form view of some other model X.16:12
Mayank_OLHow can i access the fields of the model X??16:12
udonoMayank_OL: Hi, I don't understand what is your goal?16:32
Mayank_OLudono: actually i am working on a project for my company, Consider X is a model which have a button16:36
Mayank_OLon which a wizard gets opened. now in this wizard, an onchange function is called on a field Y which should get the fields of model X. How to get the id of model X??16:36
cedkMayank_OL: you will get in data the id of the record16:37
cedkMayank_OL: data['id']16:37
cedkMayank_OL: look at the PayInvoice in account_invoice/invoice.py16:38
Mayank_OLudono: i am getting [-9] in data.16:39
udonoMayank_OL: negative id is a hint, that the record is not saved16:39
cedkMayank_OL: strange because click on button will save the record at first16:41
udonoMayank_OL: IIRC you want to get the id of the parent object, from where the wizard is called?16:42
Mayank_OLudono: yes16:43
cedkMayank_OL: you must show the code16:43
udonoMayank_OL: with the given informations I have no idea, too.16:49
cedkMayank_OL: could you check if create or write methods are called when you click on the button?16:49
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