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tech9inerpoor timing me end anyway.. 15 minute glances rare in such suite / system demos known..00:00
tech9inerany present with eok that run tryton on opensuse?00:01
cedktech9iner: don't know, did you check the INSTALL file?00:01
cedktech9iner: there are all the dependencies00:02
tech9inercedk: tx the sequel ;].. alas client calls now.. install clarifies things.. shall give it a college try later.. ciao4now and tx your time.. oh btw please.. one last ?.. which OSS competitor CRM/ERM is closest to your please?00:04
tech9inercedk: *closest to tryton please?00:04
cedktech9iner: I should say OpenERP but Tryton is smaller but more stable and open00:06
tech9inercedk: mucho tx for your kind time lad.. tis appreciated.. i've actually been in touch w myerp too.. btw.. one hoped for feature?.. is mobile access via my android G1 smartphone?..00:09
tech9inermyerp team doesnt have mobile clients per se.. but are convinced my mobile browser should function enough for in the field?00:09
tech9inerinvoicing and more tedious functions would be done on my laptop.. but quotes and/or sales calls etc.. would be handy from mobile..00:11
cedktech9iner: I think it should be possible to run the client on mobile phone if it gets GTK lib00:11
tech9inerah.. grand pt indeed.. mk.. this client needs me eok for one such quote ;]].. ciao4now and thanks again cedk lad.. ;]]..00:11
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udonocedk: Hi, for domain section in the doc I need another section about Pyson. So I better start with the pyson doc?08:18
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cedkudono: alright08:31
cedkudono: start with the ref one08:32
udonocedk: ok.08:36
udonocedk: about I have problems to put the patch into my doc/ folder with patch < ../issue907042_45001.diff08:37
udonocedk: any idea?08:37
udonodoc/ directry is tip08:38
cedkudono: yes08:40
cedkudono: I have re-uploaded tip patch08:42
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udonobechamel: Hi, do you know from where the the pyson syntax is borrowed? Is it scheme as you mentioned in an E-Mail?16:40
bechameludono: it's json + cedk ideas16:42
udonobechamel: :-)16:42
udonobechamel: Just the syntax like a(b(c()))16:43
udonoIt looks a little like Scheme16:43
udonoscheme say (a (b (c ())))16:44
sharoonudono: bechamel: saw the mail on GWT16:46
sharoonudono: do you think its better to have a WSGI service implementing CRUD right inside server than have a separate client?16:47
bechameludono: it's just that a(b(c())) is easily implemented as function call16:47
udonobechamel: yes, ok16:47
bechamelsharoon: wgsi is easier to implement but it will not feel like an application, it will feel/be like a dynamic website, while gwt is really an app in the browser16:49
udonosharoon: good question.16:49
sharoonbechamel: i agree on that16:49
sharoonbechamel: is it possible to use the JS components generated by GWT16:50
sharoonbechamel: i have not worked on GWT16:50
bechamelsharoon: gwt is more a framework than another js library, actually the GWT implementation directly call the tryton server with json-rpc and behaves exactly like the gtk client.16:52
sharoonbechamel: ok16:53
paepkebechamel, why not using one of the two other big frameworks like jquery or dojo? can't remember that framework from apple.16:55
paepkebechamel, i'm interested in the technological decission. don't want to bash around here.16:56
bechamelpaepke: I don't like java, but writing java in gwt is still better than javascript :)16:56
paepkebechamel, will that generated javascript be reusable ?16:57
bechamelpaepke: plus, gwt is made for creating applications in the browser (i.e. google reader, google wave, etc) while jquery and co are more "dynamic website"16:57
bechamelpaepke: no the generated javascript is the result of a java>javascript compilation + code optimisation + compression, so it is really not reusable16:58
udonobechamel: what about using Jython for similarities in the gtk client and the gwt client? Is there a way?17:00
bechameludono: no a gwt app doesn't run on the jvm, there is a compilation step that transform the java code into javascript (and the compilator happens to be written in java but it could be any other language)17:02
paepkebechamel, i found some time ago that phonegap framework which looks very promising for generating a cross-platform mobile application. its based on webkit as engine and javascript as programming language.17:02
udonobechamel: ok.17:04
bechamelpaepke: for a phone 'frontend' I'm in favor of a simple wsgi solution, because a mobile client is most of the time only to read data (so no need of a lot of javascript) + it's less cpu intensive for the phone.17:06
paepkebechamel, with that phonegap stuff it will behave like a native application on that phones. the current smartphones have enough power to run that java-script stuff.17:09
sharoonbechamel: i dont like Java either, but knowing how openerp spent months/years in manually resolving issues with the JS combatibility in webclient, GWT may be safer and faster17:10
bechamelsharoon: yes and gwt is really mature now17:11
paepkesharoon, do you know which framework does the openerp guys use?17:11
sharoonpaepke: a deadone... mochikit17:11
paepkesharoon, ok. bad news for them.17:12
bechamelpaepke: yes, but what i wanted to say is that for a small/mobile client it's easier to something "the old way" to the contrary of a full-blown "browser app" where gwt is clearly needed17:13
paepkebechamel, for me the counterparts of gwt is that the generated js-code is not reusable. and that you have to write it in java. cause java != javascript in any sense.17:14
bechamelpaepke: why do you want to reuse it ?17:15
paepkebechamel, i think youre on the right way.17:15
paepkebechamel, cause of phonegap.17:15
paepkebechamel, well. i have not written any code yet with that framework. it currently in my mind.17:15
paepkebechamel, it looks easier not to reinvent the wheel if there is already javascript code (but its not usable...)17:16
paepkebechamel, but maybe that phonegap is crap. i'm just putting my 2c into this discussion17:18
bechamelpaepke: I don't know if there would be a way to share code between a mobile client and a non-mobile client and still having non-bloated code-base.17:20
paepkebechamel, that apps will not be loaded from the web on demand. they got installed on the mobile client.17:25
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udonocedk: hi, I am unsure about my documentation of PYSON. May you give it a short content review on ?19:20
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cedkudono: it should be split in two parts one topic and on ref19:35
cedkudono: PYSON are not method19:36
cedkudono: JSON is not linked to Python type19:36
udonocedk: what is the content in topic, what is the content in ref? Topics seems target more general and how-to-use. ref seems to be framework api. Is this right?19:41
cedkudono: yes19:42
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udonocedk: I ask me why not using autodoc for the api stuff?19:43
udonocedk: so it dos not duplicate the __doc__19:43
cedkudono: it doesn't make good doc19:44
cedkudono: nor reference etc.19:44
cedkudono: and doc should not be duplicate with docstring19:44
udonocedk: but api doc is actually like a duplicate of docstring19:48
cedkudono: will be remove from the code19:51
udonocedk: so we remove the docstrings from code?19:51
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cedkudono: duplicate19:58
udonocedk: hm, ok. But what is the difference of ref doc and docstring?19:59
cedkudono: like in Python20:05
udonocedk: ok, thanks20:07
udonocedk: what do you mean with 'context' in ?20:50
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