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paepkecedk, down?07:58
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cedkpaepke: I check08:20
cedkpaepke: host answer to ping but nothing else08:20
cedkpaepke: I will reboot it08:20
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paepkecedk, ok. just wanna inform you. anyway: good morning :-)08:24
cedkpaepke: back online08:25
cedksomething took all the memory and the kernel started to kill random process08:28
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paepkei have a question regarding the ir.attachment. that collision field is for the case that two files have the same md5sum?19:46
paepkethats how i read the code. just wanna be sure19:48
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cedkpaepke: yes20:33
paepkecedk, are you satisfied with that functionality?20:34
paepkei'm currently looking into enhancing that module for a customer20:35
paepkecedk, have you already thought about changing the hashing algorithm to sha1? I'd like to allow a single instance storage with that.20:51
paepkecedk, i wanna ask if you would accept such a patch20:58
cedkpaepke: why changing?21:07
paepkecedk, cause sha1 has currently no exploit for generating the same hash. for single instance storage i don't wanna use that collition field.21:11
paepkewith md5 its possible to have the same md5 for different files.21:12
cedkpaepke: with sha1 also21:37
cedkpaepke: and it will be for any hash algorithm21:38
paepkecedk, but its nearly impossible. other projects like mercurial are also relying for file checks21:38
paepkecedk, i agree that its possible with any hashing algorithm.21:39
cedkpaepke: I don't see any goals with this change21:40
cedkpaepke: the hash is only used to detect same data and then store only one21:40
paepkecedk, with the current collition system we aren't able to implement a single instance storage.21:40
cedkpaepke: with any hash, you will still need to collision check21:41
paepkecedk, really?21:41
cedkpaepke: except if you accept the risk21:41
cedkpaepke: still I don't see any goals21:41
paepkecedk, really stored only once? i assumed it has a -1 on that file name?21:42
cedkpaepke: what do you call "single instance storage"?21:42
paepkecedk, to store it only once. thats what you said. but i can't read that in the code.21:42
paepkecedk, maybe i'm to dumb to find the correct snippet21:42
cedkpaepke: it is the case21:43
cedkpaepke: just try21:44
paepkecedk, i'm doing :-)21:44
paepkecedk, ok. you were again totally right. i misinterpreted how the collision occurs.21:53
paepkei shouldn't doubt the tryton code you guys wrote ;-)21:54
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